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The Great Escape
Walkthrough and Guide
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The Great Escape Walkthrough and Guide

Would you like an ad-free, printer-friendly version of this guide AND help support Lunabean? It's cheap and easy. Simply click the link below and for only $4.95 you'll receive this walkthrough and guide in .PDF format. All you need is Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader for your PC, Mac or Palm (chances are high you already have it), and you will have one gorgeous walkthrough you can keep by your side as you play through the game.

*This page, along with all pages at, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
***Purchase required to print any portion of this guide.

Q. What are the controls for the game?
A. It depends what controller option you chose in your options menu. If you are not certain about a button, go into your options menu and select "controller configuration". This will tell you what your controls are. If you're certain you are hitting the right button, try holding it down. If you are given a meter, try tapping the button to fill up the meter.

Q. How do I get dogs off of me?
A. Tap your "Strangle" button the same way you would if you were choking someone.

Q. How do I crawl?
A. There's a difference between crouching and crawling. To crouch, hit your Stance Button. To crawl on your belly, hold down the Stance Button.

Q. Why can't I get out of a vehicle?
A. You must come to a complete stop to get out of any vehicle you are driving.
Aboard the Bomber
Get the Fire Extinguisher
Your bomber is on fire. Start heading to the back of the plane and grab the fire extinguisher on your left. Use it on the fires as you go toward the back.

Fight the Fires
Work your way to the back of the plane putting out the fires.

Defend the Aircraft
Now, take a seat at the rear gunner's position and start shooting the nazi fighters. Don't shoot your own bombers, just the smaller green nazi fighters.

Destroy the Code Book
You are still at the back of the aircraft. Work your way forward. Grab the codebook and it'll automatically will be destroyed.

Get a Parachute
Run to the back of the plane and grab a parachute.

Abandon Aircraft
Just move a little bit and it'll automatically launch you out of the plane. You are instantly captured.

Winter Breakout
Talk to Senior British Officer (SBO)
He's in the same building you are in. Look at your map using your "select" or "back" button. The SBO gives you a compass with the direction of your next objective on it. Very handy.

Talk to the Big X
Follow your compass to the Big X. Now is a good time to stick to the shadows. Go outside and sneak into the next barracks. Approach the Big X and talk to him.

Speak to the Forger
The Forger is right next to the Big X. He can make you a pass but he needs a sample from one of the guards.

Get a German Pass
The whole German Pass objectives are timed. So, pay attention to the clock. Take a look at your map. You need to go outside and go South to the Guard Hut. When you approach the door to the outside, you can look through the key hole by pushing up on your D-pad and then using the right analog stick to look left or right. Time your exit when the guard is not looking. Go into Barracks 03 and go to the door on the other sie. Look through the keyhole. You'll see a barbed wire fence and a gate on the right side of the fence. Keep an eye on the spotlight that is coming from the guard tower on the left. When the spotlight and guard are in a good position, run out and go through the gate. Enter the Guard Hut and use your "Stealth" button so as not to make any noise. Follow your compass and grab the pass off of the table. At this point, we recommend using one of your 3 saves.

Get the German Pass to the Forger
Just do the exact opposite of what you've done so far.

Return the German Pass
You've done it once, do it again.

Talk to the Tunneller
He is Barracks 03. How convienent. Your timer is now off so take your time and use your "stealth" button to make your way to Barracks 03. You've seen this guy beofre when you went through on your way to the Guard Hut. Talk to him and you'll have to get a shovel.

Get a Shovel
The shovel is on the East side of Barracks 03, outside. It's laying up against the fence. Grab it and go back into Barracks 03 for safety.

Talk to the Tunneller
Go to where the tunneller was and notice the large wooden crate. Approach it and get the "action icon" and slide the crate backwards. You have revealed the tunnel and can now go down and talk to the Tunneller.

Get some Wood
Look at your map. The red circle is along the fence, to the West of the Guard Hut. After you climb back up the ladder, make sure to replace the wooden crate over the tunnel hole. The barracks are going to be searched and that way you won't get caught. Once you clear inspection (the guard will walk out) go outside and into the gate and grab the wood from the wood box.

Talk to the Tunneller
Go back into Barracks 03 and slide the wooden crate and go down into the tunnel. Hit the action button to give him the wood.

Get the Forged Pass and exit the Camp
We recommend using a save here. Go into Barracks 02 and talk to the Forger. He will give you the forged pass. Head back to the tunnel. Use your "stance" button to crawl through the tunnel. Go up the ladder and you are free...for 2 seconds. You will be recaptured.

The Castle
Speak to Gerry
So, Gerry is in the cell right next to you. Approach the wall and you'll automatically talk to Gerry.

Get a Uniform
Gerry gives you a list of objectives and a Hacksaw Blade. We will get the uniform first. Equip your Hacksaw Blade and approach the grate opposite Gerry. You'll get an Action Icon. Hold down the Action Button to cut through the bars. Crawl through into the next room. Stealthily approach the door and look through the key hole. You're told it will be hard getting past the guard without a distraction. Go back and talk to Gerry. You will get an option of starting a distraction. Start the distraction, then quickly crawl back through your tunnel and out the door. You will have a timer during this period to indicate how long the guard is distracted. Don't let it run out. In the hall, head right and through the door. You will be outside. Head east, avoiding the spotlights, past the two trucks to the east wall. From here, head north, again, avoiding the spotlight. You will see some crates, and you'll get an arrow to climb. Hit your Action Button and work your way up. Move around the ledge to the balcony area. Go through the door on on your left. You'll be in a study. Walk around in Stealth, look through the keyhole to the next hallway. There's a guard making rounds on your left. When he turns his back, follow him in stealth. When he turns the corner, keep moving forward, and go into the door on your right. You are in the Laundry Room. In the corner of the room on a table is the Goon's Uniform. Equip it. Recommended save point.

Get the Hook
OK. You are wearing the Goon's Uniform and in the Laundry Room. No need to fear the others, as you are now in uniform. Exit the Laundry Room, and backtrack the way you came, through the study and out onto the balcony. Continue backtracking around the ledge, down the crates, and back to the ground level. Move west (along the north side), toward the red circle indicated on your map. Pass through the tunnel to the north. In the tunnel you can go right of left. To the right is a guard who will ask for paper, so, head left and to the radio. Hit your Action Button to turn on the loud speaker. This tricks all of the dirty Gestapos, and you can now pass though the tunnel that was once guarded. Head down the red lit stairs to the basement and grab the Meat Hook off the table.

Get the Key
You now have the Uniform and the Hook. Exit out of the tunnel area and head back to the Study, the exact way we did before. Inside the study, head through the door in front of you, and left down the hall, walking past the guard and to the Laundry Room. At the end of the hall is a door on your right. Pass through it. The keys are flashing. Approach them and pick up the key.

Cut the Power
You now have the Generator Room Key. It's time to cut the power. Exit out the castle, to the courtyard, the exact same way we did before. Remember, be cool. In the courtyard, head south and follow your compass to a door. Open the door. (At this point, we were notified the we had been discovered missing and our uniform was no longer helpful. We believe it's a timing issue, more than anything else). Inside the Generator Room, open the cage door and approach the Generator. Turn off the power. Save recommended here.

We're in the Generator Room. Exit into the courtyard and, again, take the path we've taken several times now up the crates, around and to the balcony. However, this time, don't enter the study. Instead, run right past the door, and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, hit your Action Button when you approach the pole.

Struggle in the Mountains
Escape from the Mountain
You should have your uniform on automatically. Head across the bridge. You'll hear a phone ringing and you'll get a message saying that the phone call is the Castle informing this checkpoint of your escape. You need to get to the phone before anyone else answers it. Go into the building where the phone is ringing and go into the room on your right. Pick up the phone. When you get off a guard will be there. Just act cool and don't spaz out. He'll let you go about your business. There is a First Aid Kit and Luger Pistol Ammo on the table. Go across to the other room and get the Luger Pistol, Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a First Aid Kit.

Exit out and head South, going through the small gate. Avoid contact with anyone. Go into the building. There is a fireplace and some Sniper Rifle Ammo on the table along with a First Aid Kit. There is a closet which contains the Sniper Rifle but it is locked. Go to the outside of this building and work your way around to the back and find the ladder going up to the roof. Climb up and drop down into the room. You'll find the Sniper Rifle, Stick Grenades, Pistol Ammo, Store Room Key, and Sniper Ammo. We recommend a save here.

Time for a little action. There are two guards and a sniper/guard tower blocking the access road that you need to get on. You need to climb back onto the roof, drop down to your stomach, and shoot out the search light with your Sniper Rifle. This will make many people start shooting out you. Simply drop down the hole in the roof into the room below. Equip your Pistol or Sniper Rifle and aim at the door. Guards will start coming in after you, one after another. Just shoot, shoot, shoot. After killing between 5-7 of them, the coast is clear.

Run to the road the two guards were blocking (past the guard tower) and head up the hill. You'll get to a couple of men guarding a truck. Take them out with either your Sniper Rifle or Pistol, then collect the many many goodies in the area (including a Sub-Machine Gun) in the barbed wire area across from the truck. Continue on killing the guys around the corners. There's some ammo and a Health Kit behind one of their sand bag/barrel bunkers. Keep following the road take out the guys hiding behind the various trucks. There is a house on your right with an alarm siren/bell above the front door. You can't go in the house but you can shoot the alarm to make the noise stop. Go ahead and save here.

Keep going down the road and you'll see a bunker. Take out the guys in there using your Sub-Machine Gun or Sniper Rifle. Watch out for guys coming from behind. They may or not be there, but watch your back. Head to the bottom of the hill, toward the bunker taking out any remaining guys. If you want, go into the bunker and use the Mounted Machine Gun to take out guards coming from the top of the hill. When that fun is done, head on down the hill. You'll automatically get a cut scene and you have escaped...for now.

Burn the Code Book
Get to the Army Depot
Look at your map. It is to the NW of you. Go down the hill on your left. You'll get the next two objectives.

Steal a Vehicle
Stay behind the building and watch out for the guard. The vehicle that you need is in the open garage in the Depot compound. Watch the guard and go behind the building and then use the broken truck as cover while you crawl on your tummy. From behind the broken truck, peek out and wait for the guard to make his rounds then sneak toward the free standing buildng with the windows (the garage where you need to go). Go into the side wooden door of the garage and take out the mechanic as quietly as possible. You should be able to sneak up using stealth and choke him. To choke him, repeatedly hit the "strangle" button until your meter fills up and he passes out. Then, drop him wherever. Once he's out of the way, grab the wrench off of the work bench. You need the wrench to fix the tank/truck vehicle. If you're at the back of the vehicle and facing the open garage door, go to the left side of the vehicle where the panel is open. Take out your wrench and you'll get the action (gears) icon. Hold down the action button until the vehicle is fixed. Now, hop in.

Drive to the Farmhouse
Look at your map. You need to go through the archway to the East of the Army Depot. That leads to a road that you need to go down. It's basically right in front of you once you hop in the truck. Remember, at any point in time you can go into your inventory screen to switch from driving to the Mounted Machine Gun. For now, though, just take the road and run over anyone that gets in your way. You will soon get to a German Panzer (tank) that is blocking your way. Drive your tank/truck behind the building on the left. Exit your vehicle by allowing it to stop and then go up into the building. It is a switch building for the RR tracks. Pull the levers by using your action button and the Panzer will be hit by a train. You now have a clear path. Go back down and hop into your vehicle and go over the RR tracks. There is a fork in the road. Take it to the right and run over any one you can on the way to the farmhouse. There is a Health Kit in the barn on a table. You'll get a new objective.

Burn the Code Book
Look at your map. The Code Book is in a field to the East. Enter the farmhouse and make your way through it to the other side. Exit the house and you'll need to go out onto the road/sidewalk/path. Watch out though as there is a guard. We recommend a save here.

Watch the guard and when he's not looking use the broken wagon and the pile of logs for cover. and go through the archway. Continue along the path and you'll reach another archway which leads to the field. You'll see a cut scene of three nazis who need to search your plane. Quickly run to the plane. On the opposite side, you'll see an exposed area of the inside of the plane. It looks caged. Approach the "cage", and head left. You'll find yourself inside the plane. Go up the stairs and locate the Code Book on the desk to your left. Hit your Action Button and you will burn the Code Book. Objective and Level complete!

The Cooler King
Get the Lockpick
Head one Barracks to the south. Look at your map and find the Lockpick right where it's indicated, next to the lamp on the small bureau.

Get the Official German Stamp
You just obtained the Lockpick. Head to the southern door and look through the keyhole. Watch for the Spotlight and guard. You need to get to the building directly in front of you. When the coast is clear, run through the open gate directly in front of you, and circle around to the east side of the building and pass through the door (stealthily). Inside, hold down the Action Button at the cell door to open it. Speak to the man inside, and you will receive the German Stamp.

Get Ink and Paper
You must head east to get to the building with the Ink and Paper in it. Look out the east door and in front of you is the building you need to get into. We found it easiest to sneak back around the building and through the gate, back into the Barracks where we obtained the Lockpick. Watch the guard from here. When he head east, exit out stealthily behind him, but on the north side of the sinks. At the sinks, get your belly to the ground and hide. He will walk right past you without seeing you. At this point, get up and get to the door on the west side of the circled building. Enter the building and locate the Ink and Paper. Also grab the Bottle.

Visit the Forger
Exit Hut 4 through the north door, and run straight across to Hut 3. Inside you will find the Forger. Speak to him and he'll tell you to get a map. Obtain the Map
The Map is waiting for you in the Kommandant's Office, just south of Hut 4. However, we can't get there without a distraction. So, head back across the way into Hut 4. In the room across from where you picked up the Ink and Paper you will find a man. Speak to him. Tell him to start the distraction. Follow him, but wait until your coutdown clock begins counting down. From here, run through the gates to the south and enter the office through the closed eastern door (don't enter the front open door). Inside, grab the Map from the table, the Med Pack if you want, then run back out and back into Hut 4. This should all be done within the time limit of the distraction clock.

Get the Forged Pass
You're back in Hut 4 after making it through the distraction. Check the north keyhole for the roaming guard, then run across the way to the Forger's Barracks. Speak to the Forger again. You'll get a new objective.

Exit the Camp Using the Tunnel
You're simply heading north two buildings to get to the Tunnel entrance. There should only be one wandering guard walking the main middle path to the west of the barracks. Just watch him and move from door to door until you get to Hut 1. Inside, pull back the bunkbed, and approach the hole. Someone is moving through the tunnel first. He gets stuck. Just great.

Free Trapped POW
Push the bed back to cover the hole as a guard will come in to check the commotion. When he leaves, look through the west door's keyhole and cross over to Hut 5. Talk to the man inside and you will be given a Trowel. Head back to Hut 1, move the Bunkbed back, then climb down the ladder. Pull out your Trowel and hit your action button when you approach your trapped friend. You will have freed him and excaped the level. Nice!

Find a Uniform
You have to get to the Goons' rest hut SW of you. Work your way through the woods, avoiding the men with flashlights. Stay along the left side, crawling on your belly when you can to avoid the guards. You'll see the whitish rest hut in front of you. Take note of the guard on the SW side of it. Make your way around the north side, then around the corner. There's a door here. Open it and stealthily sneak past the sleeping guard. Pick up the uniform and equip it. Also pick up the Bottle and Binoculars. Save is recommended here.

Enter the Truck Depot
With your Uniform on, equip your German Army Permit and walk up to the main gates outside the Truck Depot. When you're asked for papers, use your action button to show your permit. Walk through the gates.

Obtain the Truck Keys
The keys are in the ground floor of the warehouse. Normal soldiers aren't allowed here, so don't get caught. Enter the warehouse. by running around to the west side and picking the gate lock with your Lockpick by holding the Action Button. Don't let the guard see you do this. When you pass through, hide behind the crates to avoid the guard, and work your way around to the white door on the south side of the building. Inside the warehouse, hide behind the crates and work your way over to the west side of the room. Save recommended here. The Key is on a desk along the west wall. Sadly, there's a guard right near it. Equip your bottle and toss it in front of the crates, to the east. This will distract the guard. Grab the key now.

Obtain the Transfer Orders
From the desk, you are heading over to the east side of the room. It's still important to use the crates for cover here. On the east side of the room are some stairs leading up. Take them and work your way around the balcony, in stealth fashion. Belly crawl under the window. When you get to the door, take a look inside and watch the pattern of the guard. When he heads into the next room, run in his direction and hide behind the crates next to the door he passed through. When he exits out, head into the other room and grab the Transfer Orders from the desk on the far side of the room. Quickly run back and hide behind those same crates before the guard returns. Exit the Area
Exit out of the room and quietly work your way downstairs (belly crawl under the window, included). Downstairs, exit out the white door, then sneak back to your open gate door on the west side. Outside of the gates you should be fine if you're spotted. Now, run to the truck parked south of the building, next to the tankers. Hit your Action Button to enter the truck and start driving. Exit out of the open east gate and drive it north along the road. When the guards tell you to stop, bring the truck to a complete stop and exit. Equip your Transfer Orders and show them to the guard using the Action Button. Get back in your truck and continue through the gate and down the road. Mission complete.

Delousing Breakout
Get a Disguise
Exit out the West door and lay on your tummy and crawl underneath the barracks that you were just in. You'll find a uniform.

Get the Pocket Knife
Put on your uniform and walk to the North of the camp toward the Kommondant's Hut. Approach the guard at the gate and you'll tell him that you forgot your pass and he'll let you through just this once. Go to the building right in front of you...look at your map if you're not sure which building. The Pocket Knife is under the building. Crawl on your belly to get it.

Cut the Telephone Wire
Go to the East of the building you were just under to cut the telephone wire. Go to the Easternmost side of the building and equip your Pocket Knife. Find the telephone box on the side of the wall and use your Action Button to cut the wire.

Get the Delousing Pass
Now go to the North building in this 3 building complex. Be sure to un-equip your knife of you might look suspicious. Enter the North building. We recommend a save here. Go up to the table and grab the Delousing Pass. However, it's unstamped. Darn.

Stamp the Delousing Pass
Go back to the Kommandant's office (the one you crawled under for the Pocket Knife) and enter. You will hear an announcement about having to be back for Roll Call. You will now have a timer. Go to the back desk and make sure to have your Unstamped Pass equipped. You will get an Action Icon. Go ahead and stamp your Pass. This will trigger an officer who will come into the office that you are in. Take cover behind the crates to the right of the desk (if you're behind the desk) until he leaves. Strangle him if necessary.

Attend Roll Call
That timer is still ticking. Go back to the gate, show the guard your Stamped Pass if he asks for papers. Once you are safely through the gate go into any barracks in order to take off your uniform and not look suspicious doing so. Make sure not to have anything equipped. Head back to the barack that is circled on your map. A roll call will automatically begin and you will get a new objective.

Gather the POWs
Go North to the circled barrack. Enter it. Put on your Nazi Uniform. Exit out and got speak to the two men on the North side of the building.

Escort the POWs
It is now your job to escort the POWs through the Kommandant's compound and to the North. Have your Stamped Pass ready as you approach the gate. Show your papers to the guard and go through. Take your time and walk normally through the area to the North. Make sure to follow the tire tracks. Continually check on the two POWs your're escorting to make sure that they are following you. Just look at your map if you don't know where to head. Go past the broken down truck and to the guard station in the North. Have your Stamped Papers ready and show them to the guard. He will try to call for confirmation but the phone is down because we cut the line. Heh. The two POWs will make a run for it when they see the Kommandant's inspection coming. New objective.

Get the Timetable
You can't be seen by the Kommandant. Use the broken down truck to hide behind so that he won't see you as he passes. Head to the same building where you cut the telephone wire earlier. This time, go inside. There is a guard sitting down guarding the time table. Go to the room with the radio and switch it off using your Action Button. This will make the guard suspicious and he'll investigate. Head to the table and grab the Timetable while the guard gets up and checks on the radio.

Return to the Camp
Go back through the gate to the camp. Show the guards your Stamped Pass to get through. The mission will automatically end.

Visit Manufacturer
You need to get to the NE building, Hut 112. It's night, so you can't be seen outside. Look out the north door's keyhole. You have guards on both sides of you. When the pass, run over to the NE hut. Speak to the Manufacturer.

Cover the Hiding Places
While you are being given the Wire Cutters, you are told a guard is coming. It is your job to move the furniture over the hiding place. There are three bookcases you need to move into place to cover them. Wait for the inspection to end. Move larger bookcase and grab the Wire Cutters. You are told you need to look for a spot void of spotlights to cut the fence.

Cut the Fence
You are heading to a chunk of fence to the east. Exit out the east door of 112 and crawl under the hut in front of you. Staying on your belly, continue forward to beneath the next hut. Watch out for spotlights. Looking south, take note of the patrolling guard, the searchlight, and the guard with the dog on the other side of the wire fence. There's a point in time when you will be completely clear. Go to the fence, pull out your Wire Cutters, and run along the fence until you get the Action Icon. At this point, hold down your Action Button and cut through the wire. Crawl underneath.

Escape from the Camp
Get up and move to the red circle highlighted on your map. Once you get there, you've cleared the objective.

Into the Woods
We're in the Woods now, and chances are, you've been spotted. You are just running from red circle to red circle on your map, following your compass. If you get attacked by a dog, repeatedly tap your Attack/Strangle Button.

Through the Woods
As soon as you get this objective, look in front of you, on the right side of the path. You'll see a bunch of logs. Climb over them and you'll be up on a side path. The guards below won't see you move to the right and above them. Drop down into the area by the house and run forward.

Head for the River
Once you reach the house, you'll get this objective. Head to it while avoiding gunfire as best you can.

Escape to Sagan
Another red circle to run to. Run up the river, following your compass. You'll eventually have to get out and onto the road. Head NE on this road. You'll reach a low wall. There's a log ramp leading up to it. Run up and hit the Action Button to jump the fence to the road. Cross the road and you're clear. Hurt, but clear.

The Great Escape
Speak to Hendley
He is right next to you. He is the guy in the black/gray suit and hat. He'll give you the Voriager Gate Keys.

Speak to Ashley-Pitt
He's in the barracks to the West of you. Go to the West door and peek out the keyhole. Avoid the guard and run across. Ashley-Pitt will ask if you want him to start the distraction. Have him start it.

Get the Rope
Look at your map. It is SE of you. You will now have a timer which times the distraction that Ashley-Pitt started. Exit out and head south to the fence. There is a large gate in the middle that you can't open and to the right of it is a smaller gate. Equip your Voriager gate keys and use them on this gate and go through. Stealth sneak behind the guard who is sleeping standing up. Head to red circle and find the open walled building with the crates under it. The rope is on one of the crates.

Examine the Generator
Facing the SE from where you got the rope, notice the brick wall. Go into the gate on the brick wall and inside you'll see the generator. You now need a wrench.

Get a Wrench
From the brick wall area and go through the house and exit through the North door to avoid any guards that may see you. Work your way around the house and go into the building next to the open walled building where you got the rope. Avoid the guards on the way there. When you go inside the building be sure to be using your stealth so as not to wake up the sleeping guard. Grab the wrench and head back to the brick wall area.

Sabotage the Transformers
Go back to the brick wall area. Equip the wrench. Approach the generators. Use your wrench on them by holding down the Action Button. You have to do this once for each of the 2 generators.

Sabotage the Control Panel
Facing the building, go through the door on your right. This is the control panel room. Approach the control panel with your wrench equipped and use your Action Button to complete this objective.

Get the Rope to Big X
You are still in the Control Panel room. Look through the keyhole. There is a guard by the transformers. Stealth sneak out and strangle the guard. Backtrack to the gate you came through. There is a sleeping guard on the other side. Stealth sneak through the gate and go back to the barracks we started in. Go down the ladder and start your pulley cart ride. Use your Action Button to get things rolling. At the end of the ride you'll meet up with Big X and he'll automatically get the rope.

Set Up the Rope Signal
Climb the ladder. You are now outside the gates. Work your way South and make sure that your Rope is equipped. You'll get an Action Icon. Push the Action Button. You must be behind the bushes.

Signal to the POWs
You need to watch the guard going back and forth along the fence. When his back is turned on either side, signal the POWs by using your Action Button to move the rope signal.

Last Train Home
Jump from the Train
The conductor will ask for your tickets. Equip the tickets and show them to the conductor. Upon moving, signal to Blythe to follow you with your Blythe Orders button. You will get a cutscene. The Gestapo are after you.

Hide from the Gestapo
Simply work your way south. You should be able to make it without running into any Gestapo. The door you were trying to get through is locked. You need a key.

Find the Key
Next to the locked door is a bathroom. Open up the door and shove Blyther and yourself in there. Look through the keyhole and wait for the Gestapo to ask everyone on your car for identification. Once they exit, you can head north. Feel free to leave Blythe behind for now. Outside the door to car number 5 you will see a ladder. Stay low, or you will die. When you come to gap, stand up and hit your Action Button while running to jump it. When you come to a point where you can go no further, climb down the ladder on the right side of the train. Sidestep along the platform. Here you'll run into a guard who won't move. Wait for him to turn his back and strangle him (a punch in the face will also do). In this room you will find two Health Packs. Exit out to the next car and you'll see a man on the platform between the cars. Sneak up behind him and you'll get an Action Icon to pickpocket him. Do so and get his First Class Ticket. Enter the car. You'll be asked for your tickets. Show your newly acquired First Class Ticket. Continue moving north, checking rooms as you go. Through the next door you'll see a sign that says "Halt". Wait for the guard to pass by, then pass through the door into the next car. In this car you will find the Master Train Keys and many two Health Packs. Collect them, and let's revisit our initial objective, jumping from the train.

Jump from the Train
This objective again? What the...? Anyway, head south until you get to car number three where we strangled the guard. There is a gun cabinet. Use your Master Train Key to unlock it. Exit out, sidestep along the platform, and climb the ladder. On top of the train you'll have company, which is why you have guns. Stay low and shoot anyone shooting at you. I suggest picking off the first several without moving from your position just above the ladder. However, keep your eye on the ladder as someone will sneak up it and try to off you. When you clear them out, you can move forward, toward Blythe, without being bothered from the front, however, you may want to check your back as a couple a guards will occasionally sneak up on you as you're moving forward. When you get to car number 6, jump down and go through the door. This car is clear. However, number seven has two guards inside. Kill them. Continue forward and watch your back. When you get to the car with Blythe, several guards will come at you from behind. Take them out, then collect Blythe. Use your Master Keys to get through the locked door and you'll get a cutscene of the both of you jumping off the back of the train. Nice work.

Behind Enemy Lines
Get a Key
First thing you must do is avoid the train coming from behind you. Move forward just a bit and look for the hole in the wall to your left. Step inside and wait for the train to pass. Once you emerge outside, use the stacks of railroad ties to crouch behind and hide from the circling guards. There's a guard sleeping in the hut in front of you. Get in your Stealth position and move into the hut. Grab the Key on the table next to the guard.

Enter the Military Area
You must now enter the Military Area northwest of you. Again, watch the roaming guards. To avoid the guard facing west on the north platform, we're going to have to approach from the east, so work your way back to where you entered the area, cross the tracks and hide behind the stationary military train. Look west to avoid the circling guard, then make your way up to the north platform. Hide behind the crates, then watch the guard on the platform. We suggest waiting until he shifts his body and faces a little south to sneak behind him and use your keys via the Action Button to go through the door to the Military Area.

Enter the Civilian Area
We are now in the Military Area. We have to get to the Civilian Area. Follow the hallway and peek around the corner so that the guard doesn't see you. When you are clear, you'll see that there are 3 rooms along the right wall. Go into the first room where you will find many crates/luggage. You can climb up the crates and onto/into a duct. You have to crawl on your belly to navigate the ducts. You will now be in a room with duct ramps. Climb up onto a duct ramp and go up and through the crawl space. Go through the door in front of you. You will now be in a work bench room. Grab the Hacksaw Blade. Exit out to the hallway and go East toward the bluish lockers at the end of the hallway. You'll hear voices coming from the second room on your right. There are guards inside. We need to get in that room, but we need the guards to be outside of it. Turn left down the hallway and go into the room on your right. There will be some iron bars on the floor that you can use your Hacksaw on. Do so and then crawl through. You will now see an alarm bell on the wall. Hit the alarm. This will attract the men out of the room you want to get into. Quickly crawl back through your hole, exit the door and turn left. Go into the break room and use your Hacksaw Blade on the iron bars here. Crawl through and use your Hacksaw Blade again. When you exit out of the tunnel, this objective is complete.

Buy a Ticket
Unequip you Hacksaw Blade and look through the keyhole in the door. There's a plumber in front of you. To your left is a valve. Turn it and the plumber will run the other direction. Exit out the door and out of the bathroom. Don't be fooled by the guard arresting someone else. Walk over to the ticket office and speak to the man behind the counter. He asks for Money. Go into your inventory and give him what he wants.

Exit the Station
Before leaving, don't forget to pick up your change. Exit out of the area to the north. You will be asked for your ticket. Show it. You will be asked for you papers. Show your City Pass. At this point, the interrogator will walk away. When he's gone, he'll figure out who you are, so, when you get the chance, run. Run forward and down the stairs, through the underground tunnel. Up the staris, then left through the open door. Head left, then down some stairs. You'll see the doors you need to pass through. You'll also see a dog. Instead of running around the obstacles, go ahead and jump over the luggage and run through the doors. When you clear them, this level will be complete.

Airfield Escape
Enter the Airfield
Move forward and pull out your Wire Cutters. When you get to the fence, use your Action Button to cut through it.

Locate a Plane
Before actually locating the plane, move forward to the shack in front of you. Have Blythe lay low and stay in this shack. Then, head east to your objective. Watch out for patrolling guards. All you have to do is reach the plane to complete the objective...then you'll get and handful of new objectives.

Find a Uniform
The uniform is located in the central hangar. Go to the north side of the hangar and enter through the door. Watch the man inside. When he's at the table, just sneak up behind him, to the left a little. He will turn to the right and not see you. Grab the uniform and go into the hallway on your right. Equip the uniform.

Get a Starter Crank
The Starter Crank is inside the hangar by our plane. Head over there and, again, go through the back door. The Starter Crank is just sitting on the table. Pick it up.

Get a Valve Handle
The Valve Handle is north of the hangars, and it's heavily guarded. You really need a Technician's ID Card before getting it. So, look at your map and enter the circled building through the west door. There will be a guard here. He's OK. Pick up the Health Pack and Bottle. Exit the room and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you can see through to the room where your ID is. Enter the room. When the guard is looking at the bookcase, sneak up to the desk, stealthily, and grab the Tech ID from it. Heading out, you may be seen, but you're only told to not be seen in the room again. Easy enough. Head back downstairs.

At the foot of the stairs, head left, then right down the next hall. A guard will ask for your ID. Show it to him. You are told to proceed through. Do so and pick up the Valve Handle on the desk.

Get a Key
Exit out of the room with the Valve Handle and head right. There's a door on your right. Go through it and you're back outside. Look left. Another door is here. Go through it. Head up the stairs. Here will be two guards. The Key is in one of their pockets. When the guard steps out onto the balcony, get behind him and hold down your Action Button. You will receive the Key.

Refuel the Plane
Exit out of the tower and head to the fuel trucks to the East. Get in one and drive it to your plane. Park the truck on the west side of the plane, get out and equip your Valve Handle. Approach the cockpit and you'll get an Action Icon. This will start the refuelling process.

Fly Away
Drive back to Blythe's shack and command him to get in the truck with you. Drive back to the plane and pull out your Starter Crank. Again at the cockpit you'll get an Action Icon. Hit your Action button and you will watch Blythe using the Starter Crank while you start the ignition. Then, you'll fly away.

On the Run
Follow your compass to the red circle and RUN! Go through doors, climb crates, fight off dogs, whatever. Just move. You'll get to a point where you want to go right, but you seem blocked by a truck. Instead, move left, then look for stairs leading up. Climb them, then work your way around so you'll fall onto the other side of the truck. Climb the ladder down to the sewers.

Keep Running!
In the sewers you'll get another objective. Head out into the sewers and left. At the end, head left again and up the ladder. Run up the stairs directly in front of you and through the door. Move forward and pick up the Keys on the Desk. Use them on the door and pass through to the next room. Here, jump onto the flower basket, then over and on to the roof across the way. Then, jump over to the red roof to your left. Keep running forward and you'll see a spot where you can jump across again, to your right. Quickly run over this rooftop, then jump over to the roof with the many planters and flowers. Jump through the open window and into the building. Pick up the Health Pack. Head down the stairs. Do not go through the door in front of you. Instead, turn to your left, run through the building, and exit out the double doors, following your compass. Move past the fountain and to the right. Just follow the road at this point. At a certain point during your run, you'll see men and a dog coming from in front of you. At this point head right down the alley. You'll find crates here that allow you to jump to the other side of the wall. Do so and run forward. You'll see a kitchen area. Run into it a through the door. You're in a restaurant and bad guys are outside. Quickly move into the hallway on your left and grab the Coat and Hat off the table. Equip them.

With your Coat and Hat on, walk out the front door. You will be accused of being the escaped prisoner. Speak. You're allowed to pass. Follow your compass to the end of the road.

Resistance Collaborator
Rendezvous with Anton
You must move through the woods without being spotted. It's tough. First, I recommend heading backwards a little, toward the river. This way the two sitting guards in front of you won't spot you. On the dirt path, get on your belly and move east. There's a guard to your right with his back to you. He will look back occasionally, so be careful. Also, if you disturb the birds, he'll see you. There's a rock to your left. Behind it is a Bottle. Grab it and keep moving east, along the river until you get to a mound you can use for cover. There's a bridge in front of you. Continue moving along the river. Here is a good place to save.

Watch the guard to your left and crawl left when the coast is clear. You can use the stacked railroad ties for cover. When he passes, head northeast, pretty much following him. When he heads back, continuing making your diagonal across the yard and under the bridge. On the wood pile under the archway are some Binoculars. Emerging from under the bridge, be on your belly and roll down the mound. Work your way forward to your contact in front of you who is behind some logs. Speak to him.

Find a Disguise
There is a disguise waiting for you in the hut to your south. Peak out from your contact area and watch the guard patrolling the hut. When he turns around, stealthily sneak up to the hut and enter through the front door. Your disguise is in the next room. Equip it and make sure you don't have anything in your hands.

Return to Anton
With your disguise on, walk back to Anton and speak to him. He'll give you the plan and many objectives.

Obtain some Wire
Simply walk over to to where the truck is. When you near the halt sign, hide behind the railroad ties until you see the guard behind you has passed and won't see you cross the line. Run over to the truck and crawl into the back to grab the wire. Exit out back into safe territory.

Get onto the Bridge
Approach the working men next to the saw and pick up the Wrench in the Toolkit. Speak to the guy crouched on the ground and have him start the distraction. The guard by the scaffolding will move toward him. This is your time to climb the scaffolding up to the bridge.

Obtains Some Explosives
On the bridge, head left toward the train. When you try to get into the explosive area, a guard will tell you you can't. That guard is by the train. Sneak around the train and behind him. Strangle the guard and grab the explosives.

Exit the Area
Your red circle is at the opposite side of the railroad tracks. You need an ID to get there, however, and we don't have on. So, get on your belly and work your way along the right side of the bridge, past the guard station and under the crane. You want to speak to the man in black, but avoid the guard circling him. When the guard walks in the opposite direction, speak to the man. He will tell you to board the train. Run over to the ladder on your left and hit your Action Button.

Rendezvous with the Resistance
It's wet. Simply run forward to the barn. When you get there this objective will change.

Free the Resistance
Go inside the barn and climb the ladder. Sneak up on the guard and strangle him. This will trigger another guard. Grab the Pistol and Ammo on the loft and shoot the guard. Speak to the Resistance.

Recover the Detonator
Head down the ladder and follow your compass. You'll have a few guards to kill along the way. The Detonator is just past the truck by the guard station. There's also a Sub-Machine gun and Health Pack there. Pick them up.

Clear the North Side of the Town of Jerries
Enter the town and start shooting. Head to your left toward the open hut. You will find some health both inside and outside the hut. This is a good area to take out men on this side of the camp. Look out this hut's front door. Head to the stone hut and use it for cover. There is a Health Kit and a Stick Grenade in this building. Then, go to the ambulance truck for cover and work your way forward down the road, killing as you go. Look in various houses/buildings for Health and Ammo. Once all the Nazis are killed, you'll get a new objective. Now that the area is cleared, you can explore all you want, picking up Ammo and Health that is around.

Place the Explosives
Go across the stone bridge and you'll be joined by the resistance. Pull out your explosives and place them on the bridge when you get the Action Icon.

Place the Detonator
Go across the bridge and go into the building on your left. You will get a timer. It is timing the convoy that is coming. You need to blow up the bridge before the time runs out. Go up stairs and you will have a good view of the bridge and the road leading up to it. Take out your Detonator and use the Action Button to place it.

Intercept the Convoy
Then, use the action button again to blow the bridge.

Recover the Dossier
For quite some time I stood from the Detonator vantage point and took out any guards who approached. I finally came to the realization that the guards here regenerate, and there's no way to completely clear out the area. So, instead of taking them out, I ran. Exit the building and run across the street. Make your way over to the barn and climb the ladder inside. Take out the guard shooting your from above. Collect the Ammo and Health Pack. Kill anyone who comes into the barn. Exit out the back and use the hay for cover as you take out anyone in the immediate area. Kill the man by the rail gun and take it over. Clear out anyone coming at you. Take a right down the road. On your left is a small hut with Health inside. Collect it. Facing the hut fron the outside, head left and into the stables. Here you will find a Panzerfaust. Exit and follow the road. Enter the first house on your left. Pick up the Panzerfaust, the Health Kits, Ammo and the Grenade Sticks. Exit out the door you entered and continue moving down the road. There will be a man in a tank. Shoot him with your Panzerfaust. Go back into the house you just came from and exit out the back door. You are in a yard. Kill anyone in your way and run into the next house and up the stairs. Kill the guards and collect the Ammo and Dossier (in the corner of the room).

Exit the Area
Exit the house via the mound leading up to the second floor. Simply follow your compass and run. Shoot anyone in your way. Toss some Grenade Sticks at the men at the roadblock and continue running. Congrats. You've escaped.

Full Throttle
Get a Motorbike
Run forward. You'll get a quick cut scene of a guy driving by ona motorbike. Approach the hut in front of you. Pick the lock and go in a grab the Coil of Wire. Go outside the hut and equip your Wire on the post. It will automatically stretch across the road and you'll see a Nazi on a motorbike get knocked off. Run to the motorbike and hit your Action Button to get on it.

Get a Uniform
You are now driving the motorbike. You can do a wheelie if you want. Go to the checkpoint outside of the town and at the guard booth grab the uniform on teh table behind it. Equip the uniform.

Escape from the Town
Drive through the checkpoint. Save your game.

Head for the Swiss Border
Get on your bike and start cruising. You will have many pursuers. You simply have to get good at driving. Once you have the feel avoid your pursuers by zig zagging. When you come to the blocked bridge, just go around it. You will face many obstacles and blockades along the way. If you can't go around an obstacle look for a way to jump it. Usually there will be a ramp or some such device to get you over a fence. About half way down the road to your objective, save. It's not all that difficult to get to the end. Just practice a little and get a feel for the bike. There was not once that I needed to use the wheelie, so you can leave that alone.

Jump to Victory
Another long bike ride. Just move forward and follow your compass. At most "obstacles" your compass will change direction and tell you where you need to go. Be aware of a pretty nasty mine field along the way. I went slow through it and stayed left. That seemed to work. After the mine field and exploding bridge I came to an obstacle a gate I couldn't seem to get around. It took me a minute to see what I needed to do was get off the road, and head across the field behind me. Then follow your compass and you'll be in a huge field area. There's a barn in front of you and and house down the line. Head toward the house. Near the house, get near the fence and face the barn. Look to the ground. You'll see a steep mound. You can jump it. Drive fast and jump the mound at an angle so you jump over the fence. Here you're not quite in France, nor Switzerland. You need to make one more jump. Look for another "mound ramp", back up as far as you can go and speed over the ramp, over the fence, to freedom! Congrats. You're free. Nice moves. End of Game.

You have opened up the Greatest Escape. You can now do the missions timed and without saves. Very challenging.

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