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Lunabean's Enclave Strategy Guide

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Lunabean Rating: 8.1
Platforms: Xbox, PC
Release Date: 07.30.02
ESRB Rating: M - Mature
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*Important Information About This Guide*

This strategy guide is one of the few guides on our site not written by us. It was written by Slothrop37. Please send all questions his way, or post them on our message boards. While we played the game, we just don't remember much, and we certainly don't know anything more than what is in the below walkthrough. Thanks, again, Slothrop, for giving us permission to include such a wonderful guide on our site.

Enclave Walkthrough and Strategy Guide


Enclave is a third person hack and slash adventure in which you play through either the Light or Dark Campaign to either set things right in the world or bring it under your dark control. The gameplay is pretty straightforward as is the story. It features a balanced magic and battle system so that playing with different characters make the strategy vary from character to character. The real standout feature of the game is its graphics which are some of the best on the system.

Controls and Gameplay Mechanics

Left Thumbstick -- Move
Right Thumbstick -- Rotate camera
Press L Thumbstick -- Crouch
Press R Thumbstick -- Jump
Left Trigger -- Use/Zoom (Sniper Arrows only)
Right Trigger -- Attack
Clear Button -- N/A
Black Button -- Change Perspective
Y Button -- Drink Health
B Button -- N/A
X Button -- Equip (torch) / Switch arrows
A Button -- Switch weapons
Start Button -- Pause

General Gameplay Hints and Tips

When using the Huntress and Druid (Assassin and Sorceress on Dark Side) I find it easiest to go into first person mode to clearly see what you are aiming at. For all other characters I find it easier to stay in third person mode to make sure you can turn to face the enemy. Experience will vary from person to person.

When equipping your character, of course you want the best weapons you can buy. In general, buy the best main weapon you can, then accessories (shield or arrows), then health potions, then armor. Do NOT waste your money on the little melee weapons (like the Ceremonial dagger). It takes away from the other things you can buy and is more likely to get you hurt than to damage the enemy.

I have recommended at the beginning of each chapter the character that I found it most easy to make it through the level with. Even so, I tried to write the walkthrough for the level to reflect a straight forward walkthrough and tried to keep the use of specific character attacks to a minimum so that you can use any character. For some levels this was not possible.


Light Campaign

Knight -- Default starting character. Good with shields, axes, mauls, swords, etc. Can also use crossbow as back-up weapon. Good character for beginning levels, but not as tough as Halfling.

Huntress -- Uses bows as her primary attack. Can carry a small dagger as a back-up weapon. Good for open levels where you can get a good deal of distance between you and your target. Not so good for the later levels where the areas are tighter. Earned in Chapter 2.

Druid -- Uses various staffs, some of which are extremely powerful (Psionic Domination and Darkness of Despair). Good character for many of the later levels. Earned in Chapter 4.

Halfling -- An improved version of the Knight who uses the same weapons but seems to have more health and a stronger attack. You'll want to use her all the time by the end of the game. Earned in Chapter 5.

Engineer -- He can use various weapons and also has the ability to use bombs to take out the enemies from a distance for large amounts of damage. Earned in Chapter 6.

Wizard -- Pretty much the same character as the Druid. His attacks seem to do more damage, but he also seems to have a lot less health than the Druid and is hence an inferior character to play with. Earned in Chapter 9.

Earth Golem -- Earned by completing the Light Campaign once through. He uses his hands as his only weapon and is somewhat powerful, but without any defensive mechanisms I still prefer the Halfling.

9320 Battle Droid -- Earned for collecting all the gold in the Light Campaign. Has a rocket launcher that does enormous amounts of damage and has nearly unlimited hit points. The primary point of this character seems to be go back through old levels that you hated and blast everyone to pieces.

Dark Campaign

Assassin -- Default character. Same as Huntress

Beserker -- Same as Knight. Earned in Chapter 2.

Sorceress -- Same as Druid. Earned in Chapter 3.

Goblin -- Same as Halfling. Earned in Chapter 4.

Bombardier -- Same as Engineer. Earned in Chapter 6.

Lich -- Same as Wizard. Earned in Chapter 9.

Stone Gnome -- Earned for completing the Dark Campaign once. Same as Earth Golem.

Feticia -- Earned for collecting all the gold in the Dark Campaign. Same as Battle Droid 9320.

Enclave Walkthrough - Light Campaign

Chapter I - Imprisoned

Preferred Character: Knight (default)

After the cutscene head through the hole in the grating and left. Pick up sword and head left up stairs. Be careful of all the falling stones caused by the Dreg'Atar attack. Generally if you hear stones begin to fall run forward from your current position. At the top of the stairs you'll get the torch. Head back down the stairs and to the far end of the main room where the lever is. When you get near the lever some blocks will fall revealing gold up in the wall. Pull the lever and hop on the metal arm that grabs the door. Ride it up and hop over to the gold (10/50). Go into the tunnel you opened. Press X to use the torch and press the left thumbstick to crouch. Follow the tunnel until you come to a three way intersection with a ladder hanging down. Proceed straight to the next three way intersection. Head around left or right and take the ladder up to collect the gold (20/50). Return to where the ladder was hanging down and jump up to climb out of the tunnel. At the top grab the shield and kill the Snotling. Press the press on the wall to raise the gate. Kill the Snotling and avoid the broken grating in the floor. Take the hallway around to the right and you'll find gold at the bottom of the stairs (25/50). Head back and a hole has opened in the wall thanks to some drunken goblins. Jump through and kill them, one of whom drops gold (30/50). Pick up the health potion and head slowly through the door. Go slow to avoid the falling barrel, exploding wall and the bomb the Snotling throws. At the top of the stairs, before you enter the door, turn around and follow the thin ledge running along the wall. Follow it back to get more gold (40/50). Now head through the door. Kill the three Snotlings in here one of whom is guarding a pot of gold (45/50) and drops gold when you kill him (50/50). Pick up the Rusty Key in the back room and head through the locked door where you'll meet the Huntress.

Chapter II - Protect the Outpost

Preferred Character: Knight (default)

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Head down the stairs to pick up the Crossbow and some arrows. Through the door and kill the Snotlings in the courtyard, one of which drops gold (5/100). In the center of the courtyard is a door you can't get through. Head around to the far side of it and get more gold (10/100), then head over to the cannon by the tree. Pull the left trigger to sit at the cannon, then aim at the door and pull the right trigger to shoot it down. Proceed through and get the gold (15/100). Stand back and let the Orc blow the door up, then kill him to get more gold (20/100). Kill the enemies in here and get the gold behind some boxes to the left (30/100). Head out the door to the right and collect the gold under the stairs (35/100) and at the top of the stairs (45/100). Now back to the last room and take the door to the left. Hop over the table and get the gold in the back corner (50/100) before heading through the next door, grabbing the gold (60/100) and killing the three Orcs, two of which drop gold (70/100). Follow the hallway through the door and get the gold under the stairs (80/100). On the third landing is a Snotling that drops gold (85/100) and there's a crate with a pot behind it (90/100). Keep heading up the stairs and you find the last gold at the top (100/100). Up the final flight of stairs and through the door you'll see an Orc lower the gate. Wait for him to drop down, kill him and take the key. Use the key to exit the room then head all the way down the stairs to where you killed the Orcs that dropped gold. A door is now open, but be careful as an Orce will use a battering ram to knock the door down. Kill him, equip the crossbow and start picking off enemies. You will be able to tell when you are aimed at one because the cursor will go from green to red. If you are charged keep shooting at the enemy and run backwards while continuing to shoot the enemy. Kill all the enemies and the level ends.

Chapter III - Escort Marcus

Preferred Character: Huntress

Just before Marcus, to the right, behind some crates is the first pot of gold (5/150). Walk up to Marcus and follow him. Kill the Orc that attacks, then enter the door he opens. On the second floor check the balcony for gold (15/150) and kill the sleeping guard to find the Account Ledger. Follow Marcus and kill the enemies in the courtyard. Head straight and enter the building to your right. Kill the Orc and destroy the stairs to find three pots of gold (30/150). Use the crates to hop up and get the health potion, then exit and hop over the cart blocking the stairs down. You'll find gold by the water (40/150). Head back to the courtyard and enter the blacksmith shop where a Snotling on the roof and an Orc both drop gold (50/150). Climb the ladder inside the shop and find more gold (60/150) and a health potion. Back down and follow Marcus around to a locked door. Head to the left and take the curved stairs down to the water. Before entering the water you'll find a pot of gold to your right (65/150). Enter the water and to the right you'll find more gold (75/150). Back up the curved stairs and take the first left to find a door you can enter. Up the stair, kill the Orc guarding the gold (85/150) and then out on the opening and up the ladder. To the right, across a plank, is a sapphire (135/150). To the left around the roof and into the attic. The trap door pops open. Kill the Orcs, one of whom drops gold (140/150) and get the bold in the bottom of the house (150/150). Open the door for Marcus, follow him, kill the final Nightcrawler and exit the level.

Chapter IV - Deserted Temple

Preferred Character: Huntress

Kill the Snotling in the courtyard then head around to the right side and use the window as protection to shoot the three enemies inside. Enter the temple and you'll need to solve the puzzle to proceed. There's a set of tiles in a rectangular pattern and then some more in a triangle shape above those. You want to set on the ones in the triangular pattern to lower the ones in the rectangular. The pattern order (as denoted by the colors on the rectangular blocks) is: green, purple, yellow, purple, yellow, purple, black, green, red, red, green, purple. You can tell if you are doing it right because the blocks should begin to lower.

When finished step on the glowing square in the middle to open the door and free the Druid from the cross. Head to the left and kill the Assassin in the rafters, then down the stairs. Take the gold from the corner, shelf and chest (15/200) and pick up the cube on the floor. Return to the cross where the Druid was and up the stairs to use the cube in the wall. Kill the Orc and Beserker for gold (25/200) and enter the healing waters for more gold and a key (30/200). Jump over the crates to the left of the water to find more gold hidden behind them (40/200). Across the bridge, head left and kill the Assassin for gold (45/200) then head right to kill the Orc at the bottom of the stairs for gold (50/200). Grab the gold under the stairs (55/200) and open the trunk next to it to get a map to Forbidden Atgard. Head around the corner and you'll find three skeletons by a casket. Do NOT attack the skeletons, just open the trunks and the casket to collect a bunch of gold and two sapphires (190/200). If you attack the skeletons, the trap goes off and you'll have to try to hop your way up and out. Either way head around the final corner and you'll find a chest with the last gold (200/200). Now run your way all the way back to Marcus. I would only kill the enemies you have to as they are quite difficult and their death is not necessary to completing the level. Just get back to Marcus.

Bonus - Forbidden Atgard

At this point you should be able to complete the Easy and Medium difficulty settings of Atgard with the Huntress equipped with a Crossbow and Armor. Come back later with the Halfling and a decent weapon to finish off the Hard difficulty setting.

Chapter V - Divided City

Preferred Character: Druid with Midwinter and Astral staffs.

Kill the Orc that charges you and take his gold (5/250). Head to the left to push the cart to blow up the bridge. Then head down to collect the gold (15/250). To the right kill the Orc Deathcrafter then behind the tower for more gold (25/250). To the right is a Halfling. Ignore her for now and head down the alleyway. At the end check behind the crates for gold (30/250). Then head back to the Halfling and kill the Orc that attacks her. You have to be quick or she will die. I suggest keeping the Astral staff pointed where he comes crashing out of and blast away as soon as you see him. When the Orc is dead check the area he came out of for some health then follow the Halfling back to the castle. Enter the door she opens and head up the stairs to find some gold at the top (40/250). Head through the dining room and across the series of bridges. Kill the Orc Deathcrafter and down the stairs. you can shoot the stairs on the second landing to find gold (50/250). At the bottom head straight to get the gold (55/250) and watch the Orc fall to his death. Note the emerald on the other side, we'll get this later. Head back , past the staircase, around the corner and out the door. Kill in Assassin in the house directly across from you and then enter to take the gold (60/250).

Head down the stairs and take the right path around the alleyway to where an Orc sets off a bomb. Check the gaping hole in the right wall for a sapphire and a pot of gold (115/250). Use the beam to cross the Divide and head down the alleyway. One of the Orcs drops gold (120/250). At the top of the stairs enter the door to grab the gold off the crate (125/250). Use the slanted beam to get up and get the gold and health in the rafters (130/250). Peek around the busted door and you'll see the emerald. You do NOT have to jump here. Just keep peeking around the corner and pushing straight and do the same on the way back (230/250). Go out the door you came in and take your first right. Down in the water is more gold (235/250) and if you follow the alleyway back to the Divide you'll find five gold on each side (245/250). Head back across the water and enter the final courtyard. Quickly kill the Snotling with the Astral staff then concentrate on the Brute. Head up to the cannon area to use the chain to keep him back. If he gets up there hop out and keep blasting him with the Astral Staff. He drops gold when he's dead (250/250) and you can head out the door.

Chapter VI - Outland Wastes

Preferred Character: Druid with Astral and Midwinter staffs.

Head across the bridge and check to the left for gold (15/300). An Orc and a Snotling come out the gate. The Orc is worth gold (20/300). Through the gate and a platform to the left had gold (30/300) and continue down the hill to the right for more gold (45/300). Shoot the crossbeams of the watchtower to knock it down and collect the gold (50/300). Head straight and you'll be ambushed. Kill the attackers and then head up the rock outcroppings on BOTH sides to collect gold off each body (60/200). Follow the rock path through the lava to the fortress gate. As soon as you enter the fortress, hop up on the roof to the right; this should make you immune from most attacks. Kill all the enemies in the area and collect the gold off their bodies. Five enemies in all will drop gold (three Snotlings, an Orc and an Orc Deathcrafter) (85/300) and there is gold at the end of the bridge on the house you hopped to (95/300). Once all the enemies are dead head up the hill. An Orc jumps out of the house at you. His death nets more gold (100/300). Up the ramp and there's gold in the first room (110/300), more gold around the corner on shelves (120/300), one Snotling drops gold (125/300), then up the ladder where there's more gold on the floor and the Deathcrafter attacking the Engineer drops more (135/300). Follow the Engineer out of the house, but at the bottom of the ramp take a right. Kill the enemies and an Orc drop gold (140/300), then climb up the ladder and get the gold on top (155/300).

Now follow the Engineer back to the bridge mechanism. As you head up the path boulder come rolling. Stay on the right side of the path for the first two and cross to the left side for the second two, all the while moving up the slope. At the top is another gate. Kill the Deathcrafter for gold (160/300) and knock the tower down (165/300). Continue down the path, kill the Goblin who drops gold (170/300) then enter the house. Crouch under the anvil for the emerald (270/300) and grab the gold on the shelves (280/300) and the Frost Sword in the corner. Head out of the house and over to the gates with the flame swords on them. Now that you have the Frost Sword the gates will open. Above each gate is ten gold so hop up on the curved portals and use the sword gates to run and jump to the gold on each one (300/300). For the final battle you'll want to use the gate nearest the house. Head through and you'll see a huge flame giant. There are scales here in the center path. If you walk over them it will take a portion of your gold and if you die fighting you will restart here. If you are going for 100% this is a waste of time as if you die you lose the gold and you'll just have to do it all over again. If you aren't going for 100% completion then this is a good idea.

Killing the boss is a rather trivial matter once you know what to do. He'll throw the little Lava Gnomes at you. Hit them once with the Frost Sword to freeze them, then line them up with the boss and use the Frost Sword to knock them back at him. Do this about six to ten times and he'll become frozen himself. When he stops moving completely simply go over to him and whack him a few times with the Frost Sword to finish him off.

Chapter VII - Ark Amar

Preferred Character: Huntress (need Sniper Arrows)

Talk to the Goblin in the ship, then head up the ladder and down the plank. Kill the Goblin by the lighthouse and head around the thin edge of the lighthouse to the secret backdoor. Inside you'll find 15 gold, a ruby and the map to Naglagard (165/350). Back around the ledge and up into the lighthouse. In the first room, behind the crates is gold (175/350). Up the ladders and find gold by the ladder to the roof (185/350) and on the roof itself (205/350). Head all the way back down out of the lighthouse and start across the bridge. Use the Sniper Arrows as you make your way down the bridge, and as if it needs to be said anymore, always go for the head shot. The Snotling in the camping group has gold (210/350) and there is some at the top of the crates before you enter the town (215/350). As you continue along the pier into the town a Goblin with gold hops out (220/350). Around the corner and take the stairs down to the water for more gold (230/350). Heading into town, take the stairs to the balcony to grab the gold (235/350) and then the balcony collapses. Continue around the corner and straight ahead at the end of the pier are an Orc Deathcrafter and a Brute camping by the fire. Snipe them and the Brute drops gold (240/350). By the fire, peek around the corner and snipe the Sorceress walking along by the water. Head down the stairs to the crates by the water for more gold in the crates (250/350) and then go collect the sapphire that the Sorceress dropped (300/350). At the end of the pier you are on, behind a crate is more gold (305/350) and down the alleyway between the buildings (by where the Sorceress was) is a partially opened crate. If you hop on the top of it the top comes off and there's gold inside (315/350). Head up the stairs and up the ladder into the building. Take the right bridge and hop up the crates for more gold (325/350) then take the other bridge and hop up the crates to get the gold (330/350). Enter the door at the bottom of the crates and down the hallway to find a key and gold (340/350). Out the door and back up the stairs where the balcony collapsed earlier. Use the key on the door inside to find the Logbook. Now head to the beginning of the level.

This part irritates a lot of people. There are two Orcs that start lobbing cannonballs at you and blowing the path up. Here's the easiest way to defeat this. Walk VERY slowly and if you hear a cannonball coming STOP immediately. The areas that the cannonballs hit are the same every time and I guarantee that if you stop as soon as you hear the screaming coming across the sky you'll won't get hit. As you make your way back the cannonballs also blow up some crates revealing gold (345/350) and one of the Orcs shooting at you also has gold (350/350). When you make it safely back go into the ship and give the Logbook to the captain.

Bonus - Naglagard

You are manning a cannon trying to kill the attackers. The maximum amount of gold available here is 1000 pieces for killing 100 enemies. Even if you kill more than 100 enemies you will still only get 1000 pieces.

The easiest way to do this challenge is to set a Y height that you are comfortable with that allows you to cover most of the paths that the attackers come from and then just concentrate on swinging the cannon to the left and right. This tactic will get you through the first 50 to 70 attackers, then they just come streaming out. Remember it is always better to shoot in front of the attackers to blow them back and to make sure to kill the Orcs as soon as you see them as they will sometimes take two cannon shots to kill.

When the third attacker reaches the castle the challenge is over. Try to get all 1000 gold pieces before you continue as it will allow you to buy better weapons and armor sooner and make the coming challenges much easier.

Chapter VIII - The Ancestors

Preferred Charcter: Huntress

As you come down the pier two enemies attack, both of whom drop gold (10/400). Check behind the rock for gold (15/400), then head toward the gate. On the right side, behind a rock, is gold (20/400) along with a Goblin Warrior that drops gold (25/400). Enter the courtyard and check behind the rocks to the left for more gold (40/400) before talking to the guards and entering the palace. Head to the right and enter the door and into the pool of water to start the challenge. After defeating the Nightcrawlers in the first wave grab the sapphire (90/400), after the footman grab the gold (95/400) and after the commander grab the two sapphires, the emerald and THEN the key (295/400). Use the key to exit the Arena and head up the steps. At the top of the steps, before going through the door, go to the left or right side and follow the ledge all the way around to get four pots of gold (315/400) and be sure to hop down and get the pot of gold on top of the banner to the Arena (320/400). Go back to the top of the steps, out of the door, across the coutryard and into the room with Alecto.

After Alecto's speech head back into the courtyard to kill the enemies, two of whom drop gold (330/400), then back into the castle and down the steps where another enemy drops gold (335/400). At the bottom of the steps take the door to the right and kill the three enemies here all of whom drop gold (350/400). Note the machine spewing gas, you'll need to return. Head up the hill and kill all the enemies here and pick up the gold among the pillars (360/400). From the pillars head through the door to the left, kill the Orc Destroyer for gold (365/400), take the left door and you'll see the airship. Head along the path and take the door on the right. Kill the Orc (370/400). If at this point you are short of 370 gold check the courtyards around Alecto's throneroom as enemies are not always in the same place and tend to run around a bit. When you have the 370 head through the door to the left of where I said to kill the Orc. You enter a large courtyard and Goblins begin to paraglide in. Kill all the enemies and three of them will drop gold (385/400). Head right and through the door to kill the last enemies to get the last gold (400/400) and the gas canister. Take the canister back to the machine spewing gas and fill it up. Then head up the ramp to the airship and hop in to end the level.

Chapter IX - The Sanctuary

Preferred Character: Halfling with best Axe

Walk down the pier and enter the building to the right. Kill the sleeping Orc and grab the gold (10/450) and the key. Head to the building to the left. Follow the ledge around the building to the left and retrieve a sapphire by the water wheel (60/450). Enter the building and pull the lever to lower the cage. Enter the cage, ride it down, and exit. Kill the skeletons to lower the barrier. Follow the path until you find the descending staircase. Down the staircase is some useless machinery we can't use yet so continue on straight ahead. Grab the gold under the ascending staircase (70/450). As you try to ascend the next staircase, it collapses. Grab the gold in the side room (80/450) then use the barrels and cupboard to hop up to the area the staircase was leading to. There's gold behind the table (90/450) then enter the next room and up the ramp. Follow the path until you come to a T. Take the right fork and you go down a ramp into water. Hop into the water and swim to the room under the staircase for a ruby and a pot of gold (245/450). Return and take the left fork. Follow the path down the ladder and around. Grab the gold (250/450) and pull both levers. Now return to the useless machinery from before. On the way back you'll have to fight the Lich that's been bugging you. Use the axe to kill the skeletons and then make short work on the Lich. When you get back to the machinery look above it and see on the diamond on the shelf on the right. Turn the right wheel and swim up to the diamond (450/450) then swim down to the left wheel and use it to drain the water. Now return up the stairs and pull the wheel in the hall. This opens the passage to Zale. In order to not kill him don't pull the four obvious switches, but instead pull the switch hidden under the staircase.

Chapter X - The Underworld

Preferred Character: Halfing with the best Axe

Pull the lever in front of you and walk over to the platform to ride it down. Pick up the gold at the end of the bridge (15/500), the follow the rock ledge around to the left to get more gold and a key (35/500). Head deeper down the path and at the first turn grab the gold in the niche (50/500). Continue downward. Kill the first Lich for a sapphire (100/500). Make sure to use your shield to protect you from the bats that she sends at you. Once she is dead some rocks should tumble behind you. Use them to hop up to a rock ledge and follow it around to an emerald (200/500) and a trunk with a map to Hagastrom. Look down and back and you'll see a health potion. Hop down to it. Now look forward and you should see two pots of gold on top of the metal archways. Get these (210/500) and continue down the path. Across the bridge, kill the next Lich and check the right side rock ledge for more gold (220/500). Go down the stairs and before crossing across the bridge get the gold on the ledge to the left (230/500). Continue across the metal bridges until you get to the room with the two pots of gold (grab them 240/500) and head up the ramp and around to the right. In the first little room with the two skeletons look out the window straight in front of you and hop out to the rock ledge. Follow it up and hop on top of the cage to get the sapphire (290/500). Hop down to the second level bridge and get the diamond in the room behind you (490/500). Go back to the room where the two pots of gold were and grab the pot of gold over by the lift (495/500).

This is another annoying instant death trap. Hop on the lift in front of you and then hop on the next lift falling in front of you and then quickly hop to the rocks by the exit door to avoid falling in the lava. Miss, get mad, repeat. When you do succeed, grab the gold (500/500), exit out the door, chop the Hellbone to bits and enter the mouth.

Bonus -- Hagastrom

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By far the most difficult survival challenge of either campaign. At this point you should be able to complete the Easy and Medium settings with the Halfling with the current best available shield and axe. What makes the Hard difficulty setting so bad are the Sorceresses with the poison staffs. My best suggestion is to hide around corners and wait for them to come around and quickly kill them. Have plenty of health potions so you can drink them. I wouldn't recommend doing the Hard setting until after you've completed the quest so you have the best equipment and most money.

Chapter XI - Zurana

Preferred Character: Halfling

Get the gold from the ledge on the right (15/550) and head down the path to the main room. At the center collect the three pots of gold (30/550) and pull the lever which summons Zurana. There's a wheel in front of you, AS SOON as Zurana reaches for you pull the lever to release blast of steam and move out of her way. It will probably take you a couple of time to get the timing right, but once you hit her with a blast she should rear back and collapse. Head to the left of where you are and hop up on the barrels, then use the pistons to ride your way to the platform up above. Once on the ledge, grab the ruby (180/550). Walk around the platform to get the diamond and gold on the other side (390/550). Go down the center walkway and collect the ruby (540/550) and forward to collect the gold (550/550) and kill the Hellbone for the staff. Equip the staff (the "A" button) and when Zurana stands up and starts to shake the cage, shoot her. After a few shots a mirror image appears that you control. Simply walk over and start swinging. Just keep swinging and you'll win.

Chapter XII - Kam-Zara

Preferred Character: Druid (Darkness of Despair and Psionic Domination)

By far the most difficult and frustrating level due to the lethal nature of the Sorceresses on the level. Don't worry, one day you'll get to control them and can laugh at how easily your enemies fall before you. For now, however....

Kill the enemies on the landing above you and collect the gold (10/600), then head down the stairs, killing enemies as you go (15/600). Zale tells you that you need three key pieces to proceed. Head around to the left side and kill the two patrolling Orc guards on the ground, both of whom drop gold (25/600). The building farthest up on the left side has a window in the back you can bust out to kill the Orc setting a bomb trap and the Orc above. As you enter a Lich appears that you'll need to kill. She drop gold (30/600). Head up the ladder and collect the gold and the first part of the key (40/600). Head out the door and to your left is a ladder onto the roof. Climb the ladder and a Sorceress appears. Immediately hop down and let her come to you. Use the Psionic Domination to make short work of her. Climb back up on the roof and up the short ladder. On the other side of the roof are two gold pots in a niche (50/600). A couple rooftops over is a sapphire by a smokestack that you'll need to kill another Sorceress to get to (100/600). Once you've collected that, head into the stone castle and you'll come to a T.

To the left an Orc knocks down a door and charges you. Kill him for the gold (105/600), then shoot out the boards behind him to reveal a secret area with gold, health and a diamond (310/600). Head to the right and an Orc will push some barrels down on you; avoid them. He is guarding the lever to the gate and a pot of gold (315/600). Continue around through the opened gate (watch the walls and floor for spikes). Kill the Orcs (325/600) and sorceresses. enter the door with the spikes that lock you in, Kill the three Orcs and collect the pots of gold behind the crates (335/600) BEFORE picking up the second piece of key. Kill the Lich that appears and throw the lever to lower the main gate. Jump down into the water and follow the passageway all the way to the end to collect lots of gold and an emerald (475/600). You can now either jump across the lava river (for the brave and foolish) or swim back up to the room, use the crates to get out of the room and walk out the front door. Either way you'll find yourself in front of the castle. Continue forward down the wooden staircase, killing the first Orc (480/600). Around the first turn is an emerald you need to jump over to. Miss. Fall in the lava. Scream. Throw the controller. Try again. Once you succeed (580/600) continue down the ramp. As you continue you'll find another ledge you need to hop to to collect the gold (595/600). At the bottom head through the portal to collect the third key piece. Head all the way back to where you left Zale, killing enemies as necessary. Give him the three pieces and follow him inside. Kill the Lich for the last gold (600/600) and follow him back out.

Chapter XIII - Jasindra

Preferred Character: Halfling with Axe and Crossbow

Head across the bridge using your shield to protect you from the archers. Kill the archers in their posts and collect the gold (15/650). In the left post you can hop out the window and follow the ledge around to collect an emerald (115/650). Hop on the bone bridge and turn around to grab the sapphire behind you (165/650). Walk up to the gate and step on all three raised platforms, killing skeletons as they appear. Check both the left and right side of the outside of the castle for gold and a ruby before entering (350/650). In the castle you are ambushed by two skeletons (355/650), two Assassins in the rafters and a Wraith that drops two Liches. Kill all of these enemies and the door opens. Through the door take the left fork. Through the door and steps appear. Go up them to get the key and some gold (360/650). Head back to the right door. There is some gold revealed in the hall (370/650). Through the door, kill the Orc (375/650) and the Lich, collect the gold (380/650) and head through the teleporter. Kill the Liches in here (385/650) and in the next room (390/650) and enter the third room. Shoot down the two hanging skeletons and kill them for more gold (410/650). Then up the steps and through the appearing portal. Kill the Assassins (420/650). Enter the door to the right and the staircase raises. Try to cross the bridge and its blocked. Try to leave through the door and its blocked. Now and Orc throws down gold (430/650) along with a bomb. Kill him and the Assassin when they jump down and the bridge path is opened. Cross the bridge, check the niche for gold (435/650) and enter the teleporter. Throw the lever, kill the Brutes (440/650) and back where the staircase was raised.

Go up the staircase and in the door. Kill all the enemies, collect the gold (445/650) and throw the lever. Head over to the other staircase that you passed, climb it and cross the bridge. Follow Mordessa off the ledge and through the door. Kill the Orc. (450/650). Attack the staircase with your axe to release the enchantment. You'll know you've succeeded when it stops sparkling green. Go up it then follow the hallway around to the next staircase and into Mordessa's throneroom. When the back begins, grab the emerald and sapphire behind the throne (600/650). Just hack away at Mordessa with the axe, she's not that hard. When she's defeated stand exactly in the center of the spike circle and when Jasindra is lowered you'll drop and collect the last sapphire (650/650).

Chapter XIV - Vatar

Preferred Character: Halfling

On this level you will get plenty of health as nearly every enemy drops a health potion. The secret is finding the time to use them. If you can do this you should make it through this final battle with no problem.

When the level starts ignore Vatar and head to the teleporter on the left side. Step through, collect the sapphires among the columns (100/700), kill the Hellbones (150/700), then use the mounted crossbow to shoot at the glowing circle. As you hit it, the glow becomes smaller and smaller. Keep hitting it until it disappears. Now hop down, kill the Lich by the door (200/700) and go through the door. Grab the sapphires to the left and right of the door (300/700), head across the bridge and grab the sapphires there also (400/700), then kill the Liches and Hellbones to open the door and collect more sapphires (500/700). Once through the door head right then left and go through the portal. Run over to one of the mounted crossbows and turn it around to shoot at the glowing circle. Do NOT shoot at the heart right now, it's futile. When you destroy the circle, turn around and blast the heart. After about two dozen shoots the heart will explode. Now, walk over by the mounted crossbow and look down. There's a tiny ledge right below you that holds a sapphire. Drop down to collect it. There is one of these by both of the mounted crossbows (600/700). Now go up the ramp on the left side and follow the path into the throneroom. Check both sides of the throne for the last sapphires (700/700) then either hack and slash Vatar or use the mounted crossbow to blast him. Either way, when his health runs out the battle is over.

Enclave Walkthrough - Dark Campaign

Chapter I - Zurana's Crystal

Preferred Character: Assassin (default)

Collect the weapons and arrows in front of you and check the door to the left for arrows and gold (5/100). Walk past the pool for gold hidden in the bushes (10/100). Head up the hill and use your sword to kill the Wraiths. Jump over the rope at the top of the stairs and pull the lever at the bottom when the blades are retracted. There's gold to your left, but a spike trap goes off if you get it directly so go all the way around the stairs to retrieve it (15/100). Go back up the steps, hop over the rope and watch the boulders falling behind you. Grab the health from out of the bushes and grab the gold (25/100). Kill the skeletons that appear and head right. On the wall on your right you should see three switches in a row. One of them has a piece of wood above it. Pull them from left to right starting with that one. Then pull them again in the exact same order. If you did it correctly a cage will appear with gold in it. You can't get it now so head left.

You'll come to a locked door at the end with three more switches. Pull the rightmost switch and then the center switch to remove the bars from the door. Proceed through and get the gold behind the aquarium (35/100) then through the door to the right. Collect the gold behind the waterfall (45/100) and on the other side on the walkway (50/100). Kill the skeletons and one of them drops gold (55/100). Exit through the archway in the center and in the next room go down the ladder to retrieve two pots of gold (65/100). Enter the elevator and pull the rope to ride it up. Kill the skeleton on the walkway for gold (70/100), then proceed through the door, across the bridge and into the library. Behind the book cases break the display case and take the staff. Run out watching for falling bookcases and head back to the room with the waterfall. Exit out the door to the left and kill the skeletons in the hallway for gold (80/100). Head through the door and quickly grab the gold in the cage (100/100) and run back to the hallway that you just came from so the cage doesn't crush you. When you can't hear the cage lowering anymore head back to where you started the level and go through the portal.

Chapter II - Kill Marcus

Preferred Character -- Assassin (default)

Hop through the hole in the planks to your right and follow the waterway to its end killing enemies as you go. Make sure to take out the two Elven archers you find at the end of the waterway. Return back and exit the waterway by the stairs. Grab the gold on the crates at the top of the stairs (5/200). Head left and enter the first door to your left. Up the stairs, kill the soldier, collect his gold and that on the walkway (20/200). If you try to go up the ladder on the other walkway a gnome knocks it down on you, so go back down the stairs, head left and go into the building to your right. Kill the soldier inside for gold (25/200). Head up the steps, get the gold in the dining room (35/200) and head up the ladder. Get the gold behind the crates (40/200) and out on the rooftop (45/200). Kill the Elven archers up here (50/200) and go across the planks to where the archer dropped arrows. Go to the other side of the roof from the arrows and you can jump down to the balcony of the smith shop. Inside you second floor you find gold (55/200) and a key. Drop down to the first floor, collect the gold (60/200) and head straight. Ignore the explosives by the blocked passage for now and enter the house up ahead and to the right. Use the crates to hop up where the archer is and collect the gold (65/200). Also get the health from under the stairs. Now head back to the explosives, ignite them, and stand back. Go around the corner and dispatch the enemies to collect gold (70/200) and free the Orc. Past the Orc, behind some crates, is more gold (75/200). Return to the locked door you past on your way to the Orc (back by where you exploded the wagon) and go inside. Grab the gold under the stairs (85/200) and go upstairs. An enemy throws a bomb so back up quickly. The Paladin in here is TOUGH, so take out the grenade arrows you picked up earlier and one to the chest is all it takes. Grab his emerald (185/200) and the gold in the room (200/200). Now return past the Orc and hop down in the waterway. Your destintation is the house where you took the ladder to the roof. You'll find Marcus hiding inside. Kill him and return to where you started the level to find the portal to exit.

Chapter III - Surprise Attack

Preferred Character -- Berserker w/ Axe and Crossbow

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As you approach the door the attackers enter. Kill them and take the gold (5/200). Collect the gold and health from behind the throne (30/200) and head out the door and around to the left. Kill the guards and take their gold (40/200) and continue around. When you come to the sprial staircase, descend, kill the guard (45/200) and exit out the door. Get the gold (50/200) and health to the right, then head around to the left, kill the guards (55/200) and descend the next staircase. While on the staircase, use your crossbow to kill the guards below then head down and grab their gold (85/200) and exit the room. Enter the room to the right, kill the guards (90/200), then pull the lever to lower the staircase outside. Head down that staircase. If you try to cross the bridge spikes appear. So exit the room through the room with the column and up the next staircase killing guards as you go (100/200). Cross the bridge and step through the teleporter in the next room. Kill the three guards when you appear and take their gold (105/200) and health. Go through the next room with the column and kill the guards on the other side (115/200). Go around the corner and up the stairs to the teleporter gate. Get the sapphire in the niche (165/200). Teleport, pull the lever and teleport back. Then down the stairs and through the door. Kill the guards (170/200). Go straight to the next room with a teleporter gate. Get the gold in the niche (175/200). Step through the teleporter, get the gold and the key (180/200). Teleport back and use the main entrance to exit the castle. Cross the bone bridge. Get the gold from under the platform (190/200). The sorceress will kill the guards in the booths and you can collect their gold (200/200). Walk over to the sorceress and she follow her as she charges down the bridge. Stay back some and she should be able to kill Alecto by herself. If not, get out your crossbow and blast him before he even gets close.

Chapter IV - Mansion of Dreams

Preferred Character - I like the Assassin to take out the wraiths although I admit that she's not as good against the wizard. Others like the Beserker to fight the wizard though I find he has a harder time hitting the wraiths. The choice is up to you.

Kill the Nightcrawlers in the yard and descend the steps. Enter the door and get the gold on the other side (5/250). QUICKLY run down the next set of stairs and around the corner to stand next to the Goblin. From the goblin run down the hallway and right up to the swinging axe to avoid the trident that shoots out behind you. Time your next run for when both the vertical swinging axes are directly in front of you. At that moment quickly run to the LEFT and pull the lever on the other side of the doorframe. Collect the gold to your left (15/250) and head down the short staircase to get the gold in the room with the barrels (20/250). Don't worry about the torch behind the grate, you'll get it in a couple of chapters. Head up the large staircase to collect gold and a sapphire to the left and more gold to the right (85/250). Return where the swinging axes were and follow the goblin back outside where he opens a door. If he dies just grab the key and walk up and open the door yourself. Go up the stairs and get the gold on the first landing (90/250). Head up the next flight of stairs and you'll find the Spiral Key. Hidden in a niche is a sapphire (140/250) and there is also a ladder to the roof. Go on the roof and up the second ladder. You'll find two rooms on top both of which have gold (150/250) and one on which has a map to Tolvfurs. Also, on the far side of the roof and down a ladder is an emerald (250/250). Now head all the way back down into the house to where the swinging axes were. Head right and you'll find the wizard. Kill him and use the Spiral key to reveal a staircase. Descend and walk up to the book.

Bonus -- Tolvfurs

Tolvfurs is nothing but a small section of town that you fight enemies in. At this point you should be able to defeat the Easy and Medium difficulty settings with the Assassin. She should be able to kill most of the enemies before they even get close to her. Later, when you unlock the Sorceress and get the Darkness of Despair staff, come back and do the Hard setting.

Chapter V - The Guardian

Preferred Character -- Assassin

Cross the light bridge and walk up to the glowing door to retreive the sapphire (50/300). Destroy the orb to release the wizards, then kill them. Head left and destroy the stands next to the walls on either side of the orb, then throw the four levers (two on either side of the orb) to destroy the orb. Kill the wizards and collect the gold by where they were floating (65/300). Head won the steps and destroy the next orb. Head back to where you entered and head the other way. Time your movements to avoid the rotating blue lights and throw the four switches on the walls. Kill the wizards and take their gold (80/300). Head down the steps to destroy the last orb and kill the last wizards to collect the gold (95/300). Before heading out the main door hop up and collect the sapphire floating in the archway (145/300). Head into the next room and by the second pillar to the left is a pot of gold (150/300). Head into the building on the right side and up the ladder. At the top do a 180 turn and fall down on the archway to collect the sapphire (200/300). Then climb up the ladder again and collect another sapphire from the middle of the bridge between the two buildings (250/300). Exit out the door to the columns with the crossbows. Check the grass on the left side for the last sapphire (300/300). Then use the mounted crossbows to kill the guardian.

The best strategy to kill the guardian is to stand in the middle of the three way intersection so that you can see all three crossbows. When he appears on one side run to that crossbow and shoot a couple of bolts into him. Then run and hide behind the columns when he breathes fire. After what seems like forever, but is probably only about a dozen bolts the guardian dies and the level ends.

Chapter VI - The Escape

Preferred Character -- Huntress w/ Grenade Arrows

Head up the staircase and Zale appears. Shoot the grenade arrows at his feet to do lots of splash damage. It should only take three of four arrows to kill him. Pick up his key. Head through the dining room and go up the staircase to collect the health (you'll need it). Down the staircase and use the key on the grate to enter the sewers and pick up the torch. Equip the torch with "X" and proceed. Head forward, down the ladder and forward. When you come to a small set of stairs look to the right and climb down into the hole to collect a sapphire and gold (60/350). Proceed back to the main path and forward. Follow the path around to the right to collect the sapphire and health (110/350) then take the staircase down into the water. Collect the gold to the left (125/350). Continue through the water to collect an emerald and some more gold (235/350). Go back to the staircase, up, and across the bridge. Follow the path around and up the ladder. You are now back in the mansion. Head down the trapped staircase, back through the blades and pull the lever to stop them once again. Collect the gold (250/350) and head out of the mansion to kill the Nightcrawlers. Before you enter the portal, head all the way up to the roof where you previously found the map in the cabinet you'll find an emerald. Now return and head through the portal.

Chapter VII - The Plateau

Preferred Character -- Sorceress with Darkness of Despair

Levels don't get much more basic than this. See that plateau. You're going up there. Head across the series of bridges killing enemies and collecting gold. By the time you collect the gold at the end of the bridges you should have (25/400). Head to the right side of the island for a diamond (225/400) and the left side for a sapphire (275/400). Take the wooden ramp to the top and some blocks crumble. Hop up and get the gold (280/400) then hop in the pool of water for a sapphire (330/400). There are four pots of gold that you'll need to hop on the blocks to get to. ALL are accessible by hopping up on the blocks (350/400). also on the left side of the island, past the last wall, in some bushes is a sapphire (400/400). Walk toward the altar and kill the Druid that appears. Pull the left trigger at each of the two green orbs to create a teleport gate. Step through.

Chapter VIII - Capture Jasindra

Preferred Character -- Sorceress with Darkness of Despair

Enter the castle gate. Beware of the exploding barrels. Enter the next room and collect the gold (15/450) then exit to the next room watching for the exploding barrels as you enter. Collect gold in and on the crates (25/450) and hop over the crates to get behind the staircase and collect the emerald (125/450). Proceed up the staircase and exit to the outdoors. From where you exit go around the back of the building to kill a gnome with a key, then hop up on the porch and use the key on the locked door. Inside you'll find a sapphire (175/450) and some gold and a map in the rafters (180/450). Check the adjoining walkway for more gold (195/450), then return to the door you originally came out of and across the bridge to the other house to collect the key. Transverse the river and enter the teleporter on the other side. Go through the woods toward the house and take the right bridge to the upper rooms. The left door has gold (205/450). Use the key on the right door and you'll find gold and a ruby (360/450). Head upstairs for gold (370/450), then back outside. Check under the bridge for an extremely well-hidden nook by the house for gold (375/450). Head down the stone staircase and collect the gold at the end of the pier (380/450) then follow the rocky ledge along the water to get a sapphire (430/450). Finally, hop back up on the pier and go into the building to collect the last of the gold (450/450) and the princess. Head back up the stone stairs and enter the portal in front of you.

Bonus -- High Valley

Similar to the Ballista challenge from the Light Campaign. You are equipped with a mounted crossbow that shoots exploding arrows. Archers will come out of six or seven different locations. The key is make sure you keep the crossbow pointed in the center of the screen so that you can see ALL the places they are coming out of and quickly turn to shoot them. Try to shoot them in the order they appear because that's how they'll start shooting at you. The maximum gold that you can get from this challenge is 1000 pieces, but doing it now will help make the next few chapters easier.

Chapter IX - Outpost Siege

Preferred Character -- Sorceress with Darkness of Despair

Walk over to the catapult and use the lever on the right side. Five circles appear on the castle. You need to destroy all five. The longer you pull the trigger the higher and farther the boulders will go. Make sure to destroy the main gate last as attackers will come out and the siege engine will start forward when you do this and you want to put that off for a while. Once all five are destroyed, QUICKLY run across the bridge and grab the diamond inside (200/500). Then run back across the bridge and check the rocks to the right of the catapult for some gold (210/500) and check the rock to the left of the catapult for a sapphire (260/500). By this time the siege engine should be in place so climb up and enter the castle.

Collect the gold (270/500) and head left and down the staircase. Collect the gold at the end (280/500) and enter the castle. There's a pot of gold behind some crates as you enter (285/500). Turn left and watch for the grenade. Grab the gold next to the main gate (295/500) then head out to the courtyard. Here you find a Lich floating. Grab the gold to the left and to the right (315/500) then destroy the orb to free the Lich. Kill the wizards and archers that appear. Take the key off their dead bodies and use it on the lever to the right of the gate to open the door again. Go back through the gate and kill the wizard that appears. Take his key and use it on the door to the left. Kill the archers and take the gold behind the crates (320/500). Then reenter the castle, grab the gold off the crates (325/500) and head around the corner. Grab the gold at the end (335/500) then enter the red door and head up the steps. At the top of the steps is gold (340/500) and an emerald. When you take the emerald (440/500) a druid appears who you have to kill to lower the force field. Continue up the stairs into the bell tower. Go up the ladder, collect the gold (450/500) and run the flag up the pole. Kill the knight that appears below and take his sapphire (500/500). Then head back out and enter the portal by the main gate where you freed the Lich.

Chapter X - The Great Wall

Preferred Character - Sorceress with Darkness of Despair and Psionic

As the level starts run forward and to the right to hide behind the large rock. This should protect you from the ballistas. Kill the enemies that charge then run up to the right side of the bridge. From here you should be able to use the Psionic Domination to kill the ballistas. Grab the gold under the bridge (15/550) and the pot in front of the main gate (20/550). Do not enter the main gate instead go around to the right side and knock the door down with a shot from the staff. Enter the waterway, pick up the rusty key and go up the ladder. Head up the stairs to get the gold on the first and second landing (35/550) then down the stairs and through the only open door. Kill the gnome for gold and proceed around the corner (40/550). Quickly grab the health to avoid the trap and take the key. Head back to the locked door by the staircase and open it. Get the gold (45/550) behind the crates and head up the stairs being careful to avoid the battering ram that comes swinging down. Kill the Templar for gold (50/550) and then collect the sapphire and gold from the rafters on the left (105/550). Head right, kill the Champion for gold (110/550), then collect the gold, sapphire and map in a trunk from this room (170/550). Head out of the room and go left. Kill the gnome by the lever (175/550) and throw the lever to raise the gate. Head back down to the room with the health and silver key (spike trap room) from earlier and exit to the outside. Check around the corner to the left for gold (190/550) and kill the Templar (195/550) before heading all the way right. At the end go to the far right corner and hop up the three tiers to get an emerald (295/550). Enter the smith shop in front of you to get gold, a sapphire and a key (360/550). Head back outside and kill the Champion for more gold (365/550). Head up the ramp and collect all the gold around the building to the left (390/550). Continue all the way to the left and get the gold on the ledge (400/550). Hop down and enter the locked door. Keep your Psionic Staff pointed at the ladder. as you approach the Commander hops down. Blast him and take the ruby (550/550). Climb up the ladder, throw the lever on the left, exit the building and around the corner to the right for the portal.

Bonus -- Lexe

This challenge isn't much different than Tolvfurs. Just another town. By this time your Sorceress is so powerful that with the Psionic Domination and Darkness of Despair you should easily be able to walk through all the difficulty settings. Remember that the Psionic Domination goes through walls and use that to your advantage.

Chapter XI - Ungard Mines

Preferred Character -- Sorceress with Darkness and Psionic

From your starting point, turn around and get the gold off the crates (5/600), then push the mine cart down the tracks. Follow the mine tracks down until you come to gold (15/600). Climb the ladder by the gold and collect the gold on the crate (20/600). Keep waling and at the end there's a beam to jump to a rock ledge. Do so and you'll find a diamond at the top (220/600). Hop back down to the tracks, get the barrel at the end, then follow them all the way back to the starting point. Some enemies are descending in an elevator. Kill them and take the Flint. Now head down the tracks the other way. Follow on the top floor to get the last component for the bomb, then back and down the ladder. Get the gold off the top crate (225/600) then go toward the bridge. Get the gold behind the crates (235/600) and on the rock ledge to the left of the bridge (245/600). Cross the bridge.

Go up the rock ledge on the right for on pot of gold (250/600) and head down the passageway also on the right for gold and an emerald (360/600). Head through the narrow gap and to the left to find some abandoned, decaying buildings. Only they aren't so abandoned. Snipe as many enemies as possible with your Psionic staff then head up the ramps. Inside the first building you'll find gold (370/600) and if you hop up to the roof you'll find a ruby (520/600). Go up the next ramp and hop out to the rock ledge to find gold under the bridge (525/600) and at the end of the rock ledge (530/600). There's also some among the crates in the lower part of the building (535/600). Head up the next series of ramps to find the mine cart. DO NOT use it yet instead follow the tracks to the end and get the gold (540/600) then back and use the cart. as you can see some defenders make it across. Take up a good defensive position in the top house and blast them all to hell. One of them drop a key. Grab it and open the grating blocking the tracks. Follow the tracks around, collect the gold halfway through (545/600) and exit on the other side. Go up the spiral staircase to collect a sapphire (595/600) and behind the black obelisk for the last pot of gold (600/600). Do NOT enter Mordessa's portal unless you have some sort of fondness for this level and want to replay it as she tells you that you are now worthless and kills you. Instead enter the black obelisk and you'll be transported to Vatar's presence.

Chapter XII - Mordessa

Preferred Character -- Sorceress with Darkness and Psionic

Time to finish the old ball and chain off. Grab the sapphire from the barrels on the pier (50/650) then swim around the island to get the diamond on the ledge (250/650). Head back to the pier and up the ramp. Charge across the snow field and follow the snowy ledge behind the castle for a sapphire (300/650). To the front of the castle and check the room to the left for gold (315/650). Head up the stairs to the right, collect the gold on the first landing (330/650) then up to the top when the ballistas are. Collect the gold by the right ballista (340/650). Hop out of the ledge running around the castle and follow it to a roof with a hold in it. Drop down, collect the gold and sapphires (450/650) and exit the room. Enter the door in front of you and fight Mordessa. She's pretty easy if you just keep moving and shooting. Once she's dead, take the door on the side of the room collecting gold and the final ruby as you go. You should (650/650) by the time you reach the level. Pull the lever to open the door below and return to the snowy field to exit through the portal.

Chapter XIII - Celenheim

Preferred Character -- Sorceress

Head around the castle and hop up on the big rock to get to the walkway. Enter the door to the left and get the key from the top of the stairs, head back out the way you came. Go to the main steps and kill the two guards for a sapphire each (100/700). Head to the room to the far right corner. Kill the guard for a sapphire (150/700) and use the key to open the hatch and go down for the diamond (350/700). Return to where you got the key and exit the other door and into the room with the staircase. Up the staircase and kill the three guards for two sapphires and a ruby (600/700). Cross the bridge and hop on the roof to the right. Cross it, hop down to the lower stone roof. Walk over to the crumbling ledge and hop straight down to the metal frame below. Miss. Curse. Try again. Collect the emerald on the frame (700/700) and hop over to the balcony. Kill the guard for the key and enter the throne room. Kill the queen's counselors one by one then attack the queen. When you disappears walk up to the throne and pull the left trigger to get the stairs to appear. Head down and finish off the queen. That's it. The darkness has won.

Game over.

If you've collected all the gold you can now play back through as the practically invincible Feticia or Battle Droid 9320.


Me, myself and I for completing the guide.

My fiancee for providing and creating the Enclave theme song in D Minor. ("We're getting some weapons and kicking some ass"). Thanks sweetie for your patience and understanding.

My mother for making me take those typing classes when I was younger.

And you the reader for reading it. Any suggestions, corrections or desired additions can be sent to me at captblicero@yahoo.com

Thanks again.

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