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Voodoo Vince Walkthrough
The Bayou

Voodoo Vince
Buy Voodoo Vince
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Voodoo Vince >
5. The Bayou

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1. The Quarter
2. Roachfort
3. Crypt City
4. Brusque Manor
5. The Bayou
6. The Carnival
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The Bayou - Crawdad Jimmy's

Onion, Sausage and Crawfish
Grab the Dust Bags and move forward along the broken bridge. Swing your way along collecting the first set of 12 Skull Pages. Here you'll meet Jimmy, the colorful local character. He wants you to collect some items for him: Onion, Sausage and Crawfish. He has a little Fanboat for you to move around in. Collect the goods in his area, then move on down to the Fanboat and hop in.

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The left thumbstick steers and "R" accelerates. You should grab the last of your Skull Pages from the ramp here. The Power Skull will be shown to you, which is up by Jimmy. Go ahead and collect it now as it should show you the remaining Dust Bags, and it will show you your exit, which you're not ready for yet, but you know where it is, so that's good. Once you've obtained the Power Skull, jump back into your Fanboat and head to the dock next door. This should be where the remaining Dust Bags are, and some sparkles. Jump into the Sparkles.

The Bayou - The Bog Wallow

Capture the Crawfish
Wow. This sounds tricky. Depths and a trap? Oy. Anyway, to your right is a Shrimp Sub. Hop on inside. Swim deep and collect any goods you see below, AND look for the red and white floats in the water. You have to swim through each pair to raise a section of dock, which will be usable for you when you're back above water. Speaking of...when you've unleashed docks, head on up to the surface.

At the surface, jump over to the newly raised dock and make your way to the switch. Pull the lever and you'll see a section of dock above you come down. Move up and across it. Keep moving and work your way over the rope bridge to the central island. Kill the moles, then move on over to the switch on the green platform. A grate below water has opened up. Head on back to your Sub and swim through the new hole. In front of you will be Crawdaddy. You still need to figure out how to trap him.

Swim around collecting goods and releasing floats. Note the holes in the sides as these are two tunnels, each with a Heart inside. Once you've released all off the floats, swim up to the surface and find your new dock. Disembark and run along your new dock. You need to make your way around the floating items, all the way to the traps that are lowering and raising. Jump from trap to trap, all of the way to the top. Jump onto the contraption, then move along to the right, collecting Dust Bags, and, again, working your way up to the red building at the top. Here you will find a switch. Activate it. Crawdaddy's Trap has now been set. Head back down to your Sub below. You can just jump off and hover down to where you need to be.

Hop back in your Sub and head down. Go up to the trap and hit the red button to open the trap up. Then, find Mr. Crawdaddy. Lure him into the trap by sitting in yourself, then, at the last minute, swim out. The trap will automatically close and you'll have a Crawfish. You'll be transported back to Crawdad Jimmy's. Head back down to the sub and move toward the ramp. Just beyond the ramp and to the right is a tunnel. Drive into it.

The Bayou - Earth, Water and Wood

Get to the Sausage Factory
Make your way forward and dock your Fanboat. Collect Dust Bags to your right, then jump from can to can in the water to land. Look out for moles, then jump on over to the shack. Get on the roof and use you orb connecters to make it to the ground. Here you will meet a couple of crabs. Rotten. Fight them, then carefully make your way up the angled tree to the Skull Pages. Collect all ten of them, then grab the Dust Bags from the other angled tree. Now, make it over to the gated in area either by the floating barrels, or jump from pillar to pillar to the island with the angled tree. Walk up the tree and drop down into the gated area. Here you'll meet a Bully Gator. Take him out, go into the house, then exit out the window.

Behind this house is the Pitchfork Follies Voodoo Power. Grab it, then continue moving behind the house and jump up the crates. Get to the rooftop, collect the goods, then continue with your journey on the high planks. Swing via the orbs, then jump over to the swaying planks. Make your way down to the ground and kill the crab. Grab the Heart from the ship that's ashore, then jump the crates and barrels to get over to the next section of land.

Look out for Moles and crabs, then move forward toward the next grassy area, but don't go there yet. Instead, take the logs to your right over to the outhouse. Pull the switch and you will reveal a Voodoo Power in the other outhouse, which is right where we were going before jumping on the logs. So, head back, avoid the Moles, and grab the 1930s Mob Hit Voodoo Power. It's timed, so move fast. Once you've done that, cross over the rope bridge.

Near the Moles in this area is a platform. Jump up to in, then upwards, collecting Dust Bags as you go. Use the Orb connectors then collect the next 10 Skull Pages while you float down to the swaying platform. Work your way over to the next set pf platforms and you'll find many more goods: A Heart, more Dust Bags, and 10 more Skull Pages. Acquiring the Skull pages will put you on the rope bridge. Cross it, then drop down.

Cross the plank and kill the crab. Jump up to the next plank and head to the sausage house. Inside it is a Heart. Behind it are Dust Bags, on the side of it is a bridge. Move along the bridge and travel from platform to platform to the switch. Activate the switch to activate the elevator. Ignore the elevator for now and continue forward. Hit the next switch and you will have opened a gate. Now you can travel through the area on your Fanboat. Collect the remaining Skull Pages on your way down. Upon picking up your last one, you'll be shown the Power Skull.

The Power Skull is located on the island we reached early on, via the angled trees. Locate the Power Skull and activate it. This is a tough one to get as it requires one tricky move. The Power Skull is going to head to the gated in Gator house, then along the platforms above before it pauses. It doesn't give you enough time to make it to the back of the house to climb the crates, so, instead you're going to have to double jump off the barrels outside the window to the roof. It takes some practice, but you can do it. Once you obtain the Power Skull, head back to your parked Fanboat.

Jump into your Fanboat and head over to the first yellow arrow. Notice the red button below the yellow arrow? Run into it and a gate will lower. Speed through the lowered gate and continue this process until you hit a new boat dock. Get out of your Fanboat and climb up. Collect the Dust Bags and kill the Gators. This will open up the doors to the building. Enter.

The Bayou - The Sausage Works

Make Snausage!
You're going to have to turn these cute little animals into Sausage. How mean! Ah well, you must do what you must do. So, move forward and hit the switch in front of you. Ride the conveyer belt to the next switch and hit it. Ride the next belt, hit the switch, then ride the belt up and hit the next switch. Continue doing this until you have a complete path up to the meat grinder at the very top of the room. Collect all the Dust Bags as you go.

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Once you have a complete path, grab the cute critters and send them on their way. Nine in the number you need to grind to create a sausage, but there's one more trick. When the ninth critter passes the second switch, you need to pull it again. This will create a path for the sausage that will be made, as it shoots across to the opposite machine, drops down, and needs to fall on a belt or it will simply disappear. Once the Sausage lands safely, the level will be complete and you'll be taken back to Jimmy's. Now we just need the onion

Hop back into your Fanboat and find the tunnel along the edge which is hidden by the vines. Drive into it.

The Bayou - Jean Lafitte's Ship

Get Inside the Ship Drive forward to the ship and get out of the Fanboat at the dock. Collect the Dust Bags and kill the crabs on deck. First, get to know the area by collecting all of the Dust Bags you can, then take the ladder up the right side, then the ladder up to the next level. You'll find some Dust Bags behind some crates. Use the crates to make it up to the next level and kill the crabs, then pull the lever. The lever opens up a window. The question being...where is the window?

Remember the green mound we hopped on earlier before boarding the ship? Go to it again and kill the Moles. Notice the Orb connecters here. Use them to work your way around the ship. Here you will find the open window, the remaining Dust Bags, and the Toxic Waste Voodoo Power. Collect everything and pass through the window.

The Bayou - Below Decks/Crawdad Jimmy's

Find the Onions
In the first room, simply kill the dragonflies and collect the Dust Bags. Go into the next room. You'll really want you Voodoo Powers here to clear out the Dragonflies. Do so and collect all surrounding Dust Bags. Move forward.

In this next room you'll find the Onions. You have to punch them into the center trap. When you get one to the red symbol below the trap the trap will fall, and you'll have captured one of the three onions. Repeat the process two more times. Before you do, though, you may want to collect the remaining Dust Bags and the Gift Cow Voodoo Power. Once you've trapped your third onion, you'll be taken back to Crawdad Jimmy's.

Jimmy wants to race you before showing you to the carnival. Jerk. Hop into your Fanboat and directly across from the dock you'll see a new opening. Pass through the pretty lights.

The Bayou - Jimmy's Fanboat Race

Simply Race Jimmy's Boat and defeat him in three laps. It's easy enough. A couple runs and you should have it. When you win you'll be transported back to Jimmy's where you will have to defeat the boss.

The Bayou - Hurricane Hannah

Boss Fight: Hurricane Hannah
In order to defeat Hurricane Hannah you must simply avoid the debris she spews out at you while making your way to the three grounded fanboats. Each fanboat has a switch that you need to activate. Upon hitting all three switches (I suggest hitting the switch on the right last as this next part is timed, and the right switch is closest to Hannah), Hannah will be pushed back exposing another switch leading to a windmill. She also stops blowing wind at you so you can actually jump without being tossed back. Run forward, swing across to the switch and pull it. You will be taken up the windmill and shreded, harming Hannah. Repeat two more times and Hannah will be toast. Make your way over to the Swamp Pepper Voodoo Power and exit through the sparkles. Next up: Voodoo Vince Presents The Carnival.

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