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Onimusha: Warlords > PS2 > Onimusha: Warlords

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Quick Review
Thumbs Up from Jer Thumbs Up from Ali

Ninjas, Ninjas, everywhere Ninjas!!! Ahhh yes, if you like to entertain your fondness for swordsplay, Onimusha Warlords is the game for you.
The graphics are superb, as you will discover immediately in the introduction, a full fledged Ninja war scene. The gameplay, itself, is also on the high end of the rating scale. You alternate between Samanosuke Akechi (our Japanese warrior hero) and his female partner, Kaede, in a quest to save Princess Yuki and her little orphan friend in a world taken over by hellish monsters. Three "powerupable" magic swords with are your main weapons, as they are the most fun to use, but you also have the option of using a gun or arrows.
Controls are great in fighting, but poor in direction. Yet, with enough playing time, any controller obstacle can and should be overlooked.
As the game did only take us eight hours (game time) to complete, we do suggest renting it. Keep in mind, however, that when we say "complete" we mean we killed the big bad guy at the end...there was still a lot of unexplored territory when we returned ours to Blockbuster.
Jer gave this game a bad thumb as he found the game play to be too repetitive, and he's not too crazy about third-person swordsplay.


Cheats and Secrets
Panda Costume
Successfully complete and save the game. Start a new game and the "Samanosuke Normal/Extra" option will be available.
Kaede's Alternate Costume
Successfully complete the game with a perfect grade, "S".
Onimusha 2 Special Trailer
Successfully complete the game with, at least, a grade "B".
Oni Spirit Mini Game
Collect all 20 fluorites during game play. Beat this mini-game to get more weapons/ammo for your next game.
Bishamon Ocarina
In the 20th Level of the Dark Realm. Play the ocarina in the Evil Realm, in front of the door made of bones.
Bishamon Sword
More powerful than all of your other weapons put together, it has speed and unlimited magic. You can get it after you've played the Ocarina in front of the door made of bones.
All 20 Fluorite Locations:

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