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Lunabean's Onimusha 2 Strategy Guide

Onimusha 2
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Lunabean Rating: 6.8
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 08.27.02
ESRB Rating: M - Mature
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Strategy Guide

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This guide is a fairly clean walkthrough. You may find some differences as the game changes based on people you trade with throughout the game, but, overall, it's all the same, and this should help you with any sticking points you may encounter in game play. I did not include all puzzle solutions as I didn't feel that was necessary. I did, however, include some of the tougher ones.


Hunting for Power

Rather straight forward from the get go. Someone is calling you. Find where the voice is coming from. If you get stuck, check your map. White lines indicate entrances/exits.

Locate the voice. Collect the CHARITY ORB. Four Orbs to go.

Imasho Town

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Explore the village. Talk to people. Find stuff.

Enter the Gear House at the North side of the village. Clear barrels out of the hallway area with your sword. Flip the switch to the left of the entrance. Run around to catch the lift. You will collect a BOW and ARROWS.

Exit the Gear House. Run up the stairs leading to the forest.

The gentleman at the Mine Entrance is asking for a Permit, head back down.

Go to the bar in town. There is a man by the door who will let you buy a MOUNTAIN PERMIT for 100 gold. Do it.

Go back to the Mine Entrance at the top of the Forest Path. The man will now let you pass.

Imasho Gold Mines

Heading right from the save point, you'll go through many tunnels where you fight the scary alligator people.

Eventually, you'll hit a fork in the road, head right. You'll be helped as you continue straight. Eventually, you'll find a Dragon Shrine. Run up to it, you now have the ICE SWORD.

Backtrack to the fork in the road, and this time take the other path (on the left, facing the fork).

Work your way forward to the glowing door. Strike it with your new ICE SWORD.

Moving along, you will eventually come to a door. Insert your CHARITY ORB.

This is your first boss fight. There are no secrets here. Just hack and slash.

Continue on through the tunnel.

Speak to the Wounded Man. You will see a cut scene, and you will be transported back into the bar of Imasho Town.

Collect the RED RING from the man in the bar. Head back to the Forest Path and the Imasho Gold Mines.

Find your way back to the room where you had the fight with the first boss, and continue on to the next tunnel.

Use the RED RING on the golden hatch.

Go down into the tunnel, and find your way up the spiraling staircase.

Onimusha Palace

Recognize the place?

Enter the Palace, and get yourself into the small room on the first floor on the left. Here you will find a Magic Fountain. Use it to get your magic meter up.

In the same room is a puzzle. You need to get the numbers to line up to add up to 15. Here is the solution:
6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4

This will unlock the BRONZE MASK (RIGHT).

Continue through the open doors of the Palace. You will pass a big door looking for something to unlock it. Place the BRONZE MASK (RIGHT) there. Now you need the left side.

Keep going. You will get to a room with stairs. Take the stairs. You will find the baby girl.

Continue on through the double doors, then to the door on the right. Inside you will find the PURIFY CHARM.

Backtrack to the stairs. Head down, then through the door that you have yet to explore.

Give the ghost the PURIFY CHARM. He will reward you with the BRONZE MASK (LEFT).

Head back to the BRONZE MASK door. Insert the left section of the mask and enter.

Fight a couple of guys, then enter the next room. You will meet your next boss.

Just slash at him until Oyu shows up with a ladder and run, run away!

Oyu will give you the FAITH ORB.

Insert the FAITH ORB into the huge sphere.

Back in Imasho Town

Locate the woman with the umbrella covering her face. She's evil. You are transported to where you started the game.

Find your way to the point where you originally met your mom. She will die. Collect the RING OF TAKAJO.

Backtrack to the insertion point, head north into the house.

NW portion of house has the FOUR GUARDIANS (LEFT).

S portion of house has a hanging scroll with writing. Slash it and pick up the FOUR GUARDIANS (RIGHT).

Locate the bureau needing an ornament of sorts. Insert the RING OF TAKAJO. The combined FOUR GUARDIANS picture solves the puzzle. West - Yellow, North - Black, E - Blue, S - Red.

Go down ladder.

Get the spikey thing to come after you. Jump the hole, let it pass above you, quickly get yourself up and run to where the spikey ball originated and turn right.

Fog Valley

Work your way up the path, passing the WIND DOOR.

Locate the Dragon Shrine and get the SENPUMARO (WIND SWORD).

Backtrack to the WIND DOOR, strike it with your WIND SWORD. Collect NOBUNGA'S KNOWLEDGE.

Go back up to Dragon Shrine/Save Point, and continue forward to the weird path.

Weirdly enough, this path is altered by whether or not you have traded gifts with other characters. This path is dependant on taking the correct forks in the road. If you make the wrong choice, you will be reset. If you continue to make the wrong choice, you can become "lost" and suddenly become Kotaro. As Kotaro, you can now open the sealed boxes, and, after many obstacles, you will find your way back to Jumei, and show him the way out of the woods. So, I suggest, at the first fork, take the path on the right. Kill everything and continue forward. You are now at another fork. Take the path on the left. Continue this pattern and hope you get out. When the music changes, you're out. OR, if you are seeing a weird puffer fishy looking thing, go up to him, slash him, get reset, and continue the pattern. Eventually, you should come out on the right path. As you can tell, I'm not yet completely clear on the path, so if you have any info, please send it my way.

There will be a cutscene of the Umbrella Lady and Boss #1. Defeat this guy. I recommend the ICE SWORD. It reaches far, so you'll be able to smack him as he charges.

When you defeat Gingafatsu, you will acquire NOBUNGA'S REIGN. Continue forward

From next save, head right and upstairs. You will see a glowing door. Get to it and use the THUNDER SWORD to open it up. Now you have NOBUNGA'S DIGNITY.

Return to save area, cross the pond, and enter the temple.

Place statues according to the image you are quickly shown behind where you place the statues. The order from left to right is DIGNITY, KNOWLEDGE, REIGN.

This opens the door which will eventually lead you to an encounter with the Umbrella Lady.

To defeat the Umbrella Lady, I recommend guarding a lot, and getting to know her pattern. When she breaks, hit her with the ICE SWORD. If you're lucky, someone might show up and help you. I was not this lucky.

Defeating the Umbrella Lady will give you the HONESTY ORB.

Before you move on SAVE!

In the room where you defeated Umbrella Lady, find the red switch and hit it.

Run, as the gas will kill you. Clear it and you will hit a cutscene which will take you to Oni's Secret Place.

Examine the Canoe looking thing and insert your HONESTY ORB. Cool cut scene takes you to Oni's Place and a battle with Gogandantes.

Oni's Place

Like before, you won't be able to defeat Gogandantes. Just go after him as best you can. I suggest the ICE SWORD combo.

After whacking him enough times, Oyu will show up, and the demon swordsman will leave. Phew.

Jubei is injured, you will go on as Oyu.

Enter the building. You are given a mission: Find the SACRED FLUTE.

Head as far North as you can go. You are in a room with a goddess statue and a door that is locked from the other side. In the red box next to the door is the KEY PLATE.

Collect the KEY PLATE, then take it back to the entryway and insert the KEY PLATE in the gate surrounding the Dragon Shrine.

Head through the newly unlocked door on your right, and continue on this path, fighting and getting through the unlocked doors.

Eventually, you will come to one of the green tentacled things. Kill him, and enter the portal. You are on the Fog Bridge.

Next to the save there is a GRADIUS in a red box. Use it.

Continue on and fight the big red guy to get the SACRED FLUTE. Run it back to Jubei.

As Jubei, enter the building and go to the Dragon Shrine. You will receive the Dokoutsui or the GROUND HAMMER.

Take the path to the right you took as Oyu. In the room where the portal was, there's a GROUND DOOR. Hit the GROUND DOOR with the GROUND HAMMER to acquire the CIRCLE KEY.

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Head back to the entryway.

Now head through the door on the left (near the save shrine).

Standing in the lift, use the Wind Power from your WIND SWORD to activate the fan, which will power the elevator. You will be taken down.

There is a puzzle chest in the robot room (with the Tanegashima in it). Climb the ladder next to it, and find your way out of the room.

Continue on.

Eventually you'll find yourself in a room with a locked door asking for a SCARLET JEWEL. Ignore the door and work on the puzzle in the middle of the room.

The puzzle is asking you to have the lines of numbers add up to 34. Here is the solution:
01 15 14 04
12 06 07 09
08 10 11 05
13 03 02 16

For your efforts, you will received the GOLDEN KEY. Now, back to the elevator room with you, but don't go up.

In the elevator room, climb the ladder and use your GOLDEN KEY to stop the machinery.

Jump across the stopped machinery, and use the CIRCLE KEY on the door.

There is a puzzle to solve here. You're trying to get the bottom to look like the top. When you select a piece, it is moved into the empty slot. It's a fairly easy puzzle and can be solved just by playing around with it since your number of moves isn't restricted.

Solving this puzzle will open up a Light Path. Take it and you're at Gifu Castle.

Back at Onimusha Palace/Gifu Castle

Climb down the ladder and find the Puzzle Box. This one's a doozie, so I'll give you the solution:
Top Right
Right Bottom
Botton Left
Left Top
Top Left
Left Bottom

This will give you a TALISMAN.

Continue down the walkway. There will be a red box. Open it and get the GREEN WEDGE.

Exit and use your THUNDER SWORD on the THUNDER DOOR to the east.

There is a Green Light here. Use your GREEN WEDGE to enter the Light Realm. This is optional. There are nine levels you fight through here for some useful, but not vital items.

Exit the room and head West. Cross the docks, collect the CHERRY KEY, and unlock the door.

You will find yourself in that old familiar courtyard again. Head into the palace.

Go straight through the main hall, then from the next room, use your CHERRY KEY on the door to your right.

Inside this previously locked room, collect the CRESCENT KEY.

If you care to, head upstairs and find the GROUND DOOR. You didn't have your GROUND HAMMER last time, so give it a whack and get some goodies. (This door is located in the room off the mezzanine that looks over the entryway of the palace.)

Exit the palace, and take the path you took to get her back to the docks.

Locate the locked door on the docks and use your CRESCENT KEY to open it.

Head down the walkway and use the ICE SWORD on the ICE DOOR.

There is a hallway behind the statue. In the hallway there is a Light Path. Take it.

You are now in the Demon Caves. Just take the path South here and work your way around. Halfway through, you'll need to hit a lever to lower a drawbridge. You fight some bad guys, but it's all worth it because you eventually get the GREAT POWDER TUBE.

Continue working your way around, using your WIND SWORD on the WIND DOOR.

There's another semi-tough puzzle here. Here is the solution:
Bottom Left
Left Bottom
Bottom Right
Right Bottom
Top Left

With your GREAT POWDER TUBE, ungoldify the guy blocking your path. You're at the beginning of the caves. Take the Light Path back.

Head out the statue room and turn right, and turn right again. Go through the door. You may or may not have to protect Magoichi here, depending on how you have played the game.

Continue on, heading up the path, past the waterfall and into the cabin. Take the boat.

Enter the building, go into the next room and unpetrify the Gold People with your GREAT POWDER TUBE. Now the door they were blocking is accessible. Take it.

There will be another puzzle to play with here. Just make the bottom look like the top. The piece you select moves to the empty slot. No restricted number of moves. Cake. A Light Path will be available. Take it.

You are now in the BLOOD POND.

Take all the paths here for the most goodies, but you only need to work your way up to the wind powered elevator.

Create some wind and head up the elevator.

On the floor is the Scarlet Key.

Exit, and you will recognize your location in Oni's Place.

Get yourself across the place, across the entryway, down the first elevator, and to the room where the door was asking for a SCARLET JEWEL.

Insert the SCARLET KEY into the door. Cut scene.

This is your final battle with Gogandantes. Beat him good. Don't forget to play your SACRED FLUTE before you go after him to break his sheild.

Upon defeating Gogandantes, you will receive the RESPECT ORB.

Work your way through the lava pipe area. There are several goodies in the room. Move on.

You will eventually come out in the Statue Room you've already been in. This time you have the RESPECT ORB to insert into the statue in the middle of the room.

Save after the cutscene.

Inspect the plane thing in the middle of the room. You have very little time now to get the door open.

To open the door, begin by rotating the right analog stick clockwise. Oyu will say something, and begin to rotate the left analog stick counter clockwise while still rotating the right. If you jam the door, back up until you hear a "click" and start again. Easy once you get the hang of it.

The Airship and Back at the Castle

Within the ship is fairly straight forward. In the first room there is a Puzzle Box. Here is the solution:
Right Middle
Top Middle
Right Bottom
Bottom Middle
Left Middle
Top Right

Work your way up to the "Cockpit" where Tokichiro is piloting. There will be some cutscenes, some following, yadda, yadda, yadda.

When you finally have control over the game again, have Jubei hit the flashing red button in the cockpit. Another cutscene.

Work your way forward. Here, I had a battle with Ekei and received EKEI'S KEEPSAKE for doing so.

Continue along the path, enter the door of the building, collect the PURPLE WEDGE from the red box in the room, and use the ladder in back to get to the roof.

Toast the guy up here and his soul sucking minions to receive the GOLD SCALE.

Notice the gold fish on the right side of the roof? Insert the GOLD SCALE into the fish to clear the fog blocking the pathway to the Demon Realm.

Get yourself off roof and out of building. Here, either head to your right, down the bridge to the Demon Realm, OR, head right, go past the bridge and enter the door. You will see a Purple Light. Use your PURPLE WEDGE to enter the Dark Realm. This is not required, but if you successfully clear it (20 levels) you will receive the REKKA-KEN, a flaming sword.

Anyway, go down the foggy path and enter.

Climb up the ladder.

Time to fight Gingafatsu again. Focus on him rather than his lower half when they split. Use your powered Thunder Sword and Ground Hammer attacks for best results. Eventually, he will have enough, die, and give you the STRENGTH ORB.

Go back downstairs and save.

Insert the STRENGTH ORB in the door in the center of the room.

Here you meet Nobunga.

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Start off with your Thunder/Lightning sword, and all the magic you have. Move on with other magic, but keep the wind to zap the little devil when he's hovering above you. He will hover and attack for some time, then take a break and recharge. When he's done recharging, he's ripe to strike, so go at him. Eventually he will die, but it's not over yet, as you have a huge machine to battle now.

You have morphed into Super Orb Guy. You have one attack...your orbs shooting out. Therefore, your job here is simply to shoot your orbs while avoiding the machine's attacks. When he starts moving forward, you start running forward. Don't let him run over you. Get the pattern of his attacks down, and hit him with the orbs when you get a chance. Blow off his "legs", "arms", and "head", and you have completed the game! Congrats!

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***Purchase required to print any portion of this guide.

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