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Lunabean's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest Strategy Guide
12. The Fire Temple

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest >
12. The Fire Temple

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1. Introduction and Kokiri Forest
2. Inside the Deku Tree
3. Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle, and Lon Lon Ranch
4. The Road to Dodongo's Cavern
5. Inside Dodongo's Cavern
6. The Road to Zora's Domain
7. Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly
8. The Temple and Ocarina of Time
9. The Road to the Forest Temple
10. The Forest Temple
11. The Road to the Fire Temple
12. The Fire Temple
13. The Road to the Water Temple (Ice Cavern Included)
14. The Water Temple
15. Under the Well
16. The Shadow Temple
17. The Road to the Spirit Temple (Gerudo's Fortress Included)
18. The Spirit Temple
19. Ganon's Castle
20. Acquiring the Biggoron Sword
21. Golden Skulltula Guide
22. Mask Guide
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest Review

12. The Fire Temple

Go through the door on the left side. Fight the Like Like. He took our shield, but, the treasure chest that appeared after we killed the Like Like had our shield in it. Phew.

Go back to the main entrance. The central staircase is blocked by fire. So, use the sides to hop up and work your way up the stairs.

Use Din's Fire to light the two torches on either side of the stairs, and, use it again, by the tiki statues with their mouths open to light all three tiki statues. This will open the bars on the door on the left. Go through.

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You'll find Darunia. Hop across the platforms to the right. You'll need to use your Hookshot to get over the last gap. Hop up the ledges where the large crates are. At the top ledge, there is a torch hidden by a crate. Break the crate. From here, you can look across at the barred door and the torch that is near the barred door. You're going to have to use Din's Fire to light the torch on the top ledge where you are and then, shoot an arrow through that fire to the torch below and across from you, by the barred door. The torch that you shoot through will only stay lit for a few seconds, so, it's better to get it all lined up before you use Din's Fire. Once you do that successfully, the bars will raise on the door, and, the third torch below you will automatically light.

Go through the now open door. There is a treasure chest with a Small Key.

Exit this room and go back out to the main entrance. Now, with the Small Key, you can get through the door on the right of the main staircase. Go through.

Right when you enter, you'll have to kill a bat. Move on, and kill the two Stalfos. Go through the next door.

In this room, you'll have 5 tiles pop out of the floor and come at you. Swipe at them with your sword. Break some of the jars around you to stock up on health/fairies before you take on Iron Knuckle. Approach the throne and take a swipe at the Iron Knuckle to awaken him. Target him and keep moving in circle around him. tease him a little by getting close. Right after he swings his axe, he's vulnerable, so get a good swing in on him. After a few hits, he'll lose some armor and start moving faster. Just avoid the axe, and attack right after he swings. When you kill him, the bars will open on the door. Go through.

In this room, you'll have to face a Flare Dancer. To defeat him, toss a bomb at him. When you hit him with it, he'll turn into a running bomb. Slash him with your sword when he's in this state. Do this three times, he will die and you'll get a treasure chest. Inside is the MEGATON HAMMER.

Go through the newly opened door and hit the rusted switch with your MEGATON HAMMER. This will lower the jailcell in front of you and you can access the treasure chest with the DUNGEON MAP inside.

Talk to the Goron to release him and continue through the door. Now you are in the main entrance again.

Please note, now the you have the MEGATON HAMMER, now is a good time to exit the dungeon, go to where you originally entered the Death Mountain Crater, but instead of going through, cross the bridge to your right. Use your HAMMER on the rocks blocking the cave and enter. Here you will find a Great Fairy who will increase your Magic Meter. This is a good thing to have in this dungeon. Once you've completed this, go back to the entrance and continue with the walkthrough.

Go up the stairs and use your MEGATON HAMMER to remove the statue blocking the door on the right.

Pass through the door and you will be in a huge lava room with a wooden bridge. You have two barred doors on both sides of you, and a locked one to the front.

Head to the left door. Below the barred door is an open door. Go through it. Hit the rusty switch with your HAMMER and release the GORON. He'll tell you about different sounding areas of wall which can be blown up with bombs. Good to know. Don't forget to kill the Golden Skulltula and collect the token.

Exit the room and jump on the platform to your left which will raise you up. Jump into the small area, and light the torch with Din's Fire. Use the lit torch to shoot at the torch above the door where you just came from, and this will raise the bars. Now, use it to shoot the torch at the door on the complete other side of the room, this will create hookshot points, including one next to the torch on the left side of the room. Now you can hookshot up there and enter the doorway. Go through the door and fend off the 7 tiles with your shield. Use your Hookshot on the treasure chest to cross the fire. Open the chest and get the BOSS KEY. Hookshot back by using the torch in the middle of the room. Exit that room.

Head to the door on the other side side of the lava room with the fire wall blocking it. Get onto the moving platform in front of the wall of fire and Hookshot to the torch, which will pull you across the fire wall. Place a bomb on the wall there. Enter.

Use Din's Fire on the torch on the right side to open the jail cell. Open the treasure chest to get a SMALL KEY. Now, exit the room and use the KEY on the door on the north side of the lava room.

Scoot down the log and climb the fence. Head to the right side to get a recovery heart, and jump onto the center of the middle block as it's being pushed up. This will take you to the above room.

Upstairs, exit out the door. Get up to the ledge on the left and use Din's Fire on the torch. This will create a Hookshot Point across the way, which will allow you to get to the higher ledge above.

Fight the Lizolfos, climb the fence and go through the door.

You are now in a room with a bunch of raised platforms and lots of walls. Do some looking around and find some of the walls that look a little lighter. When you swing your sword, the wall will sound different. There are two areas like this, on the same wall, seperated by a raised platform. One of the rooms has a switch which is pressure sensitive...you need a crate for it. The other one has a rusted switch which you can use your hammer on. Do so. This creates a bunch of Hookshot points.

You can now access the raised platforms in this area. The one nearest you has an odd rip/tear in the top of it. Place a bomb on the crack and jump down, or climb the fence down. Destroy the crates to reveal a rusted switch. Use your hammer on it. Go to the treasure chest and grab the COMPASS. Once you do this climb back up to the room you were just in and hop on over the platforms to the South side of the room. In the upper Southwest corner is a swich behind bars. Toss a bomb over so it explodes and activates the switch. This will raise the bars and you can jump over to the room.

Break the crates and get the small treasure chest with bombs in it. Grab a small crate and bring it over to the blue pressure sensitive switch. Place the crate on the switch. Go through the door. Step on the switch to free another Goron. Open the treasure chest for a Small Key.

Go back up to the raised platforms and go to the chained door on the NW of the map. Use your small key and go through.

This room has a bunch of fence platforms and a lot of crates. Underneath you is lava. Go around the fence platforms and Hookshot up to the large crate with a smaller crate on the top and a small crate to the right; it's located on the "central" part of the room. Grab a small crate and fall down to the fenced-in area below and place the crate on the blue switch. This will light the golden torches in the room. Go between the two torches and line up an arrow shot so that the arrow goes through the torch and hits the wooden torch right below the golden torch up above on the wall. This will raise the bars on the door. Go through and down the hallway and through the opposite door.

This room has a central raised platform. Jump onto it and use your Hammer to hit the central part of it. This will open a hole in the floor. Go over to the Northside fire maze and you'll be blocked by fire. There is a blue block there. Get close to it and play the Song of Time and it will placed above you and provide a pathway over the wall of fire. Go through the door in the NE of the map. There is a Gold Skulltula there. Go back out and continue through the fire maze. You'll see that you can't go any further. Backtrack to where the blue block used to be and play the Song of Time to return the block so that you can use it to jump over. You may have to play the song in a couple different locations right around there for it to work.

Go to the area between the two fire mazes and hop up onto the central raised platform that you used your Hammer on before and jump over to the door. Go through, then, use your hookshot to cross the fire. Use your Hammer on the switch. Which raises the bars on the door below. In order to get there, go to the Southern fire maze. Make your way to the door. Go in. On your right, there is a secret wall with a Gold Skulltula in it. Blow up the wall to gain access. Go through the door that you just opened from above. This door will pop you out in the Northern fire maze and now you can get to the switch. Step on the switch, which, temporarily turns off the fire wall.

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Climb up the little stair/ledge and go through the door. Fight the Flare Dancer by bombing him, then, slashing him when he becomes small. Repeat until dead. Jump up onto the central platform, which is an elevator, and quickly jump off. There is a Small Key hiding underneath it. Now, ride the elevator platform up. Go through the door. Climb the fence and the next fence. Go through the chained door.

There is a crystal switch in this room, right next to a slightly raised platform. Hammer the sligtly raised platform which will open a hole for you to go down with a chained door, but, you can't get through there yet, as you don't have the key. Hit the crystal switch right next to you to make some Hookshot points. Go up and run around to find a switch. This switch will lower the fire temporarily, but, in order to get up to the treasure chest before the fire comes back is to play the Scarecrow's Song one level down from the fire surround the treasure chest. You'll see that Navi hovers over the correct spot and turns green. Pierre will appear near the fire and you can use him as a Hookshot point.

Step on the switch and hookshot to Pierre, the Scarecrow. Run up to the treasure chest and get the Small Key.

Head back down to the hole in the floor near the crystal switch and go through the door.

Fight the 2 Stalfos. You are in a long brown room with a pedestal at the front of a long depression. Take out your Hammer and hit the pedestal. This will lower some stairs. You'll be able to see a large square face tile in front of you. Hit the tile with your hookshot to raise the bars on the door. Go in and get the Gold Skulltula.

Use your Hammer on the raised tile. Drop down. Now, you are back on the 3rd floor with the central structure that you hammered before. Drop down the hole in the central structure and go through the Boss Door.

Boss Fight: Volvagia
If you don't have any fairies in your bottles, leave the dungeon and stock up, or, stock up on potions. Time to play Whack-a-Dragon. You'll see that he makes a little fire around the hole that he is popping out of. Run up to that hole and target him, then, smack him with your MEGATON HAMMER when he pauses as he emerges. This will stun him. Slash at him with your sword. You have to do this 6 times. In between, run around to avoid him and his fire when he flies around. When the rocks come pouring down, use your shield to protect yourself. Once you defeat him, collect your HEART CONTAINER and walk into the light.

It seems Big Brother Darunia is the Sage of Fire. He will give you the Medallion of Fire.

Now, we must begin our search for the Water Medallion.

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