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Voodoo Vince Walkthrough
The Quarter

Voodoo Vince
Buy Voodoo Vince
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Voodoo Vince >
1. The Quarter

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1. The Quarter
2. Roachfort
3. Crypt City
4. Brusque Manor
5. The Bayou
6. The Carnival
LB's Voodoo Vince Review
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The Quarter - Introduction

OK Mr. Vince. You are the "third favorite" of Madame Charmaine, and you must save here from the clutches of Kosmo the Inscrutable. Move forward and you will see yellow framed squares popping up in front of you. Approach each one as you come to it and learn your controls. You will learn the Punch (X), Jump (A), Double Jump (A, A), Hover (A, L), Spin (B) and Head Slam (A, X). Use the Spin and Head Slam to take out Pit Frogs, and collect the Mardi Gras Beads. Collecting Beads builds up your Mojo Meter. Fill your Mojo Meter and you will receive a Skull Icon. When you have a Skull Icon, you can use a Voodoo Power (L + R). Pick up your first Voodoo Power in front of you, then stand in the middle of the room (on the small circular platform) and release your power and learn how it works. Your Voodoo Powers will unleash several different attacks upon you, depending on the last Voodoo Power acquired. Why would you hurt yourself? Because you're a Voodoo Doll. Voodoo dolls don't get hurt...but they relay their hurt. So, harming yourself with Voodoo Powers will harm surrounding enemies. It's fun. Really, it is. Voodoo Doll, so YAY! Once you've unleashed your wrath, collect the Beads and move along. Here will be cutscene of Kosmo the Inscrutable.

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On with the mission. All around you you'll see Dust Bags. Collect 100 and your health meter will increase. Follow the path they take up along the platforms along the side of the room. Pass through the window and drop down onto the bridge. You are in the Bakery. Before moving forward, head right and note the switch. Hit it with "X". This turns on the large mixer. Now, continue along your path collecting Dust Bags and killing enemies as you see fit. At the bottom of the ramp is a scale that opens the steel door. You don't have enough weight on you, so you need to get something that does. What could that be? Apparently, it's a bag of flour, which appears after you jump into the spinning mixer (from above). Don't ask questions, just do it. Grab the BAG OF FLOUR, then go back to the scale. Step in the circle and hit "X". Your door is open. Pass through.

Approach the yellow framed square and learn about Power Icons. Collect the Dust Bags and work your way up the barrels to the Anvil Hat Voodoo Power. Pass through the pretty lights and you'll find yourself in The Quarter's Docks.

The Quarter - The Docks

Get Past the Piggy Bank
You have to first wake up the Piggy Bank across the bridge in order to accomplish your ultimate goal of passing the monster. So, head down the planks of the docks. Along the way you'll run into a Trolley Car Station. Once you go to more areas in the game, you'll be able to travel via the Trolley Cars when you activate these stations. We haven't been anywhere else yet, so it's of no use to you. Move on down the planks.

Defeat the Pit Frogs in the next little area and collect the Dust Bags and Heart on the back shelf. Continue down to the ground and take out the enemies and collect the many Dust Bags. Approach the dock that's actually in water. The yellow framed square reminds you how to use your Voodoo Powers. Approach Bubba Gator and show off your Anvil Hat Voodoo Power. Once you do this, collect the CYMBALS at the end of the dock. Run them back up to Mr. Piggy Bank.

Upon crashing the Cymbals in Mr. Pig's face, Mr. Pig will wake up and chase you. When he stops, a safe will drop. You need to be under that safe when it drops in order to smoosh Mr. Pig. So, use your Cymbals, then run for the red image of you. Here the safe will drop, and Pig Head will no longer be. Move forward and collect the Chainsaw Voodoo Power, then into the pretty lights.

The Quarter - Main Street

Drop the Gates

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Move forward and notice the ramp leading up to your right. There are Dust Bags along it and a rocket stuck in the wall. Move up it and notice all of the gas pipes. You need to ignite them by lighting yourself on the rocket stuck in the wall, then running past a gas spewing pipe. Once a pipe is lit, it remains lit, so you don't have to keep running back to the beginning to reignite yourself. All of the pipes are along a forward path. Double jump to make it to high platforms. When you've run out of platforms drop down and ignite the low pipes. At the last pipe, light yourself and run forward right at Reggie and Primo (the two mean gas tanks yelling at you). You'll ignite a gas pool surrounding them and they'll blow up. This will do one of many things. First, it toasts Reggie and Primo. Second, it reveals a Voodoo Power: The Alien Attack. Third, it gives you gas. Teehee. Pick up the gas and carry it over to the activation circle by the steam roller. Hit X and fill up the tank. Drive the steam roller over the gas tank head then through the gates. Your gates are now open. You can move on here, but if you want to collect all of the goodies, keep reading.

Head back to where the steam roller was parked and jump up to the balcony up high and to your left. Go into this area. Here are a bunch of pipes leading to different areas in the level. Down one pipe, by your entrance you'll find three Dust Bags at the other end. If you look up you'll see a Heart and Ten Skull Pages. If you collect all Skull Pages in a level, the location of a Power Skull is revealed. Power Skulls up your Mojo. So it's a good thing. However, we can't get them from here. So, exit out and continue up along the platforms, above and to your right.

Hover across to the next balcony and pick up the Dust Bags inside. Drop down and work you way down the alley to the front cab of a large truck. Jump on top of it, then go into the room above. Here is another Trolley Station. We don't need it now, but collect the Dust Bags and head down the small hall. Recognize this place? In front of you are the 10 Skull Pages we couldn't get to before. Double Jump and Hover to collect them all. Once you have them, exit out and head down the same alley, back to the cab of the truck. This time pass the truck and the dumpster and you'll eventually find yourself back at the entrance to this level. Avoid the pretty lights. Instead, turn right back around and pass the ramp (I know, you just came from there, but I need to tell you where to go, and this is the easiest way).

Head forward and you'll find a yellow framed square pointed in your direction. It reminds you of your Voodoo Powers. What could they be telling us? To the right of the yellow framed squared are some stairs leading up. Take them and you'll find yourself trapped in a room with many mean Pit Frogs. What to do? Ah. The yellow square told us. Use your Voodoo Power and take out the Pit Frogs with your Alien Attack Voodoo Power. Haha! Upon killing all of the Pit Frogs, you will receive the Electromagnet Voodoo Power. Collect it and the Dust Bags in the room, then exit out the other door in the room, not the door you can in.

Head right down the hall and you'll find 5 Skull Pages. Upon collecting the last one, you'll be shown exactly where Power Skull is. Move forward just far enough to collect the Dust Bags. Then, turn around and head down the hall in the opposite direction. Jump over the gap and you'll find yourself in the room with the Power Skull and many Pit Frogs. Take the Pit Frogs out and collect the Dust Bags. Activate the Power Skull and chase it down. Once you catch it, that should be everything for the level, so head back to the gates we opened so long ago and pass through.

The Quarter - The Square

Explore the Square
Head forward and kill the Pit Frogs. Enter the Square and start looking around. Buildings and times are very important in this area, as is the horse statue in the middle, so pay attention. Work your way around clockwise. There's a Costume Ball at Catfish Kohl's from 5pm to 8pm. A costume is required. Cash prizes. Past the Tram Station and behind the 10 Skull Pages is the Odious. Open from Noon to 3pm. Collect the Dust Bags. Continue working your way around and you'll find Museum in a stair well. He wants you to have a horn. Move along.

Next up is Madame Coffman's, open from 8-11pm. Facing Madame Coffman's, head down the small alley to your left and drop down the hole (collect the Dust Bags from behind the food cart, if you'd like). Kill the Pit Frogs and collect the Dust Bags. Work your way down the pipe. When you emerge, look for the stairs , high and to your left. Double jump to them, then double jump to the many Dust Bags waiting for you. From here, double jump and hover to the ledge to your right. Here you can see Madame Cuffman's again. Head back and facing Madame Cuffman's, look right. Notice the Voodoo Power and the Dust Bags. Collect them and obtain the Bear Trap Voodoo Power, and continue working your way around the Square clockwise.

After Cuffman's you should find yourself under the clocktower, with many Skull Pages above. Avoid the area for now and head to the Horse Statue. The horse wants an apple? Really? OK. Keep moving clockwise along the edge of the Square. There are two separate entrances. Take either, but check out both as one has some Dust Bags in it. In this back alley you will find a Pawn Shop, open from 8am - 11am. You will also find a MASK, which functions as a COSTUME. Nice. Exit back out the alley and continue along to the Jazz Club, open from 11pm to 2am. OK. That's everything. Time to head back to the clocktower to get this ball rolling. On your way back, check the cracks in the ground, as the large one in front of the clocktower is hiding a small tunnel with some Dust Bags at the end of it, and another one leading to more Dust Bags and the Bomb Voodoo Power.

At the clocktower, work your way up the platforms with the many Skull Pages. At the very top, before walking the plank and collecting the Apple is an opening. If you go through it, you can work your way along many ledges to collect some super hidden Dust Bags (look in buildings, on awnings, and on building ledges). Collect them, or don't, but do walk the plank, still collecting Skull Pages and the APPLE as you go. Do a hover jump off the Plank to collect the remaining Skull Pages (after the last one you'll get a view of the Power Skull). Take your apple and feed it to the Horse Statue. Jump up on the pillar next to the horse and hit "X". This provides a fast and easy way up to the actual clock.

On the clock, you can control the time. You will get knocked off at certain points. I ran the clock forward and was knocked off around 6:30. The Costume Ball should be happening. If you don't have your costume, grab the mask from the back alley by the Pawn Shop and enter Catfish Kohl's. You will receive MONEY. Head back up to the clock and change the time to morning, between the Pawn Shop hours of 8 - 11 (Jump to avoid being knocked off). Once you've achieved your time, head down and get to the Pawn Shop. You'll exit with a HORN? Museum. Go speak to him again in the stairwell. You stink at Jazz. He just won't accept you, so you must head to the clock and set time back to the Jazz Club's opening hours (between 11pm and 2am). Do this and enter the Jazz Club. Return to Museum with your mad jazz skills and the door will open up. But, we're not done yet. You still have to meet up with the Power Skull.

To find the Power Skull, head up the clock tower building. When you reach the top area, pass through to the back side, then jump across the alley to the little broken platform across the way. If you face the heart of Madame Cuffman's, walk forward and fall straight down. You are on the Power Skull. Activate it and chase it over the rooftops. When it stops, grab it.

The Quarter - The Bone Goliath

Defeat the Boss
Move forward and you'll get a cutscene. You'll be locked in the room with the "Boss Guy". Defeating him is easy enough. Make your way across to the other side of the room and pick up the ZAP HAT. Avoid the Bone Goliath's tail and continue working your way around and jump up the stairs that are hanging down. Move along the catwalk. Along the way are three switches you have to pull down. Do so while avoiding the monster's crushing attacks...you can just double jump and hover over him. After hitting the third switch, fall down to the entrance and walk out to the final action pad. Hit "X" to shock yourself, and the big boy. Jump down into the center and hover down to the Killer Bees Voodoo Power, then pass through the lights. Off to the next area!

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