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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt

Tales of Symphonia Buy Tales of Symphonia

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt

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1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
7. ***Tales of Symphonia Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide


You will find yourself speaking to Phaidra in Iselia. Exit out and head to the school. The Mayor is still upset with you, but the townspeople force him to let you stay. Speak to Raine by her house, and purchase some gels and food at the store. Head to the gate and you will find Colette and Kratos. They want you to head to Dirk's House.

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You will be taken directly to Dirk's House. Speak to Dirk. Dirk doesn't know anything about the Cruxis Crystals. Kratos leaves and tells you to research records from the Ancient Kharlan War. Sheena will arrive. Save and talk to all of the members of your party. Genis is upstairs and Colette is out on the balcony. Once you've spoken to everyone, head to the Sylvarant Base and warp to Tethe'alla. Once on Tethe'alla, head to Altessa's House.

Altessa's House

Speak to Altessa and your group will learn about how Mithos saved Tabatha. Altessa also tells you to find records of the Ancient War. You are told such records can be found in an archive building in Sybak. You are put outside of the house...but like every time you are at Altessa's you should go back in. This time, examine the Exshpere on the table. This will take you to the Toize Valley Mine.

In the Mine, head to the waterfall, beyond where you had to deal with the Indiana Jones boulder so long ago. You will learn a little more about Exspheres, then you'll be taken back to Altessa's. Exit out and head to Sybak.


In Sybak head to the Academic Resources Building, next to the inn. When it comes to Kratos, say "There is a possibility". The conversation keeps going and you are told to go to Meltokio. Easy enough. Head there.


You still can't pass through the front gates. Opt to quick jump, even though you will be taken into the sewers for a cutscene. It seems Vharley is wanting to poison the King. Presea takes Vharley out and you are told of connections between Vharley, Rodyle and the Pope. Exit out and head straight up to the castle. You will get a cutscene of Kratos walking out of the castle. Choose, "We can't just ignore it", and follow him down the stairs. He mentions more about the wood, then tells you that you need to hurry to save Colette. With that being said, return to the top of the stairs and enter the church.

In the church, find the Pope in the room to the left of the altar. You accuse him of trying to poison the King and committing crimes against half-elves. The Pope escapes while you are distracted by the guards. Zelos commands the guards to go after him. You will be taken to the King.

You tell the King's daughter about the poisoning and you cure him with the antidote. Outside of the king's room, head right. Move down the stairs and go into the room to the right. Here you will find the book telling you you need a Mana Fragment, Zircon and a Unicorn Horn to cure Colette. You also need a Mana Leaf Herb and a Rune Crest. You are told to go to the Lezareno building. You are also told the Mana Leaf Herb is in Heimdall. You are told to get permission from Princess Hilda to go to Heimdall. It is suggested, also, that the Mana Fragment is in Derris-Kharlan. Things to do, things to do...

First, you must find the Princess. The Princess should be in the audience chamber, or the entryway. Go down there. She will give you the King's Letter. You are told Heimdall is south of the Tower of Salvation. However, before going there, go to Altimara and take care of business at Lezareno first.


When you first get to Altimara, head first into the hotel. Pay to spend the night and say you will go out for the evening. Re-enter the hotel and take the elevator to the fourth floor. Walk up to the pumpkin at the foot of the stairs and examine it. It will turn into a chef who teaches you how to make Spaghetti. Go into the room to the left to see some cats. It's just odd. Return to the elevator and head to the 5th floor to sleep.

Exit out of the hotel and take the elemental railway to the Lezareno Company. Go up to the President's Office and speak to George. Next, head to the 2nd floor. As you do your research Kuchinawa will come in and steal it. Sheena will challenge Kuchinawa to a duel at the Isle of Decision, which is reached from Mizuho. However, first things first. You learn the last zircon shipment was sent to the Imperial Research Facility is Sybak. Head there.


In the Imperial Research Facility speak to the scientist. She tells you the zircon is in the room next door. Exit left then into the first door on your right. Collect the Zircon from the treasure chest and exit Sybak. Time to check out Heimdall, which is the oasis town, south of the Tower of Salvation and through the Ymir Forest.

Ymir Forest and Heimdall

Enter the Ymir Forest and present the King's Letter to the guards. This is where Raine and Genis were born. Move forward and change the function of your ring. Colette will tell you to try it out. Stand on the tree stump and use your ring. When you descend, a small animal will charge the tree. Alrighty then. Head east, then south to the treasure chest. The treasure chest won't open. So, hop up on the stump, activate your ring and the crazy animal will charge it. Collect the Solar Guard.

Head directly north and collect the Gladius from the treasure chest hidden behind the tree. From here, go a little south and go west, then north. Take your first left, stand on the stump and activate your ring. You have cracked the rock to your left. Return to the north path, then go to the path to your right. Go north, stand on the stump and activate your ring to knock a bug in the water. Continue to the right and you'll look closely at a tree. Step on the trunk beneath it, activate your ring and collect the Blue Seed that falls. Continue along this path, then jump onto the lily pad. There's nothing you can do on it. Return to that large north/south path and follow it north then west. Here you'll see two fish and you'll get a little cutscene. Again, nothing you can do, so backtrack all of the way to the ring changer. Next to the ring changer is a little plot of land. Examine it to plant the Blue Seed and an blue flower will grown on the lily pad. Go south and take the western route.

At the end of this western route is the lily pad. Jump onto it, use your ring and a fish will appear. OK. Backtrack a little (remain on the west side of the ring changer) and take the branch up to the upper path. Make your way north and continue forward and take the next branch down. To the west is another blue flower lily pad. Hop onto it and use your ring. This will move a treasure chest. Head east and take the path around to the next branch up. Here you have the choice to go east, or your can go south to the circular path around the tree. Take the path around the tree, then follow it west. Here you'll come to a Memory Circle. Save, then open the treasure chests. In the one the fish pushed over for you is the White Seed. Once you have it, go speak to the child at the north end of the path. He asks for a Ymir Fruit. You are also told to follow the butterflies. Backtrack to the tree with the circular path around it, then head east.

Take the path east and move down the next branch. Continue along and move up the next branch and east. At the intersection, take the branch down to the ground, stand on the tree stump and use your ring. This drops three more worms. Interesting. Descend, then climb back up the tree. Head south. This area should be familiar to you, as it's where you collected the Blue Seed initially.

Head toward the ring changer via the low path. Once you get there, plant your White Seed. White flowers will appear on many branches.

Just south of the ring changer is a branch leading up and east to a white flower branch. This will be tempting (particularly because there's a butterfly by it) but there's one thing that needs to be done first. So, head back to the tree that dropped the three worms (NW of the Blue Seed tree). Climb up the branch and head west. At the end of the path are many white flowers on a branch. Hop onto the branch and use your ring. A hawk will carry you to a little plot of land. Head east and hop up on the tree stump. Use your ring and the rock you cracked earlier from the other side is now shattered. With the rock out of the way, return to the white flower upon a branch, just south and east of the ring changer.

Climb onto the white flower branch and use your ring. A hawk will come and carry you to another branch. There is a crate in front of you. Drop it, then use your ring again. The hawk will return you to your original position. Return to the Blue Seed tree, then go a little west, then north and up the tree branch. Go north, then down the next tree branch. Move east, and here is your crate. Cross over, stand upon the stump. Use your ring and the Ymir Fruit will drop in the water next to you. Backtrack to the Blue Seed tree. However, before you go north and jump on the lily pad, take the north path to the west, stand on the the stump with the butterfly hovering over it and use your ring. This will distract the large fish beneath the tree. Now, from the Blue Seed tree, head north, jump on the lily pad and use your ring. The fish will come and carry the Ymir Fruit to a new location (to the tree that dropped the three worms).

Take the upper path west and over to the Ymir Fruit by the tree. There's a butterfly hovering over the tree stump. Hop on the stump and use your ring to drop the worms. The ripple effect from the worms will move the Ymir Fruit south. Move to it and hop on the butterflied lily pad beneath it. Use your ring, and the fruit will be moved again. Follow the fruit west to the next location. Here is a lily pad and two large fish. Wait for the fish closest to you swims toward the little fish, then back down toward you. When his back is turned, use your ring on the lily pad and the fish will swim safely with the Fruit past him. This is, by the way, why we toasted the rock earlier. Had you have not done that, the fruit would have sunk to the bottom of the water.

Head back to the ring changer, then continue west. Move along the lower west path to the lily pad with the butterfly. Use your ring and the fish will carry the Ymir Fruit to the lily pad behind the ring changer. Collect it, then return to the little boy who asked for it (north of the Memory Circle). The boy will give you a Metal Sphere. Go forward.

You'll meet Kratos. He'll tell you to keep moving.

The Hidden Elven Village - Heimdall

No half-elves are allowed in the village, so Raine and Genis must stay behind. Check out the village. Hop around town and buy/sell/upgrade/customize what you want. Rest and save at the inn. From the inn, head west and you'll come to an area of town with a windmill in the center of it. Enter the Elder's House, which is north of the windmill. The Elder Elf doesn't want to give you the Mana Leaf Herb and speaks of Kratos. Then he tells you the Leaf grows in region SE of here, known as the Latheon Gorge. He gives you the Elf Elder's Staff. Exit out of Heimdall and Quick Jump to the Field.

Hop on your Rheairds and fly a bit SE. The Latheon Gorge is a trail that passes through the mountains. If you have trouble finding it, go to the House of Guidance. The Latheon Gorge is exactly on the other side of the mountain behind the House of Guidance.

Latheon Gorge

Enter the Gorge. Because you have the Elf Elder's Staff, you can pass. After hearing about the orange flowers, which you feed food to in order to heal them or kill them, go and open up the Treasure Chest to the north for a Ex Gem Lv4. Then, head south to the ring changer. It creates a bubble around you so that you can float using the wind flowers. Go northeast and open the Treasure Chest for Rare Pellets. Then, move up to the first orange flower. Stand to the left of it and use your ring. You'll be blown across. On the other side you'll find a sick flower. It needs food.

Head north. Soon you'll reach a Kirima Tree. Backtrack to the sick flower and give it the Kirima. Stand in front of it and use your ring to float across to the next wind flower. Go south and follow the path and then cross the bridge. Go east and collect the Ex Gem Lv3 from the Treasure Chest. Then, go up to the other Treasure Chest for another Ex Gem Lv3. Continue up the path to the Kirima Tree. Go forward to the sick flower. Cure it. Then, go back up and to the orange flower before the Kirima tree. Use your ring. Float across and the orange flower that you just cured will help to push you as well as you are floating. Upon landing at the next landing, follow the path to the Amango Tree; Amango trees kill flowers.

From the Amango Tree, continue up. You will find two sick flowers and a Treasure Chest with an Ex Gem Lv4 in this area. Go to the Kirima Tree and then heal both sick flowers. Then, go to the flower nearest the Kirima Tree and use your ring. You will end up above and north. Open the Treasure Chests for Flare Greaves and Toroid. There is also a sick flower here. Heal it. This one shoots straight up. It'll help you later. Head back to the orange flower blowing south and ride it across to the purple/blue flower. Use your ring in front of the purple/blue flower and ride it west. On the other side you'll see two sick flowers to the south. Heal them.

Use your ring in front of the flower blowing south (the left flower). This will drop you on a platform with a Treasure Chest with an Ex Gem Lv4 and a flower. Ride the flower over and you'll end up where you originally started in Latheon Gorge. Again, follow the same path, cross the bridge, and make your way to the purple/blue flower that is high up and float across the waterfall to the west. Go down to the next purple/blue flower and take it east which will drop you on a small island. Cure the sick flower here. Take the flower blowing north into the waterfall. You'll end up behind the waterfall. To the west is a Treasure Chest with a Star Cap inside. Go east, and use the flower to get back to the small island. This time, take the flower blowing southeast. Here you will find a Treasure Chest with a Rare Shield and a purple/blue flower. Take the purple flower south. Move along the path, going up.

You should recognize this area, you've been here before. Take the flower across and return to the area where you first found the first purple/blue flowers. Again, take the upper purple flower across the waterfall to the west. It is here, the southwest corner that you healed the two sick flowers. To the east, is another flower. To the north are two more flowers. Go to the southeast flower and ride it northwest to the landing with the two flower. Kill the flower on the right by giving it Amango fruit. Now ride the left flower south. Now, kill the southeast flower to cancel the cross winds. Return to the southwest landing and take the right flower, which is blowing northeast. Finally, you are on a new path.

Go up to the dead flower. Heal it. It blows up. Continue up the path, use the flower there which will blow you into the flower blowing up. You will now be on a small platform with a flower blowing west. There is a platform above you with a purple flower and a normal flower. To the west is another platform with another normal flower. Float west, go up the path and get in front of purple flower and ride it east. You are now on platform with an orange flower and a dead orange flower above you. Ride it east. You'll be take up and east to the next landing where there is a sick flower and an healthy flower. Heal the flower. Take the orange flower blowing west. You'll get to a landing with a sick flower and a cave. Cure the flower. Enter the cave.

Upon entering the cave, don't open the treasure chest, it's a trap. Go up the east path and find the slug/snail which has a Memory Gem. Continue up the path to the treasure chest for a Draupnir. Head back down and take the northwest path. Then, head south at your first chance which will place you outside near a sick flower. Cure it use it to go east. It will put you near a purple flower. Use it to go east, crossing the waterfall. Use the next orange flower east and you'll go up. Cure the sick flower. Move to the right and you'll get a cut scene telling you to go up the path. Do so. Go up the path, cure the sick flower, and cross the bridge. Cure the sick flower here and continue west. Yay! Memory Circle! Save.

Before entering the house, head back east and across the bridge. Ride the flower's wind west and you'll be taken to a small platform. Upon landing on it, it will crash down and land in the water below. Back on the bridge, head west and enter the little house. Speak to the Storyteller inside. He takes you back outside. Head east from here to collect the Battle Pick from the Treasure Chest. Return to where the Storyteller dropped you and head south. Because you split the waterfall. Use the flower to go east, then enter the cave. Move forward and you'll find your plant...you'll also find a bigger plant guarding it.

Plantix has 36000 HP, and is, perhaps, one of the easiest bosses to defeat. At least that was the case for me at Level 56. With Raine, Presea and Genis by Lloyd's side, I simply went straight at him with my sword. The "Falcon Rising" attack did wonders. Honestly, it was so easy, I didn't even have to watch Raine's health nor TP. I just kept hacking away, and with the magic attacks of my party members, Plantix was toast in no time at all. Once you defeat him, you'll get the Mana Leaf Herb. You will be placed outside the Storyteller's House. Save and enter.

Inside, speak to the Storyteller, who will tell you about Mithos. You learn Mithos is a fallen hero as he and his companions went a bad way in the end. You also learn his full name (Mithos Yggdrasill), his sister's name (Martel) and their companion's names (Yuan and Kratos). Dun dun dun!

Next up, you need a Mana Fragment. There could be one in Derris-Kharlan, to which the Tower of Salvation is the entrance. However, to get to it, you need Zelos's Cruxis Crystal. Zelos's sister currently has the Cruxis Crystal, and she can be found in the Abbey, SE of th Toize Valley Mine. Exit out of the Latheon Gorge and head there.

SE Abbey

Enter the Abbey and go up the stairs. Here you will meet Seles. Obviously Seles and Zelos have some unresolved issues. Next up, it's the Tower of Salvation. It's the tall pointy thing due south of Mizuho.

Tower of Salvation

Move forward and Zelos will create a staircase for you. Zelos opens the door for you. Enter and run to the warp point. Warp and you'll see the caskets you saw before...making it look identical to Sylvarant's Tower of Salvation. This is, of course, because it's the same place. Here you'll meet Kratos, who still wants Colette's body. Time for battle.

Kratos is only 25000 HP, but he is one tough battle. His "Judgement" attack is fierce, and it seems to be his preferred way of attacking. He seems to primarily want to focus on you, so keep your friends at a distance with their magic spells. I had several Life Bottles on hand, and copious amounts of various gels. Focus on striking him with your sword to build up your U. Attack meter. Remember, when you use a U. Attack, the magic of the opponent is cancelled. Try to time your U. Attacks at a point where he casts his "Judgement" spell. Again, not a pretty fight, but I did get it on my first try (although it ate up my gel and bottle inventory) and I did it with Lloyd, Raine, Presea and Genis.

When you do defeat him, some odd little creatures will come down and swoop you up. It seems defeating Kratos meant nothing. Your party is split up into two separate cells. Regal will bust you out. Walk onto the circular object and examine it. Move over to the next platform, then go left to the Memory Circle. Save, then move up to the warp point and try to warp. The warper doesn't work. Let Colette fly around and you will come to the Holy City of Welgaia.

The Holy City - Welgaia

As Colette, move the block to your left left, then pull the block over the warp point over to reveal it. As Lloyd, warp to the warp point and you'll see some angels. In front of you is an electronic walkway of sorts. Ignore it for now and go right. Head through the east door.

Inside, speak to the angel. He refuses to give you a Mana Fragment. He states you need identification, and Kratos appears just at the right time. The angel confuses you with a courier and the Mana Fragment is yours. Exit back out and take the walkway north. Here you'll find something that is assumed to be a giant transporter. Make your way over to it and you're asked for identification. Drat! Head east.

Move up the stairs and you'll find four circular lifts. Go to the one to the far right, take it up and purchase what you want from the vending machine. Stock up on all of your favorites, then return down to the level below. Head one circular lift over, but don't go up. Instead, examine the terminal behind it. You learn of an emergency route in the rear of the Idea District. Hmmm. You are then shown a warp point. Next, head up the lift to the refresher and refresh yourself. Return to the lower level. Then head west and down both sets of stairs. Take the circular platform across to the warp point and you'll escape.

Head left and save. Head west, then collect the Ex Gem from the chest here. Continue along and head down the next set of stairs. After passing the two robots, there will be a path south. Don't take it. Instead, pass through the east doors. Here you'll start floating. When you float, you don't stop unless something else stops you, just like the ice puzzle. To get to where you need to go, move east, south, west, north, west, north, west, south, west, north, west, south, east, south, east, south, east, north, east. Pass through the hall and to the red console. Examine it and red locks will be disengaged. Head north. Collect the Ex Gem Lv4 and return to the floating room. It's much easier to get to the other door here. Do so and make your way back to the Memory Circle. Save.

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Return back down the stairs and take the north path. Pass the open door to your right and continue down the hall and down the stairs. Go down the first southern path to collect the Naguzuki, then the second for a Laser Blade. Make your way north and there's a blue console. Examine it to disengage all blue gate locks. Return all of the way to the no gravity room. This time, you're aiming for a different location, the lift in the NW section of the room. Take this route to get there: East, south, west, north, west, north, west, south, west, north, west, south, west, south, east, north, east.

Take the lift up. You'll be in, yet, another floaty room. Here a new path for you: South, east, north, west, north, east, north, east, south, east, south, east, north, west, north.

Make your way along the hallway. Continue east at the one intersection for some Energy Tablets in a chest, then return to the intersection and move south. Another floaty room. Oy vey. Move west, north, west, south, east, south, east, south, east, north, west, south, then east. Use this lift and you're back in the original floaty room. Simply float west and use this elevator.

Here is one more floaty puzzle, and it's a doozie, so prepare yourself. Go west, north, east, north, east, south, east, south, west, south, west, north, west, south, west, north, east, south, east, north, east. Pass through the door. Examine the bright light and you will acquire the elevator key. Collect the Holy Circlet from the chest.

Return to the floaty room and make your way back to the lift (it's cake getting back). Take it up. Make your way to the west door (again, cake), and backtrack all of the way to the Memory Circle. Save.

Return, one more time, down the stairs, and take that north path again. This time, take that east door. Near the second robot is a north door. Approach the slot to the left of it. Use your Elevator Key, then enter the elevator. Walk up to the orb and opt to go down. Take the path straight to the warp circle. Before warping, gear up.

In front of you is Yggdrasill's sword. Lloyd wants to take it to Hiemdall to show it to the Elder. He goes for it and Yggdrasill appears. He reveals his plans to make everyone the same. Then, it's battle time.

Yggdrasill has 40000 HP, but don't worry about that, as you don't even have to get him a third of the way down before the fight is interrupted. Just hit him, but don't waste too much energy nor items in doing so, since it will end soon. Whack away, protect your friends, and watch the cutscene that ensues.

Once the scene is over, move down the path and warp. Exit out of the Tower of Salvation and you'll be taken automatically to Altessa's House.

Altessa's House

Save, then enter the house. Ask Altessa to make the Rune Crest. He does and Colette sleeps. Genis is weary of Mithos as he found a Pan Flute dropped by Yggdrasill. LLoyd rests and Yuan enters. You discover Yuan has drugged everyone, and it is revealed that Kratos is your real father. Dun dun dun! The story unravels and Kratos takes a hit for Lloyd. Lloyd has his say and Mithos walks out. Mithos, Mithos, Mithos. Dirty the whole time. Pronyma comes down, and the Yggdrasill Kratos are her disappear. You are left to fight some angels.

The Angel Commander has 18000 HP, where as the Swordians have 7480 HP. Go after the Swordians first and take them down. Since their HP is so low and their easily attackable, go ahead and save your U. Attack for the Commander. Honestly, my party had been working so hard on the Angel Commander while I worked on the Swordians, it took one U. Attack then a few hits with the sword to get rid of him. I used no gels, no bottles, nothing. Cake.

Talk to Raine, then check on Tabatha. Speak to Yuan. Kratos is the only one who can release the Origin's seal, and that can only happen if Kratos chooses to release his mana, which may kill him. You also learn only Half-Elves can use the Eternal Sword.

Altessa needs a doctor. There's one in Flanoir. Exit out and head to the snowy village.

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