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Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
Hall of Seasons (and all the Seasons)

Tomb Raider: AOD
Tomb Raider: AOD
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Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness >
9. Hall of Seasons (and all the Seasons)

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1. Parisian Back Streets
2. Derelict Apartment Block, Industrial Rooftops and Margot Carvier's Apartment
3. Parisian Ghetto and Le Serpent Rouge
4. St. Aicard's Graveyard, Bouchard's Hideout and St. Aicard's Church
5. Louvre Storm Drains
6. Louvre Galleries
7. The Archaelogical Dig
8. Tomb of the Ancients
9. Hall of Seasons (and all the Seasons)
10. Galleries Under Siege and Von Croy's Apartment
11. The Monstrum Crimescene
12. Strahov Fortress
13. The Bio-Research Facility and The Sanitarium
14. Maximum Containment Area and The Aquatic Research Facility
15. The Vault of Trophies
16. Boaz Returns, The Lost Domain and Eckhardt's Lab
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Hall of Seasons (and all the Seasons)

* Hall of Seasons

Enter this room and notice a bad knight after you again (you're still ignoring him) and and interesting central structure. The central structure has for depressable stones. One for each season. Go ahead and press the one with what looks like three gusts of wind. This will open up three doors next to your entrance. Pass through the one closest to the entrance and pull the lever. This will raise a few gates. Pass through the first one, then turn right. You'll be taken to the Breath of Hades.

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* The Breath of Hades

Oy, this is ugly. Go through the door, then sneak around the corner to the right. Here you'll find a section of wall you can push back. Do so and you'll find a lever. Pull it and the door across the way will open up and logs will be raised, allowing you to jump over there. Remember, just because all of those logs raised up, you don't have to use each and every one. I made it across by jumping on two logs then hitting the ledge on the other side. Also, the gusts don't really affect you, so don't worry too much about them.

On the other side, go up the stairs and collect the Air Crystal. That's all we came for, now turn around, work your way back across the logs and exit out back into the Hall of Seasons. Go to your original entrance and place the Air Crystal in the appropriate frame. Now, run to the pressure stones in the middle and hit the one with three waves. Head to the leftmost door of the three you opened up and pull the lever. Now, pass through the newly raised gate and head left through the door. You are now in Neptune's Hall.

* Neptune's Hall

In front of you is a nasty fire sword knight. Just run past him and jump into the the water below the spouting fall. Swim down to the open area, then through the open door (look out for the spikes). In this room is a lever. Pull it and you'll see some water rise up. Swim back up to the water spout and out to Mr. Fire Sword.

Look down. This is where you raised the water, so jump down into it. Look around. You'll see a small opening in a "corner" by some seaweed. Swim through the opening and pull the lever. More water. Swim out and get some air.

At the surface, look around for open doors. Facing the little devil statue and (what looks like) a coffin in the water, you want the first door above and to the left of this (not the one directly above it). Climb up to the ledge and pass through. You should find yourself in a pipe. Head left then drop down the hole. Swim down, then forward, then down the next hole. If you need air, pass through the hole in the gate behind you. There's an air pocket just beyond it.

Head back out and forward. Here are some pretty nasty spikes. Avoid them as best you can and swim through the hole in the next gate. You'll reach a fork. To your right is a short tunnel leading to an air pocket. Take it, get some air, then swim down the opposite tunnel. At the end of this tunnel you will be below the large room with the circular grate at the bottom. In this room is a central pedestal of sorts. Swim up to it and collect the Water Crystal. This will make the grate open up and you can swim directly up. BUT, before you do, look on the sides of the pedestal for another lever. When you find it, pull it and that coffin looking thing under the devil statue will move revealing a new path. So, swim up, get some air, then head down the new pathway.

In this new path area don't be fooled by the lever, as we've already been here before. Instead of swimming through the spikes to get to the lever, just look up. You'll see a hole in the ceiling. Swim up and you'll emerge from the water onto dry land...right by Mr. Fire Pants. Run out of the area and into the Hall of Seasons.

* Hall of Seasons

Back here again. You know the routine. Place your new crystal in the right frame in the entryway, then press down the next stone (if we're moving in a clockwise rotation). Go to the middle door of the three that you just opened up, pull the lever then go through the door in front of you. You have entered Wrath of the Beast. Lovely.

* Wrath of the Beast

Move forward and you'll get a cutscene of the statue and floor in front of you crumbling. Of course it did. Otherwise it would just be too easy.

Drop down to your left and work your way around the ledge. Jump the gap. Run across this structure quickly, then jump to the small ledge along the wall. Wall sneak along the small ledge here. Once on larger ground, you're going to have to jump again. However, move to the edge and ride the section as it crumbles. Jump onto the pillar it takes you to, then quickly jump right. Get to the second half of this little structure to rest, as the first half will crumble. Rest for a second then jump forward and quickly head right. Jump onto the narrow little section and pull yourself up. In front of you is a little stair structure. The first stair will fall, so be warned. Get to that second stair. Turn right and jump to the next ledge. It will fall, but you have some time to make it to the next ledge, then up to the bridge in front of you. Sadly, you can't jump directly forward. Instead, angle it slightly to the right so you can catch the flat section of bridge and pull yourself up. Immediately run toward the door as the bridge will collapse. At the door pick up the Earth Crystal. Doing this will raise the floor back up. It will also summon three fire knights. Boo! Avoid them and run to the lever on your right. Pull it, then run to the other side of the room and pull the other lever. If you get set on fire during this time, just run under the running water. Pulling both the levers will open up the door and you can exit out to the Hall of Seasons.

* Hall of Seasons

Place your Earth Crystal and depress the final pressure plate (looks like a snowflake). Head through the rightmost door of the three you opened, pull the lever and go through the doorway to The Sanctuary of Flame.

* Sanctuary of Flame

Although this trial looks intimidating, crossing this lava pit is nothing compared to what we just went through. Really, just work your way across jumping onto the platforms. At the end, grab the Fire Crystal. On the way back we have more of a challenge. Get onto the platform in front of you, then jump to the small one to your right. Two platforms should form above it. Pull yourself up, then jump across to another set. From here, go toward the lower platforms in the center. When you land on them just wait and more platforms will appear. Move forward then left. Wait for more platforms to appear. Jump to them, then you should find yourself in reach of more stable ground. Run forward and out the door.

* Hall of Seasons

OK, it's time to place the Fire Crystal in the appropriate slot. When you do, you'll see a door being unlocked. Question being, where is that door?

Head back to the center of the room and, once again, depress the stone with the three gusts of wind on it (the first one we pressed). Now, run to the middle door of the three it opened and pull the lever. Now, instead of opening a door, you'll fall downwards. Move forward and slide down the hall.

In front of you will be a Large Health. Take it and turn around. Here is a nasty little corridor. Head right, but know you have something very scary behind you. Jump the gap and look left. Here you will see the door you unlocked. Open it up and head down the stairs. Pull the lever and pass through the door.

On the catwalk, head right and down the ladder. Then, move down the next ladder and you'll be at the base of the machine in front of you. Avoid the knight and climb the ladder leading up to the machine. Head left and look for the chain above you. Jump up to it and get yourself over to the side. Climb the ladder to the top, then dismount with a backflip onto the platform behind you. Take the next ladder up and to your right you will see a valve next to the Earth Symbol. Turn the valve.

Now, get back down to base level and head back up to the doorway from which you initially entered this room. Run past the door, along the catwalk, and you'll see another valve by the Earth Symbol. Turn it.

From the catwalk, face the central structure. Jump over to it so you're on the highest level of the machine. Locate the chain running to the wall and jump up to it and cross over. Here you will find the third valve. Turn it.

Head back down to the base of the machine and climb the ladder up. Notice the small hatch in front of you is now open. Walk along the edge and you'll find the fourth valve, which is now uncovered. Turn it.

Now that we have the machine working, watch out, 'cause it just may kill you. Instead of working your way around and down, just turn around and jump onto the catwalk across the way. Go up the ladders and make your way up to the exit (your entrance) and pull the lever. Go through the door and up the stairs.

Out the door, head left, jumping the gaps and avoiding the obstacles. Eventually you'll come to an arched doorway on your right. Go through it and pull the chain. You'll be lifted up. The first stop will put you in a place where you have goodies directly behind you. Pull again to be taken to the top. Pass through the two doors behind you.

We're back in the central hall. Look to where we depressed the stones earlier. There are now moving platforms here. If you steb on part of what looks like crumbled statue, you can make a jump to the platform in front of you when it's at it's lowest. From here, work in a counterclockwise fashion up to the highest platform.

From the tallest platform, jump up and grab the circular structure above you. Pull yourself up and locate the one flat beam extending to the side. You can walk across this and jump over the railing. Do so. Head right and move up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, head left and left around the next level. When you get to the dead end where it seems the floor has crumbled to bits, attach yourself to the wall and climb up and right so you're over the small ledge just above you. Get far right then drop down. You'll be on the ledge. Pull the lever and a door will open up. Backtrack to your entrance to this level and pass through the door. You're in a green hall. Push the right section of wall back and you'll be stronger. Now head back to the lever you just pulled. Rest on the ledge to get your strength back, then grab onto the wall and climp up. At the very top you'll attach yourself to the ceiling. From here head right and over to the small platform. Rest here. Look out to the center of the area and look up. Notice there's a grabbable path in front of you and right. Jump up and take it. You'll get the the edge of the ceiling and have to climb up the wall above it. You have to do this quickly or you won't have time to make it to where you need to do. Climb up then left. You will drop down on the ledge. Phew.

Run through the door, through the next door, up the stairs and through the next door. Here you will get a short cutscene. You will read something and notice a statue with a blue orb. When you're in control again a mean old floating Spirit Boss is after you. This part is absolutely rotten. I accomplished it without really knowing how, and, after asking many people, I wasn't alone. Your goal here is to grab the Obscura Painting, which is the blue light being tossed around by the statues. However, if you approach the blue lights, they switch to another statue. The whole time you have a nasty ass spirit coming after you who can fairly easily kill you. If you shoot him enough he will pause. It was during one of these pauses that I was able to grab the painting out of the front and center statue. I stood near the statue and shot. When he paused, the blue light just happened to be next to me. I put away my weapon and grabbed. I did get a tip, however, that may help some of you. If you go into the R2 view, you can't be hurt. So, good luck with that. This part will take time and will frusterate you, but you will, eventually, get the painting.

When you have the painting in your posession, the door by the front and center statue will open up. Pass through and run down the stairs. You'll find yourself in a hallway half filled with water. Move forward and you'll get a load. Finally, we're out of this darn Hall of Seasons.

* Tomb of Ancients

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Move forward again and the hall will completely fill up. Look up and you will find a hole. Swim up, out and all the way up again. You will find an air pocket and some health. Dive back in and swim underneath the bridge section on the left. There's a lever here. Pull it and a grate will open at the bottom. Before heading down, swim back up for air. Dive down and through the grate. Swim forward through the tunnel and break open the door. You have increased your strength. There's nothing in the room but Ammo and the V-Packer. So, swim back up to that air pocket so far away. Save here if you'd like and when you load your breath meter will be full, or, on your way up, just refill your health. After getting some air, dive back into the water and look for the opening you used long ago to initially enter the tomb. It will be up high. Swim through it and you'll find yourself back at the Archaeological Dig.

* The Archaeological Dig

Head right, jump over the crate then over the fence. Head right and through the doors and you will have found Galleries Under Siege.

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