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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City > PS2 > GTA: Vice City
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    Thumbs Up from Jer Thumbs Up from Ali

    Take Grand Theft Auto III, add a story line based in 1986 Miami, the ability to fly helicopters and ride various motorcycles, an all-star voice-over cast (Ray Liota as the main character, Tommy Vercetti), and over ninety '80s tunes, and you have the best game of the year. That's right, we might as well cut to the chase, GTA: Vice City is going to win every award out there; it's that good.

    If there's one thing you've heard about this game it's probably that it's violent and will cause many children to run out and beat cops over the head with Billy Clubs, skip school and, of course, start taking hard drugs and drinking heavily. None of this is true, other than the violence part. But, this game is as violent as you want it to be. You are placed into a real-world environment where you have the free will to kill everyone in sight or blend in as just another pedestrian. It's your choice, and, that's the great thing about this game: you decide how to complete each mission. Doug in New York might choose to utilize a helicopter to get him out of a sticky situation whereas Paula in Britain may choose to ride a motorcycle to safety whereas Steve in Iowa may choose to ride in a Fire Truck for extra protection.

    You (Tommy Vercetti) have about 100 missions to complete and they run the gamut from taking out the Haitian Gangs for the Cubans to causing havoc inside the North Point Shopping Mall to dropping fliers promoting a movie that you're producing. To help you along your way, you have an arsenal of about 30 weapons and 100 vehicles. But, don't think that you can just take this town cops are onto you. But, not only the local cops. If you do something really bad the SWAT team will come out. Do something even more terrible and the FBI will hunt you down like a dog. And, that's just the cops. There are rival gangs and thugs to deal with, as well. Your job is to pull off the various missions, while not getting caught or shot.

    Some cool new features that are found in GTA: VC, that weren't in GTA3, include the ability to earn cash from properties that you own, ride various motorcycles and shoot your weapons while on them, and change clothes when you go to a clothes store (which lowers your wanted level). In addition, the Map is much better and there are many interiors that you can play in, not to mention roof tops.

    This game took us about a week of solid game play to get through the story missions. There is still alot that we have to do, though in order to 100% it. It's definitely a buyer if you're over 17 and is a shoe in for game of the year.

    Looking for our GTA: Vice City Walkthrough and Guide? We've moved it here for faster loading purposes.
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