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I just wanted to say THANKS for your great guides and affordable service. I recently purchased “Lego Indiana Jones (PC)” for myself and my four year old son to play together. We used your free online guide to make it through all the story modes. When it came time to get all the artifacts we were stuck.

I checked out a Prima guide at Barnes & Noble for $20 and thought, how ridiculous, I can get access to all the Luna guides for $14.95. So I signed up and last night we used the PDF screen shot walkthrough to get all the treasures in the first two chapters of the first story. We were high-fiving each other when we got the tenth out of ten artifacts.The guide is really high quality. It exceeds my expectations. I’m really impressed and satisfied with my purchase and just wanted to let you know. This has allowed my son and I to get a lot more bang for our buck out of this game and not get frustrated while we endlessly search for the artifacts (what we did before we had the guide).

So anyhow, thanks again and keep up the great work!

-Rick, LunaPass Member

I Just wanted to let you know that you have the best guides that I have ever found. I bought the “Batman” one, but the one that you put out puts that one to shame. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much!

- Gina

Bought other walkthroughs before from here…fantastic guides!    

-David, LunaPass Member

May I say again thank you for a quick response, will certainly recommend your service when any one I know requires a guide in future.    

-Frances and Len

Just noticed that the subscription [LunaPass] price went *down* this year – did you guys miss business 101? ;) It’s a great service, many thanks.    

-Steve, LunaPass Member

Firstly, just want to say what an awesome site this is for walkthroughs and hints…well done!!!    


Thanks again for a great walkthrough [Mass Effect]. I always seem to come back to your site to get tips.


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