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Silent Hill 3 Strategy Guide
Silent Hill and Brookhaven Hospital

Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill 3
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Silent Hill 3 >
5. Silent Hill and Brookhaven Hospital

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1. Introduction and Tips
2. The Dream and Central Square Shopping Center
3. Subway
4. Construction Site and Hilltop Offices
5. Silent Hill and Brookhaven Hospital
6. Lakeside Amusement Park and the Chapel
7. Silent Hill 3 Review and Resources
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Silent Hill and Brookhaven Hospital

Hmmm. It looks a little nicer out here, even though we don't have a map. Head left down the street all until you get to an alley on your left side. Move forward and you'll come to a little landing with a door up on it. These are the Daisy Villa Apartments. This is where Heather's House Key says she lives. There's really only one path you can take. By the elevator is a Save, "The Apartment Hall". Keep moving in the hall. The camera will focus on the door which is your apartment. Go ahead and use your House Key on it.

In your apartment Heather speaks to her dad, surprisingly calmly for what has happened to her. Of course, her dad is toast. Now there's emotion. The cutscene continues and you'll meet Claudia/Mom. She's off to a small town called "Silent Hill". Just great. She leaves you do defend yourself against Spazzy Blades Hands, your second BOSS. Pull out your SHOTGUN and shoot Spazzy Blade Hands any time you get an opportunity. He will block you at times. We suggest aiming for him when he charges you, then when his back is to you. Simply avoid his slashes. Not too tough.

After killing the second boss, there will be a cutscene. You and Mr. Detective again. You discuss the fact that you're going to Silent Hill. Lame.

Daisy Villa Apartments

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After the cut scene you are in a bedroom. Exit and go across the living room to your bedroom. Grab the STUN GUN and the STUN GUN BATTERIES. Exit out and exit the apartment into the hall. Go down the hall and Save at the Save Point. Just so we don't have to go through any of that again. Exit out the door next to the Save Symbol. Cut scene with the detective. He gives you a MAP and something that your father was holding when he was murdered. You will get a long movie of the two of them in the car. Heather is a baby of a god of a god or the baby god of a god or the god of a baby god or something; all because Silent Hill has it's very own ancient god which they can summon. That's a problem for any town. Anyway, you need to head to the Hospital. I'm scared.

Silent Hill
You start off in a Motel Room. There is a SAVE (Motel) in here. Exit out the door. Open up your map. Does it look familiar? We are in Jack's Inn and we need to get to Brookhaven Hospital. Exit out and find Nathan Ave to the North. Take it to the West. Then when you come to Carroll St. go South and you'll soon be at Brookhaven Hospital. The camera angle will change when you're near the door, so you'll know where to enter. Enter.

Brookhaven Hospital
Go straight and through the door in front of you and to the right a tad. It's a SAVE POINT (Hospital Office). There is also HEALTH in here and the BROOKHAVEN HOSPITAL MAP. And, all the rooms are labeled, yay! We'll be referring to rooms from now on, so look at your MAP if you're confused.

We are in the Reception Office. Exit out. Watch out! Nurse Zombies with clubs! Or are they Zombie Nurses with clubs? Either way beat them down with your Steel Pipe or Katana. Don't waste any ammo on them. Go West then South to the Visiting Room. There is a scary Barbie doll on the desk with a journal next to it. Read the journal, "Stanley's Diary." You can't pick up the doll, just so you know. Exit out.

Work your way around this cluster of rooms and over to the Doctors' Lounge. On the coffee table is a memo, "About Leonard and Stanley". In it you will find Leonard is in S12 and may be suffering from schitzophronia. Stanley is in S07. He's obsessive. Good to know. Remember, think happy thoughts. It's just a game. From the Mini Fridge you'll find Health. That's all for the lounge. Exit out.

Head west and to the C Hallway. When you pass through the door you'll have two Zombie nurses to take out. Do so. Work your way down the hall and enter C2. You'll have to kill 3 nurse zombies. Use some Shotgun action and then some Katana action. Nothing in here other than an AMPOULE. Exit back to the hallway.

Go into C4. Another doll and diary (Stanley's Diary Room C4). Now, look at the jumble of items glued to the wall. There is a key there. We need something to pull the key off the wall. You still can't take the doll. Exit out.

Go back to the working elevator in the East. Go up to the 2nd Floor. Head North to the Women's Locker Room. Enter. Grab the NAIL POLISH REMOVER and PERFUME. Exit out and go to the elevator. Go back down to the 1st Floor and go to C4. "Use" the NAIL POLISH REMOVER on the glued key. You'll get the STAIRWELL KEY.

Go back up to the 2nd Floor. Head West along the hallway. On your way you will see another doll and diary (Stanley's Diary East Hall). This is getting creepy. Stanley mentions something about a code. Next to the diary is a locked door. You need to solve a riddle on the bulletin board to pass through.

Brookhaven Riddle




Go through the door and go into Examining Room 3. On a table you will find "Memo about the corpse." The corpse is in the room you are in but all of his stuff is in room M4.

Exit back to the hallway, take out the nurse zombies, and enter room M4. An alarm clock will go off. Take note of the time on teh clock: 9:05. You can also turn it off. Do so unless you want to go mad. You'll also find another one of Stanley's Diaries and a spooky doll. On the bed is a briefcase. Enter the time that you just noted from the alarm clock. We got 9:05 on the clock so the four digit code was 0905. Inside the Attache Case is an INSTANT CAMERA.

Go back to the 1st Floor using the East elevator. Go to the stairwell adjacent to Examining Room 2. Use your Stairwell Key and go down to the Basement. In the hallway are some Submachine Gun Ammo. Go by the bloody wheelchair and grab the SUBMACHINE GUN. Enter the Southern Storeroom. Find the suspicious space and use your Instant Camera. This will reveal a four digit code. For us it is 4185. It's probably different for everybody.

That's it down here for now. Take the stairs up to the 3rd Floor. Go into the Store Room. This is a SAVE (Hospital Storage Room). There is some HEALTH in here and a STUN BATTERY. Exit out and go to the Special Treatment room. There are 4 padded rooms in here. Go through the last door. Another freaky Stanly Diary and doll.

Exit out and head West to the patient wing. Use the 4 digit code from the Instant Camera. Enter S1. There is some HEALTH and a Hope House Article in here. Exit out. On the bench across from S4 is some BEEF JERKY. Go into S7. Another Stanley Diary. But this time the doll is broken. This can't be good. Continue West and beat up the nurse zombie with the gun. Enter S12. A phone will ring. Pick it up. The guy on the line thinks you're Claudia. You tell him you're Heather. It's Claudia's father. He tells you that he will help and that he has a seal and that he's at the end of the 2nd Floor. Exit out. That's pretty much everything here on the 3rd Floor.

Go down to the 2nd Floor using the stairwell. Go all the way West and go through the door at the end of the "M" hallway. You are guided by the gates in a way. If it opens, go through it. If it doesn't go by it. You'll soon reach a regular door. Go through it. More gates. Find the next door. More gates. Find the next door. Run until you find a Save Symbol. This isn't actually a save, though. It just triggers a movie.

Scary Brookhaven Hospital

We are on the 3rd Floor. Go down the now open hall and go through the door. Go up the ladder to the top. Go through the door. Go into S3. It's a SAVE room (Room S03). You'll also get some AMMO. Go into Examining Room 4. There is a dead body hanging upside down dripping blood into a bucket. We'll need to come back here. But, for now, exit out and enter the Day Room. Work your way around to the other door and you are now on the East side. Watch out for the crawly guy things. Enter the Store Room. Scary stuff. Don't stay too long or your health will be hurt. Exit out and go to the elevator and go down to the 2nd Floor.

You are on the 2nd Floor. Go to the Women's Locker Room. Look around for the PLASTIC BAG and some HEALTH. Exit and go to the Men's Locker Room. Answer the ringing locker. Happy Birthday, kind of. Nothing else in here. Exit out and go back up to the 3rd floor and go into Examining Room 4. Use the PLASTIC BAG to gather blood from the bucket. Yuck.

We now have to head for the basement. Work your way back to the elevator and take it down to B3. This is the Crematorium.

Crematorium Key Puzzle

Go over to the oven and examine it. There's an image here, and you'll notice some Roman Numerals etched into it, I, II, III and IV. Look closer and you'll see the numbers, themselves, are etched into a grid of sorts. The grid relates directly to the bodies in the crematorium. For example, for us, the "I" was in the bottom right corner of the diagram. The bottom of the room is the elevator wall. Go to this bed in the right corner. There's a number on it. It was "0". Therefore, the first number in our code is "0". Go ahead and collect the rest of your digits accordingly. Our resulting code was "0957". But the "Normal" code is random, so you'll have to figure it out on your own based on the information we have given you.

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You don't have to solve anything. You'll just get the key.

There's a poem pinned up on the oven. Read it, then go around to the bodies and notice they all have "poems", too. Again, read the poem on the oven. There are four verses referring to birds on the oven door. There are four numbers on the lock. See a connection. Now, match the versus with what's pinned on the bodies, and notice the numbers on the bodies. The versus on the oven correspond to the following: Wren, Owl, Linnet, Sparrow. This means the code is: 9271.

Now go to the keypad on the oven and line these digits up down the center. It will unlock. Hit "X" to open her up. Inside, you will find the CREMATED KEY.

We're needing a Save. Go back up the elevator to the first floor. Head to the Examination Room 1, just around the corner. This is our Save point, "Exam Room". Exit out and head to the east door of the Day Room. Use your CREMATED KEY to pass through. Exit out into the "C" Corridor. Go into C1. Fight the Zombie Nurses and collect the HEALTH. You'll also find a Birthday Card on the floor that says "Happy 38th Birthday. 14 + 7 + 17 = 38?". Alrighty then. Exit out and head to C4.

In C4, Save if you care to ("Room C4"), as we will be meeting Boss #3 momentarily. There's a stretcher here that resembles an alter. There's also a book of "Lost Memories", all about sacrifice. And, with that, go to the Alter Stretcher and use your PLASTIC BAG OF BLOOD. This will reveal a ladder. Climb down. Here you will meet Leonard, your creepy patriarch. He has a seal. Fine. After a conversation, it's time to fight Boss #3, Leonard. Leonard is a piece of cake to toast. Simply shoot him. We used a combination of our SubMachine Gun, and HandGun. Shoot until he goes down, then watch his underwater movements so he doesn't pop up and get you. There's no use trying to shoot him underwater. Just keep shooting when he pops and eventually, he'll die. It may take some time, but it's pretty hard for him to hurt you.

Once Leonard is dead, you'll get a cutscene. The Hospital is back to normal...whatever that means. Leonard is gone, but he has left you his seal, or TALISMAN. YAY! Before exiting the Hospital to head back to the Motel, I suggest popping in on the Reception room and saving.

Exit the Hospital and you'll get a cut scene between Claudia and Vincent. They seem to be in the Motel. That's where we're headed. Go to Jacks Inn. If you don't know where it is look at your map. This is where we came from. So, go back there.

At the Inn, go into Room 106 and you'll find Vincent. He tells you Douglas left a message: "The Church in on the other side of the Lake." Apparently, that's where Claudia is. But to get there, you must pass through the Amusement Park. You must head NW up Nathan Ave. Eventually you'll walk into a cutscene of you entering the

LakeSide Amusement Park. This is pretty much where we entered the game, in the dream state many scary days ago.

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