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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough
Intro - Hoth

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Jedi Knight
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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy >
2. Intro - Hoth

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1. LB's Jedi Academy Home and Quick Review
2. Intro - Hoth
3. Rescue Mission - Vader's Castle
4. Cult Sighting - End
5. LB's Downloadable "Jedi Academy"
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Intro - Hoth

Choosing Your Character

When you first begin a game you have the option to create whatever character you'd like. None of this has any bearing on the game, so choose the species, sex, hilt, and lightsaber color of your liking. It really doesn't matter. The only difference is in the voice acting: if you're a girl then you get a girl and if you're a boy...well, you get the picture. The first time I played the game I was a male Rodian with a blue lightsaber. To write this here walkthrough I am a human female with a yellow lightsaber.


After the cut scene of you crash landing and meeting Rosh, you are thrown into the game. Play with your controls (start menu then "controls") until you feel comfortable with them. Personally, I go for the Invert Aim, Default Thumbsticks, Weapons Bias, and Default Triggers. Keep in mind that the Black and White buttons are assignable. Basically, you can assign a force power or weapon to either button so that they are quickly at your disposal without having to scroll through anything. To assign a force power or weapon, just scroll to that weapon or force power and then hold the White or Black button until it assigns and you'll hear a little two-toned beep...blep oop.

Saber Lock

Saber lock occurs when you are fighting another lightsaber guy and you lock sabers with him. At this point you need to pull both trigger buttons as fast as you can to try and break the lock. While doing this, hold the left control stick in a position, for example, forward. If you win the saber lock you'll perform a nice finishing move on the opposing guy. The move that you do is based upon where you have the control stick pointed at the time. If you lose the lock you'll see your lightsabers get knocked out of your hands and a finishing move will be performed on you.


You can save at any time. Take advantage of this. If you see that you are about to make a jump across a large gap, but aren't sure you're going to make it, SAVE. If you are about ready to face a couple of nasty enemies, SAVE. Use this to your advantage.


Although not as bad as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Academy sure has its fair share of glitches. This is mainly game freezes and loading problems. You just have to deal with these. Turn your Xbox off, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. If you see that a particular save point is giving your freezes you may have to go back and load from a previous save.

Force Speed Jump

Otherwise known as the Long Jump, this jump is used to clear long distances. Turn on your Force Speed then immediately push forward and jump. You'll see Jaden fly through the air.

Fighting Techniques

I am 100% an Absorb, Protection, pure lightsaber kinda guy. However, due to the variety of Force Powers that you can upgrade, you can also be a Push and stab kinda guy, a Grip and drop kinda guy. You could even go through the game almost exclusively using shooting weapons. Point is, you can play through this game in many ways. This walkthrough details the way I did it. Keep in mind you can visit your pause menu at any time to your "moves."

Yavin Jungle

Now that you are familiar with the controls it's time to get on with the game. Find where your buddy Rosh is located on a rock above the stream. There is a tree that you can cut with your lightsaber so that it falls and makes a bridge for Rosh to climb over.

Keep following the stream away from your crashed ship. Kill the little monsters with your lightsaber. You can throw your lightsaber using the Alternate Attack button (left-trigger). You'll soon see a door on your right that Rosh will open. Go through.

Continue along the grass path, cross the stone bridge, and then kill the next little monster. You will now see a waterfall and some rocks to jump on. Jump across the stream, cut down the tree and use it to get up to the rocks. Hop up the rocks and continue on the path. Another little monster, slash him. Soon, you'll get a cut scene. After that, kill the two Storm Troopers and the guy with the lightsaber. When you've done that you'll witness a female stealing some Force power from the academy. Next, you are knocked out and Kyle Katarn (familiar?) and Master Luke will come over to you. Up next is training.

Yavin Training

Save. That's right. As soon as the level starts, save. This is going to be a recurring theme throughout this game.

You are now in the training area. Go through the only door that'll open. Here you will learn your core force powers. Up first are some training remotes. They float around and you have to slash them with your lightsaber. You can also throw your lightsaber to eliminate them. Go through the next door.

In the next area you'll find a broken bridge. Jump the gap. Now you will get to a stone wall. Notice that when you put your reticule over it, the reticule turns into a swirly blue. That means that you can use a force power on it. In this case, Push. Scroll to Push using your D-Pad and click down on your Left Trigger to use it. Go through the opening.

Rosh, at this point, releases a training droid...rotten guy that he is. Just slice it once with your lightsaber. Now, head past the small obelisk and into the next room. In this room, you have to use your force Pull on the switch behind the bars...just like Rosh did a little while ago to get you into the training area to begin with. Go through the door and CHECKPOINT.

Go through the door on your right and down the ramp. What the? How do you get outta here? Well, use your force Sense and look at the wall near the door you came through. Your force Sense will show you two stones that you can Pull out from the wall creating a little stair case of sorts so that you can get up. Jump up to them and onto the small bridge in the room. Jumping is very spastic in this game, you'll get used to it. Just keep following the path going through doors that will open for you.

Soon you'll be in a courtyard where there is a door on either side that will close on you, not allowing you to get through. Go back to the door where you entered the courtyard so that the doors reset. Then, use your force Speed to make it to either door quickly. You may have to Crouch to get through. In my control scheme, that is a click down of the Right Trigger. Go through the next door and your training is complete.

Mercenary Activity - Tatooine

At this point in the game you have 5 choices for missions. I'm just going to do them in the order that they present themselves. After you choose this first mission, you'll be given the opportunity to upgrade one of your Force Powers. The core powers upgrade on their own, so you have to decide what to upgrade. I recommend Force Heal. It's invaluable to be able to heal anytime you want. In fact, my first three upgrades are going to be Force Heal. However, you may choose whatever power you'd like. Next you choose your weapons. I really don't have any preference at this point, so choose what you'd like.

Save the game when you first start. I'm telling you to do this, especially if you have an old Xbox, because this game froze on me almost as much as did Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Must be something with lightsabers and Xboxes. Anyway, that's why I'm having you save at the beginning and throughout the game.

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Follow the hall and you'll exit out to a landing area. Chewy is with you, arrrrrrrhhhhhgggggghhhhhhh. Kill the enemies in the landing area with your lightsaber or a gun of your choice. Pick up their weapons. Heal if you have gotten hurt (and you followed my suggestion of getting Force Heal).

Facing the two hangars with the crates inside, go into the left one and through the door. To the left and behind a crate is an enemy and some Thermal Detonators and a Health Pack. Take out the other 3 enemies in the room as well. Go through the next door. Here you will see your very first Regenerator. It is the little gray box with the flashing Orange lights. This one is an Ammo Supply. Go up to it and you'll get the "hand icon" indicating that you can use your Y-Button on it. If your ammo is depleted, this will fill it up. There is also the more valuable (at least to me) Shield Regenerator. This one has Green flashing light and it has 75 units of Shield in each one. Continue through the open doors and you'll soon be outside in another landing area.

Kill all of the enemies in this area and then you'll get a cut scene of tractor beams engaging both the Milennium Falcon and your ship, the Raven. After the scene, more guys will come out. Kill them. You'll also have a guy chucking thermal detonators at you from the wall. Pull out the blaster of your choice and take him out.

Again, facing the two hangars with crates, go through the door in the left one (you came out the door in the right one). Whalaa! Your first Shield Regenerator. See, I told you! There is also a Health Pack here. Stock up on both. That's it for in here.

Exit back out to the landing area and go through the open door along the wall. Kill the two guys in here then go through the next open door out to another landing area. This one has the Raven and you'll see the tractor beam holding it down. I recommend a SAVE here.

Secret Area: Facing the hangars, the right-most little area, behind the crates/boxes, contains a Large Shield Booster and some Grenades.

As before, go through the door in the left hangar and you'll get a cut scene of 5 guys coming out. You tell Chewy to hold them off while you disengage the tractor beams. The wall collapses behind you. Kill the first 2 guys. Go through the door. CHECKPOINT.

Ah rats! Watch out for the blue laser bombs. If you hit the blue laser the bombs will explode. Either avoid them by going left or target the base of either one and shoot it. Continue on through open doors and up the stairs, killing as you go. Soon, you'll be outside, overlooking the Millenium Falcon. Run along the wall, take out the enemy that comes out the door, and then go through the door. Take out the guys and then enter the central elevator and ride it up. In front of you and to the right is a switch which will disengage the tractor beam on the Millenium Falcon. SAVE. From that switch, turn around and go through the open door. Oh no! Guy with light saber. If you die, you have a convienient Save Point. To beat him just keep swinging your lightsaber and once you get an opening he'll die. In this same room is another switch. This one will disengage the tractor beam on the Raven.

Get back in the elevator and it'll take you down. Chewy will open a door from the other side. Go through the door and the next open door and you'll be at the Millenium Falcon. Kill everyone in the area and Mission Complete.

Droid Recovery - Tatooine

I recommend upgrading to Force Heal level 2. Level 2 allows you to move and heal at the same time...very useful. You can upgrade to whatever you'd like, but at the very least I'm going to assume you have a Force Heal level 1.

The basic goal for this entire mission is to kill Tusken Raiders (the sand people, not the small Jawas). You will get very good at using your lightsaber here. Follow the path and kill the Tusken Raiders as they come at you. On the left side of the path, at about the 2nd set of Tusken Raiders that come out, you'll find some ammo behind some rocks. Soon, you'll get to an area with a structure on the left, a structure up on the cliffs near a guy sniping you, and the path that continues along the right. Take out the weapon of your choice and shoot that rascally sniper. If you keep following the path you reach a dead end. So, go into the structure on your left.

I recommend a SAVE before you go in as there are a bunch of Tusken Raiders and if you're not as good as I am ;) you may die soon. You are now in a cave/tunnel area. Soon, you'll see a path to your right that goes up. We're going to take this in a second, but, for now go forward and you'll soon reach a...

Secret Area: see above. Contains a Large Shield Booster.

Now, backtrack and go up the path that you passed earlier. As you go up take out the Tusken Raiders and be aware that there is various Ammo/Health on either side of the cave as you go up. At the top you'll reach a door. Go through.

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You are now back outside, on the upper cliff area that we saw from below. In the building on the right of you is a Large Shield Booster and some Health. Continue forward and cross the natural rock bridge across the chasm to the other side. Kill the Raiders and shoot the guy sniping you from on top of the building in front of you. To the right are some more buildings but none of them have anything important in them. You need to enter the cave/tunnel to the left of the building with the sniper on it...basically directly across from the rock bridge you just crossed. CHECKPOINT.

Generally, this path/tunnel leads down. Take out the Raiders as you go along keeping in mind that there is some Health and ammo along the cave/tunnel wall as you go. When you get to the bottom, you'll be outside again and you'll have found the Sandcrawler. Yay!

Kill off all of the Raiders around the Sand Crawler then go to the open back of the Sand Crawler. Hmm, how do you get up there? Well, position your reticule (target) over the little crane/mini-rover thing that is above you. You'll notice that you can use a Force Power on it. Use Force Pull to lower this. Hop on and ride it up. Take out the Tusken Raiders and grab the Large Shield Booster sitting atop one of the crates. Use the crates to get up to the next level/cat walk. Go around the cat walk until you reach a switch. Pull it. This opened a door on the lower level that you just came from (not all the way down to the ground, though). However, there is a large container blocking the door. Use your Force Push to move it. Enter the door and you'll see that this is an elevator going up. Ride it to the top, take out the Raider if you haven't already, and go through the doors. You are now confronted with a molten lava pit. Your character will say, "How do I get down below?" First, SAVE. This way if you mess up you can restart right from there. There are two ways you can do this: the cool way or the gung-ho way. The cool way is to locate the pipe on the left that has a trickle of water coming out of it. Either shoot the pipe right there or throw your lightsaber at it which will cause water to come rushing out and you can pass safely. Under the platform you were just on are two Jawas and Health. The gung-ho way is to turn on your Force Speed and simply hop down and run through the molten lava. You'll do some damage to yourself which is easily repaired with Force Heal. Anyway, once you're past the lava go through the door.

Egad! Fire from the walls! Go to the left path and run along the left wall, the flames don't reach there. Go to the back corner and pull the switch. This turns off the flames. Now, across from where you saw the original flames on the right path is an elevator platform going down. Go down. Use Force Push on the large container blocking your path, kill the Raiders, and then use Force Push on the other large container. Behind this container is the droid you're looking for. Go up to it and you'll get the Hand Icon. Activate the droid and watch where it goes. It drops down a hole a small elevator shaft to the outside.

Kill off the remaining Raiders and soon Kyle will come and you'll get a cut scene and all is well! Mission over.

Emergency Assistance - Bakura

I recommend going for the final Force Heal upgrade (level 3). Level 3 heals you faster than level 2. I know that we've only done Force Heals so far but you may as well get this one out of the way so you have it done. Then, we can move on to more fun Force Powers. At the very least I suggest you have Force Heal level 1. Choose whatever weapons you like.

From your ship, follow the path and go through the open door. You'll see 3 green tubes with 2 of them having yellow and black bands/rings that go up and down. I WANT YOU GET VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS ROOM. You'll be back here several times and you need a good landmark. In this room, if you go to the wall opposite the 3 green tubes, you'll see a green lighted pipe area that is caged in. Break through the cage and you'll have found a...

Secret Area: see above.

Now, go up to the control panel on the left of the room. You'll get a hand icon. Activate the camera and you can scroll through the images that you see using your Y-Button (use/activate). You'll discover that there are 5 bombs that you need to get to. Again, by scrolling through each image, you can see where each of the 5 bombs are located, in a general sense.

This will prompt the door next to the control panel to open. Kill the Storm Troopers. There is a metal stair case. Underneath it is a...

Secret Area: see above.

Go up the stairs and you'll see a Green Shield Regenerator. Use it if you need to. Go through the door at the top of the stairs, kill the 2 Storm Troopers and you'll see a ramp up in front of you and a path to your left. GET FAMILIAR WITH THIS AREA. Again, this level gets confusing, so, learn this little intersection of the two paths and know that your original 3 green tube room is not far from this place.

Bomb 1: go up the ramp instead of going left. Take out the blue-laser trip mines by shooting their wall bases, use the Green Shield Regenerator if needed and go through the door at the top. Yay! A bomb right in front of you. That was easy. Approach it, get the hand icon, and deactivate it. There is an elevator going down to the right of the bomb. DON'T take it. Instead, backtrack and take the path to the left (now to the right) that we didn't take earlier.

Bomb 2: go through the various doors, killing enemies as you go. You'll soon get to a control room with an Orange Ammo Regenerator...just letting you know for reference...nothing important here. Through the next door is a hallway which has fire coming from all sides. Do your best to avoid the fire and go through the door at the other end. Here, there is a floor mounted laser. Take it out. Down the ramp to your right is a Security Door that we can't get through yet so continue forward through the next door. Rats! A hallway full of blue laser trip mines. Take them all out and clear the hallway and go through the door on the other end. You are now in a room with a Green Shield Regenerator, several Storm Troopers and another guy. This other guy has the Security Key for that door back there. You'll automatically grab it and don't worry about it for now. Continue along the path, going up the stairs, taking out more blue laser trip mines. Go through the door and the 2nd bomb will be right in front of you! There is an elevator to the right of the bomb (just like the last bomb). DON'T take it down. We're going to backtrack to the Security Door.

Bomb 3: Backtrack until you get to the ramp going down, now on your left. The flame-filled hallway is the door in front of you. Go down the ramp and approach the key lock on the wall. Get the hand icon and activate it. Go through the door, kill the two Storm Troopers on either side and grab the Large Shield Booster on the left. There is a metal bridge in front of you. Go across and you can go either right or left. KEEP THIS AREA IN MIND, AS WELL. Go left. Work your way around the path along the building and you'll see an explosion up above. Nothing to it, just lettin' you know. Soon, on your right, you'll see a red door that you need a Security Key for. A little further ahead and to the left is a Storm Trooper manning a Tripod Gun. Take him out. There is an elevator to the right of the Tripod Gun that goes down. Take it down. Go around to the back for a...

Secret Area: see above.

Ride it back up and go the opposite direction of the Tripod Gun and go into the next green door where there is a Half-Tube blue laser generator covered with fencing/cage. There are also 2 Storm Troopers here. Go through the next door and you're back outside. Immediately, look to your left. You'll see the 3rd Bomb amongst some large gray fuel-type tanks. The first enemy that comes up to you will have a Security Key. Kill him to get it. Kill the others and go up to the bomb. Deactivate it. Behind the tanks is a...

Secret Area: see above.

Below you are an Orange Ammo and a Green Shield Regenerator.

Bomb 4: Time to go back to that red security door that we passed earlier, near where the Tripod Gun was. So, backtrack to the Tripod Gun and go past it and you'll see the red security door in front of you. Enter and go down the stairs for some Health and Ammo. Then, go back up the stairs and go into the platform elevator and go up. Take out the enemies and go through the next doors. Jump the gap and go through the door on your right. You are now in a red and blue tube power plant area. Behind the tubes is your 4th Bomb!

Bomb 5: Backtrack to the room where you can see down to the purple turbines below. There are two elevators that will take you down or you can just hop down there. Holy cow! The 5th bomb is right there! Take out the enemies and the small floor mounted laser gun next to the bomb and then deactivate it. Before you exit this purple turbine bomb room, there is one last Secret Area...

Secret Area: see the clear catwalk that runs along the purple energy turbines? You need to get behind there. First, take the elevator up and either fall down to the clear catwalk or take the other elevator down to the clear catwalk. From the catwalk you can jump up and behind the purple turbines. Follow the path behind the turbines to find the Secret Area.

Time to get back to your ship! Remember when we crossed the metal bridge and we went to the left (see "bomb 3"). Take the elevator back up and hop across the gap...backtracking. Go through a door or two and drop down to the area below with two Storm Troopers. Go through the door and you'll be back outside. The Tripod Gun from earlier will be in front of you. Take the path to the left. You'll soon see the metal bridge you crossed earlier. Go past it and follow the path along the side of the building, killing as you go. Soon, you'll get to a door. Enter the door and you'll get a quick cut scene of an explosion. Some Storm Troopers and other enemies come out. Kill them all and you'll pick up another Security Key. Follow the hallway, kill the invisible guy, and use your Security Key on the Security Door. To your left you'll see an area protected by blue laser trip mines. Take out the mines. There is some Health and an Orange Ammo Regenerator there. Anyway continue through the door and lo and behold, we are back to the original 3 green tube room. Go through the door to your left, which leads back to your ship, and run to your ship, killing as you go. Mission over.

Merchant Rescue - Blenjeel

First of all, I recommend a Force Mind Trick upgrade. However, you really don't need any particular Force Power or weapons for this mission, so it really doesn't matter. If you're following my walkthrough, you have Level 3 Force Heal and Level 1 Force Mind Trick at this point.

You have crash landed on Blenjeel. You need ship parts (is this Pikmin?). You have to go explore the area and get the ship parts that you need. There is one big obstacle, though...a huge Sand Monster! To avoid the Sand Monster, just use your Force Speed and run from safe area to safe area. Also, if you toss Thermal Detonators the Sand Monster will be attracted to them and it will distract it for a second or two.

Go inside your ship if you are not already there. You'll see that you need 4 ship parts. 3 of the parts go in the first room in the ship and then 1 part goes in the next room back. You can only collect and carry one ship part at a time.

Ship Part 1: From your ship, use the rocks and debris on your right to hop to the other main crashed ship. Enter the hull of the crashed ship and hop up on the crate on the right and up to the next level/catwalk. Go through the broken/half-open door and lo and behold, a ship part is in the floor! It looks like a small jet engine of sorts. There is also a glass case with Health inside in this small room. Simply walk over the ship part to get it. It's the POWER CONVERTER. Now, backtrack to your ship and place the Power Converter by walking up to it's place on the left side of the first room.

Ship Part 2: Exit back out. See the rock formation directly in front of you? Force Speed run to them. You'll see a smaller brown rounded rock right in front of a larger/darker block of rock. Hop onto the smaller round rock and quickly jump up to the larger square block. The rounded rock sinks into the sand so be quick. From this vantage point you will see many rock columns. Look directly down and you'll find your next ship part, the ENERGY CELL, laying on the ground. SAVE. Then, drop down and grab the part and quickly get back to a safe rock. Return to your ship and place the part in the second room back.

Ship Part 3: Exit your ship and go back to the same rock you were just on to get the 2nd ship part. Again, from this vantage point you'll see some stone columns and a square block of ship debris to the right of the columns. Go to that ship debris. Now, look toward the next set of stone column and you'll see a gray crate in the sand next to those columns. Force Speed run to it and hop up on it. From here, you'll see the 3rd ship part, the POWER COUPLING, laying on the ground between you and the next gray block. It's the one that looks like the letter "Y". Anyway, SAVE, just in case the Sand Monster gets ya, then go get it and run it back to your ship.

Ship Part 4: The final ship part, the Damper, is all the way at the front of the other crashed ship. From your ship, hop along the rocks and debris along the right and enter the crashed ship just like you did for your first ship part. When you get to the small room where you found that first ship part, go through the hole in the side of the ship. Jump down and you'll land on a wing part of sorts and you'll notice that you can Force Power the wing if you place your reticule (target) over it. Use Force Pull to move the wing. What happened? Well, I don't know. I have yet to figure out why you can move that wing. It doesn't make any sense to me, just thought I'd tell you about it. Anyway, from that wing, look out past the front of the crashed ship. You'll see a rock formation, again with a small brown rounded boulder and a larger/darker square rock by it. Force Speed run to this formation and look down on the ground to find the final ship part, the DAMPER. SAVE. Run down and grab it and quickly get to safety. Make it back to your ship and place the final part.

Mission over! At this point you can return to the Academy or continue on with one more mission. Continue on, silly!

Cult Investigation - Corellia

I recommend using your upgrade to get Force Protection, Level 1. If you're following along at home, that means that you have Force Heal Level 3, Force Mind Trick Level 1, and, now, Force Protection Level 1. Choose whichever weapons you like.

The basic gist here is that you are working your way toward the front of the tram.

From the start, you can't get through the doors, so hop up on either side. However, if you go along the right side ledge first, you get to a...

Secret Area: see above.

Anyway, hop up on top of the first tram car. Work your way forward, kill the two guys, and then drop down. Turn around and go into the inside of the tram through the open door. Work you way back, killing the 3 guys. You will find yourself on the other side of the door that wouldn't open from where you started. Facing that door, look along the right wall to find a switch. Pull it. This de-electrifies the next tram car so that you can get by. Now, backtrack to where you entered the inside of this tram.

Run across either the left or right support beam thing and hop up onto the next tram car. Work your way forward, using crates to get up to the upper platform where several baddies are shooting at you. Take them out. Continue forward. You will soon be on top of a glass ceiling. A guy with a lightsaber will either be on top of it with you or will have dropped down below. Break the glass with your lightsaber and fall down. Take him out and anyone else in this plant/foliage room. Jump out of there using the pipes and continue forward.

Now you will enter the inside of a tram car and take out the 3 guys inside, moving forward. Get to the next tram car and you can go along either the left or right side of it. On either side there is a door. However, only the one along the right side is unlocked. Go in and kill all of the baddies. At the back of the room is a platform freight elevator. Get on it and go up. There is large blue force field blocking your way. There is a red box on either side of the force field. Shoot each red box to lower the force field. Go in, kill the 2 bad guys and pick up the Ammo/Health. Look up. There is a glass ceiling. Hop up the crates and break the glass with your lightsaber and jump up and out.

Now on top of the tram again, move forward, first along the two connectors. See the glass below you with the yellow crates? Well, break the glass to cause a nice explosion. Just eye candy really. Next, go across the one gray connector. Up ahead you'll see a bad guy. Jump across, go up the ramp to where he is and kill him. SAVE. Now, turn around and hop across to the lower part of the tram you were just on. I say SAVE before you jump because you may very well fall making this jump. Behind the middle part is a...

Secret Area: Small Shield Booster, Health.

After you get the Secret Area, SAVE. Again, because the jump back can be nasty. In fact, it's really not a direct jump. Go to the front of the tram car that you are on (the one with the Secret Area) and carefull hop up the little part that extends forward so that you end up on the upper level of the tram. Now, jump across and continue forward. Go down the ramp on the other side and CHECKPOINT.

Go into this tram, take out they guys, one of which has a lightsaber, and quickly disarm the bomb that you see. Great, now the tram is speeding up to ram into the city. This isn't timed, so take your time. Continue to work your way forward and soon you'll get to the front tram car. You'll get several normal guys and a guy with a lightsaber. Take them all out. Before you go into the control room and end the mission, hop up on top of this tram car and get the last...

Secret Area: see above.

Now, go into the main control area of the first car, go up to the control panel and activate it. Mission over! Time to go back to the Academy.

Echo Base - Hoth

This is sort of a transition mission between the first set of missions and the second set of missions. You don't get to choose an upgrade to your extra Force Powers at this point, but you do get to choose your weapons. Choose whatever you'd like.

You start off in white-out conditions. You see a few Taun Tauns. Hop up onto one of them and ride it forward. You'll see a small beacon of light up ahead. Go to it and continue to follow the beacons of light. Soon you'll come upon some Imperials. Stay on the Taun Taun if you like (you can pretend you're a knight on a horse) and pull out your lightsaber and slash the Imperials. Continue forward and you'll get to more Imperials and a Tripod Gun. I'm a sucker for manning Tripod Guns so I hopped off of my Taun Taun, kill the Storm Trooper manning it and then took control of it and killed the other Storm Troopers. This is entirely unnecessary. Just kill them however you see fit. SAVE.

Now off your Taun Taun, hop over the rocks and enter the cave. Watch out! It's a Wampa! You can use Mind Trick to stun him then just slice and dice him. If he picks you up just continue to use your lightsaber on him and he'll die. In this cave you'll see that you can go either right or left. To the right is a...

Secret Area: Large Shield Booster, Health, Trip Mines.

After that, take the left path and you'll soon be back outside. This is a "T" intersection. To the right are some Storm Troopers and a droid that you can kill. It's a dead end. Turn around and go the other way, following the light beacons. CHECKPOINT.

Soon you'll reach an open area of sorts where there are about 5-6 Storm Troopers. Kill them, then locate the Tripod Gun mounted on top of some wreckage. Hop up there, grab the Small Shield Booster, then rotate the Tripod Gun until you see the AT-ST (walker). Fire at it until it blows. Phew! Continue forward toward the AT-ST that you just took out and you'll soon see a fortified wall. Take out the remaining Storm Troopers and go to the right side of the wall. You can hop over it from there. Now on the other side of the wall, enter through the large doors and kill the Storm Troopers. You'll see that there is an elevator up and one going down. Take the one up. Kill everybody in the room. Use the Green Shield Regenerator if necessary. Then, approach the control panel with the switch and activate it. This opens the door down below, had we taken the down elevator earlier. However, before you go down there, find the room that is covered in ice. Use your Force Push on it and you'll have found a...

Secret Area: see above.

Now, go back to where the elevator is and call the elevator up. Break the fencing/grating on the other side of the elevator to find another...

Secret Area: Large Shield Booster.

Next, go down the elevator to the main/original room and then take the other elevator down. Kill the Storm Troopers and go through the now opened door. Kill the enemies in here and go through the next green door. Kill the guys and continue killing and moving forward. Soon you'll get a CHECKPOINT.

Go through the door, kill the Storm Troopers, use the Green Shield Regenerator and go up the elevator. Kill the guys in there, go through the door and you'll be back outside. There is a Tripod Gun in front of you and a bunch of Storm Troopers will come at you. Man the Tripod Gun and take them all out. Before you go on, turn around and go toward the door you just came through. Go around the building to the right and behind it you will find a...

Secret Area: with some Ammo.

Follow the beacons forward. Kill the Storm Troopers as you come to them and soon you'll see some yellow laser fire coming from a Tripod Gun on top of a bunker. Go toward it and kill the guy manning it. UNDERNEATH THIS BUNKER IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO. The bunker is blocked by a shield. Just destroy the generator on the side of the bunker (it's right near where the hole/entrance is) and then drop into the bunker. Kill the troopers and then drop down again. You'll now be on the second part of the mission after the load.

Secret Area: before you go into the under-the-Tripod bunker, explore the area around there until you hear yourself say, "Echo Base," or whatever. There are various Storm Troopers around. Anyway, facing the base, follow the wall around to the left and you'll come upon the last Secret Area in this level.

Echo Base II - Hoth

Move forward and drop down. You'll land on some crates with Health and a Large Shield Booster. Drop down and kill the 2 Storm Troopers and then find the only open door in this large cavern/storage area. Near the only open door is a Tripod Gun. Man it and then kill all of the enemies behind the door when they come rushing out. Follow the tunnel and you'll get to a room with 4 Storm Troopers down below in a little cut-out area. Kill them and you'll notice that you have two paths to take. Take the right path to get to a...

Secret Area: 3 Storm Troopers, Health and Small Shield Booster.

Now, take the left path. Keep moving forward killing as you go. There is Green Shield Regenerator along the way. When you get to a dead end room, notice that there is a central elevator. However, before we go up, go through the door to the elevator room and then look directly to the left. There is a small alcove with a...

Secret Area: see above.

Next, enter the elevator and go up. CHECKPOINT. You are now on the upper level of the medical area. The rooms here circle around, so find the path that leads to the Tripod Gun and several Storm Troopers. Take them/it out and continue on killing as you go. Soon, you'll get another CHECKPOINT and you'll see an Ammo Regenerator and a green door. Go through the door. Continue killing and following the only path that you can. You'll get to a room with both a Shield and Ammo Regenerator and an elevator. Take the elevator down. Continue on the path, kill, and soon you'll get to a destroyed control room area. Before you enter, SAVE. Enter and you'll get a cut scene of a bad guy with a lightsaber relaying info about Luke going to Dagobah to a certain person named, Alora...we'll meet her later. Rats! You must kill this bad guy! He is kinda tough if you're not yet good at your lightsaber. Turn on your Force Protection and go after him. I had you save right before this in case you die. After he's dead, continue on. You'll get to a cave with a Wampa. Mind Trick him then slice and dice him. You'll get to a room with a Shield and Ammo Regenerator and a CHECKPOINT.

Cut scene. You must battle Alora. Turn on your Force Protection and go at her. You just got a checkpoint so if you die, just reload the checkpoint. Just wear her down until she gives up and goes away.

Choose Your Saber Stance

At this point in the game you get to choose your alternative Saber Stance. The first time I played through the game I chose Strong. I barely used it as it was too slow for my liking. I recommend going with Fast. It makes for a more enjoyable experience, in my opinion. To switch between stances, use the B-Button. You can tell what stance you are in by looking at the force meter at the bottom right of the screen. Notice the little bar/line that switches when you toggle the B-Button.

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