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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Walkthrough
Rescue Mission - Vader's Castle

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Jedi Knight
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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy >
3. Rescue Mission - Vader's Castle

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1. LB's Jedi Academy Home and Quick Review
2. Intro - Hoth
3. Rescue Mission - Vader's Castle
4. Cult Sighting - End
5. LB's Downloadable "Jedi Academy"
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Rescue Mission - Vader's Castle

Choose Your Saber Stance

At this point in the game you get to choose your alternative Saber Stance. The first time I played through the game I chose Strong. I barely used it as it was too slow for my liking. I recommend going with Fast. It makes for a more enjoyable experience, in my opinion. To switch between stances, use the B-Button. You can tell what stance you are in by looking at the force meter at the bottom right of the screen. Notice the little bar/line that switches when you toggle the B-Button.

Rescue Mission - Nar Kreeta

Congratulations! You are now on the second set of missions. Your core Force Powers are now all level 2 meaning you can jump farther, defend yourself better with the lightsaber, push farther, pull farther, etc.

For this mission I strongly recommend that you have at least Force Mind Trick Level 1. I have gone ahead and upgraded to Force Mind Trick Level 2. So, to recap so far, we have Force Heal Level 3, Force Mind Trick Level 2, and Force Protection Level 1. You're going to need Mind Trick to distract the Rancor (big monster beast) so you can save the prisoners. Weapons wise, you now have available the Golan Arms FC1. Choose that and whatever else you'd like.

Secret Area: If you watched the cut scene you may have noticed that there are some rock platforms right outside the tunnel that you are in. First of all SAVE, in case you fall, because you're gonna fall. This is a tricky jump. Looking out to the valley below, you need to get onto that small little piece of red/rusty pipe sticking out from the tunnel. Not easy and not fun. My only advice is that it takes a lot of trial and error. I probably died about a dozen times before I got up onto of the pipe. And, actually, if you're lucky, you can make the jump directly from the tunnel to the first rock platform. It's a blind jump but it's an alternative. From the first rock platform, jump to the others and then to the guard tower. SAVE. Now, work your way back to the pipe/tunnel.

Run down the tunnel and look on the left wall for the grate that you can slice open then crawl into. Follow the duct and chop through either grate. You'll fall through and then take out the bad guys down there. On your right, you'll see a room with green tubes. Get familiar with this room as it is where all of your rescued prisoners are going to end up.

Secret Area: in the green tube room there is a caged/fenced area with a door. Slash the door then use your Force Pull to get the two Power Cells.

In fact, we're going to clear the path here so that the prisoners don't encounter any resistance. Follow the path past the green tube room to the end and you'll come to one final guy who has a Security Key. Use the Security Key on the door and you'll see that the door leads right back to where you originally entered and broke the grate.

Backtrack to the main hallway. On your left is another room with more guys to kill. In this room, there is an elevator going up and a Security Door opposite the elevator. It is currently locked, so go up the elevator. Take out the guys here and then pull the switch/lever in the room. This will open the windows and you'll see 4 prisoners come out. Hop through the window, you may have to crouch, and run up to the prisoners who are right near you. They'll tell you about the Rancor. Egad!

The door that the prisoners need to get to is right near you. This is the door at the end of the main hallway, except now you are on the other side. Get your Force Mind Trick ready and stun the Rancor which will give the prisoners enough time to get to the door...it should open automatically. The prisoners will stop in the hallway. Approach them and talk to them. They tell you there are 3 more sets of prisoners. They will also ask if the path is clear. It is since we already did that. They will give you a Security Key. If you go into your "pause" menu you can see that you have rescued 4 of 16 prisoners. After you've rescued each set of prisoners, I recommend a SAVE.

Go back into the room with the elevator and the Security Door. Yes, use your new Security Key on the Security Door. This is an elevator down. CHECKPOINT. At the bottom is a pub/bar. Take out the baddies.

Secret Area: take a look at the left side of the bar with your Force Sense. You'll see a beer tap that is glowing yellow. Slash it. Use your Force Pull to get a Large Shield Booster.

Continue through the door on the other side of the bar. You are in a hallway where you have access to the other 3 switches that you need to rescue the other 3 sets of prisoners. On your left you'll see a green arrow and an elevator. Further down on your left you'll see a blue arrow and an elevator. To the right of this, follow the hall and you'll get to a red arrow and an elevator. You've already rescued the yellow prisoners, so keep that in mind. I want you to clear out this entire area before we make any more moves.

Once this area is clear, go to the first elevator on your left, the green arrow one. Kill the guys and then pull the switch. Again, jump through the now opened window and go to the left to find the 4 prisoners. Approach them and they'll automatically know where to run. Follow them and try to get out in front of them. Your job is to make sure the Rancor doesn't get near them. Get your Force Mind Trick ready and as soon as you see the Rancor, let him have it. If your prisoners are too scared to go by, which happened to me, then wait for the Rancor to become active again and lead him away from them by slashing him and running, then, Mind Trick him again, further away from the prisoners. The general gist is that if you follow the yellow arrows you'll get back to the original hallway...the prisoners know the way, though. SAVE.

So, we are back at the original hallway. Go into the Security Door again, down the elevator, through the bar taking out the new enemies there, and then make your way to the blue arrow elevator. Do you see a pattern emerging here? Go up and take out the enemies. Pull the switch, go through the window, approach the prisoners in front of you, and follow them/protect them from the Rancor. You are now back in the original hallway. SAVE. Go through the Security Door, down the elevator and into the bar. Watch out this time because there are some blue laser trip mines now in the bar. Take out the guy there, jump over the trip mines, go through the door and take out two more guys then go all the way to the back and to the right to the red arrow elevator. Go up, kill the guys, pull the switch, go through the window. Again, the prisoners are not far from you. Approach them and they'll go a runnin'. Follow them and protect them from the Rancor. Once they have officially made it out you'll get a new objective, namely to get back to the original access tunnel. To do so, just go through the green tube room and follow the path from there. See, not so confusing when you know what to do. Mission complete!

Meet Contact Zonju V

I recommend an upgrade to your Force Protection, however, you can do whatever you'd like here. Weapons aren't that big of a concern either.

Ah yes, the speeder bike level. The first time through I had a lot of problems. First, there is the control of the speeder bike itself. It's rather touchy. Try not to turn too hard while going fast. Just a light touch on the control stick for steering. Your left trigger is a boost, and you do need that for parts of this mission. For weaponry you can use your speeder bike's laser cannons but I prefer to have your lightsaber at the ready and simply slash at enemies who get near you. The large central meter when you're on your speeder bike is your bike's health.

The first segment should be pretty easy. Just go until you get to a wall where you can't go any further. Hop off our you speeder bike and jump through the opening in the wall. On the other side you'll get a cut scene of your contact being sniped.

When you start back up you'll have an Ammo and Shield Regenerator and some Health. CHECKPOINT. Go through the door. Hop onto one of the speeder bikes and continue along your way. Not much really to tell you, there are various Health and Shield upgrades along the way, usually at the corner of buildings. Save and Save often. Soon, you'll get to a chasm that you need to boost (Left Trigger) to get over. Do so then turn right and continue on the path. Soon after that you'll get a cut scene and Mission Over!

Covert Operation - Kril'dor

I recommend using your upgrade on Force Absorb. However, you can with it what you want. Choose your favorite weapons.

You need to help Wedge by setting targets that he can then destroy in his X-Wing. From your ship, enter the Tie Fighter hangar and kill the 4 guards in there. Go up the elevator in the back right corner near the Ammo Regenerator. Above you is a mounted ceiling gun. Throw your saber at it then take out the Tie Pilot. On this level, there is an open door and an elevator. Take the elevator up. Exit out and you are now on top of the Hangar. Take the bridge across to the Shield Generator. On the Shield Generator you'll find a red target that you can activate for Wedge. Make sure to watch the cut scene so you know where the next target goes.

The next target is right where you just came from, on top of the Hangar. Run back across the bridge and activate the red target. Again, pay attention to the cut scene.

The next target, on the Garrison, is adjacent to the now destroyed hangar. You start out near a large Tripod gun. he destroyed hangar is behind you. You may have to deal with a hovering guy. If so, Mind Trick him to stun him then take him out. The building in front of you is the Garrison. See the door to the Garrison? Don't go through. Instead, hop up on top of the door and then up to the roof. Here you will find your red target.

Next is the communications array. You start in front of the Garrison door again. Hop back up to the Garrison roof using the top of the door just like you did before. Look out and to your right and find the building with the Satellite Dish on top of it. You need to get there. Make sure you have full Health and then drop down to the platform way below. At least on Jedi Difficulty, you'll lose 93 Health Points. Just use Force Heal. In front of you is a central building being guarded by lots of Storm Troopers. Get to know this building as a landmark. I'm going to refer to it as the "central building" although technically, I believe it's the "Command Center." Go up to it and kill all of the Storm Troopers around. You can get fancy and use Force Mind Trick or Force Push, but just kill them. From here, locate the Communications Array and head to it. Make a circle around it and kill all the Storm Troopers. Hmm? How do we get in there? Well, look up and you'll see that there is a bridge that connects the Satellite building to another building with a bunch of ledges on it. We need to go to that building with all of the ledges. Run over there, take out the Storm Troopers and find your way to the open door. Go in, kill more and you'll notice 2 elevators. One going up and one going down. Take the one up. Take out the two Troopers and take the next elevator up. Again, kill the 2 Troopers and then find the green lighted panel on the wall. Activate the panel to open the shades. Break the glass with your saber and go out onto the ledge. Look to your right. The Communication Array is in your sights. Go along the ledge so that you are above the bridge leading to the Satellite Dish. Drop down and go over to the dish where you will find a red target. Also, take out the hovering enemy. Wedge will come and blow it up. Pay attention to the cut scene.

Next we have to take out the Power Generator. There is an elevator going down. However, before you do that...

Secret Area: Remember our "Central Building?" Well, there is a pipe that leads to it from this building with many ledges. Hop up from the bridge to the ledge and work your way around until you are above the pipe to the Central Building. Hop down to the pipe and go across for the secret.

Make your way back to the down elevator across from the Satellite Dish building and ride it down.

Secret Area: Face the wall while you ride the elevator down and on the left you'll see a platform with a few goodies on it. Jump to it as you ride down.

Drop down to the ground level. Again, we're going to enter the building with many ledges. Remember the down elevator that we didn't take before...well...go in and take it down. Fight the lightsaber guy and then go through the door. Take out the Storm Troopers on either side of the door and go across the bridge to the elevator down. Kill the Trooper near it and go down. Go around the structure to find your red target for Wedge.

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One more target. This time, we need to go into our "Central Building." Go back up the elevators and make you way to the central building. Along the way kill the hovering guys. SAVE. Go in and take the elevator up. Get ready for a flurry of bad guys and two ceiling mounted guns. Put on your Force Protection and take out the normal enemies with blasters. Then, take out the guy with the lightsaber. He's not that tough...just keep whacking at him. Then, toss your lightsaber at each of the two ceiling guns. Phew. Activate the final target. Watch the cut scene.

Oh snap! The Storm Troopers are planting bombs on each of the 4 main gas platforms. If you watched the cut scene you know where they are. Anyway, you start out on the bottom floor of the Central Building (Command Center). CHECKPOINT.

Exit out and make your way to the ledge building. From here you have access to all 4 bombs. Look for one set of 4 red gas tanks/cylinders. Run between them and onto the platform. Kill the guys and go to the back of the platform and you'll find the first bomb. Go to the adjacent platform to find the second one. Go back to the ledge building and locate the other set of 4 red gas tanks/cylinders. Do the same thing here.

Time to get back to your ship. Head back to the Tie Fighter Hangar. Face the lightsaber guy and the 5 Storm Troopers then go through the hangar door to you ship.

Capture Crime Lord - Coruscant

At this point I went ahead and upgraded my Force Protection to Level 3. If you don't yet have any Force Absorb, get it now. It will come in handy in this level. Choose whatever weapons you like.

Rats! The bridge near your ship has been blown. You need to find another way. Go to the back of your ship and jump across the gap to the next building. Work your way around, killing or Force Pushing as you go. Soon you will see a small ship hovering allowing you to jump to it. SAVE before making this jump. Jump to it, kill the guy, then get a running jump to the next building (I realize you are on a little hover ship but get as good a running start as you can). Jump up a level and you'll see a spotlight. To the right is a dead end and two bad guys. So, from the spotlight, go left and around and up the stairs. Take out the 3 guys you get to then jump to the next building.

Kill the 5-7 guys here and then watch out for Thermal Detonators being thrown at you from above. Look up and you'll see the culprit. You can either shoot him or hop up on top of one of the lights and hop up to where he is. Anyway, back to where you killed the 5-7 guys, continue forward and jump up the small ledge to a part of the building where there are 3 large crates (they glow around the edges and such). Up here you will meet up with your very first ASSASSIN DROID, or as I like to call them, Nasty Blue Shield Guys. Don't touch one of these guys. You'll die from the shield around it. Get near it and wait for it to shoot at you. It drops its shields when it's shooting. As soon as it drops its shields throw your lightsaber at it. Repeat. Or, you can turn on some Force Speed and go up to it when it drops its shields and get in few good slashes. Whichever way you please. There is a Large Shield Booster by the crate nearest the wall.

Secret Area: jump onto that crate and then jump up to the ledge on the side of the building. Go to the left and you'll find a Large Shield Booster.

From this platform, look down and locate the platform below with the yellowish ship on it. Jump down to it. Follow the path, kill the guys, and when you get to the dead end room there is an elevator in the middle of it. Take it up and then go across the bridge, kill the guys, then take out the Assassin Droid, or just run by him.

Jump to the next building/platform, again with a ship on it, and you'll see some blue force fields/fences that you have to deal with. Hop over them and kill as you go. Clear out this many-crated area of all the baddies. There's probably 12 of them or so. To the far left of this area you'll find an Ammo and a Shield Regenerator.

Go to the far right of this area and hop up onto the ledge. You'll see that there is another building roof below you and an Assassin Droid. Drop down and take him out. Go to your left to find some Health and Ammo.

Jump the gap to the next building. Hop up on the ledge, continue forward, drop down and you'll be at the door that you've been trying to get to this whole time. CHECKPOINT.

Now you have a guy who uses force push on you and a lightsaber dude. Take out the non-lightsaber guy first. Use your Force Absorb so that he can't push you around and then slice him. Then, duel with the lightsaber guy. In the back right of this room there are 2 Healths. SAVE. Go through the door on the right. It's an elevator going up. Cut scene.

Oh rats! Lots of Assassin Droids. You know what to do. Use Force Speed, wait for them to lower their shields when they shoot at you, and then slice them up. It's easiest to deal with these guys one at a time. Lure them out and do your thang. If Force Speed is to chaotic, just don't use it. Mission Over when all 4 droids are dead.

Cult Investigation - Dosuun

At this point you can go back to the Academy or do one more mission. Choose to do this mission. It would be very un-jedi-like of you to not do it. Geez ;) I upgraded my Force Absorb to Level 2. Do whatever you'd like, though. Choose whatever weapons are your favorites.

Oh no! You're surrounded! Your saber is taken away and you're in jail. Now Rax wants to play The Most Dangerous Game with you. He'll let you go and then hunt you.

When the mission starts, jump out of the jail cell and look for the control booth. If there are any Storm Troopers in there wait for them to leave. Walk in and grab a Blaster Rifle off the wall rack. You are now in First Person view. Get used to it. Go outside and to the left. Shoot the Troopers who come at you as you go forward. You'll get a quick cut scene Rax on a platform. Be aware that he can do a lot of damage to you if he shoots you. You need to shoot him and then he'll run away. So, you'll see a door on your right and the path that goes forward and slightly to the left. Go forward, using the building on your left as cover and look forward and to your left just a bit. Up on a platform you'll see him shooting at you. Lay into him with Blaster Rifle fire (use the L-Trigger for rapid fire) until he runs away.

Go into the green lit door on your right. You'll see several blue laser trip mines to your right and some force field/fences to your left. Shoot out the left or right side of the force fences to destroy them and kill all of the Storm Troopers. You'll have picked up a Golan Arms FC1...my favorite weapon. You'll notice that all of the doors are locked. Go back and blow up the trip mines and go through the door there.

Kill the two guys inside and you'll get a Security Key. Fill up on Shields if you need to. Exit back out and go down the hallway to the Security Door on the left. Use your key on it. Go in and kill the guys. Go up the staircase on the left, pull the switch and then go back down the stairs and onto the platform elevator going up. Kill the guy and grab the Health if you need it. Keep going through open doors until you get to the lobby/control room of sorts. Kill the guys in there and then pull the switch on the central command podium. The door directly in front of you is now open. Take out the trip mines and go through.

Secret Area: don't go through the main door you just opened. Instead, go back the way you came. In the first room look up and you'll see a space in the wall where there appears to be a container missing. Jump up there for and Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) gun.

There is a hallway with a bunch of green doors. The first door on your left just leads to the path you just took to get to the lobby/control room. The first door on your right simply leads to the same place as the door all the way at the end of the hall leads to. So, I say just go forward down the hall, killing as you go, and go through the door at the end of the hall. There are a bunch of Storm Troopers in here. Using your Golan Arms FC1 gun, just run back into the hall and as they group up just fire your secondary weapon (exploding flame balls) at them point blank. Mucho fun.

When this area is cleared you'll notice that it is a barracks. There is a weapons cache in the middle of it being guarded by a few more guys and some force fields/fences. Blow up the force field, kill the guys, then grab all of that Health/Ammo along the wall. Go back out to the hallway and take either elevator (the only doors we discussed yet) down.

Look familiar? Well, now these doors are open, too. One of the doors we've already been in (the room with the stairs, switch and elevator). One of them leads to the shooting range, and the door at the end of the hallway leads to a control room with 4 camera viewers, 3 or 4 bad guys and some Health on the table. Go back to the side door that leads to the shooting range.

Secret Area: In the room directly off of the hallway, behind a large crate on your right you'll be able to see a Green Shield Regenerator. Look to the top of the large crate and shoot the small brown crate.

From the Secret Area go into the next room which is a Shooting Range for a Tripod Gun. Pull the switch which lowers the force field at the end of the room. Then, man the Tripod Gun and fire at the targets. Lo and behold, you have blown up the side of the wall and can now get outside!

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Ah crap cookies! It's an AT-ST! Run directly across from where you hopped out the window and jump through the open window there. You are inside an AT-ST hangar of sorts. There are two brown exploding containers near a control room window. Shoot the containers to break the glass and hop into the control room. Kill the guy in there. Pull both switches, which unlock doors, and then refill on Shields and Ammo if you need it. Exit out and then go through the door between the two AT-STs. Go up the elevator.

You are now up above several AT-STs. Note that if you put your reticule (target) over the opening on the top of the AT-ST you can get in it and control it. Get in one of them and shoot the enemy AT-ST that is out in the courtyard area. Then, bring the AT-ST back into the hangar and exit. Go through the open door and up the blue lit stairs. Another quick cut scene of Rax. Turn around and go right back to the AT-ST hangar and get into one of the AT-STs. Exit out and find where Rax is shooting you from the platform above. Fire at him. Keep in mind you can switch between the Main Cannons and the Side Cannons. The left Side Cannon is an exploding rocket (L-Trigger). Use whatever you can against Rax. He won't be able to hurt you too much because you're in the AT-ST. Once he retreats, go back into the AT-ST hangar and exit your AT-ST.

Go back up the blue lighted stair case. There are two Healths directly in front of you. Take out the invisible guys and any remaining bad guys. Man the Tripod Gun if you like. When the area is clear, run around to the green door and CHECKPOINT.

You are now in the outer ring hallway of a large many platformed semi-round area. Take the hallway to the left or right, killing invisible guys as you go, and work your way all the way around to the opposite side of where you came in. You'll find a Shield Regenerator, Health, and Ammo. Using where you came in as a landmark, go along the left hallway and you'll find two small side hallways. Take either one of them as they both lead to the same area.

Put on your Force Protection and kill all of the bad guys in this catwalk area. You'll see that below you are Tie Fighters. Go into the control room and take out the guys in there. Outside the glass window of the Control Room, on a ledge, is a Small Shield Booster. Anyway, back in the Control Room, pull the switch. That made the door behind you turn green. SAVE. Go through it.

It's an elevator down which takes you to the Tie Hangar that was below you. Work your way toward the stairs and you'll get another cut scene with Rax and this will be a final showdown. As you know, Rax's gun can be pretty awful. Make sure to have your Force Protection on at all times. Then, the basic gist is you need to keep jump up to higher platforms until you have a direct shot at him. Basically, you can just keep getting higher and running around (you'll run into various Large Shield Booster and Healths) until you get shot by him. Then, you pretty much know you have a straight shot at him. With your Force Protection on, lay into him with whatever gun. I used the rapid fire (L-Trigger) of the Blaster Rifle. I just stood there taking his hits and kept firing at him. He'll eventually go down. Mission Over!

Vader's Castle I - Vjun

Time to go back to the Academy for an intermediate mission. This mission takes you to Vader's castle on Vjun. This is a long mission but the pay off at the end is that you get to choose Dual Lightsabers or the Double Bladed Staff Saber.

When the mission starts make sure to have your Force Protection on. The acid rain will hurt you otherwise. Run forward and you'll get to your very first Hazard Trooper. They are the Buzz Lightyear-looking guys. They are pretty nasty but between you and Kyle they should be no problem. Pick up the Concussion Rifle. This rifle works well against the Hazard Troopers (2 shots should kill them). In this covered area you'll face another Hazard Trooper. Then, on your left, on top of one of the containers is a Large Shield Booster and there is also some Ammo nearby.

Still from under this protected area, look along the left and you'll see a ramp going up. Follow it and then let Kyle take out the Hazard Troopers who emerge. While he's doing that...

Secret Area: Below the ramp you are on, to the left of the ramp, against the wall, is a Secret Area with a Large Shield Booster and a Health.

Once the Hazard Troopers are killed, go through the door. Actually, on either side of the door before you go in there is a Large Shield Booster and a Health. Now inside, work your way forward and enter the map room with the blue globe and all the pretty blue glass. There is also an Ammo and Shield Regenerator in here. Go through the next door and take out the lightsaber dude, or have Kyle do it. Through the next door you'll find a door on each side of you and one in front of you. Run toward the one in front of you and take out the 3 Storm Troopers hiding on the sides. Don't go through the door in front of you. Just get close enough to it to get the CHECKPOINT.

Now, turn around and go through either of the two side doors. Depending on which one you went through first you'll either have a Hazard Trooper on the same level with you and one above you or just one above you. Kill the one on the same level with you then let Kyle kill the ones above. Once they are dead hop up to where they just were using the crates and the ledge and you'll have found a...

Secret Area: see above.

Secret Area: out the left side door there is a sort of octagonal garden with two large covered boulders in it. Slash at the ground of this partial octagon and you'll soon discover a part that will break open.

Go back inside and continue forward. It wouldn't be a bad idea to SAVE. Go through the door in front of you and pretty much as soon as you enter this room, there is a pathway and a ramp going up on your right. Go up and take out all of the Storm Troopers. Go through the only opened door and CHECKPOINT.

Continue on and you'll get to a room with some Health and an Ammo and Shield Regenerator. Keep going and you'll have to face another Hazard Trooper, or let Kyle kill him. Then, you are back outside. Turn on Force Protection and go down the ramp and take cover under the various platforms working your way along the wall. Soon, you'll see another structure and some Storm Troopers, one of which is manning a Tripod Gun. The structure and courtyard across from the Tripod Gun is a dead end except for a...

Secret Area: Go through the large opening/arch and go to your right. Behind a large rock you'll find the Secret Area.

Anyway, continue along the cliff wall until you get to an alcove with a Large Shield Booster and some Health. A couple of Hazard Troopers will also come out now. Just hide while Kyle kills them. Continue on and you'll soon get to a river. Go left along this cliff wall. On your right, Vader's Main Castle will come into view. Facing the castle you'll notice that there are 2 main bridges going to it. Go to the left one and cross it. Then, go to the left along the cliff wall. You'll soon reach a cut scene with 2 Tie Fighters and a Tripod Gun that you need to get to. Enter the door on your right and kill the Storm Troopers. Kill the Imperial then kill the Hazard Trooper. Go through the next door.

You are back outside, in an inner courtyard of sorts. Go left and take the ramp up. Kill the Storm Troopers. There is one door that you can go through but before we do that I'm going to have you get some Detonation Packs. See the roof across from you with the 2 large pipes on top. Jump up there and then go to the back of the pipes. You'll see that the hatch at the back of one of them has a crack in it. Slash it open and use Force Pull to get them. Now, go through that open door. Go down the ramp and 4 Storm Troopers attack from the right side door. Kill them then hop down to the area below where there is a Large Shield Booster on one of the containers. Go through the door that the Storm Troopers just came out of. There are two lightsaber dudes which shouldn't be a problem. Kill them then SAVE.

Continue forward and you'll get to a room with several Imperials and many Storm Troopers. It's too easy to fall down the gaps in the floor, that's why I had you save. Kill them all and continue on. You'll get a cut scene of a locked door which leads to the Turbo Laser that you need to kill the Tie Fighters. Kyle will go back and try to open it for you. Meanwhile a lightsaber dude will come out. Turn on Force Absorb and take him out. Kyle will have gotten the door open by now, go through.

Go to your left, man the Turbo Laser and take out the 2 Ties. Drop down (or wait for the elevator to come up) and you'll be back on the valley floor. Continue going the way that the Ties were blocking. Approach the door and this segment of the mission is over.

Vader's Castle II - Vjun

Right from the start, jump up to the platform above the AT-ST using the side wall to find a...

Secret Area: see above.

The turbo lifts are locked, so work your way along the wall until you see an opening which leads to the garbage shoot. Anyway, you'll get a quick cut scene and you'll be in the central compaction garbage area. Jump out of there and you'll notice that there are 3 possible paths. One leads back to the area you were just in, one path Kyle takes, and the other path you need to take. You'll soon reach a control room and several Storm Troopers. Take them out then pull the switch. Continue through the door and follow the path around until you are blocked by a crate that you can use Force Pull on. This reveals a grate. Slash it open, crouch and go through for a...

Secret Area: see above.

You'll now notice that the door on the other side of the hallway is open. Go through and CHECKPOINT. Here you meet up with Kyle and you have to take on 3 lightsaber guys. You just got a checkpoint for a reason...you may die. There is a lot of Health in this area if you need it. You'll also see a red closed door and at the other end of this room, the path that Kyle took to get here. Exit back out the way you came in and Kyle will use his power to open a door...just follow him.

You are now in some water. Kyle uses his powers to operate a wet switch causing a piece of pipe to fall. You need to drain the water. See the 3 red/different color pump thingies along the wall? Use Force Push or Pull on them which will start them pumping and will lower the water. Now, you can use the pipe that fell to get up to the next floor. Getting up there can be a bit of a pain as the space to jump up is tight. Just keep trying and you'll get there.

Follow the path, take out the hover droid and then jump into the air stream going up. About halfway up the air tube is an alcove that you can force yourself into to get a...

Secret Area: see above.

Anyway, get to the top and enter the doorway, take out the hover droid and you'll get a CHECKPOINT. There is an intermittent blue/green laser coming from behind the wall. Wait for it to stop and then run toward its source. Kill the 4 Storm Troopers in here, watch out for the exploding crates near the group of 3 troopers. Then, hop onto one of the arms of the rotating device and use that to jump up to the next level/ledge where Kyle is. On this ledge you'll see a green door on either end and one in the middle.

Secret Area: the room in the middle is a Secret Area.

It doesn't matter which of the side doors you go through...they meet up. Facing the middle room, the door on your left is a bunch of Storm Troopers and a Shield Regenerator...the door on the right are 2 lightsaber dudes and an Ammo Regenerator. SAVE.

Anyway, when you get to the room where they meet up, take out all of the baddies and drop down to the control room below for another Ammo and Shield Regenerator. Then, take either platform elevator up. Take out all of the bad guys and watch out for the Storm Trooper shooting rockets at you. Kill him and you'll have the Portable Missile System (rocket launcher). Very cool. If your health/shield is hurting, backtrack and stock up. Again, there are 2 doors for you to go through. It doesn't matter which one, but one has a Shield Regenerator along the way.

You'll soon get to the central room with the green laser in the middle. Kill the 2 hover dudes and then jump up on top of the structure that has the crates on top of it. At the top you'll see 4 green small reflectors that have 2 red lasers coming out of each one. Use your Force Pull on each of the 4 small green reflectors. You'll see Kyle fall. End of part II.

Vader's Castle III - Vjun

When you start, there is a Large Shield Booster and some Health. Jump up to the floor above you. You are in a large open room with many enemies and a hover dude. Take them all out and then go through the only green door. Kill the two lightsaber dudes. Go up the elevator and kill the next lightsaber guy. Go through the door and you'll notice that you are on a balcony around the large open room. Follow the balcony and take out the Storm Troopers. Then, you'll get to a Force Guy with a lightsaber. Turn on Absorb and Protection and you'll be fine. It was battling this guy that I got my first LIGHTSABER LOCK. This is when you get locked up with another lightsaber. When this happens, pull both your triggers rapidly to win the lock. Depending on which way your control stick is pointed, you might do a cool finishing move.

Go through the door, take out the next two Storm Troopers and the ceiling mounted gun, fill up on Shields, and then take the elevator up. SAVE.

You now have to face several tough force guys. The first one is a Red lightsaber guy. He's tough. Make sure to have Force Absorb and Protection on and if you see your health getting low, run the other way and fill up as you run. If you've triggered the other guys by now with your spastic running (like I did) then that means you have several more Storm Troopers, a force guy (without lightsaber) and a normal lightsaber guy. I had you save a minute ago because more than likely you're going to die here. In fact, the first time I played through the game I died here a lot. When everything is clear, SAVE. go up the elevator (CHECKPOINT) in the central Red Room.

At the top you'll have to face two more lightsaber guys. These guys are tough. Even the second time through it took me a good 5 tries to beat them. Be very careful of the exploding container near the wall with the circular window. You will also probably get into a saber lock with Red lightsaber guy. Get good at hitting both triggers fast.

When they are dead, SAVE, then locate the exploding container near the wall with the window. Stand back and shoot it. I used the Concussion Rifle. When you do this, one more regular lightsaber guy may come up. It just so happened that I was able to blow him away with my rifle as he flew up. Some more guys may also come up like a hover guy and a force guy. Just slash them with your saber.

Drop down into the hangar below and go to the back left. There is Health, Shields, and Ammo here. Go through the door. There is another Shield and Ammo Regenerator here. Two more guys will attack. A normal lightsaber guy and a guy powerful with the force but sans a lightsaber. Take them out then hop up on the crates and up to the platform. SAVE. Go through the door and you'll have to face a dual lightsaber guy. Again, it might take a few tries, that's why I just had you save.

Continue on and in the next room you'll see 4 columns drop. Go up to the orange button/panel in the middle-ish of the 4 columns. This will release 4 sets of droids. The first two are hovering droids which seem like they poisoned me. The 3rd column brings 2 Assassin Droids (wait for shields to drop, attack), and the last is two lightsaber training droids. No secret here, just slash them.

Next, go through the open door, where there is a Shield Regenerator, Health, and a CHECKPOINT. Go down the elevator and go into the next room where you have to battle 3 cart wheeling freaks of guys. One is a dual lightsaber guy and the other 2 are just force users. Just make sure to have Absorb and Protection on and then go at them. I only lost about half my shields and no health fighting them. Take the ramp up and around to the next door. Fight the dual lightsaber guy. Exit and go across to the door on the other side. Here you will fight a double bladed staff lightsaber guy. He's quick. Just keep near him and slash him. There is a Shield and Ammo Regenerator here.

Go through the door and cut scene. You have found Rosh! He has two cult members with him that will regenerate him when he's down. To win here you need to kill the two cult members. To do so, make sure you have Absorb and Protection on. Then, just slash them as much as you can. If you're not having success getting to them, beat up on Rosh until they have to refill him and then whack them while they're refilling Rosh. When the two cult guys are dead, go after Rosh. Watch the cut scene and you're done with the mission! Phew.

Saber Select

Yipee! Finally we get to choose our Saber Style: Standard, Dual, or Staff. The first time through I chose Dual (Green and Blue). I must say, it rocks! You can throw one saber while still battling with the other and you can do a quick whirl that works well on enemies. This time through, I chose Staff (Orange). I really think that after playing through with Staff, I prefer it. I was a more dangerous Jedi with it. Although, it really doesn't matter either way.

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