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Voodoo Vince Walkthrough

Voodoo Vince
Buy Voodoo Vince
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Voodoo Vince >
2. Roachfort

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1. The Quarter
2. Roachfort
3. Crypt City
4. Brusque Manor
5. The Bayou
6. The Carnival
LB's Voodoo Vince Review
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Roachfort - The Central Arena

Constructing a Balloon
Upon starting the level, you will be shown a cutscene of you in a lab area speaking with Professor Ethel. Ethel is building a balloon, and she needs cloth, a propeller, and gas. Good to know. Once you get control of Vince, collect the Dust Bags in the lab area (don't forget to go up the stairs to the catwalk above, then head out into the room where there are more Dust Bags. You should have all ten now. Now, move forward and fall off the platform into the arena. Go through the door on your right, and pass through the pretty lights. You will have entered the Upper City of the Roachfort.

Roachfort - The Upper City

Move forward and read the tip. A Double Jump then "B" will make you travel farther. Good to know. Collect the Dust Bags and head right, onto the plank. Here you can test out your new tip. You must Double Jump, then Spin, then Hover to collect all 10 Skull pages and make it to the other side. Do so, then toast the flying bug a Killadillo (dangerous, but a great source of beads). There's a Trolley Station and a bunch of Skull Pages to your left. Ignore them for now and move forward.

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Jump on top of the little power station, then Jump Spin and hover over to the cliff above where you just were. Head into the offshoot tunnel to your left and pick up the Acid Bath Voodoo Power. Continue forward and up the switchback path, fighting off bad guys and collecting Dust Bags as you go. Be sure to look on the tops of the little buildings along the way. As you move up, you will spot 10 Skull Pages above you. You can climb up, what appears to be, some boxes, and double jump then hover to the rooftop where you can access the Skull Pages (and Dust Bags). Once you've done this, continue your journey up.

Eventually on your trek, you'll run into a bridge that leads you to a Dust Bag and five Skull Pages. Take it and collect the items. Once you have them, continue working your way up. At the top, collect the Dust Bags and jump across to the other tree trunk area. Run up the pipe to your right to collect a heart, then head back down and take the pipe leading left. Here you'll run into a platform which is your jumping off point to obtain a whole slew of Skull Pages. If you don't want to deal with the Skull Pages, your exit from the level is straight along the same pipe. Jump across to the lights. If you are dealing with the Skull Pages, jump off and hover to pick up the Pages. Once you reach the bottom you should have obtained all of the Skull Pages for the level, revealing the Power Skull right next to you. How convenient. Activate it and follow it on its course upwards and out to the bridge we found earlier. Catch it and you'll have a new Power Skull. YAY!

Head back up to the top and, instead of jumping off the platform, go forward along the pipe and into the lights.

Roachfort - The Basket Case

Collect Cloth for the Balloon
Well, here's a turn of events. You are on a clothes line, riding down it like a tram. You must use your L and R buttons to jump from line to line, picking up the shirts as you go, and avoiding obstacles. You do not have to collect all of the shirts, so don't fret if you miss a few. But, you do have to collect 100 of them, which is the vast majority of them. So, all I can suggest here is practice, practice. You'll get better each time you do it. At first, it was amusing, later, it became annoying, but you will be able to get by it. Just learn the run.

Once you've collected the 100 shirts you'll be taken back to the Central Arena where you will give Ethel her cloth. Nice. Off to find a propeller. Head out to the arena, fall down, and, this time, take the tunnel to your left.

Roachfort - Main Tunnel

Blow open the blocked doors
Upon arriving in the Main Tunnel you are told the two remaining items are beyond blocked passages, but you can trick some monsters into helping you. Easy enough. Move forward and check out the main tunnel. Collect the Dust Bags and note the two blocked passages. One leads to the propeller, the other to the gas. Now that you've checked it out, head back to the entrance and go through the first tunnel on your right.

In this room you'll see some large wheels in water. Water is bad, so don't miss your jumps over to the platform on the opposite side of the room. Kill the bug, then collect the Dust Bags and the Lawnmower Voodoo Power. We're done here for now, but we'll be back.

Exit back out to the entrance and pass through the first tunnel on your left. Jump the gap and work your way up the platforms. Pass through the pretty lights at the top. You'll be back in the Central Arena. In front of you is the Laxative Voodoo Power. Collect it, then work your way back down to the Main Tunnel and re-enter.

This time, pass through the second door to your left. Collect the Dust Bags then pull the lever. This causes the wheels in the first room we entered to start moving. Head back as you can't pass through the gate yet.

In the wheel room, carefully make your way across to the Voodoo Power platform, then jump onto the next wheel. At its peak, jump to the ledge on your right. Grab the heart and the Dust Bag, the William Tell Voodoo Power, then pull the lever. This opens the grate in the room we just left. Head back there, collect the Dust Bags, and pull this lever. You'll see that you've made some platforms in the main tunnel move. The platforms are right across from the Propeller door. Jump up them, to the top, collect your last Dust Bag, and pull the lever.

Pulling this lever will release the Killadillos. Killadillos explode when they roll into things. Tease them and stand next to the blocked doors. Their explosions will blow open the doorways. Let's go for the Propeller first. It's the door on the right with the propeller sign next to it. Duh.

Roachfort - Propeller Room

Obtain the Propeller
You need to reach the propeller. First work your way forward. Collect Dust Bags as you go and be careful of the tunnel with the dropping floor. Watch the pattern to avoid falling to your doom. Continue to the platform with the Propeller Switch on it. You can't pull it yet. Dang. Work your way over to the tunnel, and collect the Heart. Dead end. Head back to the entrance and face where you just came from. Jump along the platforms to the right, all of the way into the cave at the end. Collect Dust Bags along the way. You'll eventually come to a large gap. Remember, double jump, spin, hover. You'll emerge in a scary room of moving objects in the water. You'll need to use them to move across. Before embarking, however, be sure to collect the two Dust Bags below the platform to your right. Once you've done that, move across the water.

Think Frogger. When you reach the broken bridge, jump up to it and grab the Dust Bag on your right, then go through the tunnel on the left. Again, pick up Dust Bags and kill enemies. Jump over the broken bridge here and then head right. You'll find yourself back in the room with the floating objects, but much farther along your course. Jump to the sinking box, then to the platform to collect the two hearts. Backtrack to the bridge and back into the room to your right. Work your way up the platforms all of the way to the very top. Move through the tunnel and you will find yourself in a room with many levers, and you will see the Propeller in front of you.

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Hit the switch immediately to you right. This will raise and lower an elevator so, if you fall, you'll have a much easier way to get back up. Now, hit the switch in front of you. This does something to the propeller. I'm not sure what, but you need to do it. From the entrance, jump to the vents to your left. Work your way across to the switch and pull it. Again, something to the propeller. Now, head back to the elevator and jump across this gap. Work your way over to the third switch and pull it. We're definitely slowing the propeller down. Collect Dust Bags along the way. Do a double jump, spin, hover to the next pipe in your path and work your way to the fourth switch. Pull it and grab the Wrecking Ball Voodoo Power. The fourth switch stops the Propeller completely, and you are shown the original switch we found in this level, down below. Collect all of the Dust Bags you see and take the elevator down, or just jump off and hover to the large platform. Make your way over to the final switch and pull it. The propeller is yours and you will be taken back to the Central Arena. Fuel time.

Head back to the Main Tunnel, then pass through the room at the very end of the tunnel (we blew the door open some time ago, remember?).

Roachfort - The Rocket Lab

Get the fuel
This is Ethel's old lab. She points out the cannister of Rocket Fuel below, which will have to be carried out via the plane, above. You must get the Rocket Fuel up to the plane while avoiding fire. Oy vey. I suggest going up and down first to get the lay of the land and collect Dust Bags. As, when you have the fuel cannister in hand, you can't put it down to grab a dust bag. Look on pipes along the wall, too. Once you've done that and are three Dust Bags short, make your way down to the Rocket Fuel.

Once you grab the Rocket Fuel, work your way up the lifts, as you can't jump. You'll soon realize not every ledge has a lift that takes you up. You will sometimes need to take a lift down to take one higher up. Also, keep in mind, you cannot fall from even the smallest ledge, or the fuel will blow up. Since this is the case, the lifts are laid out in front of you in the order you need to take them up.

Your first encounter with the fire spewing fans can be avoiding by walking behind them. Continue forward and up. Your second encounter with them is when you are going down a lift, three of them will blow at you. They are timed, so step on the lift as soon as the flames go out. Cross the bridge and take the lift up. You're at the entrance. Halfway there. But, there's good news. Notice the blocked up doorway here? Approach it with your fuel cannister and drop it. The door will blow up revealing a whole new cannister, so, if something bad happens, you can just come back to the halfway mark to get another cannister. Also in this secret area is a lever. Pull it and you will see a heart being revealed. Follow the tunnel down, collect the three remaining Dust Bags and the heart, then backtrack up and grab the fuel cannister to continue your journey upwards.

Continue moving forward and up, avoiding fire as best you can. When you cross the burning bridges, let the fire lead you. Eventually, you'll reach the rocket ship. Step into the circle and hit your "X" button and you'll be taken off to the next level where you're flying the plane.

Roachfort - Throttle Up

Fly the Plane
It's plane flying time. Steer with the left stick, roll with the right stick, and hit "R" for thrust. Simply make your way by the various obstacles. There are really no tips here. Just practice and follow the arrows through the course. Watch out for openings that open and close, and spinning fans. Other than that, remain in control and you'll get through it easily.

Roachfort - Central Arena

Boss Battle: Mr. Two Eyes
Mr. Two Eyes is quite simple to defeat as long as you remember to stay out of the path of his eyes. If you're caught in the beams, you will be damaged, so avoid them at all costs.

To cause harm to Mr. Two Eyes simply jump up onto either of the sets of platforms on either side of the arena. When the third one is raised to its peak and Mr. Two Eyes is directly below you, jump onto the trampoline on his back. This will toss you high up into the air onto a circular platform in the sky. Pull the lever on the circular platform and you will reveal some spikes in the ground. Quickly jump down and spike yourself, causing Mr. Two Eyes pain. I say quickly because the spikes are timed and will disappear. Repeat this process two more times and Mr. Two Eyes is toast.

Upon the demise of our gator friend, pick up your Drill Voodoo Spell then activate the cannister. You will float out of the Roachfort. Mission accomplished. Good job. Time to hit Crypt City!

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