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Walkthrough - LotR Fellowship of the Ring
Walkthrough and Guide - LotR Fellowship of the Ring
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LotR: FotR Walkthrough and Guide

*This page, along with all pages at, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.

Cheat Code
Unlimited Ammo While idle and in game, quickly press X, B, Y, A, X, B. You will receive confirmation of correct code entry.
Unlimited Ring Charge While idle and in game, quickly press Y, B, A, B, Y, X. You will receive confirmation of correct code entry.
Unlimited Health While idle and in game, quickly press Y, A, X, B, A, Y. You will receive confirmation of correct code entry.
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Guide
The Shire
The Sale of Bag End
* Find the Bag End Deed in Bag End
Locate the LOCKPICK KIT in the dresser of the bedroom immediately to your left when you exit the start room. Use the LOCKPICK KIT on the trunk in the other bedroom in Bag End (you have to move the boxes). In the trunk is the BAG END DEED.
* Deliver the deed to Lobelia
Follow the signs to Bywater. By the bell and the horse in the middle of Bywater is Lobelia. Lobelia needs you to accomplish the tasks below before she will accept the deed.
* Find the Missing Warning Bell Clapper
The BELL CLAPPER is located in Fatty Bolger's House.
* Ring the Warning Bell
Once you have the BELL CLAPPER, ring the Warning Bell in the middle of the square. Go back and speak with Lobelia.
Prepare for the Journey to Rivendell
* Get the One Ring from Bag End
All you have to do here is walk up to the trunk in Bag End in the room with the fire.
* Get the Key to Bag End
The BAG END KEY is located in the desk in Bag End's fire room.
* Give the Bag End Key to Hamfast Gamgee at Number 3 Bagshot Row
When you initially approach No. 3, there will be a cutscene with a Black Rider. Give the BAG END KEY to Master Gamgee.
* Meet Merry, Pippin and Sam and Farmer Maggot's Farm.
Avoid the Black Riders by using your RING. Work your way toward Bywater. When you initially try to pass the gate back to Bywater, you'll see it's broken. Talk to the sheriff, and he will tell you to:
     Repair the Hobbiton Gate
      * Find the Gate Hinge
     The GATE HINGE is located in the Mill.
      * Use the Hinge to Repair the Gate
     Use the GATE HINGE on the Gate continue on to Bywater.
Once your cross through, save Robin from the wolves. Keep an eye on your ring. There is a hidden entrance nearby. Exit out the other side of Bywater. You'll have to evade some Black Riders again to continue along the path. Continue straight along the path and you will eventually walk straight into the threesome.

Help Neighbor Hobbit Capture his Pigs (Optional)
* Find All 5 Pigs and Return Them to Pigpen
After completing the two steps below, locate the 5 pigs and put them in their pen.
* Find a Bag of Grain to Feed the Pigs
The BAG OF GRAIN is located in a silo on the Hal's chicken farm by the water.
* Fill the Pig Trough with Grain
Go back to Milo's pig farm and do just that.

Fix Ted Sandyman's Mill (Optional)
* Find the Missing Metal Pin
In order to complete this task you find Hal in the chicken farm:.
     Help a Hobbit with a Physical Task (Optional)
      * Help Hal Fix His Weathervane
     Climp to the top of the silo and throw rocks as the weathervane across the way. For this you can collect and EGG. There is also a WEATHERVANE/METAL PIN nearby if you care to pick it up.
* Repair the Mill Control With the Pin
Return to the Mill. Around the corner from Ted are some gears. Insert the METAL PIN and pull the lever.

Help Fatty Make a Pie (Optional)
* Give an EGG to Fatty
I received my egg by helping Hal up above.
* Give a HONEYCOMB to Fatty
Throw rocks at a beehive until it spits a HONEYCOMB out. For giving these items to Fatty, you can choose from FATTY'S WALKING STICK or FATTY'S OINTMENT. I went WALKING STICK.

Find Healing Herbs for Old Noakes (Optional)
* Find 4 Healing Herbs in Green Hill Country
Cross into Green Hill Country.
1) Cross the first bridge, then run around the pond. Climb over the rock. You'll see it shining up on the the hill. Climb up to it.
2) Continue down. Once you cross the second bridge, look right. You can see the shining HERB sitting on the rock.
3) Continue on down again. Once again, the herb is just up a hill to your right (near a bee hive).
4) Continue down the path. You will see a downed log on your right. Inside of the log is the 4th HERB.

* Give 4 Healing Herbs to Old Noakes in Bywater
Give the HERBS to the old hobbit.
Old Forest
Begin the Journey to Rivendell
* Travel Through the Old Forest to Avoid the Black Riders
Upon arrival in the Old Forest, you must rescue your buddies:
     Find the Missing Hobbits
      * Rescue Ted Sandyman
     This objective comes into play after you save your three hobbit friends, so do that first. From where you located Pippin, backtrack down the hill, past the ghost, go rightish, then left. There is another "thicket gate" to take down. You can now continue on. Toward your right you'll see some spiders in the distance head toward them and defeat them. For this, you will receive the SWITCH LEVER.
      * Find Sam
     From the first fork in the road, head right. Strictly stick to the path until you hit the "thicket gate". Hit the gate. Walk slowly ahead, and you will find Sam..
      * Find Merry
     From the first fork in the road, head left. Continue on the path and turn right at the green mushroom at almost a "T" in the road. At the next fork, go left. Next, road on your right and knock down the "thicket gate". Merry will be just beyond.
      * Find Pippin
     From the first fork in the road head left. At every decision point, head left, then up the steeper area beyond the ghost, there will be a thicket blocking your way. Hit it with your stick, fight the spider, destroy his hut. There's Pippin.
OK, we've rescued our buddies, and we've collected the SWITCH LEVER. Now, work your way out of the Forest. Beat the huge spider blocking the gate. To the side of the gate is a place to place the SWITCH LEVER. Place it then pull it. You are on Lookout Mound. From here, head down the open path until you reach your friends again.
* Rescue Merry and Pippin from Old Man Willow
Strike the branches popping out of the ground with your walking stick until they disappear. Now, it's time for the arms. First, you have to take care of the two "hands" coming out of the ground. The easiest way to do this is to place yourself in line with the "hands", so when the tree's arms come down, they damage the "hands" and they'll eventually die. Now, you just have to avoid the tree's pounding and it's sleepy dust. Once an arm comes down, run up to it and strike it with your stick. Do this until Tom Bombadil comes to save you.
* Find 12 Lilies for Goldberry
1) Located ahead of you, on the log bridge.
2) After crossing the bridge, head left, along the bank. Here you will find #2.
3) Continue along. #3 is located amongst the many spiders.
4) Number 4 is located directly in front of #3.
5) Instead of crossing the bridge where #4 is located, head right to the flashing lily in front of you.
6) Lily #6 is located above #5. Take the path on your left to get to it.
7) Head back to the bridge, but don't cross it yet. Facing the bridge now, head right. Lily #7 is located under a tree.
8) Head back to the bridge, and you will see something flashing on top of the rock structure. This is Lily #8.
9) Across the bridge, go straight, past the tree. There are ledges to climb. This is No. 9.
10) For No. 10 we're backing way up. Go back to the area you were in before you crossed the first bridge and where you defeated the tree. After crossing the bridge back into this area, head right, and just keep going. Eventually you'll encounter a rock structure you can climb. On top of it is Lily No. 10.
11) OK, now head back over that first bridge, and this time, go right. Cross over the log crossing the stream, and you'll find No. 11. 12) Now, head back to where you received Lily No. 10. Facing the wall you climbed to get it, head right. See Tom? The last Lily is on your left as you look at him (behind the boulder).

* Give 12 Lilies to Tom Bombadil
Now that you've located the man, give him the lilies and follow him. He will lead you through the Old Forest. After you leave his house, you go up a mountain, meet your friends on top of the mountain, then work your way around. You can only go one direction, so you have no choice to find the mount inside of which you wonder if your friends are trapped. Smash the rocks and enter.
* Defeat the Barrow Wight
Grab the Westernesse Dagger inside one of the chests guarded by a hand. Hit the Barrow Wight with your Dagger a few times. At a point you will be told to call for help. When Barrow Wight disappears again, use your Song of Tom Bombadil. Tom will come and clean up for you and give your friends all weapons. You will, from here, go to Bree.
* Check in at the Prancing Pony Inn
Enter the Inn and talk to some of the men in the bar. Return to the entrance, and Butterbur is there to check you in. As Merry, you are caught. Work your way out, major cut scenes here, then, suddenly, you will begin playing the games as Strider.
Find Merry
* Find Merry
You are now Strider. As you're looking for Merry, you'll be asked to:
      Collect Decoy Parts
      * Clear an Old Hobbit Woman's House of Rats
     Enter the woman's home, fight off the two rats and find Merry. Exit and talk to the Old Hobbit Woman. She will reward you with RAGS.
      * Collect Clothes
     The RAGS the Old Woman gives to you are the clothes.
      * Collect Small Logs
     At one end of the alley (opposite from the Inn) is a guy to fight, and a room with a fireplace in it. The LOGS are located in this room.
      * Collect Melons
     From the Inn, head right. On your left you'll see a fruit stand of sorts. Brake the barrels. Behind the stand are the MELONS.
      * Collect Hay Bolster
     Find your way to the stables (left of Inn). Fight three guys, and look around to find the HAY BOLSTER.
      * Return to the Prancing Pony
Escort Frodo and the Hobbits to Rivendell
* Reach the Summit of WeatherTop
Just work your way up the mountain fighting off the guys.
* Defeat the Olog-Hai
Once you reach the top, you'll encounter this guy. This is a fairly easy battle, just stand away from him and shoot him with a variety of arrows.
* Protect Frodo from the Nazgul
Simply keep them away from the Hobbits and strike at them until the cut scene.
* Guide Frodo through the Troll Shaws
Protect Frodo as you fight your way through. Just keep an eye on his meter.
In Rivendell, speak to Bilbo to get the STING and the MITHRIL MAIL. Speak to everyone to collect the Fellowship and move on.
Enter the Mines of Moria
* Find the Entrance to Moria
After filling the Crevice (below), go back down the mountain then continue up the steep mountain path and cross the filled area. Along the cliffs around this lake area is the door (it's near the end of the path). Approach it and try to open it. This will trigger the attack of the Watcher in the Water.
* Defeat the Wargs
Honestly, the whole time I ran around trying to figure out how to be Gandalf. Let the others beat them for you.
* Fill the Crevice in the Mountain Path
From the start, head up. As you near a steep hill, look for a smaller path more in front of you. Take it. You'll approach a lake. Walk along and you'll find some boulders. Use your STAFF SLAM on the boulders so they fall down and fill the Crevice.
* Defeat the Watcher in the Water
First, go after the two tentacles any way you can. The lightning attack works pretty well. Once you kill the two, the whole monster will appear. Avoid his blue breath. Attack this tentacle as well. Keep striking until you stun him, then go to the door.
* Open the Gates of Moria
Once you stun the Watcher, approach the door and choose "Mellon" to open it.

Escape from Moria
* Find a Way Out of the Mining Area
Head forward and right. Kill off the baddies and pull the lever to open the door. You will cross a bride. Keep working your way forward, pulling levers to open doors. Eventually, you'll find yourself in a circular room (you can see the level below you). First, go into the area on your left and pull the lever. This will open up a hole in the floor. Near the hole is a cylandrical slab of stone. Push it down the hole. Find the platform that takes you downstairs, pull the lever and go. Once downstairs, locate the stone and pull it onto the ground switch and go through the opened door.
* Reach Durin's Bridge
Once you meet up with the Fellowship again, continue forward. You'll fight a biggish Orc (sword works perfectly) then pull a lever to continue. You're in a room with three doors. Go through the one on the right and cross the bridge (to cross the gap, go into first person mode and hit the switch on the other side with a fireball). Find the dwarf, Ori, and save him. The SWITCH LEVER is next to him. Cross the bridge to head back to the central room. We're exiting the room that was on the right, go straight across. Cross this bridge the same way you did before, and insert your SWITCH LEVER into the slot and pull it. Go through the opened door. Work your way down the hallways and through the door. Reach the Fellowship around the well. You have three paths to choose from. Go left first and get the SWITCH LEVER. Then, head across the way and insert the SWITCH LEVER in the slot. Continue forward until you meet up with the Fellowship again.

Escape the 21st Hall (below). Defeat the Cave Troll and Orc Chieftan (below). Leave Balin's Tomb (below). Now, you are Strider. Fight off all of the orcs. Locate the tracks, and hit the switch next to the cart. This releases the cart and moves it down a level. Work your way down, killing all the bad guys, and hitting the switches where the cart stops. Near the bottom, you will see the cart is above you. Before shooting the switch, head toward the door. You will see two switches above you. Shoot the one closest to the door (if you don't the cart will go all the way back up). Now, go back and hit the switch by the cart, then the switch the cart stops at. With this final switch, the cart crashes through the door, and you can exit.

Now, you're Frodo. Find the lever to exit the room. Follow the path around to the right. There's a small gap you can jump to get to the other side. Take the ramp up and push the rock down to the lower level. Go back and push the rock over the switch...this opens a door. Find the lever by the entrance to lower the bridge, cross it, fight the bad guys. Continue to work your way over to the door. Once you seem stuck, examine the pillar nearby. There is a ladder in it. Climb on up. Work your way across, then down. Ignore the guy, locate the RUNIC KEY and use it on the door. Congrats. You have finally Reached Durin's Bridge.
* Escape the 21st Hall
So it appears as though we have a crystal puzzle of sorts. First thing first, shoot out the "window" where the light is coming from. It takes several hits with a fire ball to break. This gives you light. Light shining on doors opens them. Use the switches to open the doors. Behind some doors are statues. Push these into the center of the room onto the switches. Once you move all four into the center, as door opens up and you have "escaped".
* Defeat Cave Troll
The first thing to do here is to close off the doors where the Orcs are regenerators. Use your STAFF SLAM on them. After doing this, the troll should be somewhat worn out. Hit him with another couple of STAFF SLAMS, or even just your sword to toast him.
* Defeat the Orc Chieftan
I used the same STAFF SLAM to kill this guy. When he's dead, pick up the RUNIC KEY. You can also go through one of the other doors and collect the AXE OF DURIN.
* Leave Balin's Tomb
Use your RUNIC KEY to exit the room.
* Protect the Fellowship from the Balrog
Attack him with any and anything except fire. That only makes him stronger. Magic potions will regenerate for you so you can continue to attack him. Enough hits, and you've defeated him. Of course, he's defeated you, too.

Just a series of cut scenes here.
River Anduin
Follow the River Anduin toward Mordor
* Pass the Orc Dam
Fight off the Orcs and shut down the regenerating door. Near the third door is a SWITCH LEVER. Grab it and use it on the gate just beyond. You will meet Gollum. The first time I met him, I followed him until he called the orcs. Then I died. The second time I took a whack at him, and I just moved forward to the next cut scene.
* Reach the Island's Summit
After encountering Gollum, you are Frodo again. Move forward and work your way up the winding mountain pass. You'll beat an orc on top of some cliff/stairs (your ring is spinning in the area). You can jump over to the path above the one you were just on to continue forward and up. Assist in defeating some orcs, continue on.
* Rescue Sam
As soon as you reach the summit, you will have rescued Sam.
* Defeat the Nazgul and his Fell Beast
OK, first thing first. Run around and collect all of the extras. You are particularly looking for the ELVEN ARROWS here, as those are the only ones that harm the beast. Also, this is a good time to stock up on health by fighting off the smaller orcs coming out of the regeneration cave. About every other one that dies gives you health of some form. Now, stand away and shoot the beast with your ELVEN ARROWS. When you run out of arrows, attack the beast with your sword. Enough good hits, and you'll be taken to a cut scene. Now, it's just you and the Nazgul (although look out for the beast who is still shooting fire at you). Truth be told, the Nazgul is fairly easy to defeat if you block. Block, block, block. Hit, hit, hit. When he tries his special attack, your block doesn't work. So, simply run. Defeat him, Legolas will take care of the beast, and you're done. Congrats.
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