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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Walkthrough and Guide - Ganon's Tower
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Ganon's Tower

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Ganon's Tower
  • Looking around, you have several door options here. Go to the first door on your left. Kill the little Goblin and enter.
  • If you want, get the two FAIRIES in two of the jars by the entrance. Use your GRAPPLE HOOK on the above Grapple points to get down to the second platform in the lava pit. Shoot an ICE ARROW into the lava geyser to your right, then jump to the platform. When the geyser blows, you'll be lifted up and you can DEKU GLIDE across to the ledge. Kill the two Red Bubbles and go through the door.
  • Black and white crazy time! Here you must fight Gohma without some of your best equipment. Same as before. Use your GRAPPLING HOOK to pull on Valoo's tail sticking down from the ceiling three times. You've cracked his shell and now you can strike his eye. Avoid his attack, then when he bends over, slash his eye. Once you've completed your job you'll be warped into the central area again, and one of the four panels on the Boss Door has lit up. Head to the door to your left, kill the Goblin, and go through the door.
  • You're in a forest green room. Use your DEKU LEAF on the propeller and take the tram across. When it stops, jump with your DEKU LEAF glider to the moving platform below.
  • Use your DEKU LEAF to spin the propeller on your left, bring the next tram over and jump onto it. Turn around and use your DEKU LEAF on the original propellar to continue across. Jump onto the next leaf platform, then across to the next one. Use your DEKU LEAF to glide across to the door. Kill the Peahats and pass through.
  • Time to kill this boss. Use your BOOMERANG on the tentacles attaching him to the ceiling. When you've slashed them all, he'll fall to the ground. Hit his "bulb" with your MASTER SWORD. Do this twice and you'll be warped into the central area and 2 of the 4 panels on the door will be lighted.
  • Go through the next door, working around clockwise. You are in a long hallway of coffins. Various enemies will pop out as you work your way down the hallway. Go up the stairs. There is a switch and a beam of light. There is also another coffin-lined hallway. Make some of the coffins open by running by them. When a Dark Chuchu comes out, lure him toward the light and use your shield to turn him into stone. Lift him up and place him on the switch, which causes the staircase to drop down on the other side of the hallway. Fight off the enemies and go up the stairs. There is another hallway and a switch. At the end of it is another beam of light. Use the light on the Dark Chuchus. Pick one up and run it back to the switch. Run to the staircase and go up. This is going to take a little timing and planning. Go through the door.
  • You have to fight the Big Poe. Step into the light beams and use your shield to hit the Big Poe with a light beam. He'll fall on his bum. Pick him up and throw him against a wall. He'll pop and a bunch of little Poes will pop out. Kill as many as you can. Repeat until you kill all the little Poes. You'll be brought back to the central room. The 3rd panel on the door is lighted.
  • Go through the 4th and last door in this series. You'll be in a room with a spring, a gap to cross, some spikes across the way, and an annoying Wizzrobe. Use the spring to shoot you in the air, then, use your DEKU LEAF glider to cross the first gap and land by the tower. Use the spring by the tower to get over the next gap and through the 2 spinning cyclones. Fight the two Little Goblins. You have to get up on the ledge in front of you. Use your HOOKSHOT on the Hookshot Point. Go through the door.
  • We have to fight the Sand Worm again. Get out your HOOKSHOT and your IRON BOOTS. With your boots on, HOOKSHOT the middle of the Sand Worm's mouth and it'll draw him near you. Slash him up. He'll release small sand worms. Kill them. Repeat this process 3 more times. You'll be taken back out to the central room.
  • The chained door is now open. Go through.
  • There is a large staircase. Fight the little honking imps. Go up the stairs, and through the door.
  • You are in a circular room. Go through the rightside door first. You will be shown a series of candles. Remember the order you were shown. Exit and go to the leftside room. There is a pool of water in front of you and 4 switches lining the walls. Use your BOOMERANG to hit the switches in the order of the candles that you were shown in the rightside room. Your boat will appear. This provides you a way back up to the real world in case you need to stock up on anything. Anyway, exit and go back to the rightside room...with the candles.
  • You are now back in the candle room with the pit. Jump into the pit and you'll see the shadow mini-boss...this is the guy you got the SKULL HAMMER from. Completely ignore him for now. You have to fight him in a second anyway. From where you landed in the pit go through the following doors: behind, left, straight, left, right, straight. You now have to fight the shadow mini-boss. Play "tennis" with his blue energy ball and then, whack him. Repeat.
  • A Treasure Chest will appear. Open it to reveal LIGHT ARROWS. Facing the Treasure Chest, go through the door in front of you. You are brought back to the room you just left a minute or two ago. The shadow mini-boss will appear again. Shoot him with your LIGHT ARROW. He'll die for good. Pick up his sword and use it on the stone/brick wall. Go through the door.
  • Go up the stairs. Fight the enemies. Fight the 2 Red Darknuts. This will raise the bar on the red and yellow door. Go through.
  • Cutscene of Zelda in bed. Ganon is near her. Some story stuff. Ganon gets huge. Ahh, but 'tis just a puppet.
  • POPEYE PUPPET GANON: Equip your BOOMERANG and go after the strings which support the puppet. Once the tail is down, shoot the blue ball on the end of the tail with a LIGHT ARROW. Do this a total of 3 times.
  • SPIDER PUPPET GANON: The Spider is going to come crashing down. Try to avoid his appendages as best you can. Every time he rises back up some bats will come down. Kill them off and collect their goodies. You're trying to be at the spider's back end where the blue ball is. When he lands and you're in this area, simply shoot the blue ball with your LIGHT ARROW. Do this three times.
  • SEA SNAKE PUPPET GANON: This is when your arrow shooting skills come into play. Once again, your goal here is to hit the blue ball on his tail three times, but it's tough as he's moving fast. Use the Stickies that come down for ARROWS, HEARTS, and MAGIC. Other than that, just keep aiming for the tail with your LIGHT ARROW.
  • Ganon announces it's now time to stand before him. Interesting. Climb the red rope to the top of the chandelier and GRAPPEL HOOK the Grappel point and climb to the top of it. Collect the goodies in the jars, then GRAPPEL and climb to the next level. Here, blow the lid off the Warp Cauldron and collect what's in the jars. Walk over to the door and use your HOOKSHOT to get up to it. Go through. Here you will find Ganon.
  • Ganon talks about the Triforce, blah, blah, blah. Then, he'll run at you and knock the MASTER SWORD away from you and binds the Triforce. Enter the King. He seems to have pulled a fast one on Ganon. This makes Ganon giggle as you rise up behind him. And so the battle begins.
  • GANON: Zelda says she'll help you with the ARROWS. Cool. You need to distract Ganon here. Move in front of him so he is in the middle of a straight line between you and Zelda. When she gets a shot, she'll take it and freeze Ganon with light. Then it's your turn to whack him with your MASTER SWORD. He'll knock Zelda down and you'll be on your own. Use your Parry Attack on him to slip by and hit him in the back. Do this enough times and Zelda will rise up and help you with the LIGHT ARROWS again. Sadly, Ganon's able to get by them, so Zelda's going to aim for you, and you have to use your MIRROR SHEILD to deflect the LIGHT ARROW at him. It's easiest to do if you put Ganon between you and Zelda at a 90 degree angle. Two hits here and some quick sword action and you'll have inpaled your MASTER SWORD into Ganon's skull. WOOT!
  • Ganon will turn to stone and the King will approach. He's all sorts of bummed about the world he's left to Link and Zelda. A world which will be theirs. YAY! And the king ultimately looks happy, so all is good. Next, you'll find yourself in a little bubble being sucked up to your world above. You two appear in the water by Tetra's boat, and, yes, Zelda is dressed as Tetra again. Here are all of your friends. Nice work. You've completed the game.

  • Wind Waker Walkthrough Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and Outset Island

    2. The Forsaken Fortress

    3. Windfall To Dragon Roost Island

    4. Inside Dragon Roost Cavern

    5. Forest Haven
    and The Forbidden Woods

    6. Getting Nayru's Pearl
    7. The Tower of the Gods

    8. The Forsaken Fortress Revisited

    9. Preparing for the Earth Temple

    10. The Earth Temple

    11. The Wind Temple

    12. Collecting the Triforce Shards

    13. Ganon's Tower
    14. Sea Chart Details

    15. Empty Bottle Locations

    16. Great Fairy Locations

    17. The Picto Box
    and Nintendo Gallery

    18. Windfall Sidequests

    19. Extras

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