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Voodoo Vince Walkthrough
Brusque Manor

Voodoo Vince
Buy Voodoo Vince
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Voodoo Vince >
4. Brusque Manor

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1. The Quarter
2. Roachfort
3. Crypt City
4. Brusque Manor
5. The Bayou
6. The Carnival
LB's Voodoo Vince Review
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Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room

Solve the Floor Puzzle
There are numbered buttons on the floor of the entryway. Each corresponds to a floor. Every time you jump on one, the floor will rotate. So,avoid the buttons now and collect the Dust Bags, then go into the small room to your right. Pull the rope...and nothing. Good to know. Go into the next room. You can't activate this circle yet. So, go ahead and step on the "I" twice. This will reveal a little bell in one of the rooms. Pick it up and hit "I" again. The room is in its original position. Go into the room with the other bells and place this bell among them by activating the circle. Now, go into the opposite room and pull the rope. The bell will ring and a ghost will emerge from the picture and pass through the wall. OK. Hit "I" one more time to reveal the staircase and head on up. Of course, you're trapped. Go back down the stairs and hit the "II" button twice. While you're here, hit "III" once. Now head up.

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On the second floor collect the Dust Bags and pass through the first door to your left. This is a small tunnel that leads to several more Dust Bags and a locked door. Exit out. There's a staircase leading up. Take it. Since we hit the "III" earlier, the path is clear.

On the third floor, pass through the door to your right to grab the heart. Jump down and hit "III" three more times and you will have revealed a new passageway on the third floor. Head up and collect the Dust Bags, then move up the stairs. We can't cross at this point. Head back down to the first floor and hit the "I" one more time. This will reveal some pretty lights by a ghost..the same ghost we saw emerge from to picture when we rang the bell. Walk into the lights.

Brusque Manor - The Busy Butler

Follow the Butler
Move forward and follow the Butler on his path. You have to stay close as the Butler provides the flooring you need to follow him. If the blue disappears, your floor disappears. Follow and collect Dust Bags. There are gaps in the path the Butler leads you on, so be careful. If you're looking to collect all of the Dust Bags, be prepared to die a lot. If not, just follow the Butler. He will lead you to a scary Dolly. The Dolly will tell you she can get you to where you need to go, but you have to first get rid of the scary monsters upstairs. Odd and interesting.

The Dolly opens up a passageway for you in the bookcase. Take it and grab the Iron Maiden Voodoo Power. Exit back out to the Tumbler Room.

Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room/Unwanted Guests

Get to the second floor
Back here again. Lovely. Make your way up to the second floor and pass through the narrow tunnel we went through earlier when we were told the door was locked. It is no longer locked. In fact it is now ajar. Pass through the lights.

Clear out the monsters
In this first room collect the Dust Bags and kill the monsters. Notice the egg looking thing next to the TNT barrel. We seem to have a count of those on our screen. There are five. They must be destroyed. Notice the candles on the table? Ignite yourself with them and then light the TNT barrel. One egg, toast, along with all of the monsters in the room.

Continue forward, doing what you do best. When you get to the piano, jump on top of it and light yourself with the candles. Run into the next room and blow up Eggs #2 AND #3. Move on.

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You'll find Egg number four in a hallway. Just past it are the candles that can be used to set yourself ablaze. The next candelabra you'll encounter will be on a floating piano. Once lit here, you have to really move fast to make it to Egg #5 in the next room. Once you've done this, pick up the Running With Scissors Voodoo Power, then move along to the entrance to the next room.

Here there will be a switch at your feet. This switch raises a door across the way that will slowly close when you step off of the switch. So, you must use your jump hover skills to make it over to the door in time for you to pass through. Grab the Dust Bags and slip under the door.

There's nasty water up ahead. Grab the Dust Bags, then jump from floating object to floating object to keep Vince dry. Grab the last three Dust Bags from around the sink and exit the level.

Brusque Manor - The Trophy Room

Destroy the Eggs
More eggs, more skill. I suggest running around the room collecting Dust Bags, and taking note of the crossbows. Work your way up to the bookcases surrounding the room via the short stack of books to the left of your entrance. You can jump to the moose head from here. At the end of the bookcases you will find the Shark Attack Voodoo Power. You will also find a switch. Pull it. Dynamite! You know what you have to do. Place the dynamite next to any one of the three Eggs, then get into the crossbow opposite it. Aim above the torch so you arc down and catch the flame, then ignite the dynamite next to the egg, destroying it. It may take a little practice, but it's easy enough to accomplish. Once you've destroyed all 3 Eggs, go up along the bookcases again and pass the switch. The exit and the remaining Dust Bags are here.

Brusque Manor - The Tumbler Room/The Busy Butler

Get to the Carnival
Simply exit out of the area and head down to the first floor. Hit the switch to reveal the sparkles that lead you to The Busy Butler. Once here, remember the shortcut Dolly opened up for you...there's no point in taking that horrible path again. Crawl through the secret passage and speak to Dolly by standing in the Activation Circle.

Dolly offers a train ride to the carnival. Spooky. Anyway, you are to follow the Butler again, so go back through the passageway. Don't be fooled by this Butler. He's just still here in case you missed some Dust Bags along the way. No, you are to report to the Butler on the third floor. Remember the staircase we opened up a long time ago? Climb up it from the third floor and you will find your Butler.

Follow Mr. Butler Pants as he takes the most indirect route to the other side that one could possibly take. Over here, collect your last Dust Bags for the level, grab the Angry God Voodoo Power and step on into the light.

Brusque Manor - Glowberry Tangle

Be Tarzan!
Yellow frame. Time to learn. Ooo...we're going to be swinging. See the orbs in the sky? You need to shoot a pin at them with "L" + "X", then swing through the air. When you want to let go, hit "A", to "cut the thread". It's fun, but you must remember to hover. Move forward along the branches, swinging on the orbs, and collecting the Dust Bags and Skull Pages as you go. You will surely fine tune your jumping and hovering skills in this level.

I can't really tell you what path to take here, as you have to go all over the place collecting the surrounding goods. Just note that you want to be on either moss or mushrooms, otherwise you'll slip. Also, some mushrooms spiral up along branches, giving you platforms. Finally, you can swing from orb to orb if it's set up for you. Simply keep "L" pressed after you hit "A", then hit "X" quickly. Easy enough.

Once you collect all of the Skull Pages (there are several near the exit, just past the path of connection orbs), the Power Skull will show up on one of the "buildings in the area". Activate it then follow it on it's dangerous path to close to the beginning of the level. Capture it, then head to the exit (to the right of the two "buildings" and beyond all of the orb connectors. Exit out.

Brusque Manor - Dolly Playtime

Boss Battle: Dolly
Move forward and you'll find yourself in a cutscene with Dolly, who, of course, turns on you. You need to defeat her, but you need to first figure out how. Notice the many flashing train lights in the area...in front of you, up on bridges, and so on. Then, notice the red Vince marks below them. It seems you're going to have to get hit by a train, but how do you get that train moving? A switch. That's right, a switch, that they've hidden them pretty well, too. pretty well. If you go back to your entrance to the level, (if you can't find it, die and you'll be placed there), exit out and run along the left wall up into the brown rocky area. Here is where you will find the first switch. Mean. Pull it and the trains will be off, and you'll be shown a specific train light. You have to must a move to your red spot there as that's where the trains will collide and that's where you will be damaged. Do so, and hurt Dolly.

The second switch is located near the first train light. Once you've been hit, face the light and head left. Jump on top of the tunnel and continue to work your way up where you'll eventually see the switch. Pull it, run, get smooshed.

The final switch is located up at the very top of the red rock cliffs, in the back corner of the level. Make your way to the top and pull the switch. Run to where you need to be, and get hit. This will toast Dolly. Collect the Truck Voodoo Power and fall into the lights to The Bayou.

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