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Walkthrough and Guide - Aetha

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Primal Walkthrough Table of Contents
1. Introduction
and Solum
2. Aquis 3. Aetha 4. Volca
* Portal Keep

Look at your map. You have a flashing symbol in the middle. You have to head there.

Go up the stairs behind the Rift Gate. There is an iron gate that you can't open. Turn into Scree and climb the wall around to the other side of the gate. You'll see a lever. Pull it to open the gate.

Still as Scree, approach the ledge and use "X" to turn into stone and deploy the Rope that you got earlier. Turn into Jen and climb down the rope. Turn into Scree and climb down the wall and meet up with Jen.

Follow the wooden pathway and go inside. Together open the gate. Continue along the wooden path and jump the gaps as you come to them.

You'll come upon a Wraith Underling (from now on, known as Wraiths). Try to attack it from behind.

Keep following the path until you come to a courtyard with buildings around it. Fight the 3 Wraiths.

Go behind the center building and you'll see an Eternal Energy Fountain. Power up if you need to.

Facing the center building, behind you is where you entered this area, go along the left wall and find the stairs and go up them. Push open the door.

Go through the archways until you reach the room with the large staircase going up. In this room, you can use Scree to climb the wall to the ledge with the barrels. Break them to reveal an Energy Gem for Jen. Turn back into Ferai Jen and continue up the stairs.

When you get to the room with the leaky roof and rain coming in, there is a door on your right and one on your left. Take the door on your right and you'll be in the Lower Village.

*Lower Village

Fight the Wraiths. Along the same wall as the door you just came through, on the right, is a set of stairs. Go up them and fight the Wraiths. You'll see a wooden bridge. Go across the bridge, fight the Wraiths. To the left of the bridge is a path/Ramp up. Take it. Enter the building. Push open the door and go down the steps. You are now in the Upper Village.

*Upper Village From the steps you just came down, continue moving East. Go up the wooden ramps and follow the wooden path until you get to a large stone archway. If you want, just avoid all the Wraiths that you encounter. Cutscene. You are in the Main Square now.

*Main Square

After the cutscene, head to the south path and go through the archway and onto the wooden bridge. If you look at your map, you'll see that you have a flashing symbol. You are now in the Manor House.

*Manor House

Run up the stairs on the south side of this area. Avoid the Wraiths. Push open the door and enter the house. Go through the door and you'll see the Peasant Wraith scooting away. Follow him. Push open the door and follow the wooden path to the next door. Push it open.

Keep looking at your map and head toward the flashing symbol. Go down the stairs. You are in a wine cellar room with a bunch of large barrels with spigots. Mmmm. Go to the barrels in the SE of the room and pull the spigot on one of the two barrels. A hole in the floor will open. The Peasant Wraith will scold you.

After the cutscene with the Peasant Wraith, go out the NE door and follow the path until you get to an area with more wine barrels. You are now in the Main Square Cellar.

*Main Square Cellar

Go across the broken bridge and you'll automatically jump the gap. Head right up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, cutscene of ghostly wind. After this continue forward and go through the archway on your right. You are in the Cemetary.


Directly North of the flashing symbol, you'll and Eternal Energy Fountain. Head to the flashing symbol on your map by going up the stairs. Another cutscene...there is a restless spirit, blah, blah. You need a sword to help with your "wraith mojo." Basically, you have to find Duke's bones to give him a proper burial.

Head right of the spirit (Duke's) grave toward the stairs. At the base of the stairs you'll see a gravestone. It read, "Laura Croft 2003." Ha ha. Anyway, head up the stairs.

Go through the building, go left, against the building and jump as Ferai Jen up to a ledge. Follow the wooden path around and you'll see a plank. Step out onto the plank and hit "X". This lowers the cage with the bones in it. These are Duke's bones. In the process Scree will lose his left ear. It's really kind of funny. After this cutscene, take the bones down the stairs and drop them into the large hole using "X". You now need a sword and some blessed water.

Look at your map and you'll see a flashing symbol in the Manor House. Backtrack to the Manor House. When you get there, cutscene. The Peasant Wraith will tell you that you have to go to the well in the Main Square to grab the blessed water.

After the cutscene, follow the Peasant Wraith. You'll run into some Wraiths along the way. Take them out. Keep following the Peasant Wraith. When you get to the Main Square, follow the guy to the West. Continue following him until you get to the well. At this point Scree is made to go down the well and collect the water. As Scree, head down. When you reach the water, hit "X" to fill up. Head out.

When you get out, turn into Ferai Jen and take out the Wraiths. Then, just keep on following him until you get the message asking you to save. Do so.

Cutscene. The Peasant Wraith is used as a decoy to attract the Wraith with the glowing (Phantom) Sword. You now have to fight her. After you win, you'll get the Phantom Sword. Unfortunately, the Peasant Wraith decoy is taken away. Oh well. You'll get a cutscene of you two completing Duke's burial. After doing so, you get the Wraith Form. It's purple.

You'll now get some Wraiths to practice your new power on. In this form, you can tap the "Circle" button to move quickly and perform dodges. You can hold down the "circle" button to slow down time.

From Duke's grave, go up the stairs, through the building, head left and go down the path. On your right, you'll see a little covered bridge. Go right (east) through it and work your way up the path, past the trees and up to the stairs on your left.

There is a lever. Pull it together and you'll notice that it only opens up for a second. This is where your new Wraith Power comes in handy. Hold down the "Circle" button to slow down time so that you can get through. Scree should be able to follow you in.

*Dungeon Docks

You'll reach some water. Turn into Undine (Blue) Jen and swim down through the tunnel in front of you. This is named the Dungeon Docks. Surface and turn back into Wraith Jen.

*Flooded Dungeons

Go up the stairs and you'll be in Flooded Dungeons. There will be a Rift Gate and a Summoning Stone to your left (it actually looks more like a Summoning Washing Machine, but whatever).

Directly across from the Summoning Stone is an archway with some stairs leading to water. Turn into Undine Jen and swim right into a room with two Energy Stones, go through the doorway next to the stones, and head left into a room with 3 jail cells.

Now, turn into Scree and enter the water and meet up with Jen. Grab the Energy Stones along the way if you need them.

Turn back into Jen and swim through the broken jail cell to the far left. Swim into the next jail cell and down the hole. You'll be in an open area. Swim as far North as you can go. Surface and make note of the broken jail cell with the light coming out of it. It will be behind you if you're facing the North wall. Swim through broken jail cell with the light and surface onto land. Turn into Wraith Jen.

On your right, you'll see an iron gate. There is enough room on the left of the gate for you to slip by. Do so.

Go to the end of the hall and through the door is a lever. Pull it.

Switch to Scree. This opened the gate in front of Scree. He can now pass through. Go forward and up the stairs and you'll have met up with Jen. Opposite the lever, you'll see a room full of cages. You are now in Cage Chamber.

*Cage Chamber

As Scree, go to the North wall. Climb it to find a Lodestone and an Energy Stone. Now, climb back down and go to the South Wall. Climb up and go onto the ledge and you'll see 7 levers and one broken one.

You need to move the cages using the levers so that Jen can cross. Facing the levers, here's how to do it:
1: As Scree, approach the leftmost lever. Push it LEFT twice and UP once. Turn into Jen. Have her go up to the cage laying on its side and jump up onto the cage you just moved into place. Now, as Scree Pull the lever DOWN once and RIGHT twice.

2: Move to the second lever as Scree and move the lever DOWN twice. As Jen, climb up onto the next cage. As Scree, pull it DOWN twice.

3: Move onto the 3rd lever. Pull it UP once and RIGHT three times. As Jen, jump over to the next cage. As Scree, pull the lever LEFT twice.

4: Move onto the 4th lever. Pull it DOWN twice and RIGHT once. Jump over to the next cage as Jen. As Scree, push it UP once.

5: Onto lever 5. Pull it DOWN once. Jen can now climb up to the next cage and jump across to the one after that. Because we were lined up, we can skip that broken lever.

6: Onto lever 6 (the one to the right of the broken lever). Pull it RIGHT once and DOWN twice. Jen can now fall down to the cage below her. As Scree, push it UP once. Go back to Jen and have her hop up to the next cage.

7: Push it UP once. Jen can now step off onto the ledge. Phew.

As Jen, go along the West wall and side-step against the wall to get by the gap. Drop down the ledge and go into the hall on your right. Change into Scree and climb down and run across the chamber to the North wall. Climb up the wall on the NE side and make your way around to the ledge in the NW of the map. Climb the wall around to meet Jen.

Follow the path to your left. Pick up energy stones if you need them. Hop over the debris using the ledge on the left. Continue down the hallway. You'll soon get to a room with 3 Wraiths to fight. In this room there is a gate you're trying to get through. Pull the lever on the opposite side of the room and hold the "Circle" button to slow down time. Run for the door.

You'll now be in a room with a Summoning Stone and some barrels. Keep going until you get a cutscene. Torture room and talking heads.

*Torture Room

After the cutscene, you'll start out in the Torture Room. You'll have 3 Armored Wraiths to fight. Using the Wraith Dodge is a good tactic here. As soon as they're dead, fill up on energy as quickly as possible. You'll be attacked by another Armored Wraith. When dead, cutscene of talking heads again.

Go up to the last Armored Wraith that you killed and grab a Key off of his body using "X". Also, do some exploring in here. There is a barrel by the door on the East wall. It has a Lodestone inside.

Head to the door in the South corner and push it open (this is what you needed the key for). Go up the stairs, work your way to the Rift Gate. Cutscene of a Wraith joining you.

Now, you have to fight several Armored Wraiths. No advice, really, you know what to do by now. Once they're disposed of, do some exploring. There is a Lodestone inside a barrel in this room.

Approach the North gate and you'll have to fight yet another Armored Wraith. This guy has a mace and a shield. Try to get him from behind. Once he's toast, go through the gate in the North corner and up the stairs.

Keep moving forward and you'll soon get to an Eternal Energy Fountain. You are in Walkway Cells.

*Walkway Cells

Keep moving forward taking either of the 2 paths to get to the other side of the room. Go left to the area with two doors. One is locked. Open the other one and go down some stairs. At the bottom you'll have to fight 2 Armored Wraiths. One of them will have a Key. Grab it. There is also a Lodestone in this room.

Go back up the stairs to the door that was locked. You'll have to fight another Armored Wraith. Do so and go through the tall, previously locked, door.

Run down the path until you get to a large stature with a shiny sword. Have Scree posess it. You need to get the statue to fall over so that it breaks open a door. You use "X" to initially tilt the statue forward, then, each time it reaches the center-point (when the base is flat on the ground), press "X". Do this until the statue falls over.

Go through the opening that it created. You will be in Upper Cells. You will have an Armored Wraith and two Wraith Guards blocking the large golden/brown/yellow double door that you want to get through. Fight them off. Go through the door. The Wraith who has been with you will leave. Run up the stairs. Jen will get captured.

After the cutscene, you need to rescue Jen. You are automatically Scree. You are in the Mansion.


You are in the West Wing. It has a shiny floor. In one of the treasure chests there is some energy.

Go out into the courtyard. On the right is a Rift Gate. There is a Lodestone near the Rift Gate behind some bushes. Go to the other side of the courtyard to find an Eternal Energy Fountain.

Go up the stairs and inside. There are some hanging heads in here. Go downstairs and in one of the treasure chests there is a Lodestone. Go back up the stairs and through the door in front of you. It has an outline of red, green, and white. You are now in the Library.

Go up the stairs and follow the balcony around to the statue/bust. It's the Bust of Raum. Use "X" to push it. Just past the bust is an Energy Gem, grab it.

Go down the stairs to the lower level of the Library. Go right and behind the stairs to find the passageway you opened up by pushing the Bust of Raum.

Go down the passageway and you'll come out in the Armoury. There is a Lodestone in the middle chest on the right. Go to the end of the room and up the stairs. Continue up and find the wooden door on your left. You are now in the Ballroom. Creepy, la, la, la, la...da, da...da, da.

After the cutscene, go left and open the chest to get an Energy Gem for Jen. Go through the open door. There is red-patterned carpet in this room. Run around to the other side until you find the door that leads out to the Main Courtyard.

Go right and grab the Lodestone. Climb the wall right next to the Lodestone and move around to the ledge with the Energy Stone on it. Go up the ladder. Go up and to the right, up the gutter and climb up the wall to the open window. Go in.

Head left and go down the stairs. Then, work your way up the stairs going around. You'll pass some hanging heads. Go to the door and go through it. You are now in Raum's Laboratory.

Walk up the steps on the central structure and cutscene. You'll see Jen is inside the statue. Jen will be freed. There is a Lodestone and an Energy Gem in this room. However, Jen lost her bracelets and can't turn into any forms now.

*Getting Jen's Bracelets Back

Exit out of the lab and go down the stairs, all the way down to the tiled floor (we ran past it before). Go through the opening and down the green hall and down the steps. You'll get to a door that leads to the Ballroom. Open it and go through.

Go right and through the door, backtracking out to the Main Courtyard via the door at the back of the red-patterened carpet room.

Once in the Main Courtyard, head left around the path until you get to a Lodestone. To the left of the Lodestone is an open door. Go inside. Go left and down the stairs to a double door. Open it together.

You are now in the Banquet Hall. Run through the Banquet Hall, past the stairs going down, and into the room with a piano, fireplace, treasure chest with a Lodestone and stairs going up.

Go up the stairs until you get to a bedroom: Raum and Empusa's Bedroom. There is a Lodestone in the North corner of the room. Walk into the east small room of the bedroom to get a cutscene. You'll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Wait, you do have somewhere to to the Ballroom.

Backtrack through the Banquet Hall, the Main Courtyard, the red-carpeted room, and approach the Ballroom for a cutscene. Jen will grab the Key from Count Raum.

You start in a room with a Rift Gate in front of you. Head right. Go down the stairs. Go through the hallway and you'll soon see a large solar system sphere statue. Go through this room and keep going down the hall. Go up the stairs (you'll be in the fireplace/piano room again). Keep going up the stairs toward Raum and Empusa's Bedroom.

Cutscene, Laboratory, Jen gets her bracelets back. Yay!

*Finding Elizabeth's Chambers

Exit Raum's Lab and go down the stairs. You'll run into some Armored Wraiths. Go by them if you like. Go down the green hall and down the stairs and you'll be in the upper area of the Ballroom. Fight off the Wraiths. Go through the door and down the stairs to the room right outside of the Ballroom. There will be several Armored Wraiths to kill. Do so. One of them has a Key that you need. After you kill them, grab the key.

Now that you have the key, exit out to the Main Courtyard. In the fountain full of blood is an Energy Gem. From where you entered the Courtyard, head right and go through the door and into the Library.

Go down the stairs toward the double door and fight the guard in front of it. Go through the double doors (this is what you needed the key for). You are in a gallery room. Go up the stairs. Go past the Wraith Guard and go up the stairs. You'll get a cutscene with Elizabeth. She gives you a Key to the Dark Maze.

*Heading to the Dark Maze

After the cutscene, fight the Armored Wraiths. Go down the stairs, back into the gallery room, and through the open doors into the red-floored hallway. You'll reach a room with a large red bush in it. Go to the right and out the door into the courtyard with the Rift Gate.

Activate the Rift Gate and go to "Mansion East Wing." Look at your map. You'll see a flashing symbol in the Banquet Hall. From the Rift Gate, go left, down the stairs through the hallway. You'll have to fight an Armored Wraith. Continue down the hallway and you'll get to the golden solar system sphere statue.

In the golden sphere room, you'll have to fight about 6 Armored Wraiths. Once they're dead, kill the Wraith Guard (or run by him) and go up to the black iron gate. Then, use the Key you got from Elizabeth on the gate.

*Dark Maze

Move forward and take the second path on your right. Take it until a side path opens up on your left. Take it.

Move forward a short distance and you'll come to a fork. Go left then quickly make another left. The end of this path will fork. This time, we're going right and heading for the wall. Just keep following this path forward (don't be confused by the number of dead ends they throw in there). You'll eventually get yourself up to the wall again. Keep going forward.

Now, go down the first path on your right, then, at the building, head left. Keep heading left until you hit the red wall. Now, turn left again.

Take a right at your first opportunity. Now you are in an open area with a lever. Pull the lever with "X". Now the maze has moved, and you must find another lever. Great. There's one path to take. Take it to the beginning.

From the beginning, take the second left. Continue down until you come to a new path on your right. Take it, then make another quick right.

At the fork, head left toward the building, then follow this path around through the small clearing, past the first path to your left, to the second path to your left. Go left, take your first right, then another quick right. Now, take the left path.

Take the first left path available to you, then head right. You're heading toward a wall. Run along the wall to your right and You've opened up the maze and you can now access the double doors across the Dark Maze. Phew.

You can only take one path back to the beginning. Do so, then walk forward toward the double doors. On the left of the doors is an Eternal Energy Fountain. To the right is a Summoning Stone. Go through the double doors.

Head left and go down the stairs. You'll see a Wraith Guard blocking the doorway. Run by him if you can, and run through the room. There are 4 Armored Wraiths to fight. After they're dead, go through the double doors.

Go down the stairs. Fight the guy with the spear gun and continue down. You will have found the Blood Machine that everyone has been talking about.

Approach the Blood Machine and cutscene. You'll meet back up with the Peasant Wraith that we followed a long time ago. He explains that you have to head back to the Ballroom to fight Raum and Empusa.

Backtrack out of the Blood Machine, through the Dark Maze, inside into the room with the golden sphere. From this room, go right and down the hallway up some stairs, through the Banquet Hall, up the stairs, outside to the upper balcony of the Main Courtyard, inside again to the room right outside the ballroom (with the red-patterened carpet) and into the Ballroom. You'll be asked to save. Do so.

*Raum and Empusa Ballroom Fight

Go for Empusa first. Raum will hover around and generally leave you alone for now. After you defeat them, you get a cutscene and you're taken out a Rift Gate. You meet up with Lewis. You are back in the Nexus. Follow Scree to the next Rift Gate. You have entered Volca.

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