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Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Walkthrough and Guide - Getting Nayru's Pearl
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Getting Nayru's Pearl

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GreatFish Island
  • Back in the boat, we're heading again to the flashing segment. Here is where we ran into our first Big Octorock. Use your BOOMERANG against him by focusing on his eyes. Upon our first attempt, we got sucked in and tossed out by our initial destination. That's one way to take care of him, I guess. We found him again, defeated him and a small whirlpool emerged. Use your GRAPPEL HOOK in that area and drop it into the ocean. You'll recover a Tresure Chest with an Orange Rupee inside (100).
  • Moving on to the NW. You'll encounter some Seahats on your way. Just sail past them to your next destination, Greatfish Island.
  • Upon landing at GreatFish Island, you are told of a great water spirit who one lived there. His name was Jabun. Good to know.
  • Next Quill approaches and tells you a Jabun escaped before Ganon attacked, and he's now at your home, Outset Island. He then tells you that pirates are attacking Windfall Island. Looks like we have to go there. Hop back into your Red Lion Boat, get the wind blowing in the right direction and head toward Windfall Island, NE of you.
  • Windfall Island
  • Pick up any treasures you find along the way. One quadrant south and one quadrant west of Windfall, you will find Tingle Tower. Climb up and meet up with Tingle. He'll tell you of a fairy North of here who might help you out with a wallet. Tingle also tells you he wants a chart he hasn't seen yet. Good to know.
  • We also checked the mail on this island for our second letter. There's one from Orca that says he's looking for Knights Crests. We have one of those. Noted.
  • Return to your ship and continue your journey to Windfall Island. Upon reaching the island, you'll see a Pirate Ship. You must see what the Pirates are up to.
  • Head to the Bomb Shop. Remember how we found the Killer Bee up there? Do it again. Sneak behind the shop, sidle, and climb the vines. Crawl into the whole and you'll see the pirates tying up the Bomb Shop owner and stealing his high priced BOMBS. The pirates plan on setting sail tomorrow. You'll learn today's password. For us it was "treasure" but it depends on the game (Thanks Lizking).
  • You're back in control now. Jump down and leave the Bomb Shop.
  • Go to the spot where Tot (the dancing Elvis) was and jump onto the Pirate Ship. Go to open the door and you'll be asked for the password. Type it in and enter.
  • In Tetra's room, notice the "Legend" and "Triforce". Exit and go downstairs for another test. You have no platforms this time, only hanging lanterns.
  • Step on the switch to open the gate and begin the test by jumping from rope to rope the the opposite side where Niko is. You're timed.
  • When you make it to the other side, talk to Niko and he'll give you BOMBS. Open the Treasure Chest to get them. BOMBS will also work as cannons on your boat.
  • Your PIRATE CHARM will call. Answer it. It seems a race is on to find Jabun in a cave on the back side of Outset Island.
  • Before leaving, check the mail. You'll get a letter from Beedle's Shop Ship who tells you they now have BOMBS. You'll also be given BEEDLE'S CHART. Now you can see where his shop is sailing at night.
  • Outset Island
  • Now it's time to sail. Equip your BOMBS for some good cannon time. Before heading to Outset Island, check out Tingle's Chart to see the drawn fairly one quadrant North and one quadrant West of Windfall Island. Head there. Find the island in this quadrant and enter the pink building.
  • Approach the Fairy Fountain and speak to the fairy. By doing so you'll receive a LARGE WALLET that can carry 1000 Rupees. While there, put a fairy in your empty bottle...poor guy.
  • Exit the building and the island and head South to Outset Island. Avoid monsters attacking and pick up treasure along the way if you so desire.
  • When you get close enough, you'll be pulled in. You'll be told to talk to your island people.
  • First thing to do on your home island, speak to Orca, who asks to see your improved sword skills. You must hit him 100 times without being hit more than three times by him. Easy enough. He will give you a Purple Rupee.
  • Next, show Orca your Knight's Crest. He'll laugh at the one. Apparently, you need ten.
  • Head out and check the mail. It's an ad for Rock Spire Island. They have good stuff there. Good to know. Time to visit Grandma.
  • When you visit Grandma, she's sleeping and dreaming of you. How sweet. Nothing else there.
  • Enter the top floor to Sturgeon's House and speak to Sturgeon and the girl. Your Grandma needs a FAIRY. Good thing we caught one when at the Fairy Fountain up north.
  • Go back to Grandma and let the FAIRY out of the bottle. Grandma will wake up and give you some ELIXIR SOUP. Yummy. This will heal you when you're weary and double your attack power until the first time you take damage. She can make it at any time for you. Thanks Grandma!
  • Now, head back to your Red Lion Ship and jump in. Time to find that cave at the back of the Island.
  • Approach it and arm your BOMBS. A whirlpool will slowly pull you in, just focus on the door and blast it with BOMBS. When it's open, the whirlpool will die and you'll enter the cave to meet Jabun. The Red Lion King will speak to Jabun. Eventually, Jabun will give you NAYRU'S PEARL. He'll also explain that the night curse has been broken and daylight will come again (poor Pirates never had a chance).
  • Now that you have the three PEARLS, the Red Lion King has marked on the SEA CHART where you must place them. Doing so will reveal your proving grounds.
  • I guess, then, we should place the three pearls.

  • Wind Waker Walkthrough Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and Outset Island

    2. The Forsaken Fortress

    3. Windfall To Dragon Roost Island

    4. Inside Dragon Roost Cavern

    5. Forest Haven
    and The Forbidden Woods

    6. Getting Nayru's Pearl
    7. The Tower of the Gods

    8. The Forsaken Fortress Revisited

    9. Preparing for the Earth Temple

    10. The Earth Temple

    11. The Wind Temple

    12. Collecting the Triforce Shards

    13. Ganon's Tower
    14. Sea Chart Details

    15. Empty Bottle Locations

    16. Great Fairy Locations

    17. The Picto Box
    and Nintendo Gallery

    18. Windfall Sidequests

    19. Extras

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