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Silent Hill 3 Strategy Guide
Lakeside Amusement Park and the Chapel

Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill 3
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Silent Hill 3 >
6. Lakeside Amusement Park and the Chapel

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1. Introduction and Tips
2. The Dream and Central Square Shopping Center
3. Subway
4. Construction Site and Hilltop Offices
5. Silent Hill and Brookhaven Hospital
6. Lakeside Amusement Park and the Chapel
7. Silent Hill 3 Review and Resources
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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Silent Hill 3"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Introduction and Tips

LakeSide Amusement Park
You'll see some Jam-lovin' Pink Bunnies (that is Jam on their faces, right?). Like before, go through the green-lettered "Souvenir Shop" door by the bench. You'll find a huge arm monster. Take it out. Work your way around to the right until you find the unlocked door to the Souvenir Shop. On the inside gather the AMPOULE, HEALTH, BEEF JERKY, AMMO and most importantly, check out the fallen boxes near the SAVE for a ROLLER COASTER KEY. Save.

Exit out of the shop and head right until you get the door that says "Mountain Coaster." Actually, the sign to the left of the door reads "Mountain Coaster," the door is just to the right of the sign. Go through.

Walk up to the a jar gate and pass through. There will be blade spiders around. Go left and up the stairs and you'll automatically use the Roller Coaster Key on the control room. Turn off the power. Take the HEALTH. Go through the ajar gate and you are now on the roller coaster tracks themselves. Follow the tracks until you get a cut scene of the power going back on and a roller coaster pushing you off the tracks. The cut scene is of Douglas and Claudia.

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You start back up right in front of a ticket booth. Behind you and to your right is a door with lanterns on each side of it. This is the Haunted Mansion. Enter. There is a SAVE on your left. Go beyond the save and enter the Mansion. Go through the next door and you'll be in a dining room set up and you'll be told of a guy who killed his family, or did he? Anyway, go through the next door. It's a kind of lawyer office. As you walk something will drop in on you. Mwahahahaha! Go through the door opposite the hanging guy, Danny. Work you way through the jail cells. Go through the "exit" door. It's not really the exit. In fact, you will be chased by a red death. Run like hell or you will die when the red death catches up with you. A wall or two will swing open to redirect you, so keep going forward. Just past the first door that you see will be another door with steps leading up to it. That's the one you want. Go through. More red death. Run until you get to a door. Go through and you are now back outside. Phew...kinda.

There are a bunch of huge armed monster around. Run forward and to the left, avoiding the monsters. You'll see the green wooden fence and the pathway goes off to the left. Follow the pathway. There is now a ticket booth on your right and several split head dogs. Run straight forward and then left. There is an iron bar gate on your left. Go through it. Again, run straight and go through the double iron bar gate. On your left is a bench with Shotgun AMMO and HEALTH. There won't be any monsters bothering you now.

You are in a small musical stage area. There is a stage and some bleachers. Go up onto the stage and grab the RED SHOE. Then, look closely at all of the bleachers. There is a CHAIN on one of them. Grab it.

Exit out of this stage area via the double gate. Run straight forward and go through the iron bar gate. From that gate, run straight and to the left a little. You'll find another barred gate on your left with a "Closed" sign on it. Here's where the CHAIN comes in handy. Just for reference, directly to the right of you is the "Swing Rocket" ride. Anyway, "use" the Chain on the gate. It will be connected, but dangling. The Chain is still in your inventory, though. So, go up to the Swing Rocket ride and approach the middle column. "Use" the Chain again on the middle column of the ride. Now, to the right of the stairs leading to the ride is a control booth. Turn the power on and the gate will be opened for you. Go through.

You'll find Douglas. Cut scene. His leg is hurt. Blah blah. Go through the gate in front of you and go right into the Fortune House. Pick up DOUGLAS'S NOTEBOOK and the DOLL HEAD. There is also a SAVE (Fortuneteller) here. Save. Exit out.

Exit out and go into the building on your right. There are some statues there: One of Cinderella and one of Snow White. There are also lots of gnome statues. Eek! Just past the statues are some photos on the floor. Take a look at them. Anyway, "use" the Red Shoe on Cinderella and "use" the Doll Head on Snow White. No go left on the train tracks and through the door. Go forward and find the iron bar gate and go through.

There is some HEALTH on the bench on your left. Run forward to the Carousel and enter the Carousel. It'll start moving. Search the horses until you find one with a memo nailed to its side. It tells you that you will die soon. In other words, take out your Katana or Steel Pipe and start beating the horses so that you won't die. When a horse stops moving, move on to the next one. Do this until you get a cut scene.

Boss Number 4. It's an alternate you. A scary creepy version of you. If you read Douglas's Journal you'll know that "Alessa" used to be your name and that "Heather" was just a fake name. So, you're fighting Alessa. Use your Shotgun first if you have Ammo. Then, move on to the Handgun or Katana. Kill her and another alternate you will show up, this time with a handgun of her own. Kill her and a 3rd one will appear, this time with a Steel Pipe. A 4th one appears with a Submachine gun. Just stay close to her so that she can't shoot you. After you kill this one the Boss fight will be over.

Look on the ground for something written in blood...it's signed Alessa. Nothing important, just take note of it. Exit the Carousel and go straight down the hallway and through the door. More writings on the wall. Read them if you like. Go up the stairs, read the writing on the door and go through. You are in a Church.

The Chapel
Claudia will talk to you. You'll say that you are Alessa and that Claudia is your sister. Ahhh. Now I see. Claudia will walk away. Go up to the altar and SAVE (Chapel).

Behind the alter is the "EYE OF NIGHT" TAROT CARD. Examine it. Facing the alter from the pews, go through the door to the right of the alter. Inside you will find the CHURCH MAP done in crayon. Nice. Go into the confessional behind the map. Inside, hit "X". Claudia is confessing. You have a choice here that will determine slightly different endings. We opted for the "I forgive" option because, well, we're forgiving people when the end of the world is coming.

Exit the confessional and head east, then south, down the hall. The door at the end of the hall is locked. Go through the unlocked door in the eastern offshoot. There's a monster. We ignored him and passed through the next door. We are heading east. To the north and south are inside out Sumo Monsters. Go ahead and toast them. Once you've cleared them out, head through the north door.

Follow the hallway north. You'll hear crying. Great. In this room is a large Save (Belfry) in front of you. Check out the pictures. Exit out and head back out into the hall. Check out the wheelchair. Slow down when the crying is loudest and look at the tiles. Footstep will appear and they lead to the Angel Picture. Move the Angel Picture and pass through the door.

Pass through the door in front of you. Follow the path. You'll run into a monster. Whatever. Pass through the last door on your right. You are in the Library. Check out the books for some Tarot and Silent Hill background. Pick up the "MOON" TAROT CARD. When you do this, someone will join you in the Library. It's Vincent. He messes with you a little bit. Great guy. He asks of you got the SEAL OF METRATON. You do. He then gives you a book, BOOK: OTHERWORLD LAWS. It speaks of the SEAL. OK.

Exit out and check your map. You'll see a small room off the north/south section of hallway. Go to it. It's an elevator. Enter it and ride down. Head north and through the door. Run straight and through the door. You'll find the "HANGED MAN" TAROT CARD on a body. You'll also find some SHOTGUN AMMO. Exit out and head down the southern hall. Go through the door. On the bed is Heather's Dad's Diary. There is mention of Cheryl, Alessa, and Heather. How many reincarnations are there? Geez. Grab the STUN BATTERIES.

Head back to the elevator. Don't use it, just head back there. Continue by it and then go East down the path and go into the second door from the end. This is another hallway/path. Follow this hallway to the end and go through the door there. You are now in an E/W hallway/path. Go all the way West and then take the South path. Go through the door.

You are in a bedroom. There is a memo from your Dad from 17 years ago on the desk. On the bed is your old sketchbook. Sketchy! (I couldn't resist). Anyway, it's a riddle telling you about the 5 Tarot Cards that you need. Go up to the wall with the butterflies on it and grab the BRASS KEY. To the left of the key is a SAVE (Alessa's Room). Now, look at the other door in this room. There are places where you can put Tarot Cards. We're going to be coming back here eventually.

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Exit out of the bedroom and go to the E/W hallway and go into the door on your right and you'll be in a large room with 2 huge armed monsters. Avoid them and go through the door on the South of the room. Move forward slowly and listen and watch for the bloody footprints to appear. Follow them to the hidden door. Hit "X" to enter. Go through the next door and you'll be in another bedroom. Look at the book on the chair. You'll find the "FOOL" TAROT CARD. The book tells of a red liquid in a crystal that protects from evil spirits. Does you Pendant ring a bell? Anyway get the two AMPOULES on the desk. Pick up the AMMO on the shelf. Check out the bed. Apparently, Alessa (you) spent 7 long bloody years on that bed. Yikes. Exit out.

Go to the elevator and take it back up. Head right, then through the door to the east/west hall. Head west and through the door at the end of the hall. Now, head south, through the door, and continue south. At the dead end is a door on your left. Enter the room and locate the CASSETTE TAPE. Next to the CASSETTE TAPE you'll find papers. There's also AMMO in this room. Exit this room and head west. Use the classroom to work your way around, exit out, then use your BRASS KEY on the locked door to the south. Continue moving south to the southern most room. Grab the "HIGH PRIESTESS" TAROT CARD on the bed. Exit out and go into the room just north of you. There are papers on the desk. There's a Tape Deck on the shelf. Also, grab the HEALTH. Insert your CASSETTE TAPE. OK. Now that we've done all of this, it's time to go back to the Alessa's Room. You may care to Save before you do. Backtrack down the elevator and locate the Tarot Room, with the Save Symbol. Enter it.

Tarot Card Puzzle

Let's reread the sketchbook, as it is the only thing we have to tell you about the position of the cards. Decifering the sketchbook, we found: Top-Left is the EYE OF NIGHT. Top-Right is the MOON. Middle-Left is the HIGH PRIESTESS. Middle-Right is the FOOL. Bottom-Middle is the HANGED MAN. This will unlock the door. Again, save if you'd care to do so.

The pictures are there for you. Just line them up. Your results will be: Top-Left is the FOOL. Top-Right is the MOON. Middle-Middle is EYE OF NIGHT. Bottom-Left is the HANGED MAN. Bottom-Right is the HIGH PRIESTESS.

The sketchbook shows you many letters, and the Tarot Cards are numbered. Delete all numbers not represented on the cards, and delete all of the "0"'s, except the center one. You're left with a few scattered letters. Stick those in the same sections together (ie, top-left has an I on top and an I on the bottom, make it II). Now, take away all numbers which aren't represented on the cards, then place the cards in place with their corresponding numbers. The results are as follows: Top-Left is theHIGH PRIESTESS. Middle-Middle is the FOOL. Middle-Right is the MOON. Bottom-Left is the HANGED-MAN. Bottom-Middle is the EYE OF NIGHT.

Pass through the newly unlocked door and move down the stairs. Just keep following the path to the double doors. Here will be another cutscene between Claudia and Vincent. Fight, fight, fight. Whatever. Heather enters. Vincent is killed. More "God" talk. A not dead yet Vincent recommends using the SEAL, then is really killed. Heather will transform a little, then come back. When you gain control of her, go into your Inventory and Use your PENDANT...and get ready for the nastiest thing you've ever dealt with in a video game. Heather swallows the Red Marble inside the PENDANT, and, somehow, regurgitates a baby God. As if that's not gross enough, sis goes ahead and eats it. Lovely. Class act. Claudia is grabbed and pulled down. You must jump in and follow her.

Below, you will find Claudia's clothes, and you will meet your FINAL BOSS: GOD. Your goal here is to avoid her arms, and avoid the fire she produces when you knock her down. Shoot her while she's up (about two handgun shots), and this seems to make her lower her body to where you can really do some damage, when she lowers her head. At this time, shoot her head with the HANDGUN. You can get five or six shots into her when she lowers. We had SHOTGUN AMMO at this time, but using the shotgun made it difficult to run, and the shots didn't seem to be hitting her directly. So we opted for the HANDGUN. If you're low on AMMO, and you have her down, you can use your MAUL from the side...it gives you a nice distance. Just repeat the process until God dies. Way to go. I guess you'll be going to hell. On "Normal" we used approximately 80 bullets in the process. Nice work. You've completely a pretty disturbing game. Now, go outside and play. Oh, but you may want to watch the credits before you do that.

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