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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire > PS2 > James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

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Quick Review
Thumbs Up from Jer Thumbs Up from Ali
Although I doubt anything will ever live up to Rare's exquisite "Goldeneye", 007: Agent Under Fire from Electron Arts (EA) holds up quite well. The first thing you need to realize is that this is a PS2 game. It looks and feels a lot like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Spy Hunter, and tends to lean more to an arcade style of gameplay than to a purely skill driven first person shooter, like Goldeneye. It follows then, that this game is extremely easy. Surprisingly easy, as a matter of fact. I was able to get through most missions on the first try, mainly because of the copious amount of body armor placed all over this game. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is quite enjoyable to not be killed every 5 minutes and the ease keeps the frustration level very low.

"Agent Under Fire" is played primarily in the first person, however, there are a variety of circumstances in which you'll find yourself. One mission you might play in classic first person, the next mission you're driving a sweet BMW around a city. The car is equipped with missiles, guns, smoke, everything gadgety. This mode is quite entertaining and you can think of it as Spy Hunter. Also, there are missions, where you find yourself manning the turret of a tank, blowing up everything in your path. The variety is a nice feature and it is integrated quite well, however, it never really feels right; like you're playing something other than Bond.

The game is divided neatly into 12 missions, with each mission consisting of several objectives. The objectives are the normal Bond fare like using your laser to cut a lock, or rescuing hostages. The game also offers a bronze, silver, and gold medal system based on various stats and mission time (much like the Star Wars series). This gives some incentive to replay the missions, and it is fun the first few times through, but not enough so to buy the game.

The graphics are great (I forgot which system I was playing until I realized I had a PS2 controller in my hand), but the controls could use some tweaking. I felt that strafing was unnatural (either the L1/L2, or right analog stick), and you'll experience some confusion when switching between gadgets and weapons. Otherwise, L2 works well for manual targeting and all the other controls are what you'd expect.

In conclusion, "007: Agent Under Fire," will satisfy that Bond craving you have had, and it is truly a fun game to play. However, if you are expecting a real Bond experience; difficulty, stealth, and excellent AI, you'll be disappointed. It's the perfect renter for the Christmas vacation. Happy ending and all.


Rewards/Sticking Points/Bond Moves
Rewards Used in Single Player Mode
Level Rating Reward
Trouble in Paradise Gold Golden Gun
Precious Cargo Gold Golden CH-6
Dangerous Pursuit Gold Unlimited Car Missiles
Bad Diplomacy Gold Golden Accuracy Power-Up
Cold Reception Gold Golden Clip Power-Up
Night of the Jackal Gold Golden Grenade Power-Up
Streets of Bucharest Gold Lotus Esprit Car
Fire and Water Gold Rapid Fire Power-Up
Forbidden Depths Gold Golden Armor Power-Up
Poseidon Gold Golden Bullet Power-Up
Mediterranean Crisis Gold Regenerative Armor Power-Up
Evil Summit Gold Unlimited Golden Gun Ammo
Rewards Used in Multiplayer Mode
Level Rating Reward
Trouble in Paradise Platinum + All 007 Icons Opens Rocket Manor Level
Precious Cargo Platinum + All 007 Icons Golden Gun
Dangerous Pursuit Platinum + All 007 Icons Stealth Bond Skin
Bad Diplomacy Platinum + All 007 Icons Gravity Boots
Cold Reception Platinum + All 007 Icons Guard Skin
Night of the Jackal Platinum + All 007 Icons Viper Gun
Streets of Bucharest Platinum + All 007 Icons Alpine Guard Skin
Fire and Water Platinum + All 007 Icons Calypso Gun
Forbidden Depths Platinum + All 007 Icons Full Arsenal
Poseidon Platinum + All 007 Icons Cyclops Oil Guard Skin
Mediterranean Crisis Platinum + All 007 Icons Poseidon Guard Skin
Evil Summit Platinum + All 007 Icons Carrier Guard Skin
Sticking Points/Hints
Dangerous Pursuit > Disable the Van
Use your Q-Pulse to disable the van without damaging the cargo.
Streets of Bucharest > Jumping the River
Use the Q-Booster you pick up immediately before crossing the river immediately before you cross the river.
Streets of Bucharest > Destroying Tanks
At the end of the level you will encounter 2 tanks. To destroy them, fire your missles at the red tanker cars in the train moving directly above the tanks.
Poseidon > Alternate Cut-Scene
Get the verification card sitting on the bench in the room with the sentry guns, lasers, and a bunch of guys in white uniforms at their own sheilded consoles. If you pick it up the intermission cut-scene will be different from the original of Bond getting gassed. Also, your start point in the Mediterranean Crisis level will be different.
Bond Moves
If you are having difficulty acquiring "Bond Moves", complete the game and continue to watch. The moves will be revealed.
Bad Diplomacy > Disarm Lasers
Use your Q-Specs and locate the secret hatches in the lasered area just past the kitchen. Press the action button and use your Q-Laser to cut the wires. Disarming the lasers makes for an easier level experience, and it counts as a Bond Move.
Night of the Jackal > Killing Carla
Shoot at her (try to aim for the head) until she moves back. Once she has moved, shoot at the barrels next to her. This will move her directly to the spot she needs to be in so you can push her in the tank by activating the crane.
Forbidden Depths > The End
Bloch runs out on a plank. Use your auto aim and keep shooting at him until he runs back and shuts off the fan. Use your RCH-1 missiles to hit the red targets above the stopped fan. There are three of them.
Bond Moves and 007 Icons
Level Bond Moves 007 Icons
Trouble in Paradise
  • Open the front door with the Q-Decryptor.
  • Use the Q-Claw to get up to the roof.
  • Unlock the door with the Q-Decryptor.
  • Use the keycard you got from the guard to open the armory.
  • Use the Q-Laser to cut the lock on the gate.
  • Shoot the fuel tank on the forklift to clear out the area.
  • Shoot the rope from which the crate is hanging.
  • Q-Claw to the top of the initial building. The 007 icon is at the end of the ramp.
  • Sitting on top of several crates after exiting the first elevator.
  • To the left at the back of the dark room.
  • The 007 is to the left of the ramp leading to the sub pen.
  • Precious Cargo
  • Shoot the guy hanging out of the side of the first helicopter.
  • Shoot the barrels next to guys on the right side when Zoe says "James, we're surrounded."
  • Shoot the guy hanging out of the side of the helicopter at the roadblock.
  • Shoot a rocket into a building column behind the roadblock.
  • Shoot the barrels on the left side once you enter the building.
  • Shoot the two guys on the catwalk who are shooting at you.
  • Shoot the barrels on the forklift in the last room.
  • Shoot out the tires of all the cars that chase you throughout this level.
  • A 007 Icon appears for each of the following actions:
  • Destroy the two blue limos creating the roadblock.
  • After exiting the wharehouse, shoot the helicopter.
  • After turning left, shoot the man standing at the far end of the street.
  • Subdue all three men guarding the entrance of the factory.
  • After entering the factory, shoot the column without shooting the enemies.
  • Shoot the last fan after the column.
  • Dangerous Pursuit
  • Shoot the barrels to the left of the first roadblock.
  • Shoot the barrels on the right side of the tunnel leading into the city.
  • Shoot the pumps at the gas station where there are two guys shooting at you.
  • Use the Q-Smoke to disable one of the cars protecting the van.
  • Disable the van with the Q-Pulse in one shot.
  • From the beginning, turn around and drive left. The 007 icon is at the end of this area.
  • After the initial roadblock, shoot the crate in the middle of the road.
  • A 007 icon is in a tiny area within the convention center.
  • A 007 icon is located in the gas station just beyond the convention center.
  • Same for a building to tree scenery change on your left. A 007 icon is located on the sidewalk near that scenery change.
  • Bad Diplomacy
  • Use your Q-Specs and locate a secret hatch in the lasered area just past the kitchen. Press the action button and use your Q-Laser to cut the wires.
  • Disarm the lasers in the same way in the area past the open window.
  • Continue moving left with your Q-Specs on. You will find a secret door. Open it and enter.
  • Go out the aforementioned open window and use the Q-Claw to reach the second floor.
  • Watch the cutscene in the room past the computer room in its entirety.
  • Pick up the passcode generator Griffin drops after you kill him.
  • On your way down, you'll run into another set of lasers. You know what to do.
  • Go past the first elevator and into the room at the end of the hall. The 007 icon is in front of the darts.
  • On the second floor, head left after exiting the elevator. The 007 icon is on the far end of the rotunda.
  • On the third floor, it is in the secret room just beyond the open window. Use the Q-Vision glasses to see the secret room.
  • Down the half staicase past Griffin's room, the 007 icon is to the right of the glass displays near the stairs.
  • Cold Reception
  • Cut the lock on the vent at the end of the hallway on your left.
  • Grab the access card from the bookshelf behind the middle door.
  • Use the access card on the computer found downstairs in the data port room.
  • Take a picture of the white model at the far end of the data port room.
  • After using the Q-Claw to enter the above vent. Once you reach the end, Q-Claw again to the next vent.
  • Shoot a valve on one of the large tanks and kill a guard with the steam.
  • Use the Q-Remote acquire the security door program.
  • Open the security door with the Q-Remote.
  • From the beginning, open up the door on your right. There are guards and a 007 icon located in this area. icon is located.
  • In the vents between the main (circular) room and the blueprint room.
  • To the right of the stairs in the data port room.
  • Once you Q-Claw to and crawl through the vent above the second area, Q-Claw to the vent across the way. A 007 icon is located in that vent.
  • Continue through those vents to the 007 icon located in the alcove at the very end.
  • Past the blast doors, on the bottom floor, there is one located on top of a steam vent.
  • Still in the bottom of the cave, at the foot of the ladder.
  • Night of the Jackal
  • Get up to the sniper's balcony location by jumping over after Q-Clawing up to the ledge.
  • From the balcony, Q-Claw to the pad next to the window. Follow the ledge around and go into the apartment through the patio doors.
  • Use the Q-Claw to cross over the street.
  • Use the Q-Specs to see the secret door behind the "secret flag entrance".
  • Meet up with Natalia.
  • Kill Carla.
  • Shoot the pilot of the gunship with the sniper rifle.
  • A 007 icon is located in a store window (near the Frinesi and Armor).
  • In the "sniper's balcony".
  • Watch for the woman in red. She will run to a room after being rescued. A 007 icon is located in that room to the right of the door.
  • On the helipad. A 007 icon is located at the far end, behind the crates.
  • Streets of Bucharest
  • Destroy the two helicopters at the train station.
  • Jump the blown out bridge.
  • After grabbing the chip, and as you are exiting go at full speed into the small tunnel. You should go up on two wheels and slip past the cars.
  • Immediately after going between the cars, go down some stairs then up a hill. Keep your speed up going up the hill in order to jump across the road ahead.
  • Once in the tank, there are men directly in front of you and a van on the left, shoot the barrels to the left of the van.
  • Kill the first helicopter.
  • Kill the helicopter by the bridge.
  • Shoot the barrels to the left of the guy standing next to the limo.
  • Use the Q-Slicks to get rid of any car on you.
  • Before going through the arch, turn right, and you will see the 007 icon in front of you.
  • After going through the two sets of glass doors, go right, and to the end of the station. A 007 icon is here.
  • In the shortcut path (immediately after nabbing the locator), you will find a 007 icon just before the armor.
  • The 007 icon is hanging in mid-air just after the microchip.
  • Shoot the tanker to blow up the armored vans The 007 token will appear in front of you.
  • Before you reach the hotel, blow up the two helicopters. A 007 token will appear in the hotel lobby.
  • Fire and Water
  • Obtain the crane program with your Q-Remote.
  • Cut the lock on the door out of the computer room with your Q-Laser.
  • Drop the crate outside of the computer room with the Q-Remote.
  • Once through the gate, cut the lock to the vent on your left with your Q-Laser.
  • Open the "garage door". Use the Q-Remote to activate both of the cranes in front of you. (One Bond Move each)
  • Go back to the gate. Now cut the lock to the vent on your right with your Q-Laser.
  • Shoot the pilot of the helicopter with your sniper rifle.
  • Instead of using the ladder to get up to the catwalk, use the Q-Claw.
  • Use the Q-Claw to go from the catwalk on the tank on the right to the other tank.
  • Use the Q-Remote to drop the crate hanging above the two enemies.
  • Shoot the pilot of the helicopter.
  • Use the Q-Claw to go directly up to the top platform.
  • Immediately after you open the door to leave the "crane room", blow up the barrel, as there is a 007 icon behind it.
  • Through the left vent. Blow up the two men by shooting the barrels through the vent, and a 007 icon will show up in that room.
  • A 007 icon is located just beneath and behing Crane #2.
  • From the helipad, you can lower a bridge. A 007 icon is located directly beneath this bridge.
  • On the far right side of the pump room, on top of crates.
  • To the inside right of the door at the far side of the pump room there are barrels. Blow up the barrels. The 007 icon is located behind them.
  • Same area, below the sniper tower.
  • After destroying the third helicopter, blow up the barrels near the packing crates, as there is a 007 icon located behind them.
  • Forbidden Depths
  • The first time you stop, shoot the blinking red light on your left.
  • The second time you stop, shoot the barrels on your right between the groups of men.
  • Shoot the centers of the fans out.
  • Shoot the red lights to turn off the steam.
  • A 007 Icon appears for each of the following actions:
  • Kill the two men behind the first hatch.
  • Kill the two men behind the second hatch.
  • Destroy all of Bloch's mines.
  • Destroy all gun turrets.
  • Poseidon
  • From the entrance, cut the lock off the vent on your right with your Q-Laser.
  • Access the system pressure, temperature, and chemical regulator programs using your Q-Remote. (One Bond Move each).
  • Press the green button in the back control room of the cloning room.
  • Use the Q-Remote to apply program changes to the three consoles in the cloning room. (One Bond Move each)
  • Press the green button on the left side of the submarine room.
  • From the beginning, open the vent on your left. There you will find armor and a 007 icon.
  • Immediately upon entering the lab check out the barrels to your right. Behind these barrels is a 007 icon.
  • Go down the stairs. Behind and beneath these stairs is a 007 icon.
  • In this third area is a small room with armor and grenades. The 007 icon is in the room.
  • When you get to the bottom the next stairs, go underneath and open the grate. Crawl through to find a 007 token.
  • Mediterranean Crisis
  • Cut the lock and enter the vent in Zoe's cell.
  • After taking out the typing enemy, cut the lock on the vent to the right with the Q-Laser. Go through the vent and make your way along the railing of the ship. Use the Q-Claw to get to the higher level
  • Use your Q-Remote to obtain the Harrier program.
  • Use the Q-Laser to cut the lock on the chain link fence door.
  • Go out to the rail and use the Q-Claw.
  • Use the Q-Remote to fire up the Harrier and toast the men across the way shooting at you.
  • Use your Q-Claw to the are up and left.
  • Shoot the helicopter pilot with your sniper rifle.
  • Use your Q-Laser to free the arms of the woman.
  • Use your Q-Remote to access the missle program.
  • Use the hook. Press the action button and let go immediately.
  • Land and make your way to the green button.
  • Use the missle program to kill the sniper.
  • There is a 007 icon pretty much in front of you.
  • In the left-hand cell there is a 007 token.
  • Though and to the end of the vent running out of the right-hand cell.
  • From the briefing room and up the stairs, go into the vent in the right wall of the first control room and follow it to the end.
  • On the ledge past the control room where you access the Harrier program. You must Q-Claw to get there.
  • Instead of going left here, go right and down the stairs. The token should be behind some barrels near the second Harrier jet.
  • Near the sniper, before going up the stairs.
  • Instead of using the tram, go down the hole on your left. The 007 icon is just under the hole.
  • Blow up the mass of barrels. The token is at the back right of this area.
  • Evil Summit
  • Cut the lock on the box in the building to the right of the entrance point.
  • Acquire the access hatch program from the left tower using your Q-Remote.
  • Slide from the left tower to the right via the cable hook.
  • Slide down from the right tower back to the original building a lathe cable hook.
  • Open the access hatch with the Q-Remote.
  • On the catwalk, cut the wire mass at the top of the room with the Q-Laser.
  • Rescue the French Prime Minister, the German Chancellor, the UK Prime Minister, and the US Pres. (One Bond Move each).
  • On top of the right sniper tower.
  • On top of the left sniper tower.
  • On top of the projector. Next to the SSR4000 ammo and armor.
  • At the bottom of Silo 1.
  • Outside of the far door leading to the German Prime Minister.
  • At the bottom of Silo 4.
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