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Tales of Symphonia - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Part VII - Nearing the End

Tales of Symphonia Buy Tales of Symphonia

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Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
Part VII - Nearing the End

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1. Introduction, Controls and Basics
2. Part I - The Beginning
3. Part II - The Journey
4. Part III - Crossing the Sea
5. Part IV - Tethe'alla
6. Part V - Pacts, Pacts, and More Pacts
7. Part VI - A Scavenger Hunt
8. Part VII - Nearing the End
9. Part VIII - Sidequests
6. LB's Tales of Symphonia Review
7. ***Tales of Symphonia Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Tales of Symphonia"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide


Upon entering you'll notice Zelos is missing. Ah well. Head to the inn and save. Rest if you'd like, also. Next, make your way to the Doctor's Office. When you get close to it, you'll find Zelos mumbling. Enter the doctor's office. The doctor goes to Altessa's .

At this point you get to make a choice. When Colette comes in and asks if you want to go for a walk, choose: "Sure" and you will receive the Flanoir snow bunny (Snow Hare). If you tell her, "I'm Sorry," and then hear Kratos' voice, choose to "Go Outside," and you'll get a long cut scene with Kratos where much will be revealed and he will try to justify his actions. I chose to go outside and talk to Kratos.

Kratos is the Origin Seal itself. Killing him would break the seal, but then you'd have to kill him. Egad. You need to try and find a way to break the seal without killing Kratos. You'll also be told of the Eternal Sword. After the cut scene, you'll receive Kratos' Locket.

The next morning Lloyd is rearing to go with his two goals: Preventing the establishment of Mithos' new Age and releasing the Origin Seal. You'll end up outside of Flanoir. Return quickly to save.

Tower of Salvation - Derris-Kharlan

Enter. Go up the steps and you'll get a cutscene. Yuan will show up, you follow him. When the game starts back up, there is a vending machine here if you want to buy anything. Go ahead and warp.

Zelos lures Colette into a trap! Pronyma is here. Colette disappears. Zelos is a traitor. Reorganize your party. At this point I have Lloyd, Presea, Raine, and Genis. Do what you want.

Time to fight Zelos. He has 28000 HP. I'm level 58 now. He's like fighting any other boss. He has a lot of magic so time your U. Attacks to distrupt his magic the best you can. Lots of Life Bottles, lots of Gels, and protecting Raine so she can heal you and after a while you'll wear him down.

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Save at the Memory Circle. Head down the path and continue straight at the intersection. You'll be blocked by some branches, shoot them with you ring and pass through the door. Head downstairs and open the treasure chest for a Diamond Shell. Head back up and jump the gap. The bridge will tilt, dumping you near the treasure chest you just opened. Go back up and jump the gap again and this time, run up the ramp. It will tilt back to horizontal and then run east and it'll tilt that way and you can get to the other side.

Go straight through the door. Head south, going along the path. You'll get to some branches blocking a path to your right. Use your ring to get through. Go to the treasure chests for Hanuman's Staff and and Ogre Ax and the Southern Cross.

Go back to the main path and move along. Use your ring on the branches blocking your path. You'll get to a staircase. Go up. Don't go up the next staircase yet. Instead, go south and find the console that unlocks the doors. Activate it then go up the second staircase, bust through the branches and find he treasure chest to the south, Heavenly Robe. Continue along the path, you'll get to a treasure chest behind some more branches, open it for Energy Tablets, continue along the path.

Soon you'll see a north path blocked by branches. Open the path and go get two treasure chests: Ex Gem lv4 and Star Mail. Exit this side path and get back on the main path, go south past the flower enemies and you'll come to a narrow gray walkway. Pass through it and you'll see the "heavy object" (the rock hanging from the ceiling). Open the treasure chest for a Phoenix Cloak. Go out on the small balcony near the hanging rock and shoot your ring at it until it falls.

Now that the rock has fallen, backtrack all the way back downstairs and then go through the door to where you entered and make your way back to the area with the tilting bridge. Go downstairs and notice the rock has fallen onto the bridge. Jump onto the tilted bridge. Make your way up and jump the gap across.

Open the treasure chest for a Star Guard. Head up the stairs. Use the warp pad. You now have to fight two Angel Swordian (7480 HP each). Cake easy. You run to a passage, Regal blocks the path behind you so that you can escape. He'll sacrifice himself and hold off the Angels so you can save Colette.

When you start back up, save at the Memory Circle. To the soutwest is a treasure chest with a Shaman Dress and a vending machine. To the northeast is another treasure chest with an Ex Gem Lv3. When ready, go to the warp pad near the Memory Circle and warp.

Run down the corkscrew path. At the bottom Sheena will summon various spirit to deal with the tree that is not letting you pass. You'll end up on the other side, separated from Sheena. Sheena will fall away.

Follow the path, there will be a treasure chest with the Star Helm in it along the path, save at the Memory Circle. Keep going, until you get to the warp point...warp. Go forward. Raine will operate the console to open the successive doors. Fight each enemy. The floor will collapse along with Raine. You'll auto warp.

Go forward along the path. Soon, the path will go in two directions: one leads to a Memory Circle. One leads to a warp. There is a treasure chest with the Star Shield. Save, then warp.

Go down the stairs, and up to the doors locked from the other side. Presea will help open the doors and she'll be taken away, too. Keep going, open the treasure chest for a Star Circlet., then go to the Memory Circle and save, and then go to the warp.

At the intersection, go east or west for a treasure chest on each side. Go straight at the intersection. Genis will now drop off when he is trapped inside the force field. You are all by yourself now.

Take the northeast route around. Find the Memory Circle and then find warp pad. Save then warp. You'll run across the bridge and be shot by an arrow at the end. You'll be fine. Go up to the Memory Circle and save. Then, examine the sword in the wall. You'll have reached the angel hangout, Mithos and Pronyma are here. You're friends will all be back now.

First, you have to fight Pronyma and her two minions. Each minion has 11000 HP, she has 32000 HP. Go after the minions first, if you get tainted and turn red, use an Ammonium bottle. Once they are dead, focus on Pronyma.

After the cut scene where Martel takes over Colette's body and is upset that Mithos has turned evil. Kratos comes back. Get ready for another fight. This time with Mithos. You get a chance to reorganize your party. Make sure to heal and get prepared for battle.

Mithos has 40000 HP and a bunch of magic. Mithos is a busy attacker. However, luckily, none of his attacks can wipe out your party. So, per usual, fight, keep him away from Raine, feed your party members gels as they deplete, and hit him with the hardest attacks you have. Mithos is a little on the time consuming side, but if you have a good number of items and bottles, he won't cause you that much trouble.

Upon defeating Mithos, Kratos says you must defeat him to release the seal. He then disappears. You need to head to Heimdall. Exit out and get yourself there by quick jumping through the Ymir Forest.


You are told Kratos is in Torent Forest. Raine and Genis are let into the village. While in town do some shopping/selling/upgrading/resting and saving. After you sleep, head west from the inn and you'll speak to the Elder. Speak to the watchman, who lets you into Torent Forest.

Torent Forest

Move along the path and you will find a little creature. The creature will disappear into the tree stump. If you shoot your ring into the hole, the creature will pop out and guide you through this maze of a forest. However, you may want to check out the forest for yourself prior to freeing the creature, so you can collect items from the various treasure chests. Once you're comfortable, shoot your ring into the hole in the stump, and follow the creature east and north. Here you will find another tree stump with a hole in it. This indicates you've cleared the first section of your map, and you're ready to do it again.

Shoot your ring into this second tree stump, and follow the creature all of the way east, past the waterfall. From the waterfall, continue east, then a little NE to the pond. North of the pond is a flower enemy with the Memory Gem. Fight him if you want it, then go south. Once heading south, take the east to the next tree stump indicator.

Shoot your ring into this stump and follow the creature south. Don't be fooled by how much this looks like the last area. At the dragon intersection, move west, then north. Here will be the little creature. Follow him north. Continue moving north to the first east path. Take it and move under the tree branch. Collect the Ex Gem Lv3 from the treasure chest, then continue east. Here you will find a Memory Seal. Unlock it and Save.

From the Memory Seal, go east and collect the Ex Gem Lv4 from the treasure chest. Return to the Memory Circle. From it, take the south path and take it all of the way east (past the south path) to the treasure chests behind the waterfall. Collect the Shield Ring and the Warlock Garb from them. Backtrack until you get to that path leading south again. Take it to the next stump.

Shoot your ring into this stump and follow the creature east. Move a little north, then east again. At the intersection with the blue rock and flower, move a little north, then east, yet again, and you'll come to another stump. Shoot your ring into it and follow the creature east. Here you will meet Kratos.

It's you versus Kratos, who only has 12000 HP. 12000 HP isn't that daunting until you remember you're on your own. You have only yourself to look out for, and you have only your strength to battle. If you can shove Kratos over to a side so he doesn't have much mobility and you block his attacks, hit him with what you have.

Once you beat him, he'll break the seal of Origin. Kratos lives because Yuan gave up some mana for him. It's time to form a pact with Origin, which means you'll have to fight him. Once you convince him to make a pact get ready.

Origin has 40000 HP. Like Mithos, he's not incredibly powerful, but his guard makes him difficult to damage. When he's rattled by one of Sheena's distractions or Genis's attacks, it's the best time to go after him, yourself. Like always, keep an eye on Raine so she can heal everyone as they battle.

Upon defeating Origin, you will get a cutscene and Sheena will learn "Summon: Origin". Mithos enters Lloyd's body, then chooses Colette's body and disappears. After a nice little scene of the Tower of Salvation collapsing, you'll be automatically taken back to Heimdell.


Run around Heimdell saving all of the elves, including the Elder, who remains in his house by the windmill. Head to the exit and you'll get another good looking scene. You need a Ring of the Pact to be forged. Dirk is the only one who can do it. Quick Jump out of Heimdell, fly over to the Tethe'alla Base and transport yourself over to Sylvarant. In Sylvarant, head to Dirk's House.

Dirk's House

Enter Dirk's House. It is revealed the reason Kratos travelled so far and long was to collect the items for the Ring. You are given the Material Blade and the Eternal Ring. Kratos joins your party.

Head to the Tower of Salvation on Tethe'alla. Use your map to locate it as the tower has been destroyed and it's just not the marker it once was. . Enter the ruins and climb the stairs. Say you're ready to go and Lloyd will receive the Eternal Sword, and the title "Eternal Swordsman". You will then be transported to Derris-Kharlan.

Derris Kharlan

Take the path SE and collect the Ex Gem Lv2 from the treasure chest. Continue along the path to the next treasure chest. Open it for an Ex Gem Lv3. From here, take the more southern of the two paths. At the next circular base, take the NE path, which takes you to another screen.

Open the treasure chest for the Golden Helm. Then head west, and follow the path around and up. Keep going and you'll come to a T-intersection. Take the SE path until you get a north/south option. Go south to collect the Magic Ribbon from the treasure chest, then return and take the north path. Take it all of the way north and your friends will be trapped. Kratos tells you to find the Derris Emblem to disarm the trap. Continue to the warp point and warp. Move north along the path and warp again. You will arrive in Welgaia.


Move forward then take the NE path. Continue taking it and you'll come to the room with the vending and refresher machines. Buy what you need and regenerate. Then, head down the stairs and take either one of the two lifts down. Walk over to Raine's reflection. There will be another Half-Elf discussion. Lloyd will break through to Raine and Genis and a Mirror Shard will be found. Approach the mirror again and say "Yes" you will face the Darkness.

With Genis and Raine at your side, take on The Neglected, who is only worth 20000 HP. While he does some damage, his low HP makes him easily defeatable. Once you beat him, return up the elevator then exit out of the room. Take the path back to large circular landing near your warp entrance. This time, go west. Follow this path to the electronic walkway and take it south. Jump off it at the end and you'll get another cutscene. There will be talk of the Derris Emblem Seal, then more illusion speak. Upon saving Kratos and Sheena, a Spider Figurine is dropped. Once it's collected, walk into the circle of green light and accept the challenge.

Here is another 20000 HP boss. Same deal as last time. He's powerful, but because he doesn't have much HP he's easily defeatable. Beat him then warp via the portal on the south side of the room. Here is a Memory Circle. Save.

You'll spot Presea and Regal in the cells across the way. Go over and speak to them. This will trigger another illusion. A Chipped Dagger is dropped. Examine the pool of blood and say "Yes". It's another 20000 HP boss. You know what to do. Return to the Memory Circle and save once you defeat him.

Return through the warp point and backtrack all the way to the large circular platform by your initial entrance. Here you will find Colette. You'll watch a flashback of Mitho's memory of Martel being killed. Colette is okay, she apologizes yet again.

Go up the one path not yet traveled, the northwest path, to the Derris Emblem. The path to Mithos' castle is now open. Head up the stairs and warp.

You are now near Mithos' castle. Run forward and warp. Go the Memory Circle to the right of the stairs and save. There is a red square on the ground on the right. There is a blue one on the left. Talk to the Dragon at the top of the stairs. You have to take on the Dragon to get through.

The Dragon has 19000 HP. He's easy. After you defeat him you'll get Dragon Mail and the Vinheim Key. Go through the doors. After a long cut scene you'll be fighting Mithos.

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Mithos has 55000 HP and 4000 TP. He has several nasty magic attacks. There's not much you can do to avoid them, just be prepared to do a lot of healing and life saving. I had Lloyd, Raine, Kratos, and Genis in my party. I also made sure to have all of my Gels maxed out and a good number of Life Bottles and Anti-Magic Bottles. Just keep at him and manage your gels, making sure to try to keep everybody in your party above 2000 HP at most times. Use your life bottles anytime somebody dies. Make sure Raine is alive so she can heal you. I battled here at a level 65 and I made it on my first try. If you are having troubles, get your level even higher, and you may consider returning to Heimdall to acquire Genis' most powerful attack, the Meteor Swarm. To get it, return to the inn and head east. Follow the path and you'll come to an elf and you will learn the new attack. Once you toast Mithos you'll have to fight a new Mithos.

This Mithos is a crazy skeleton dragon. He has 60000 HP. As long as you have at least half of your gels and bottles left at this point, you shouldn't have any problem with him. Despite the fact that his HP is higher than the last version of Mithos, he's easier to damage. Upon defeating the crazy skeleton dragon, you'll receive the Ex Gem Max.

That's it. Watch the anime sequence and then watch as all of the summon spirits and then watch as Mana herself is awakened and the great Kharlan Tree sprouts and yay, the world is saved. Nice work! Be proud.

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