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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part V - Pacts, Pacts and More Pacts

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts

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1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

The Snowy City - Flanoir

Enter Flanoir. Here you can buy, sell, upgrade, rest, save, etc. Do what you need to do. Once you've done that, from the entrance, head up the stairs, then right and up the next stairs to the little building. Inside is an old man and a woman. Speak to the old man and he tells you he will make you Penguinist Gloves if you bring him three Penguinist Quills. Penguinist Quills are found in the Ice Caves.

Exit out of the city and enter the Temple of Ice (Ice Caves) to the south. All you're doing at this point is trying to locate Penguinist Quills. You find the Quills when you defeat the Penguinists (Penguins). Just walk up to the and battle them. One time I earned three from one, one time I received two from one and one from another. You need three Quills. Once you have the Quills, return to the old man in Flanoir and he will give you the Penguinist Gloves.

Return again to the Ice Temple.

Ice Temple (Ice Caves)

Enter the Ice Caves. Before entering the main cave, look for treasure chests and collect the goodies. Enter the cave and go to the ring switcher to change the power of your ring. You can now freeze dripping icicles into blocks. Make your way up the path, instead of crossing over the ice bridge, go left and through the cave at the top of the path.

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Avoid the ice slide. Instead, head right and you'll come to a gap with a dripping icicle above it. Shoot your ring at the drip and an ice block will form and you can cross the gap. Continue along the path and enter the next cave. Here you will come to a ledge with a treasure chest and Celsius' Tear, a frozen flower. This is what you needed Penguinist Gloves for. Pick it up, exit back out and back track to the ice bridge.

Cross the ice bridge, go through the narrow gap and then right and up and around to the dripping icicle. Freeze it into block and push/pull it to fill in the gap. Cross the gap and you will get a view of the ice puzzle below. Take note of the blocks with the red eyes and what direction the eyes are facing.

Head down the path all the way, at the bottom, create an ice block from the dripping icicle, push/pull it into this gap and cross over. Approach the spout of water on the left. Examine it and it will freeze over because you have Celsius' Tear.

There are three places where you can enter the ice rink. Enter from the leftmost (closest to the spout) area. Slide up, then left, then up, then right, then down, then left. This will take you to the left side area with the treasure chest. From this area, there are also three places to leave. Use the bottom entrance to the ice. Slide right, then up, then left, then down, then right, then up, then right, then up and voila, you are through the ice maze.

You will reach four ice totem poles puzzle and a locked door. The four totem poles need to face the same direction as the four blocks with the eyes (noted earlier). The north pole should face west. The west pole should face east. The south pole should face east. The east pole faces south. The door will open.

Go up to the purple platform. This is Celsius's cave. She has 18000 HP. Her dog, Fenrir, has 12000 HP. Go after the dog first, then go after Celsius. If you fail, you don't die, you just are deemed, "not ready," to form a pact with her. So gear up again and go after her again. If you need to buy some gels simply exit and fly to whatever town is near, I chose Ozette. Anyway, go back and fight Celsius when ready. I had Lloyd, Raine, Colette, and Sheena. You have to have Sheena in your party because she is the pact maker.

Upon defeating Celsius, you will have released the ice seal and formed a pact. You are to go next to the Summon Spirit, Gnome, who resides north of Maltokio.

However, before you enter the Temple of Earth, where he resides, there are a few things you have to do in order to pass the little gnomes inside the temple. First you must give Big Brother a potion. Purchase a Flanoir Potion from the girl with the grocery cart in the back of Flanoir, then, head to the Toize Valley Mine. In the mine, make your way over to the machines near the Memory Circle and the Indiana Jones boulder you dealt with earlier. Look by the conveyer belt machine for a little gnome running around. Speak to him. He wants a potion. Your group names the kind of Potions he'll accept, including the Flanoir Potion. Give it to him. Your work here is done.

The next item you'll need will be Curry. Go to Altessa's Home (near Ozette) and speak to Tabatha. She will give you the recipe and ingredients for curry.

Head to Maltokio, then move north. There's a trail along the northern tip of the continent. Take it north, and at the very end is the Temple of Earth. Enter.

Temple of Earth

Inside change the power of your ring. You can cause a little earthquake with your ring. Move forward and you'll find four pillars blocking your way. Use your ring to destroy them and approach the bridge. You will be able to pass because we sent Big Brother home (look at the bottom of the Ice Temple section). Continue straight (taking no side paths) and enter the cave. Cross the bridge and you'll be thrown into a conversation with Gnomelette 4. He asks for Curry. Have Colette make the Curry.

Speak to Gnomelette 3 on the bridge to your left. He says he'll meet you at the secret passage. Walk onto the bridge he was blocking, step central panel and cause and earthquake. You'll fall down. Shake the earth a few more times to make the panel fall again, then go to the treasure chest. Inside is a Ghost Shell. Continue to work your way down the side of the cliff by shaking the earth while standing on these panels. At the bottom, speak to Gnomelette 1. He explains the cave behind him is a secret passage back to the top. Take it.

Back at the top, speak to Gnomelette 3 again. He'll ask you to follow him, but don't let any monsters hit him. No problem. Walk in front of him and take out the enemies in his way. Follow him into the cave, then speak to him on the bridge. When he counts to three, you use your ring. Do this a few times. This will cause the bridge to fall, creating a pathway below. Walk over to the Memory Circle and Save. In front of you is the Earth Seal. Walk up to it and you'll meet Gnome, who you will have to battle.

Gnome has 28000 HP. There really are no secrets to defeating him. He does use the same damaging earthquake/lava move the mommy dragon did, so focus on avoiding that or using your Guardian if you see it coming. His actual physical attacks do little damage, so get close and slash away. I used Lloyd, Sheena, Presea and Raine. He's a big target, so he's easy to take on. Upon defeating him you will acquire a Ruby, and Sheena will learn "T. Seal: Earth" and "Summon: Earth". Save at the Memory Seal and exit out.

Upon exiting you will come to a cutscene. Ozette will be destroyed, you will meet Mithos and Altessa will take the blame on himself. When you gain control of your characters again, exit out of Ozette and enter Altessa's House. Speak to Altessa, who explains a little and apologizes. Presea doesn't know if she can forgive him. Enter his house and speak to Altessa about Cruxis. He speaks of Rodyle's Mana Cannon. There is more speak of Mithos and the bipolar structure of both worlds. You spend the night at Altessa's. When you wake up, Raine will be gone. Say "All Right" when Mithos wants to join the party. Altessa gives Presea a Key Crest. Re-enter Altessa's one last time and speak to Tabatha. She'll give you a bunch of things, including an Exsphere Shard and a Metal Sphere. Also, speak to the Gnome in the house and send him home.

Your goal now is finding Raine. However, let's first go to Altimira, which is on the SW part of the island between between the two eastern continents (excluding the ice continent).


Regal won't enter the town with you. Alrighty then. Enter the large hotel on your right and take the elevator to the second floor. Here, buy/sell/upgrade/customize what you want. Once you do this, exit out and locate the long path to the monument. Take it and you'll get a little cutscene where it is learned that Alicia (Presea's sister) is buried in the Lezareno Company's Sky Terrace. You get an Employee ID.

From here, move over to the elemental railway (the boat just beyond the arched bridge). Take it to th Lezareno Company, then go up the elevator to the Sky Terrace. Here you'll meet a dead Alicia who asks that you find Master Bryant. Return to the first floor where you'll hear talk of the Otherworldly Gate, just east of the city. That's all you need to do in Altamira, so exit out and fly east. The Otherworldly Gate is, indeed, due east from Altamira, on the Stonehenge/Easter Island looking island.

Otherworldly Gate

Here you will find Raine, who says this is where she and Genis were abandoned. Then Kuchinawa will make an appearance. He's a little miffed with Sheena for the whole Mizuho debacle. Because of this, you must battle in a relatively easy fight. Once this is done, everyone runs into the Gate to escape back to Sylvarant. Enter Palmacosta after the cutscene.


In Palmacosta, head all of the way to the Town Hall/Government building and speak to Neil. Neil takes care of Mithos and mentions the Palmacosta Ranch and the sea route between Izoold and Palmacosta, where the Remote Island Human Ranch is located. Mithos gives you the Mithos Panpipe. Exit out, save and go to the Palmacosta Ranch, which is northeast of Palmacosta.

Enter Palmacosta Ranch. You meet up with some Renegades. You learn about the Great Seed of the Giant Kharlan Tree, the source of all the world's mana. Yuan is both with Cruxis and with the Renegades. Talk to Botta when you're ready. Tell him, "you're good to go." You need to go to the top floor in order to find the Mana Cannon.

Go forward, you'll reach an intersection and you'll have a choice of three paths. Go up the center path. You need to light all of the segments of the path...make them turn solid blue. To do so, run clockwise around the entire lighted path then run through the middle section to lower the bridge ahead. Cross the bridge. Another path puzzle. If you mess up, you can exit out and then re-enter to reset the puzzle. From where you start this second path puzzle: go right, up at the first intersection, then right and down to the next intersection, go left two squares, down two squares, right two squares, up two squares, right and around all the way to the next intersection, down and around to the next intersection, then finally, left and around and you will have succeeded. This will lower the next bridge. Cross it then go through the door.

Examine the ring changer to change the function of your ring...it makes a sound now. Stand in the center of this room, an elevator, and go up.

Exit out. You need to cause a prisoner revolt. There is a tower of jail cells. There are four green globes that you can examine. Push all four switches/globes to let the prisoners out. Re-enter the elevator shaft and go up.

Exit out. Use your ring to call the transport device. Hop on. The transport device follows the path. To change the direction of the transport at an intersection, use your ring. It's a timing thing, so right as you are over an intersection, push the ring button to make your transport go in the opposite direction of what it would have done had you not pushed anything. You're goal is to get to the top using the various "elevators" (yellow and purple lifts). This is simply a matter of trial and error. Once all the way at the top, exit out onto the platform and go through the door. You are in another elevator shaft, however, it doesn't move right now, so head through the other door.

Walk close the white light and use your ring to turn the light red. Move into the light to warp. Collect the Ex Gem Lv2 from the treasure chest, then walk to the next white light and turn it green with your ring. Return to the first red light and you'll drop down to where you started. Turn this light green this time and move a little. You'll be warped right. Collect the Saffron from the treasure chest and return through the green light. Back at the original light, turn it blue and walk into it. Run over to the next white light and turn it red. Warp through and examine the terminal. This disengages Lock 2.

Pass through the red light and turn it blue. Pass through it and turn the next light green. Pass through it. Collect the Holy Cloak from the treasure chest and move up the stairs to the next white light green. Open the treasure chest for an Ex Gem Lv3 and move across the stairs. Examine the terminal to disengage Lock 1.

Return to the green light and pass through. Turn the white light red and pass through. Open the treasure chests for a Minazuki and an Ex Gem Lv4. Move up the stairs to the white light and turn it blue. Pass through and collect the Mithril Axe from the chest, and go up the stairs...all of the way up the stairs, to disengage Lock 3.

Move down to the white light and turn it red. Walk into it. Collect the Ex Gem Lv3 from the chest, then walk into your red light. Turn this light green and you'll be warped way up. Save at the Memory Circle, gear up for battle and pass through the door. Choose to go up in the elevator shaft, then exit out. Here you will meet Rodyle. Rodyle shows a scene of prisoners being threatened and speaks of the Cruxis Crystal for his Mana Cannon. You will then be taken into battle with this scary version of Rodyle.

Rodyle is carrying with him 35000 HP. Oy. Luckily for the amount of HP this guy has, if you block his attacks, he's very easy to beat. I had Lloyd, Presea, Sheena and Raine in my party. While they took some damage, Raine's powers combined with several gels and Life Potions made this one boss very toastable.

Once you do defeat him, Rodyle will activate the self-destruct mechanism. This brings Botta and his men in to stop it...and they sacrifice themselves in doing so. You need to find Yuan, but first, you must battle some baby dragons. They're annoying, particularly since you just survived a battle, but with only 8000 HP each, they're easily defeatable. After you beat them, Mithos will save you with the Rheiards. The question is raised as to whether Aska was brought to help you with Mithos' Flute.

You will arrive safely back in Palmacosta. You are to find Yuan and the Renegades. Save, rest, then exit out and Quick Jump to the Sylvarant Base.

Sylvarant Base

Upon arriving at the base, Yuan knows of Botta's death and tells you about the Rheaird's Dimensional Transfer Capability, which allows you to travel between the two worlds. Fly above the airspace of the Sylvarant Base or the Tethe'alla Base to cross the barrier. You go back to Tethe'alla, where you return Mithos to Altessa. Regal is told of Alicia's death and asks to go to Altamira. Take him there.


In Altamira, head to the elemental railway and take it to Lezareno Company. Upon arriving you'll get a cutscene and the password for the Toize Valley Mine is being demanded. It is revealed that Regal is the "President" and Lord Bryant. You learn he and Alicia were in love. Hmmm. You see a flashback where Alicia was turned into one of the Marble and Clara monsters, which forced Regal to kill her. Say "Of course" you'll work with Regal, and he'll receive the title of "El Presidente".

Temple of Darkness

The Temple of Darkness is located on the southern tip of the westernmost continent in Tethe'alla. Look for a dark building in the mountains. Upon entering you'll be told you need to go to the Elemental Research Lab in Maltokio. Exit out and head to Maltokio. Enter via the sewers and Quick Jump into the city. Head right past the stairs and you'll get a cutscene with Kratos. Continue to the Elemental Research Laboratory, along the north path. Speak to the people in the lab and you are told of a blue candle. To get the blue candle you must participate in an event in the Coliseum. Return to the main staircase and go up a level and left to the Coliseum. Enter. Walk up to the desk and choose who you're going enter. I opted for Lloyd.

When you're ready to fight, approach the gate and speak to the guard. In the arena you cannot use any items. It's all you. I opted to take out the girl with the magic skills first, then the armored guards. When dealing with the armored guards, try to get in a position where the guard you aren't focused on can't hurt you. When you defeat them all, head through the door to your right. Enter the prison and you'll find Kate. Kate wants you to take her to Ozette.

You are automatically taken to Ozette. You learn Kate's dad is the Pope. You are then taken to the Elemental Research Facility, where you receive the Blue Candle. Yippee! Rest, save, exit the town and return to the Temple of Darkness.

Upon entering your Blue Candle is automatically put to use. Grab the Ex Gem Lv2 from the treasure chest and cross the bridge. Move through the little tunnel. Go right and you'll see a black ghost thing. It's part of the Summon Spirit, but it doesn't like the lights that are around. Don't worry, that's what your ring changer will take care of.

There are 5 little shadows that make up the Summon Spirit. They all need to be found and then gathered so that you can bring them all downstairs to the seal. There are many blocks around with various colored eyes that you activate with your ring and then push/pull to get to the various shadows.

Once you are in the main temple, you'll be blocked by an Orange Eye block on your left. Go right and you'll find your first Shadow (Shadow 1). Don't worry about him now, go by him, and then go through the open door on the right, near the gap. Head down the stairs and look for the tube that is lit up. You'll get some "???"s. Examine it and you'll go up there. Here is the ring changer. Change your ring so that you emit darkness. You'll be shown how to move a block, which will open the path back up above, to the left of the entrance. Head there.

Now, back at the entrance, head left past the Red Eye block. Move down and you'll find another Shadow (Shadow 2) who is accessible and further down you'll see another Shadow (Shadow 3) on top of a block.

So far, you have Shadow 1 and Shadow 2 accessible. Now you are going to get to Shadow 3, on the block. Near Shadow 2 you'll see a Blue Eye block. Activate it and then push it forward two segments. This will cause the block that Shadow 3 is on to fall off the ledge. Now, go to the Green Eye block next to the one you just pushed, activate it and pull it out one or two segments. Go back up and then down the stairs on your right, which you can now get by because the Green Eye block there is pushed back. Go down those stairs and then turn left. Make your way to the fallen block where Shadow 3 is located. Now, push that block to the top of the screen where the Shadow 3 will now be accessible.

Time to free the next Shadow. Up and to the left of the block that you just pushed with Shadow 3, you'll see another Blue Eye block that is facing east and is hard to see. Activate it and push it two segments. This will cause the Blue Eye block up above to close the gap. To get there, locate the ramp that goes down near you. It is at the bottom of the stairs you just came down, there is a light post and a Skull that has the Memory Gem, and to the right is also a Treasure Chest with a Ex GemCircle down the ramp near the light and you'll find a Memory Cirle. Save. Continue down the stairs and go through the door at the bottom. You should recognize this area, it is the staircase where the lit up tube is located which brought you to the ring changer. Anyway, open the Treasure Chest, Headband, and go all the way up the stairs and through the door. At the bottom of the screen you'll see the gap that has now been filled and Shadow 4. Cross the gap, open the Treasure Chest for a ShadowShadowr. This time, make sure to have the Shadow 4 follow you across the gap because you'll be resetting that gap and you don't want him stuck over there. Simply make him follow you to Shadow 1.

The last Shadow (Shadow 5) is near the ring changer. Head back down the stair case and go up the lit up tube to the ring changer. Activate the Red Eye block and pull it out two segments. Back track right back up to the entrance where there is the other Red Eye block and push it into the wall one segment. Now, head back to the right and go down the staircase with the lit up tube, go by the tube, go through the door at the bottom, past the Memory Circle and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, go left, and work your way around to the bridge which will lead you to Shadow 5.

You have now freed all 5 Shadows and need to gather them up and head to the Memory Circle. The Shadows won't go by the light posts. You can turn off the light posts with your ring. Gathering them up isn't hard, you may have to move a few blocks to open some pathways, but by now, you should understand how that works. I was able to get Shadow 5 and Shadow 3 together and I brought them down to the Memory Circle. Then, I went around the back way, down the ramp, up the lit up tube staircase, and up and through the door. From here, you'll run into Shadow 4 and Shadow 1 and then soon enough, Shadow 2. Grab all three of them, activate the Green Eye block near Shadow 2 and then go down the stairs and to the Memory Circle.

Yay, all five are gathered. From the Memory Circle, head up on your screen to the ramp that goes down in the background. Go down the ramp. Make sure that all the Shadows follow you the entire way. Continue down the stairs, and follow the path going down the various staircases and soon you'll come to a Memory Circle. Along the way there are a few side paths that lead to Treasure Chests (Ex Gem Lv4 and Lv2) Make sure your party is healed and maxed out then activate it using your Memory Gem (see getting Shadow 3 above) and Save.

Continue down to the seal. Shadow, the Dark Summon Spirit will awake. Shadow has 30000 HP. He has one really mean attack. You'll hear him say, "Darkness," and a seal will form around him. If you're inside the seal, you'll take a lot of damage. I had Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, Presea in my party. I was a Level 47 prior to this battle and most of my party was around 45. I used the Rising Falcon attack on him quite a bit as well.

After you defeat him, Sheena learned T. Seal: Darkness, and Summon Darkness. Backtrack all the way back up and exit out to the Field.

Remember the Nova Caravan parked outside Iselia? You were told about the Linkite Tree. Find the Caravan again. This time they are on Sylvarant, near Hakonesia Peak. Head to Tethe'alla Base and warp to Sylvarant then find the Caravan near Hakonesia Peak. Talk to them again and you'll be told again about the Linkite Tree and how it will help to repair the Flute.

To find the Linkite Tree, head to the Sylvarant Base. From the Base, head NE. Almost right away, you'll see the Linkite Tree in a grassy valley surrounded by mountains.

Approach the little tree and examine it. You're told you need the Summon Spirit of Wind. Hmmm. Wind? Didn't your release a Wind Seal at the Balacruf Mausoleum? Head back there.

Balacruf Mausoleum

In the Mausoleum make your way directly to where you released the seal. Upon reaching it you'll have to face the three Sylph, one is worth 13000 HP, one 12000 HP and the final is worth 10000 HP. Go after the one with the shield first, as she's the one with the lowest HP but the most magical attacks. Once she's down, the other two are fairly easy to deal with. I used Lloyd, Presea, Sheena and Raine. As usual, focus on keeping Raine's health and TP up so she can work on healing your party.

Upon defeating Sylph, Gnome will appear and the mana flow will be severed between earth and wind. Sheena will learn "S. Seal: Wind" and "Summon: Wind". Off to form a pact with the Summon Spirit of Fire.

Exit out and head to the Triet Ruins.

Triet Ruins

In the Triet Ruins, make your way to where you released the seal so long ago (via the warp bad near the Memory Seal). Inside you will take on Efreet and his 30000 HP. For this battle Presea was replaced with Genis, so I fought with Lloyd, Genis, Sheena and Raine. Genis was chosen for his Ice Tornado attack (deselect all others). You will spend a lot of time protecting yourself from Efreet's rather ugly attacks. Do what you do best to defeat him.

Upon defeating Efreet, Sheena will learn "S. Seal: Fire" and "Summon: Fire", and the mana flow will be severed between fire and ice. You are ready to go to return to the Linkite Tree.

Linkite Tree

Please note, if you haven't been following this guide, you may have missed the Exsphere Shard collected at Altessa's House. If that's the case, you can simply go to Dirk's House, enter and collect one from Dirk.

When you have everything, examine the tree. Gnome will come, Raine will heal, Lloyd will make a flute and Genis will play it. This will bring Aska down to you. Aska demands you make a pact with Luna. Off to the Tower of Mana we go...but before we do, I stopped off at Hima for a little rest and to stock up on gels. Here I met Yuan, which was weird, but oh well.

Tower of Mana

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Enter the Tower of Mana and make your way up to where you released the Light Seal. You'll meet Kratos and Yuan. Yuan holds Kratos off and you enter to fight Aska and Luna. Go after Aska and his 19650 HP first. Once he's down, Luna and her 18000 HP are much easier to deal with. I had a lot of Life Bottles going in, which did help a lot. I opted to use Lloyd, Colette, Sheena and Raine, although I wasn't a fan of Colette's. Raine's "Photon" attack didn't work at all against these light spirits, so I needed someone a little stronger. Colette seemed to like light attacks, too. If I had to do it again, I'd put Zalos in instead of her. Aska will spike you with her feathers when she gets a chance, so use "X" a lot. Luna has an annoying "Rain" attack that will damage you greatly, run or try your Guardian against it. Also, I was hit with something that prevented me from using my TP. Use a Panacea bottle to cure this. Again, keep an eye on Raine and use your Life Bottles. I also used what Black Quartz I had to instill the power of Darkness into my weapons. I was a Level 50 when I defeated these guys.

Upon defeating them Sheena will learn "S. Seal: Light" and "Summon: Light". Here you will get your first and long awaited anime scene. Martel will reappear with the giant, grotesque tree. The Great Seed is out of control. You need to stop the flow of mana to the tree and you have to head to the Iselia Human Ranch. Kratos has rejoined your party.

Iselia Human Ranch

At the ranch, save first, then walk through the door, then enter the ranch. Change the power of your ring. Head north and avoid the red light. Here you'll have to separate. I choose Kratos, Genis and Raine to be part of my reactor team. Collect the Lovely Mittens from the treasure chest and go north, avoiding red lights as you go. Move up the east staircase, collect the goods from the treasure chests, then return to the central hall and go up the west stair case to collect the goods in these treasure chests. Return south down the hall, to where you were placed after you separated. At the west door are two blue glowing orbs. Hit them with your ring and the door will open. Pass through.

Make your way through the lights and continue west. Here you'll meet Chocolat and you'll battle the bad guys. Move down the stairs and out the east door. Make your way along the path and go up the stairs. Head west and open the door to the north with your ring. Collect the goods from the treasure chest, exit out then head east, then up the central hall leading north. Open this door with your mana ring. Again, collect the goods, then exit out and continue moving east.

Head down the south stairs here to the next room with the treasure chests. Collect your goods then return north up the stairs, then continue north down the stairs. North of you is the door leading to the boss. To the south is a Memory Seal. Go to it, then go through the east door. Collect the War Hammer from the treasure chest the toast the enemy for the Memory Gem. Exit out the door, save, the zap north door with your ring to pass through. Go north and warp. Here you'll meet Forcystus, the ticked off half-elf. Forcystus is a 20000 HP enemy. The two Exbones are only 6000HP, so go after them first. This was truly a battle where I got close to him and slashed him with my sword. I took a lot of damage, but I had the Apple and Orange Gels in my stockpile to keep my health high...plus Raine and Kratos, each with healing skills, helped a lot. Forcystus has a nasty green tornado attack. Avoid it as best you can and just slash away.

Upon defeating Forcystus return to the Memory Circle and save. Head east again and power up the lift. Ride it up, go north (you've been here before), then down the stairs and south. This is where you started your journey to take on Forcystus. Continue south and exit out of the building. Here you will come to a cutscene. Colette is shot with something that turns her skin lizard-like, and you get another scene as Sheena summons the spirits to fire the mana cannon. However, most important, after the cutscene you are to put Disc 2 into your console. YIPEE!

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