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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part IV - Tethe'alla

Tales of Symphonia Buy Tales of Symphonia

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part IV - Tethe'alla

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1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide


Continue down the path and collect the Ex Gem from the treasure chest. Fight the creatures as you continue moving down the path, and open all treasure chests as you go. It is revealed that you are on the way to Meltokio, the Imperial City, which is just north of where you are. Move forward and enter the Field.

Once you hit the field, move north, find the path and take it to Meltokio, then enter.

The Imperial City - Meltokio

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Upon entering the town, Sheena leaves you and gives you a letter to give to the King. Climb the stairs. You'll meet Zelos and some girls who make fun of Colette. Continue up the stairs to the castle entrance. You are told to go to the Church of Martel. The Church is just left of the first set of stairs, enter, and speak to the Priest. You'll see a character named Presea, who is carrying sacred wood into the castle. Follow her out.

You learn the wood is oddly heavy and you and Genis can't lift it. Continue to follow her into the castle where she will join your party. The Imperial Guard will not let you see the King. Go east go up the stairs where you'll find a Memory Circle. Save. Climb the stairs all the way to the top, pass through the door and speak to the guard outside the red door.

Here you will meet Zelos again, who is referred to as the, "Chosen." You deliver the letter from Sheena. Watch the cut scene, choose, "No. We can't do that." You agree to meet Zelos at the Martel Cathedral. Exit the Crimson room and then exit the castle. Return to the Cathedral, speak to Zelos. You learn that your next destination is Sybak, which is Northeast of Meltokio. Zelos joins your party.

Exit the cathedral, before you go, explore the town and buy/sell/trade. There's a Wonder Chef with a Steak recipe in the Weapons Shop. Exit out to the Field.

Head northeast. Here is the Tethe'alla Bridge. Before crossing it, notice the large beach to the right of it. Follow it along to the south and to the grassy region just beyond it. Here is the Guidepost Monument for the Meltokio region. There is also a House of Guidance nearby for rest and a save. Return to the Bridge and enter. Zelos explains that they got their Exshperes from the Renegades. Cross the bridge, you can play a game with the cat if you want. On the other side, exit out to the Field. Go north to Sybak and enter.

The University Town - Sybak

Explore Sybak. Save at the inn. Enter the Academic Resources Building (next to the student supply seller) and examine the magazines in the library to reveal the Wonder Chef, who teaches you how to make Fried Rice. Continue west along the path and pass through the steel door to the Imperial Research Academy. Here some will be explained about Colette and Cruxis Crystals. Colette will obtain the title of "Ill-fated Girl". You learn that Colette needs a Key Crest.

Exit out and head right. Through the door are stairs. There's also a door leading to the cafeteria, if you'd like to buy some food. Move up the stairs if you want to explore, but there are only botany classes upstairs. So, simply exit out the front door near the stairs.

Back outside, head toward the junk collector (near the Academic Resource Building) and find the Key Crest. Return to the Imperial Research Academy. Inside, go through the west door, then into the second door to your right where Lloyd will fix the Key Crest. Return to the entrance. You are called traitors, and Genis and Raine are taken away. You learn Presea is a research sample, then Sheena appears to let you know Genis and Raine are being taken back to Meltokio. You promise to come back once you rescue them, and you are shown a secret passage. You are also given the Tethe'alla Map.

With Sheena back in your party, pass through the secret passage, then exit out to the Field. Head back to the bridge and cross it. At the end you'll see Raine and Genis being taken away. After you are saved, yourselves, you will have to battle some guards. Once you save your friends, you're off to get your Rheairds, back in the Fooji Mountains. Once you're back in the Field, head south to the Fooji Mountain entrance. Enter, then work your way up the path to your Rheairds.

Save when you reach the Memory Circle. You have a battle in front of you, so line up your party in the way that you are most comfortable. Raine is vital to me, as she has "First Aid" and "Resurrect" powers. I also included Genis and Colette in my party. At the top of the hill, you'll run into Lord Yuan and Pronyma. Colette becomes "normal" again, then you must fight Pronyma. Keep Raine's health and TP up so she can continue to heal everyone as they fight.

Once you defeat Pronyma, you'll meet Kratos again. After a little scene, Colette is back to "normal". You are to head back to Meltokio. Save at the Memory Circle, work your way down the mountain and exit to the Field. Go to Meltokio and enter.


Follow Zelos to the underground sewer. Inside, move along the path to the Sorcerer's Ring changer. This shrinks everyone in the party. Stepping on the blue panels return you to your normal size. So, activate your ring to shrink, then walk over the spider web to the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, make yourself big and climb up.

Move forward, avoiding the stairs for now. Approach the staircase up and you'll get a quick cutscene. The door Zelos wanted to go through is locked. Open the chest and collect the Ex Gem Lv3. Head up the stairs. Approach the large machine, which you'll learn is a trash compactor. "Examine" it and a block will be formed. Along the left ledge are three openings. Push the block over the ledge via the middle one. Next, check out the openings along the ledge at the bottom of your screen. Create and push a block through each one. Now, head down the stairs to these two blocks you just pushed through, shrink yourself, and walk along the path and over them to the blue wheel. Examine it and the previously locked door is now open. Go through it.

If you have a Memory Gem, use it on the Memory Circle and save. Head left, then move down the stairs. Shrink yourself then "Examine" the crate. You will float to a red wheel. Turn it. This opens a door upstairs. Reshrink yourself, then jump onto the narrow path and take it to the stairs. Climb the stairs all of the way up the the trash compactor, and pass through your newly opened door. Here's another trash compactor.

Create another block and push it to the end of the catwalk...however, don't let it fall off the end. At the end, stop, shrink, walk across the spider web, pull the block a bit, shrink, return across the spider web then continue to push the block to the next corner. Here you can let it drop.

Return through the door, move down the stairs, then pass through the door underneath the stairs. Head down the stairs right before the Memory Circle, shrink, then walk along the path. Take the left turn and go all of the way to the cage. Shrink to enter, then get back to normal to open the cage door. Return to the second trash compactor, near the catwalk.

This time, push and pull the block along the catwalk. Counting the very first spider web, move the block five spider webs over, then drop it over the east ledge. This will place the block in front of the cage door. Make your way down to the block and push it into the cage. This will create a bridge for you along the west side of the room. However, before you cross it, you need one more block. Return, again, to the second trash compactor and create another block. Push/pull it along the catwalk system to the last corner, and drop it down to the level below. Go meet up with it, then push it east, then through the opening at the bottom of your screen. Now, run over to the bridge, cross it, move down the stairs, shrink, then move along the narrow pathway to the yellow wheel. This opens the door above. Pass through it.

Gather the 2500 Gald from the chest, then move down the stairs and along the path. Shrink then walk behind the waterfalls. Continue forward and you'll get a cutscene. Battle the convicts, each with 6300 HP. Upon defeating them, Zelos will be attacked and Presea will save him. Continue up the stairs, ignore the chest, and return your ring back to normal at the ring switcher. Continue along your path and go out. You'll arrive in town.

In town, you are to go to the Elemental Research Laboratory. Head east. Pass the stairs and continue to follow the path north to the ERL. Inside, you'll learn transportation is being built for you, but you need to stay in town for a day. Exit out and head all of the way up the main staircase. At the top, hang a right and enter the second house to your left. Inside, talk to everyone in your party, then talk to the butler to go to bed.

The next morning, return to the ERL. You are instructed to go to the artificial beach on the right side of the Bridge. You will acquire a Wing Pack. Return to the manhole cover (west and north of the bottom of the stairs) and "Quick Jump". Run right to the front gate, then exit out to the Field. Head NE to the Bridge and enter. Head over to the right staircase. Lloyd will unlock the door. Move down the stairs and speak to Kuchinawa. Kuchinawa will give Sheena Kuchinawa's Charm and will provide transportation to the whole crew. You are, then, taught how to use your EC. Read them, then travel NE to the pier across the way and Disembark.

Head north to Sybak.


Here you'll meet Kratos again. After the scene, head all of the way west to the Imperial Research Academy. However, don't go in. Instead, pass through the manhole from which you emerged earlier. Inside, speak to Kate. You learn of Presea's condition, which is similar to Colette's. You are told to speak to a dwarf named Altessa who lives in the Gaoracchia Forest. Easy enough. Exit out via the secret passage, save, collect goods, then leave town.

Move NE along the Field's path to Gaoracchia Forest and enter.

Gaoracchia Forest

Move forward and you'll encounter the Papal Knights. Defeat them, then move forward to the Ring Switcher. Change your power and you have a flashlight of sorts. Head east and you'll see some little plants giving off yellow lights. Walk into them and your flashlight meter will build up. Head east again. A bush will be in your way. Shine your flashlight on it to make it disappear. Take the southern path here then move east, past the light flowers. Continue east, where you'll come to more light flowers. Burn through the next set of bushes, then, head southwest and burn through these bushes. I received my Memory Gem from fighting the enemy here.

Continue through the bushes, then turn and go SE. Look out for mounds of bushes you can burn along the sides that often reveal treasures (some won't open). Continue in a SE to east direction. Burn through the bushes, continue along this path where you will find a Memory Circle. Use your Memory Gem on it, fuel up for battle and continue one more screen.

The mysterious guest wants Presea, then you battle him and his 12000 HP. He's one of those enemies you can't get near, so use your distance attacks as best you can, and set up your players to do the same (and choose those with good distance attacks). I went with the old standbys: Lloyd, Colette, Genis and Raine. Once you defeat him, you're off to Mizuho.

Change the function of your Ring back to normal. Head south to the Field. Move through the grass and around the corner to Mizuho and enter.

The Mystical Village - Mizuho

Cross the bridge then enter the house in the center. You will be blocked. Back outside, go to the right side of the man who speaks to you and search the wall for a secret entrance, "Go in".

Inside, you will team up with the people of Mizuho, and Lloyd becomes a "Gentle Idealist". Look for the disguised Wonder Chef in this room, then exit out. Back outside you are introduced to your former enemy, Regal, who joins your party. Exit out of the village and return to the Gaoracchia Forest.

Inside the forest, return to the ring changer, then take the east path to the Field. Go across the bridge to the south. Directly in front of you (almost hidden by the foliage) is Ozette. Enter.

The Quiecent Village - Ozette

Move up the path. Enter the first house to your left for a save and a rest. Exit out and explore the village. Upgrade, buy, sell and do what you want to do here. Be sure to go to Nature's Kitchen, up the path near your entrance. Talk to villagers and you'll learn Altessa is south of the village. Continue searching and you'll come to a cutscene. After some time you'll learn Presea is a little whacko, and you'll leave her in the village. Exit out to the Field near where you left Presea and enter Altessa's House, which is alongside the cliff.

Enter Altessa's House. Altessa won't help, but it is suggested that you go look for inhibitor ore. Regal says it's mined in the mountain range between Altamira and Ymir Forest. Exit the house and pass again through Ozette to the Field. Head NE to the dock and choose to embark. Guide your ship south to the large island, then all of the way around to the southern tip where you will find a dock. Head north to the Toize Valley Mine. Enter.

Toize Valley Mine

Upon entering you will be thrown into a battle where you will have to defeat a 12000 HP door. You will be attacked by many other things as you focus on the door, but all you have to take out is the door. Have Raine in your party and make sure she stays alive and has high HP so she can help you stay alive, and focus all of your energy on the door. Once you break through it you will have entrance to the mine.

Move forward, then examine the little contraption to your right. This will bring a platform your way. Step on it and ride it across to the other side. You learn of an apparatus that you can't reach yet, but it is suggested that you shoot it. The mine in front of you is blocked, so hop back on the platform and shoot the lever with your Sorcerer's Ring as you ride across. Once you hit it, the platform will carry you north. Ride it and get off.

Move along the path to a gate and a conversations. Behind you is a lift. Step onto it and ride it down. Move to the wooden planks and take them up to the higher area to access the chests for a Sand Saber for Zelos and a Saint Rapier for Lloyd. Move back down the planks and go to the ring changer. Change your ring, which now sets and blows a bomb.

Take the lift back up blow up the boulder to your left (the enemy next to it dropped my Memory Gem). Blowing the boulder allows you to jump the gap, leading you back to the entrance. Don't do it quite yet, however. Instead, return to the ring switcher and change your ring back to normal. Now, go back up the lift and get on the moving platform. Hit the switch to make the platform run from east to west. Once you hit it, jump the gap and go to the lift. Ride it down and get your bomb ring powers back. Ride the lift up, jump the gap, and ride the platform over to the east side. Enter the mine and blow up the boulder.

Move forward then east. Blow the boulder and follow the path. Blow the next boulder, then head north and take out the next boulder. Here is a Memory Circle. Activate it with your Memory Gem and save. Blow all of the remaining boulders and open up all of the chests. Examine the two machines to activate them, ride the lift down to access the chests here, then , from the Memory Circle, head right and a boulder will roll at you Indiana Jones style. You are told of a lever. Examine it and the boulders will stop rolling.

Continue ahead and you'll spot a Naploosa Bacura...you can't get past it, but you can smash it. Get close to it then walk slowly away from it. It will follow you. Walk it past the lever (reactivate it), then take it around the corner until it won't move any farther. At this point, run to the plate that activates the boulder, then run to the safe spot along the path. The boulder will roll right past you and it will smash the Naploosa Bacura. Continue along the path.

Move down the stairs to the chest for an Ex Gem Lv3, then cross the wooden bridge to the mining area. Blow up all of the crates with your bombs to reveal a chest with Inhibitor Ore inside. Nice. Exit all of the way out of the mine. At the exit you'll run into Vharley, who knows Regal. Exit out to the Field. From the Field, go to the dock and embark on your ship. Head back to the north continent and to the dock near Ozette, then enter the town.


In Ozette, you'll get a cutscene with the Papal Knights. Fight them. Once you defeat them, Colette will fall and Presea will come and bonk Colette. Rodyle is introduced as the worst of the Desians, and he takes Colette. You help Presea, who tells you what happened to her...connecting the Pope to the Desians. You learn Colette was taken east, then Kratos shows up, telling you that you need to find the Rheairds to follow Colette. You need to go to Mizuho. You get the option to Quick Jump there, take it.


You are told that they are trying to find the Rheairds. You need to take Sheena to the Temple of Lightning to the north of Ozette to form a pact with Volt. Before you leave, go see Tiga via the secret wall door in the house. Tiga will tell you the same thing, you need to form a pact with Volt. Find Sheena in the garden. She's sad. Before you leave, buy/sell/trade.

Enter the Gaoracchia Forest and head East. This will put you back in the Field near Ozette. Head to the dock and hop get into your boat. Head north and you'll soon see a dock near a green tower. Get off the boat.

Temple of Lightning

Enter and go forward. Avoid the electricity barriers. Go West and get to the Memory Circle. Save. There are three levels of lightning rods. Go to the shortest one and activate it. The middle and tall ones shouldn't be raised now. Go to the middle path and step on the switch to cause lighting. It'll be attracted to the lower lightning rod and that will cause the block to break. Go over there and go to the ring changer. You're ring now shoots blue lightning which destroys blue boxes. Go around and destroy the blue barrier and examine the chest for the Silver Guard. Lower the lowest lightning rod.

Go up to the tallest lightning rod and activate it. Then, go up the middle one, stepping on the switch which won't hurt you because you have the tallest one activated. Continue up the stairs. In front on you is a blue block. To the left and right of your is a staircase. Go up the stairs on the right and all the way up to the top where you'll find a blue, yellow, and red block stacked. Destroy the blue block. Now, go back down the stairs. In the middle of the room is a blue block. Destroy it and go through the door.

There is a central lightning rod in the water here. You need to find a taller lighting rod. To the west is another blue block. Destroy it. Climb the stairs near it and go through the door on your left. It's pitch black. Make your way along the path. Go through the door. Go south. You are now back in the room with the water. Go along the platform. Zap the hanging blue block which drops a chest then activate the lightning rod. It'll collapse. Open the chest for Ex Gem Lv3. Go along this platform and repeat the process. Continue doing this until you drop down to the lightning rod that is on firm ground. Go along the platform to the right and through the door. Another pitch black area. Follow the path. Exit and then go across to the west door, through the pitch black area, and then finally down into the water that is no longer electrified.

Go up the stairs in the water and go to the ring changer. You now have Yellow Lightning. First, go up to the room where the blue, yellow, and red blocks were stacked and take out the yellow block. Now, on the left staircase in this room, you can zap the yellow blocks blocking the door. Don't even bother following this pitch black path yet...it just leads to red blocks.

Now, go to the right side staircase and go through the door to the right on the staircase. Follow the pitch black path to a hanging yellow block. Zap it to make drop a lightning rod. Exit back and head back to the water room. The lightning rod you just dropped ended up on top of the non-working machine. Activate the lightning rod by going over to the machine.

Next, you have to lower the higher lightning rod that you activated earlier so that this lower lightning rod on the machine will attract the lightning. In the water room, head back up the left staircase, through the door, and along the pitch black path and exit.

Head all the way up the stairs where you will find many yellow blocks. Leave them alone for now, but I found my Memory Gem amongst an enemy in this area. Go back down the stairs, across the room to the east and through the door and the pitch black room. Upon exiting you'll find the lightning rod that needs lowering. Upon doing so, you'll get a quick cut scene showing that the machine is now active. Go to it (a quick way to do this is simply to fall in one of the pitch black rooms).

Go up to the machine. Keep the lightning rod up on it. It won't do anything, though. Go back to the west stairs and go through the pitch black area again. Upon exiting, go to the east and go up to the now active machine here. Examine it. Hit start. You'll see a pattern of lights going up the yellow blocks (didn't you already destroy those?). You're goal is to destroy certain yellow blocks so that the light pattern goes up the right way. The right way is getting the light pattern to go to the terminal that bends and leads to the platform with the boulder on it. If you choose, "I want to see higher up," you can see that there are five poles. It's the middle one that you want to get the lights to. Go back to the machine. Choose "reset" to get all the yellow blocks back in their original position. The only block set that you have to destroy is the lower right block set...it is directly above the machine. Go back down to the machine and hit "start." The power will now go to the right place and it'll drop a boulder which will cause the bridge below to collapse, giving you access to this section.

Move down the newly formed ramp and all the way down the stairs and out the door at the bottom. This leads to a ring changer. You now have Red Lightning. First things first. Backtrack back to the area way up top where the blue, yellow, and red blocks were stacked. Take out the red block. Yay. All your blocks are destroyed up there. That gives you access to a lightning rod. Activate it. It's Volt! He kills Corrine (the flying cat).

Time to fight Volt. He has 24000 HP. Suprisingly, he's quite easy. I fought with Lloyd, Sheena, Genis, and Raine.

After the fight Volt accepts the pact. Undine comes in and explains that the Mana flow between the two worlds has been severed. You acquired Corrine's Bell and Sardonyx. Save and near the exit you'll be told the Rheairds are southeast of here, underwater.

Go to the dock and get on your boat. Go southeast to the many small island area. There is a dot in the midst of it. Use trial and error to navigate between the islands and exit on the dock there.

Tethe'alla Base

Inside the base you'll be briefed on what you need to do to get to the Rheairds. Go to the ring changer. Change your ring to electricity. There's also a vending machine in here. Go through the door in the south. You are now in a room with four doors.

Go through the west door first. In this hall you'll see a blue block blocking a laser so that you can go through the door to the north. Do so. Go west in the and through the door. Enter the study and open the treasure chest for a Ex Gem Lv3. Fight the enemy in this room, he's one of the three Desians. The pass code for him is "The Life Of." Exit out and continue north. You'll get to a room with lots of stairs. Fight the enemy here. This is where I found my Memory Gem. Exit back south to the blue block room and move the blue block to block the other laser in the room. Go through the west door. Go through the first door to your right for an Ex Gem Lv2. In the second door, a Card of Ice.

Go back to the central room with the four doors and this time, go through the east door. Move the block so you can go east. Go east and pass through the door. Toast the Desian and you will learn the second part of the passcode: "Mana is...". Exit out of the room, then move the block so you can go north.

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Inside the next room, open the treasure chest for a Silver Circlet and you'll see a series of lasers and blue blocks. There's a door to the west side. Push the block to get to it, pass through. Block the lasers and go west again. In this room, toast the Desian in purple to learn the final part of the pass code, "the Foundation of the World". Also, you will see in this room two treasure chests blocked by lasers. If you want what's in them (and you might), you have a little work to do. First, shoot the pillar with your electrical ring to activate it. This will raise the lift, which has a crate on it. Now, to get to the lift you must backtrack all of the way to the central room, then west and north, back to the room where there were stairs leading to a dead end (and the Memory Gem). Once you're there, pull the crate toward you then over the edge where it will drop and destroy the lasers below. Return to the room to open the treasure chests to find a Dragon Tooth and a Lightning Sword. Whew. Now that that's done, exit out of this room and go north up the stairs.

Here is a Memory Circle. Activate it. Find the two blocks in the room and push them to the NW of the room to fill in the gaps between the other blocks. Go up the stairs on the left and then go down the hidden back stairs to the blocks that you just pushed. Use a diagonal shot of your ring to activate the electrical pillar. This will power up the two consoles (mirror looking things) near it. Place a crate on the top right section of the lift, raise it up, then push the crate onto the ledge. Ride the lift back down. Then, go all the way up and around and get back to the crate and then pull/push it past the staircase all the way to the right. Push it off the ledge so that you can use it to get near the other electrical pillar and zap it with your ring.

This powers the lift at the base of this pillar. Ride this lift all the way up. Go left, power up the pillar near the lift on the left with the crate on it. Then, take this lift with the crate down. Push the crate so that it allows you to get to the treasure chest with the Ex Gem Lv3. Now, push two blocks onto the lift on the right that goes all the way up. Now, all the way up, push one block so that you can get the treasure chest with the Tomahawk Lance (a badass ax). Then, push the other block into place on the right wall so that you can cross the gap.

Still way up above, examine the console and raise the lift. You're even higher now. Examine the door. This is where you will enter the Pass Codes: "The Life of Mana is the Foundation of the World". Pass through the door.

Here you will meet Yuan and Botta, who you will have to defeat. Each enemy has 16000 HP. While the game defaulted me to fight Yuan first, I opted to get Botta our of the way first. My party included Lloyd, Presea, Genis and Raine. Genis and Raine weren't a lot to worry about health wise as their magic attacks were going from a distance, but keep your eye on Raine's TP and Presea's HP. Presea can do a lot of damage with her Tomahawk Lance, but since it's a close attack, she'll take a lot of damage, too. Try to make sure the two enemies are far apart, and that they are far from Raine. Once one is out of the way, it's much easier taking out the other one.

Once you've defeated them, you hop on the Rheairds and escape. You are also taught how to board and ride the Rheairds. When you get on them, fly anywhere you know there's a save and save (I flew all of the way to Sybak). Once you do this, return to the base you just left and fly just SE of the area (directly south of the larger land mass) and you'll see a small cloudy circle. Fly into it and you'll find Colette and Rodyle.

You now have to fight three Winged Dragons: two babies and a mommy. I had Lloyd, Sheena, Presea, and Raine in my party. They all died fairly quickly, but lived long enough to help out some. Do your best to manage your HP and TP for the party. First, take out the two baby dragons. They will spin-attack with their wings or swipe with their wings. Try to stay back or block for those attacks and continue to attack them. If you can get by the two babies, the mommy isn't that difficult. I took on the mommy almost single-handedly. First, avoid the center fire-earthquake attack by simply running to either side of it. When the mommy sticks her head out of one of the tubes, wait for her to attack, which is either a head pound or a head swipe. As soon as her attack is over, run up and attack her. If she counters, try to block but then get out of there until the next fire-earthquake and repeat the process. After almost every attack I used gels to help my HP and TP.

After you beat the dragons, you'll get a cut scene: Presea saves Colette and you escape the earthquake. Watch the cutscene as you learn a lot here, including about Rodyle's Mana Canon and your next task of unleashing the four seals on Tethe'alla. First up, the ice seal.

Return to the snowy area near the Tethe'alla Base. Look at the large mass of land here. Notice there are two dots on the ice mass. The one to the north indicates the snowy town of Flanoir, the one to the south indicates the Ice Caves. Head to Flanoir first.

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