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Voodoo Vince Walkthrough
Crypt City

Voodoo Vince
Buy Voodoo Vince
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Voodoo Vince >
3. Crypt City

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1. The Quarter
2. Roachfort
3. Crypt City
4. Brusque Manor
5. The Bayou
6. The Carnival
LB's Voodoo Vince Review
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Crypt City
Gatekeeper Jam

Get past the Gates
You have to get past the gate to Crypt City by solving the musical gate puzzle. It's like playing Simon. You will be shown a pattern and you have to repeat it. I'm not sure if it changes with different games, but my final pattern is as follows: 1, 3, 4, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 4.

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Once you've unlocked the gate, check out the area behind you to collect the Dust Bags, then pass through the gate into the Cemetary. Look between graves for Dust Bags, and fight off the Imp. There's an entrance through one of the tombs to your right as you approach the Imp. Enter it and collect the Dust Bags and Pinata Voodoo Power. You should also find a Heart in the area.

Either backtrack or work your way up and out of the area. Continue forward, taking out Imps and collecting Dust Bags as you go. Look on top of graves in this area, and look along openings and high platforms against the wall for Dust Bags. Pass through the gate and it will close behind you.

Here you will find yourself surrounded by Mondo Moles. Successfully kill them all with your various Voodoo Powers and the gates on both sides of you should open up. Continue forward and collect the Dust Bags and the Tornado Voodoo Power. Jump into the lights.

Crypt City - Sarcophagus Hustle

Spring into Action
From the get go you have six Dust Bags to your left and ten Skull Pages to your right (above you and between the two tombs). Collect them all and move forward. Kill the Imps and Moles in your way. By the first set of Moles, keep your eyes out along the wall for Dust Bags. By the second set of Moles, there will be Dust Bags above you that you can't reach. Continue on, killing and collecting.

Ahead and above you there will be several Skull Pages arching off of a tomb. Go to the back side of the tomb and jump up onto the pillar so you can get to the top of the tomb. However, before jumping up and grabbing the Skull Pages, notice the opening directly behind you. Pass through this tunnel. You will emerge at a platform level with all of the out of reach Dust Bags you saw earlier. Collect them all, then return through the tunnel and collect the 20 Skull Pages in front of you.

The area you'll land in has many caged in areas and a central cannon. Clear out the area and collect the many Dust Bags and the Blender Voodoo Power. Move along the path with the many Imps on it as it's the only path you can take here. You'll find 15 more Skull Pages here. Jump, spin and hover from the top of the tomb with the Dust Bag on its ledge to acquire all of the pages. When you clear the gap to move forward, be sure to head down to your right, past the mole, as there are some really well hidden Dust Bags back here. Once you have those, move forward.

Ahead you'll run into more Imps and more Moles. Kill them and collect the Dust Bags in the area. Then, climb the tomb facing the closed gate and pick up the Spring. Bounce your way back to the cannon. For some reason I found this extremely difficult. Hit "A" to bounce right when the spring hits the ground, and push the control stick in the direction you want to go. Get a good bounce going before heading over any crevices.

Once you make it to the cannon, get some high spring action going and bounce right on into the cannon. The cannon will fall and you will have a chance to aim it. To end the level, aim for the circle in the wall. However, if you're going for completion, simply shoot yourself across the large gap. In this area you will find three more Dust Bags (you should be one short now), and the remaining Skull Pages. Double jump and hover to collect all of the Skull Pages. When you collect the final one the Power Skull will be revealed. Walk behind the cannon and locate the Power Skull. Activate it and follow it on its path. She will pause for a split second at the top of the secret tunnel we took to reach the high up Dust Bags. Nab her then.

Speaking of high up Dust Bags, we have one more left, so head back to the cannon. Slightly to the right of the hole we're ultimately going to end up passing through is the last Dust Bag. Aim higher than the bag. The cannon is kind as it stays in place once you're shot out of it. So, if you miss your goal, you can correct it easily. Once you obtain the last Dust Bag, aim for the hole...and you're outta there.

Crypt City - Zombie Guidance Counselor

Impish Games

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It's a battle between you and the Imps for Zombie souls. Scary. When the level starts out the light orb will be sitting right in front of you. Pick it up with "Y" and head left. In front of you is the first tomb. Stand in the activation circle and hit "X". This will place the orb in front of the tomb. You must now defend it from the Imps. I simply waited for a gang of Imps to approach, then I zapped them with Voodoo Powers. They should collectively have enough beads to fill up your Voodoo powers again so you can do it to the next group. Once the Zombie enters your tomb (there will be a cutscene), pick up the orb and run it along the left side to the next tomb with an activation circle. Repeat one more time and you will have defeated the Imps. Please note specific zombies are assigned to certain tombs, so if you have placed the orb and you see a zombie near you but not approaching the light, it's OK. Continue to look around and you'll find one who is. He'll eventually make it there, don't worry.

When you've won, you will be placed in front some pretty lights. Grab the Jackhammer Voodoo Power and step into the light.

Crypt City - Downtown Crypt City

Open the large Mausoleum
Yellow framed square in front of you. We're about to learn something new. Hold the black button then hit "L" for the All Seeing Eye? Hmm. What's that next to the picture? Activate it with "X" and you will have acquired the All Seeing Eye. Now it all makes sense. Check it out and you'll be able to see hidden goodies. The All Seeing Eye will show you where items are, but you still have to work on getting there.

Go left first. Grab the Dust Bags on both sides of you. Work your way around the corner and past the cemetary. There are only moles inside. Move forward and into the fountain. You are told this is a lamp. Stand in the activation circle and hit "X". Can't do anything here, yet. Hmm. Collect the surrounding Dust Bags and continue working your way around the area along the left side using your All Seeing Eye as you go. You'll eventually make it to a corner where you'll see a Butterfly Net across the way. Jump to it and kill the moles. Grab the butterfly net and head right.

When you jump the first gap, jump into the tomb to your right. Move down the stairs and through the tunnel. You'll arrive at a heart, the Space Junk Voodoo Power, and 20 Skull pages. Pull your double jump, spin, hover move to collect all of the goodies. For walkthrough purposes, exit out the way you came. You're not done with this tomb yet. Below it is a pipe with a couple of Dust Bags inside. Find your way into it, then continue heading right along the back wall.

You know the drill. Collect Dust Bags, kill Imps. Now is the time to even look between the tombs on the right, on rooftops and inside of them with your ASE. Collect everything then continue along your path along the back wall until you get to another grassy corner. There are more moles to kill here. Do so. Notice the fireflies. Place your Butterfly Net next to them, then continue along the final wall. You'll be back, but you should collect the remaining goodies first.

Along the final wall, work your way forward back to the entrance collecting Dust Bags. Many are high in this area, so check rooftops. From one of the rooftops in a line of the remaining Skull Pages. Simply jump off and float down. At the bottom, then Power Skull will be revealed. It's in the small cemetary you ran into at the beginning, to the left of the entrance to the level. So, continue working your way along collecting the Dust Bags. If you've gone in the pattern I've given you, your last Dust Bags should be found at the top of the entrance. From there, head to the cemetary and activate the Power Skull.

Follow the Power Skull to the corner to the right of the entrance. There are more fireflies here. Good to know, and a good reminder. Head back to the Butterfly Net and the fireflies we saw earlier.

Grab the Butterfly Net and hit the "X" button to scoop up the fireflies. Take them back to the fountain in the center with the lamp in it. Now, hit "X" in the activation circle and the lamp will light up. You are told of the power of this lamp, as it lights up three other lamps in the town. You've seen these lamps on the rooftops, and now they'll each be emitting a strong light. Your goal is to get up to each of the three lamps and point their beams in the direction of the bell tower on top of the large Mausoleum, which is directly across from where you stood on the fountain to light the lamp in the first place. So, get to it.

Of course, you do have a time constraint here, but it's not bad. The fireflies only light up the main lamp for a limited amount of time. So, you're going to have to get into the pattern of collecting fireflies, lighting the lamp, then making it up to a rooftop lamp in time to point the beam in the direction of the bell tower. You'll know you're in the right spot because the bells will start ringing. Do it with all three rooftop lamps and when all three beams are pointing at the bells, the large Mausoleum will open up. Go to it and pass through.

Crypt City - Rat Race Rodeo

Boss Fight: Ms. Statue
Step forward and you'll find yourself on the back of a rat. Interesting. The rat will simply run forward. You can control it a bit with your control stick, but not completely. You can also jump with it. Your goal here is to avoid the statue's attacks (jump over them...you'll hear her yell before she shoots one off), then look for the shadows of falling rocks and run into them right as the rocks fall. This will damage the statue.

The first time you harm Ms. Statue, parts of the floor will fall out. Jump over the gaps, or you will die. The second time, more floor will fall out. It gets quite tough, but you'll soon learn how to control your rat and use it as the weapon it is. I suggest pulling back on the control stick to slow Mr. Rat down for the best control. Get yourself smooshed by three rocks and you will have destroyed Ms. Statue. Locate your exit which has the large Giant Mallet Voodoo Power in front of it and walk on through the lights. Level Complete. Booya! Next up: Brusque Manor.

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