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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Walkthrough and Guide - Inside Dragon Roost Cavern
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Inside Dragon Roost Cavern

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Dragon Roost Cavern
  • In front of you have two blue statues and one green. Pull back the blue statue on the left, then pull the second one over to where the first one was. This will reveal a passageway for you.
  • In this room are two bad guys. Take them out. Each of the guards have a STICK. Pick one up, light it with a torch, then light the two unlit torches in the room. This will reveal a Treasure Chest. Inside of it is a SMALL KEY.
  • Use the SMALL KEY on the locked door and pass through.
  • Toss one of the rocks at the broken wooden planks blocking the door. This will clear the passage and you can pass through.
  • Head left across the wooden path. Fall down, pull the block out so you can jump back up to the other side. Jump to the platform which leads to the suspension bridge and cross the bridge. Pick up a BOMB FLOWER and toss it at the boulder in front of you. This is the eastern door. Go through it.
  • Pick up a vase with water in it and toss it in the lava. This makes a temporary platform for you. Head first to the area to your left with the Treasure Chest on it. Open it up to reveal the DUNGEON MAP.
  • Now head to the ledge opposite from the entryway. Kill the Red Chu Chu who drops down. He will give you RED CHU JELLY. You are to keep it in your SPOILS BAG for now.
  • Go up the ladder and go through the door.
  • Kill the bad guy who breaks through the boarded door on your left. Killing him will give you the JOY PENDANT (The Killer Bees want this to give to Mrs. Marie).
  • Pick up the bad guy's sword and use it to get through the other boarded up door.
  • Here will be more Red Chu Chus to kill. There's also another boarded door up on a ledge. You need to toss your enemies sword at the boards to open it up for you. Open the Treasure Chest and get the SMALL KEY inside.
  • Exit and backtrack all the way back to the central cavern area, across the suspension bridge, to the locked door on the SW of your map. Use your SMALL KEY and pass through the door.
  • Here, you'll be attacked by a few Red Chu Chus, and a bad guy breaking through a boarded up door. Kill them all. Use the STICK dropped by the enemy to burn through the other boarded up door. Here is a switch. Step on it and the bars on the central door will be raised. Pass through it.
  • You are outside. Cross over the bridge and take out the bad guy at the opposite side.
  • Climb the ladder quickly, or the fire will get you. Fight off the bird, then Sidle along the edge, past the shooting lava.
  • Move behind the rock and shimmy across the board to the other side and pull yourself up. Climb the ledges up to the BOMB FLOWER. Toss the BOMB onto the boulder below, which will reveal a new entrance. Enter.
  • Here is a small block puzzle...rather simple. Just pull out the middle and the right bottom blocks and the blocks will fall into a pattern where you can climb them and pass through the entrance at the top.
  • Kill off the two bad guys and your PIRATE'S CHARM will call for you. Answer it. You're told of rats, who may share "treasure" with you if you if you give them "bait". OK, then.
  • Pull out the block to the left of where you entered. Use it to get up to the ledge above and open the Treasure Chest. Inside is the COMPASS.
  • Break the Jar with the STICKs in in. Grab one, light it off the torch and toss it at the boarded up door across the way. Use the ladder to go up and open the Treasure Chest. Inside is the SMALL KEY.
  • Go through the locked door by the original Treasure Chest, and you're back outside.
  • Climb the broken stairs and approach the nested bird. Kill him, then climb into his nest and get the SMALL KEY. Use it to open the door across the way.
  • Grab a torch to light your way and fight that bats. Continue along and light the unlit torch. Open the Treasure Chest and get the JOY PENDANT.
  • Continue along and burn open the boarded door, go up the stairs and light the two torches. This raised the bars on the door. Pass through.
  • You are, once again, in the central cavern area, way up high now. Grab the BOMB FLOWER on your right, toss it at the boulder covering the cauldron. This opens up a warp path for you from the entrance of the cavern. Very nice.
  • Cross the suspension bridge and go through the door. Kill the bad guys in the room. Climb the ladder. Upstairs is a jar with STICKs inside. Use one to light the unlit torch. This will reveal a Treasure Chest. Inside is a TREASURE CHART.
  • Break every vase in the room to collect the goodies. The vase on the ledge by the door you entered from has a bad guy in it. You have to kill him to get the bars to raise on both of the doors in the room. Also, you should leave this room two JOY PENDANTS richer.
  • Head through the door upstairs. Another lava room. Toss a water filled vased in the lava, then one at the firey centipede thing. When he's cooled off, slash him with your sword a few times to kill him.
  • Now, toss a water filled vase at the spouting lava when it's down. Jump onto the platform and when the lava spews, you'll be safely pushed up. Jump onto the wooden path above and go through the door.
  • Use the BOMB FLOWER to blow up both boulders. One will reveal another warp cauldron. Nice. The other reveals a new door. Go through the new door.
  • You are outside again. Move up the stairs and through the gate. Here you have Medli and two bad guys to kill, then a Moblin will be flown in. Kill him, too. Use your defensive moves against him as he's a tough little booger when you only have three hearts.
  • Killing the Moblin will open Medli's cell and you will get a SKULL NECKLACE. Speak to Medli. She explains someone is doing something bad to Valoo's tail. Poor guy. Medli will then provide you with the GRAPPLING HOOK.
  • Go up the stairs and use the GRAPPLING HOOK to swing from platform to platform. Break through the boarded area with your sword, then fall down to the door you just came out of to get outside.
  • Instead of going in the door, continue grappling along from platform to platform until you reach a door. Go through it.
  • Cross the suspension bridge and fight the bad guy. Continue forward and kill the next guy who pops out of the jar. Doing this will create a Treasure Chest directly below you. You have to find a way to get down there without hitting any lava.
  • In order to to that, you have to cut a couple of the suspension ropes in order to make the bridge drop. In the Treasure Chest is a JOY PENDANT. Exit out the door.
  • You will be back in the main chamber. There is a cage to your right which is affected by the fire spewing from below. Jump into the cage when it's stable and do a Spin Attack. This will sever all 3 ropes simultaneously and the platform will drop, giving you access to a room with some chained platforms.
  • Go up the ladder and you'll see a barred door that you can't get through. From this area, look up and find the Grapple Point. GRAPPLE the point and it'll open the barred door. Don't let go...swing back and go through the now opened door.
  • GRAPPLE the Grapple Point and change direction (Hold "R") to the right swing across to that area. You will have a series of 3 chained platforms and a Grapple Point. GRAPPLE across and go through the door.
  • There is a Treasure Chest surrounded by fire and a pressure-sensitive switch near it. There is also a Fire Centipede in here. When it opens its arms, attack its eye. 2 hits and it'll ball up. Pick it up and bring it over to the switch. Use "R" to "drop" the rolled-up enemy onto the switch. Open the Treasure Chest for the BIG KEY.
  • Backtrack out by Grappling and the such. Go down the ladder that you came up earlier and go to the platform elevator (used to be the cage). Use the platform to get up to the 2F. Go through the door. Grab some water and throw it so that it lands on the fire plume. Use it to get up to the 3F. Exit through the door and you'll be outside.
  • Grapple back up to the door where the BOSS DOOR was (underneath the Valoo the Dragon), right before the stone staircase. Go into the BOSS DOOR room.
  • ***SIDE MISSION*** At this point, jump into the Warp Cauldron and go back to the entrance of the dungeon. We're after that Treasure Chest in the Western area of the 1F...where we had to have the GRAPPLING HOOK to cross. Enter the central cavern again and go through the first door on your left. On your right is the area which you need to Grapple across. Do so. Land and use your sword to smash through the boarded door. In the Treasure Chest is a TREASURE CHART. Now, use the Warp Cauldron to get back up to the BOSS DOOR room.
  • Use your GRAPPLING HOOK to cross over the lava, then open the two Treasure Chests. One contains a yellow Rupee, the other a KNIGHT'S CREST for your SPOILS BAG
  • Go through the BOSS DOOR. Approach the lava pit.
    First, look up and take note of Valoo's Tail (the dragon) hanging from the ceiling. Grapple it and swing and jump doesn't matter. Doing so will cause a large rock chunk to fall on the Dragon Scropion's head. Do this a total of 3 times. This weakens him and you can now hit his eye when he bends down. When he does bend down, "L" target the eye and whack away. After several hits (we're guessing around 9), the BOSS will be defeated!
  • Grab the HEART CONTAINER and walk into the swirling wind.
  • You will receive DIN'S PEARL from Prince Komali.
  • Head to your ship and disembark and sail due South. It's time to get our hands on the next PEARL.

  • Wind Waker Walkthrough Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and Outset Island

    2. The Forsaken Fortress

    3. Windfall To Dragon Roost Island

    4. Inside Dragon Roost Cavern

    5. Forest Haven
    and The Forbidden Woods

    6. Getting Nayru's Pearl
    7. The Tower of the Gods

    8. The Forsaken Fortress Revisited

    9. Preparing for the Earth Temple

    10. The Earth Temple

    11. The Wind Temple

    12. Collecting the Triforce Shards

    13. Ganon's Tower
    14. Sea Chart Details

    15. Empty Bottle Locations

    16. Great Fairy Locations

    17. The Picto Box
    and Nintendo Gallery

    18. Windfall Sidequests

    19. Extras

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