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Lunabean's Kingdom Hearts Strategy Guide

Kingdom Hearts
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Lunabean Rating: 8.1
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 09.17.02
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
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Strategy Guide

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This guide isn't necessarily in correct chronological order; it just happens to be based on the way I played through the game. You don't, for example, have to go the the Coliseum after Wonderland. You can go to the Coliseum at any time. This guide doesn't include all of the sidequest info like Pooh's Hundred Acre Woods, the Dalmations, all the Trinity Marks, or that stupid, stupid Gummi Ship. And, in case you're wondering, I didn't do one upgrade to the Gummi Ship and I don't care to. It didn't affect the game at all. I just can't stand having to fly from world to world in such a boring 1983 way. Jeez. Other than that, here's the good info:

General FAQs

Does Monstro have a Keyhole?

How do I get back to Monstro once I've left?
Keep flying in-between Agrabah and Atlantica...sometimes he shows up...sometimes he doesn't. Rotten whale!

How do I get the Secret Ending?
Rescue all 99 Dalmations, win the Hades Cup (Colliseum), lock all lockable worlds. This includes the Hundred Acre Wood Pooh Sidequest and the Colliseum. Monstro the Whale does not have a keyhole, he has a blowhole, hehe.

Where can I find the Dalmation locations?
Dalmation Locations

Destiny Islands

There's not a lot going on here. This is a place to get familiar with your controls and accomplish a few tasks to get the game going. Here's a basic run-down:

Find the stuff for the raft.

There is a "secret place" at the base of a tree to the left of the waterfall.

Find the supplies for the voyage.

When the shadows begin to attack, run to Riku and you'll receive the KEYBLADE.

Go back to the "secret place," near the waterfall, and fight the monster until you get a cut-scene.

Traverse Town

This is your first time in Traverse Town...but it won't be your last. There are 3 "Districts" in town, so spend some time exploring and fighting things.

First District: There is a Save Point in the Accessory Shop.

Second District: The Alleyway leads to the Dalmation's House. Finding the Dalmation puppies is a sidequest and nothing that I spent any time worrying about. You'll come upon puppies in treasure chests along the way. Every once in a while revisit the Dalmation House and Pongo might reward you with a present or two.

Third District: You'll meet up with Donald and Goofy. Fight the Armor Boss. You'll get the BRAVE WARRIOR. You can equip it if you want.

Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

Yes, welcome to Alice in Wonderland. Not an extremely difficult level, the hardest thing you have to do is collect the 4 items of evidence in order to prove Alice's innocence.

In the Bizarre Room, while you're still big, push the Bed into the wall. This will reveal a small door. Drink the potion to make you smaller and go through that door.

You'll be given the mission to find the 4 items of evidence:
1) Footprints: just right of the entrance to the Lotus Forest.
2) Antenna: in the back of the forest, on a low platform.
3) Stench: climb some mushrooms and find the door in the tree that lands you on the Kitchen Stove in the Bizarre Room.
4) Claw Marks: in the Lotus Forest, find the yellow flower that makes you grow if you give it a potion. While big, jump on the tree stump. Then, hit the big tree until the seed falls which will make you small again. Take the path you opened and you'll end up on the faucet. Look around you using "select" and the first person view. You'll see a shelf that you can jump to with the final piece of evidence on it.

Head back to the Queen. Talk to the Ace or 2 or Hearts.

Fight the Tower with the sprocket wheels. Just attack the wheels and try to fend off the cards while doing so.

Then, you'll have to go find Alice.

Go to the Upside Down Room and light the 2 lamps.

Go back to the Bizarre Room and talk to the Chesire Cat.

BOSS: Trickmaster. You better start learning now...hack, heal, hack, heal. This is the basic way to kill all the bosses. For Trickmaster, I kept jumping on the table, then, jumping off the table and hacking at him. When he comes down, use the opportunity to really give him some good whacks. Eventually, you'll wear him down and you'll defeat him.

You've locked off your first world. Congrats!

At this point you can go back to Traverse Town if you'd like, but you really don't need to.

Olympus Coliseum - First Visit (Hercules)

This is the first of several trips you'll take to Olympus Coliseum.

Go to the Coliseum Lobby and talk to Phil. He'll tell you to try to move the big block. You can't. Talk to him again.

Do the Barrel chalenges.

Go back out to the Coliseum Gates and get a PASS from Hades.

Go through the prelims and eventually, you'll get to Cerberus.

BOSS: Cerberus. Avoid his fireballs by staying behind him and simply run from the black lightning attack. When he stops and bends down attack. Yay! You've killed him.

Off to the Deep Jungle.

Deep Jungle (Tarzan)

Tarzan? Jane? Is that you? Why yes it is. Your on your way to jungle fun and many "ooh, oohs" and "ugh, ughs" and other such monkey-speak.

You'll start off in Camp.

Find the 6 slides. They are right around Camp...no detailed explanation is necessary, just look around.

Find the Potion Recipe cards (Flagpole and Grandfather Clock) and head over to the stove. Hit it with your Keyblade to open it up, then light it with a Fire spell.

Find the Ether Recipe cards (Globe and Clothesline) and head to the table with all of the lab equipment on it. Use an Ice spell.

Now, onto the action of this level...

Basically, this level requires you to run around, get various cut-scenes, run back to Jane in the Camp for direction and plot advancement, and then run off to somewhere else again. After much exploring and running back and forth, Jane will eventually get kidnapped from the Camp.

Head to the Tree House. Attack the Big Black Fruit.

Head to the Cliffs and you'll come upon Clayton and the Stealth Sneak.

BOSS: Clayton and the Stealth Sneak. Just keep whacking at the Stealth Sneak and you'll get Clayton to fall off of the Stealth Sneak. Then, take care of the Stealth Sneak first. After that, head on over to Clayton and Attack, Heal, Attack, Heal. His gun shots are too slow, so he shouldn't be much of a problem if you just take your time.

Defeat them and a Gorilla will toss you up to Waterfall Cavern. You climb up behind the waterfall until you can't get any higher, to the left side (you have to do some jumping over gaps and be careful, I blew it several times, ended back at the bottom and I got really frustrated!!!) Work your way up until you reach a door that is marked as "???". Anyway, you go thru this cavern and the story kind of takes over from there.
Tip from Lunabeanie, DomesticGoddess

That's it...back to Traverse Town.

Traverse Town

It's time to use some Red Trinity Marks...

Second District: go to the Alleyway (you can get there through one of the rooms in the Hotel). Do the Red Trinity smash on the gated sewer area. You'll find Leon. Talk to him and you'll get some plot advancement. TALK TO HIM AGAIN, after the cutscene and he'll tell you to go see Cid (the accessory shop dude) and he'll give you and EARTHSTONE. Go see Cid and he'll give you an "Old Book" to take to Merlin.

Third District: find the door with the Flame Emblem on it. Shoot it with your Fire spell. This is Merlin and The Fairy Godmother's house. Give the book to Merlin. This is the Pooh sidequest book. Basically, it's just annoying, but if you want, dive right in. It'll explain that there are missing pages to the book. Along your journey, you'll find pages and when you do, return to the book...blah, blah. Anyway, give the Earthstone to the Fairy Godmother and she'll give you the Summon Simba spell...one in a long line of useless Disney characters that you can call upon to do little more than suck up your magic power. Honestly, I've tried to enjoy summoning things, but it just doesn't seem to help me in battle. Maybe you'll like them? Whatever.

Second District: OK, now it's time to ring the damn Bell that you've probably been wondering about. Head up to the Bell Tower by taking the ladder out back of the Gizmo Shop. Defeat the dudes up there and then do a Red Trinity Smash to open access to the Bell. Pull the rope 3 times and you'll reveal the Keyhole for Traverse Town.

Head down to the Keyhole and you'll have to fight the Armor Boss again. You'll get a Navi-G piece. Take it to Cid.

What's that? Cid isn't in the Accessory Shop anymore? Nope. Head over to the Third District and enter the Small House. Cid tells you about Ansem's Report and lets you know that he really likes working on Gummis. Now why doesn't that surprise me?

Now it's time to head to Agrabah.

Agrabah (Aladdin)

Yes, it's time to visit Aladdin's home desert, Agrabah. You'll meet Jasmine, Jafar, and, of course, the Genie. I got stuck in this one because I didn't realize that you can exit the town and go to the Desert. Keep this in mind as you play.

There's a Save Point in the Storage room

Head to Main St. and go up the pole marked with "???". This is Aladdin's House. Free the Magic Carpet.

In Aladdin's house, you'll also find the FIRST KEYHOLE. Move some furntiture and it'll say that the Keyhole, "unlocks a gate somewhere." Don't worry about where.

The SECOND KEYHOLE can be found by going to the Alleyway. You'll run into Jasmine. Jump up on a ledge and you'll see the second Keyhole.

The THIRD KEYHOLE is a little tricky. Start in Aladdin's House. Take the Pole on the left (if you're facing both of them). Go onto the awnings and head, specifically, to the red one. Face across from you and you'll see a platform and a door that you can't reach otherwise. This is the door to the Bazaar. Go through it. Hop across the Window Shutter Platforms and on up.

Now, go through the gate that was previously locked...the one you just unlocked. You'll be in the Palace Gates. Dispose of the enemies and head to the Desert.

The Desert is back out where you entered. Head to the Plaza and then out of the Town itself.

Here, you'll face the Big Tiger Boss dude. My advice, avoid his attacks with your quick dodge rolls and when he tilts his head, jump on his nose and start attacking. Try to stay up there when he raises his head. That way, you'll be on top of him and can keep doing damage to him. Use your cure spell to keep your health in check and hack, hack, hack.

Now that the Tiger is disposed of, he'll die with his mouth open and you can go into the Cave of Wonders.

You'll see a couple of Monkey statues holding a glowing seed thing. Target the glowing thing on one and touch the other one that you can reach.

Do some exploring and killing and eventually you'll reach the Treasure Room and the Lamp Chamber, which is a dead end because it's blocked off.

So, fall down or head back into the watery basement area. Find the room called the Hidden Room and break the Stone Pillar with some magic.

Head back to the Treasure Room and enter the Lamp Chamber.

BOSS: Jafar. Just keep track of him and get shots in on him when you can. When he floats down to the ground, really take some whacks at him. Again, it's all about patience, just keep up the routine.

Eventually, Jafar will get all pissed and use his 3rd wish to turn into a Genie. Follow him down the hole and then, chop at that damn little bird until he drops the Genie Lamp.

Lock the Keyhole. Yay.

That's about it here. Back to Traverse Town.

Back to Traverse Town

Now that you're back in town, you may as well stock up on some potions and other such fare. Also, it's always good to visit Merlin and check out the Accessory Shop.

So, visit the Accessory Shop and do the Trinity Mark on the floor. This will open up the second floor of the shop and now you can SYNTHESIZE!! Talk to the little hobgoblin dude near the fireplace and he'll Synthesize you some cool stuff.

Also, if you care to, you can visit Merlin and return a page to the Pooh book. You'll get Summon Bambi out of it, and, in all honesty, I don't think I ever want to summon Bambi. That's like summoning marchmallows to help you fight. Useless. Geez...sometimes this game??? Enough opinion...we're off to Monstro.

Monstro (The big Whale)

Here's where I started having a little trouble getting from place to place...what with the warps here and the warps there. If you're in Traverse Town you won't be able to "depart" to the area that you should be able to depart to. This was a little frustrating at first. Then, I realized that you have to go to Agrabah and use it as a "hub." So, warp to Agrabah...but don't get off your ship. Choose the option to fly on to another world and then, in the world choosing menu, select the Warp Hole to the South of Agrabah. While flying, avoid the in-flight warp hole and eventually you'll run into the whale, Monstro. Phew.

You start off in Monstro's Mouth. You'll find Gepetto and his ship there. There is a Save Point on the ship.

There are 6 Chambers that you can explore. You need to find Chamber 4 by going through the upper exit in Chamber 5.

Chamber 4 will lead you into the Bowels.

BOSS: Cage Parasite (part 1). Avoid his flailing arms. That's about it. Either blast him with your fire spell from afar, or do the jump, whack, whack, whack, heal routine that I did.

Drop down the hole that is opened and go to Gepetto's ship where you'll get your first Shared Ability, the HIGH JUMP.

Named for obvious reasons, use the HIGH JUMP to get to the entrance above the original entrance you used in the Mouth of Monstro. Basically, the one up above that you can now reach by jumping on some crates then to the entrance.

This will be the Throat. Work your way up and you'll encounter the Boss again.

BOSS: Cage Parasite (part 2). Just keep whacking away and, what did I say?...yes, be patient. It's like a mantra now.

Once you beat the boss, you'll be pretty much done with Monstro and you can either go back to Traverse Town to restock or head directly to Atlantica or Halloween Town.

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Monstro DOES NOT HAVE A KEYHOLE, so there is nothing to lock.

I'm going to assume that you can handle getting back to Traverse Town on your own by now...*releases hand and lets reader free*. Fly away dear reader...fly away. So, the next level I want to go to is Atlantica (because it has 5 Battle Stars and Halloween Town has 6, so yeah).

Atlantica (The Little Mermaid)

This level took me so long to get to. I tried the direct route and I got warped around here and there and ended up in friggin' Wonderland again. So, I decided that the easiest route is to head to Halloween Town first (but don't disembark), then go directly from Halloween Town to Atlantica. You do this by using Agrabah as a "hub" again. Then, choose the 6 Battle Star world (Halloween Town). While flying there, skip the in-flight warp. It'll take you somewhere you don't want to go. Then, as I said before, once you arrive at H-Town, just go right on to Atlantica.

So yes...we're finally in Atlantica...

After some swimming lessons you get going...

You start in Tranquil Grotto. There is a Save Point in a clam shell.

Follow the Tridents until you get to Triton's Palace and then Triton's Throne. Talk to Triton, etc.

Go to Ariel's Grotto in the Undersea Gorge and explore a little.

Now, follow the Tridents backwards until you get to the Undersea Valley. You're going to need to ride the Dolphin. So, you can either beat all of the bad dudes to get the Blue Menu or just follow the Dolphin around and wait for an opportunity to get the Blue Menu when you're away from the bad guys.

So, ride the Dolphin, and he'll drop you off in front of the Sunken Ship. Enter the cave that goes to the Sunken Ship.

Go in the Sunken Ship and get the Crystal Trident. You'll have to deal with the Shark.

Head back to Ariel's Grotto and place the Crystal Trident to open up Ariel.

Place Ariel into your party, because you're going to need Sebastian (that damn singing crab).

Head to Triton's Throne again.

Head back to the Sunken Ship using the Dolphin again.

Beat Sharkey, then approach the broken-off section of the ship with "something behind it." Have Ariel use Sebastian to push the button behind the ship piece.

This will open Ursula's Lair.

BOSS: Ursula (part 1). When fighting her, look at her cauldron and note whether it is Red or Blue. Shoot your corresponding Fire or Ice at the cauldron and this will hurt Ursula. When she gets knocked silly, go on in and slash her up a bit. Repeat.

You will learn the Shared Power "Power Kick," or whatever it's called, so now you can swim against the current and you don't need the Dolphin anymore.

You may want to head back to Town and stock up on supplies because you have to fight Ursula again...this time she's much bigger.

Head out of the Sunken Ship area and across to a cave labeled "???".

BOSS: Ursula (part 2). This time, Ursula is huge and you're in a whirlpool. Not very nice. I just keep swimming right at her, attacking, trying to get around to the back of her head, and then retreating to heal. It's all about what?...yes, patience.

So, yay, Ursula is dead. Head back to Ariel's Grotto in the Undersea Gorge and seal the Keyhole.

Off to Halloween Town.

Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

If you've been following my guide then you will have already found Halloween Town and it's just a simple flight from Atlantica. If you haven't been following my guide (Kansas, I'm looking in your direction), then Halloween town is the 6 Star Battle Level world to the North of Atlantica. In Halloween Town, get ready for some awesome visuals...my favorite of the game.

You start off this level by going through the gates and entering Guillotine Square. Here you will see Jack Skellington of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Good movie.

Find your way through the Lab Entryway door and up to the Research Lab where you will unlock the heart.

After the test fails, you will be asked to find Sally and acquire her memory. Jack should now be part of your team.

Exit out to Guillotine Square, and find the stairs off to the side that lead up to a gate. Enter the Graveyard.

Kill the bad guys and meet Zero and Sally. Take Sally's "memory" and return it to the lab.

Once again the experiment fails. Apparently, a heart needs the element of "surprise" to work correctly. The mayor has a surprise.

Work your way back to the Graveyard and enter the open grave.

Speak to the mayor. He will have you play a game of finding the ghosts. You will get a "surprise" for doing so. Take it back to the Research Lab.

Time to locate Lock, Stock and Barrel. Once again, back to the Graveyard.

Once again, head into the grave to where you met the mayor, but this time, continue through the door to the Pumpkin Patch.

On the mount in the middle of the patch is a switch. Examine it to cross over.

Continue on to Oogie's Manor.

Use your fire magic in lantern of platform to raise it as a lift. Get on it and jump to the level on top.

Work your way up until you meet up with Lock, Stock and Barrel in the Evil Playroom. Beat them.

Once you've defeated the three rotten muskateers, hit the lever in the room with your Keyblade. This will open up a green door in the area.

Locate the green door. I, actually, fell right down to it, but that was lucky coincidence. If you're having problems locating it, start from the very bottom and work your way up the spiraly concrete area. Look out to your right. Eventually you will see the door.

Go through the green door and enter the Torture Chamber.

BOSS: Oogie Boogie. Defeat Oogie Boogie by waiting out his attacks on the roulette wheel. Then, when the buttons light up, get in first person mode to see where Oogie is above you, then step on the corresponding pad to raise the section of the wheel so you can attack him. It's rather easy to kill Oogie, it just takes a lot of patience.

Once you're outside, you'll see you have more work to do. Simply destroy all of the purple orbs on Oogie's body by working your way up and around it. You will receive the Pumpkin Head.

Off to Neverland...unless of course, you want to stock up on stuff in Traverse Town.

Neverland (Peter Pan)

Get Peter Pan on your team. Kairi and Wendy are together.

Work your way out, up, around, down and up to the next cut scene where you realize you have to get up to Kairi and Wendy.

Go up through the hole in the ceiling, then to the room on the left. There's a save point and Trinity there. Do your Trinity thing and the ladder falls from the ceiling. Get Peter back in your party and head up the ladder.

Hello Shadow Sora. Defeat it/them to obtian the Raven's Claw.

Locate the hatch in the ground, go down, and wave good bye to Peter.

Exit the room, then go back into the room you already know, go back up the ladder, fight the bad guys, then go through the door Riku exited through.

Hello Hook. Actually, Hook has left the work of killing you to his minions. Defeat everything around, including the passing by ship by flying out to get it.

BOSS: Hook. Now, fight Hook himself. Just fly around and attack, and fly away to heal and hack hack.

Once you defeat Hook, you'll be whisked away to Big Ben. Enjoy the view.

There is a save point on a corner of the blue roof of the clock tower.

Look for the clock face that reads 9:00. Target it and hit it three times to lock the world.

Acquire some stuff after a long cut scene and head back to Traverse Town to stock up.

Back to Traverse Town

Stock up, stock up, stock up.

Talk to Cid now that you have the 2nd Navi-G. piece. This will open up the next world.

There's nothing for Merlin to give you. If you want to visit Gepetto if you want some blueprints.

Now back to the Olympus Coliseum.

Back to Olympus Coliseum (Pegasus Cup)

This is the Second time that I visisted The Coliseum. You can go there any time, really. This is just when I happened to get back there. After you win the Pegasus Cup, you'll want to enter the Hades Cup at some time. Winning the Hades Cup is part of getting the secret ending.

Put out all of the Fire Urns in the Coliseum. This will give you a treasure chest containing a part to the stupid Gummy Ship. Great.

Talk to Phil and enter the Pegasus Cup.

Fight your way through and you're off to the new world.

From the Coliseum, warp to Neverland. Don't Disembark, instead "select world" and choose the world to the east of Neverland. This is Hallow Bastion.

Hallow Bastion (Beauty and the Beast)

So, now you've almost reached the end. Get ready to face some mean monsters and many Bosses in a row.

You'll start in Rising Falls. There is a save point there.

Work your way up the ice platforms and don't forget your Shared Ability, Glide. It helps.

Find a Bubble and jump in it to go underwater.

Work your way up again and you'll get to the Castle Gates. Jump through them.

Head to the right and go down the elevator, after the iron gates, and jump into a bubble. There's a save point here. Jump into another bubble and you will be in the Waterway.

"Call" the Beast to smash open the door to the dungeon. There's a blue Trinity on the floor.

Work through the doors and jump into the bubble.

After some time exploring the various passages, you'll hit a switch which will open the Large Door to the left of where you began in the Castle Gates. Work your way back and go through the now unlocked gate/door.

BOSS: Riku (part 1). Battle Riku, basically, slash and heal, slash and heal.

After you kill him, you'll notice that a middle door opens and you can see another door inside with 4 emblems on it. You have to find the 4 emblems to open the door. This requires you to go to the Library.

So, head to the door to the left of that middle door and go into the Library.

You're going to have to complete a series of finding a colored book, and then putting that colored book into a row of similarly colored books (if you've played Resident Evil or Eternal Darkness, this should be second hand to you).

So, here goes, a detailed explanation:
1) Go to the Library 2nd Fl., and grab the GREEN book from the shelf.
2) Do the Green Trinity Mark near the Save Point in the Library to receive a YELLOW/ORANGE book.
3) Back to the 1st Fl., and place the YELLOW/ORANGE book into place.
4) Then, put the GREEN book into place.
5) Find the BLUE book and put it into its place.
6) Find another YELLOW/ORANGE book.
7) Head back to the 2nd Fl., and place the YELLOW/ORANGE book.
8) Grab another GREEN book.
9) Back to the 1st Fl., and place the GREEN book.
10) Grab the PURPLE book on the desk.
11) Go back up to the 2nd Fl., and place the PURPLE book.
12) This will open up a door to a Lift Stop.
13) Grab the ORANGE book on the table near the Save Point.
14) Place the ORANGE book and press the button it reveals. This will unlock the door to the 2nd Fl. Entrance Hall.

OK, now that you can get to the 2nd Fl. of the Entrance Hall, you can get the 4 Emblems needed to open the middle door.

Light all of the Candle Sticks and you'll reveal the Black/Blue Emblem.

Hit the stone with the Lightning mark on it with your Thunder Magic...this will make the evelvators active.

Go across the room, opposite of the Thunder Stone, and do the Red Trinity Mark to reveal the Green Emblem.

Then, find the 2 pig/boar statues. Slash the two vases on either side of the one statue and you'll get a Pink Emblem.

Then, push the other pig/boar statue to reveal the other Pink Emblem in a treasure chest on the first fl.

Place all of the Emblems into the middle door.

This will open another Lift Stop and now your goal is to make your way up up up. Some people have had some trouble going up up up, so here is a more detailed explanation:
From the outdoor balcony/stairway area hit the Switch to activate the Up elevator. This will take you to the Great Crest. Hit another Switch there and you'll be zapped inside the Green Cage thingy. Fight the dudes inside and then activate the Switch. You'll be transported to an area with a Blue Trinity mark and a treasure chest. Go down the stairs and into the door. This will put you at another Lift Stop. Go into the elevator and Up again. Take one more elevator Up and you'll be in High Tower. Knock the Switch there to lower a Block (don't worry about where). Enter the Lift Stop and fight the dudes, then head out the other side. Kill the dudes there and hit another Switch which drops another Block. Go up and hit the next Switch to raise a Block. Now, you have access to the Castle Chapel.

BOSS: Queen Malificent. Now you have to face Queen Malificent. I just kept slashing at her platform, making it fall, then attacking her, healing now and again. Repeat.

Once you beat the Queen, you may want to head back to Traverse Town to resupply and talk to some key people (Cid, Merlin, Gepetto, etc.) because you're going to be facing a rather disturbing and difficult Dragon.

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BOSS: Queen Malificent Dragon. So, yeah Queen Malificent turns into a huge Dragon. I put the Beast into my party, equipped myself and my party with many Hi-Potions and Ethers and then went at him. I'd glide, attack, glide, heal. Every once in a while, I'd stand back against the walls/vines and just go at the Dragon with some Fira. It took me about 8 tries to eventually beat that mean boss.

Once you beat the Dragon you may want to save and head back to Town to resupply.

Another Lift Stop has now opened and go through to the Grand Hall.

Go through the Double Doors and you'll have to face Riku...again.

BOSS: Riku (part 2). This time he is quite nasty and you're by yourself. Time for a long and arduous battle (like the past 3 haven't been, geez). I did alot of gliding and dodge rolling to avoid Riku's attacks, then spring up and slash him. Also, equip the ability Ars Arcanum, and go at him with that when you have the chance.

Once you beat him, give yourself a nice pat on the back. Eat some food and drink some soda because you're not done yet.

OK, now you have to head back down to the Entrance Hall (where you did the Emblems). Anyway, the easiest way down is to just jump off a ledge and eventually you'll get there.

Head back to Town to resupply...I think you probably know this by now.

Back to Traverse Town

Time to resupply and get ready for the final phase of this game...oh boy!!

Visit Cid in the 1st District.

Go back to the Secret Wateway in the 2nd. District and grab a Navi-G.

Talk to Kairi and after a long cut-scene, you'll get the Oathkeeper Sword.

Talk to Cid again.

Back to Hollow Bastion

Work your way back up to the Castle Chapel.

Talk to the Princesses and then enter the Keyhole to the Dark Depths.

At this point I gave up. You have to fight about 12 bosses in a row, and that's not my idea of fun. So, I got you this far. If you're up for the plethora of fights and a serious case of Carpel Tunnel then I applaud you. Otherwise, give up now...you've done all that is expected of the average gamer. Leave the 12 bosses to those gamers that can do it. I simply don't have the patience. Thanks for coming along on my journey with me!!

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