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Voodoo Vince Walkthrough
The Carnival

Voodoo Vince
Buy Voodoo Vince
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Voodoo Vince >
6. The Carnival

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1. The Quarter
2. Roachfort
3. Crypt City
4. Brusque Manor
5. The Bayou
6. The Carnival
LB's Voodoo Vince Review
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The Carnival - The Midway

Get through the Midway
A great weight and a great noise are required here. Good to know. Make your way over the swaying platforms to land. Kill the Killadillos and collect the Dust Bags. Continue forward to the Midway.

In the Midway, move forward collecting Dust Bags and killing Killadillos. To your right you'll spot a weight you can pick up. To your left is a Bubba Gator. Ignore the weight for now and move over to the Bubba Gator. Kill him with your Voodoo Power and a chair behind you will drop with a Token on its seat. Collect it and put it next to the weight.

Go back over to where the chair dropped and go into the Bubba the Gator Man exhibit next door. Kill both Bubbas and a Token will be revealed. Again, take it across to the weight.

Just beyond the weight is a duck shooting gallery. You can see tunnels behind the targets. Use the ducks to get to the tunnels. In one you'll find Dust Bags. In the other will be another Token. Collect it and put it next to the weight.

Move past the duck shooting gallery and cross back over via the platforms. Work your way along the left side and you will come across the Meat the Cleaver Voodoo Power. Collect it. Jump and hover your way over to the rockin' wagon. Pull the switch and kill all of the frogs the come out. This is worth another Token.

Start working your way back. You'll notice across the way there's a Fortune Teller's Booth. Jump across to it via the platform. This is the machine that wants your Tokens. So, go ahead and insert the one in your hand. Now, head over to the building to your right and enter. Here is a wheel. Hit the switch to spin it. You want the wheel to land on a Token. When it does, you'll receive a Token, when it doesn't you'll receive an enemy you need to fight off. When you get the Token, run it next door to the Fortune Teller Machine.

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The rest of your Tokens are waiting for you by the weight. Go collect them all and insert them into the machine. Once you have all five in there the vent above the machine will open up, allowing you to pass through. Do so. You'll emerge in a small room with a window leading outside, and another tunnel leading to a Heart. Collect the Heart, then make your way outside and collect the remaining Dust Bags. Work your way across and you'll find a Bell-ringy weight thingy. You'll also find a well and a Bowling Ball you can pick up. Grab the Bowling Ball and drop in into the well. This will raise a door. You now have a pathway where you can bring the weight to the Bell-ringy weight thingy. Do so and place the weight on it. The bell will shatter the glass allowing you to pass through the sparkles.

The Carnival - Finger's Land O' Rides

Make it inside the Big Top
You need to do a couple of things here. A) Make it into the Big Top via the hole in the roof. B) Find the generators to power up the rides. However, first, kill the surrounding Bubbas, then walk up the pathway and jump on down to the red and white striped stand below. Collect the Dust Bags and kill the crab. Work your way back up and to the Teacup ride. Jump onto it and around to the Cannon. Ignore the Cannon for now and enter the House of Mirrors.

The Carnival - House of Mirrors

Activate the Generator
The House of Mirrors is simply an obstacle course full of Dust Bag collecting fun. There's nothing I can tell you here except explore every path in order to collect all of the Dust Bags. To get to the Generator Switch, a good rule of thumb is to pretty much head in a clockwise motion around the arc of the house. A lot of left turns are involved. Eventually, you'll find yourself in a very narrow hallway with mirrors closer than normal. When you get here, start moving right. Honestly, it's easier to find the generator switch than it is to explain it. Just check out every hall you pass and you'll eventually come to the Lightning Voodoo Power. Just past the Voodoo Power you will run into the obligatory evil twin who you have to defeat to find the generator.

The Evil Twin is easy enough to defeat. He'll glow as he shoots off his evil powers. Jump to avoid the powers and watch him. When he's done glowing, run up to him and perform a spin attack. This will damage him and he'll set a different group of monsters after you. Kill, collect beads, and Voodoo them if necessary. Three spin attacks on Mr. Twin and he'll be taken care of revealing a switch. Pull the lever and start up a generator. Congrats. You have turned on the lights at the Carnival.

The Carnival - Finger's Land O' Rides

Still Aiming for the Big Top
Back outside admire your pretty lights. Head left and jump over to the little ticket booth. Jump on top of it then grab the 10 Skull Pages as you hover down into nothingness. When you grab the last page, shoot for the orb and swing yourself to the left. On the top of this red and white striped booth you'll find the Guillotine Voodoo Power. Hop back onto the orb and continue on over to the next booth next to the duck wheel. Jump over to even the next red and white booth, then onto the path in front of you. Head left taking the planked path as you go. You'll eventually emerge up by the House of Mirrors. Now activate the Cannon.

The Cannon will shoot you over to the Scare House. Enter if you dare. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

The Carnival - House of Awfully Scary Things

Shoot Scary Things!
The Scare House is a nice change of pace as you simply ride along and the coaster and shoot things that pop up with "X". If you don't shoot them, they'll damage you. If you shoot without pausing your weapon will overheat. One bullet gets rid of one monster. So, shoot things, but do it accurately and pause when you can. Also be sure to shoot the red and white targets. The first one opens up the correct path for you, the second activates the generator.

The Carnival - Finger's Land O' Rides

More Big Top Action
Now that you have lights on and rides moving, move forward along the bridge. Collect the Dust Bags, then jump up to the Bubbas. Kill them, then move up the bridge to the red Heard. Collect it and hop into the Cannon. You'll be shot up to some more Bubbas. Again, Voodoo them. Head right and collect the 10 Skull Pages on the little island/pillar. From here, just explore the area and work your way up again to the Mirror House entrance (the Cannon outside the Scare House will put you there). Again jump over to the smaller booth. Move behind the smaller path and jump onto the ride with couches that turn, rise and fall. One seat will pass you by perfectly. When this happens, prepare to jump because the next seat that passes will also be ready to accept you. Jump onto it. You have until the ride spins about 180 degrees before the seat drops out on you. Right before it does, hop onto the next ride with the flying cats.

From the flying cat, hop onto the second pillar you pass by (the highest one), then continue forward to the ferris wheel. Ride the ferris wheel to the top, then jump off the side and hover down to collect the 15 Skull Cards. Before hopping on again, grab the surrounding Dust Bags. Jump on again, and, this time, jump off the back and toss your needle to catch one of the connecting orbs. Swing on over to the booth roof, then grab the remaining Skull Pages and the last Dust Bags.

The Power Skull is revealed on the lower planked bridge, between a cannon and the wooden path that leads back up to the Mirror House. Activate the Power Skull and follow it across the two red and white striped booths, over the broken duck ride, and up the path to the small booth. Use the front ledge at the "window" serve you so you can get up to the roof and capture the Power Skull. YAY! Now, back up to the ferris wheel. Oy!

Once you work your way back up to the big wheel, ride it around again and use the connector orbs again. However, this time, don't drop down to the booth below. Instead, jump over to the next ride. Walk around the compartment as it raises you higher, then, at the peak, hop and hover on over to the swinging boat. Run to the opposite side and jump onto the rocket ride. From the rockets, jump to the next ride with the platforms. Finally, from the platforms, jump to the bike ramp. Once on the bike ramp, activate the bike and into the Big Top you'll be!

The Carnival - Bumper Car Bump Off

Take Down the Kosmobot
OK...this is the big one. First off, hop into your bumper car. Take note of the three red and white targets in the room. In front of each of them is a little contraption. Drive over the button and a barrier will emerge. It is only up for a short time, so do what you need to do quickly. And, what you need to do is drive to the middle of the arena, then turn around and run your little bumper car as fast as you can into the barrier. This will cause you to fly off, hitting the target. Do this with all three targets and a door leading inside of the Kosmobot will open on one of its feet. Locate it and enter.

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You will be placed on the Kosmobot's tongue. Turn around and work your way up the stairstep like platforms you your left. Work your way all of the way up to the rafters. From here, jump onto the tram tracks. Wait until the tram arrives and jump on board. Ride the tram until you reach the many orb connectors. Shoot your needle at them and be on your way. The orb trail will lead you around to some platforms that are getting pounded. You'll need to land on these platforms as the orbs are too far apart to simply swing to, but watch the pattern of the pounding. You will get hurt and fall if you're pounded, and no one wants that. Finally the orb trail will end back at the robot. A small platform will be sticking out for you to jump to. Do so and move back. Jump up onto the red level, then up above to the many platforms.

Here is some major platform action. Stand on the red gears and jump up to the blue area. Jump above to the next level, then jump up onto the top of the red gears. From here, spin through the opening to your right. Drop down and move your way up and around to grab the Heart. Jump up to the beams above and walk left, across the beam. You'll eventually fall down below some gears. Simply work your way up and continue left around the Kosmobot. You'll encounter some platforms here. Simply jump to each one.

More connector orbs. Grr. Just make your way across them and around to the platforms. Ride the platforms around and up and jump up and work your way up and around the next set of platforms. Again with the connector orbs. In the middle of the orbs you'll find a Heart. Small consolation for such an annoying part of the game. Ah well. Continue orbing along until you run into the plane. Once you reach the plane, hop in.

Steer the plane with the left thumbstick. Roll with the right thumbstick. Hit "R" for thrust and "X" to shoot. The Kosmobot will shoot rockets at you from his mouth. In between his rocket shootings a target will appear in his mouth. You must shoot it. Hit it four times and the Kosmobot's forehead will open up. Fly inside.

The Carnival - Inside the Kosmobot

Take Down the Kosmobot...Again!
Run toward the chair and use it to make your way up to the beams. Use them as stairs as you work your way up to the gears. Jump over and across the gears to the cannon and plop yourself in. You have to shoot the cannon manually with "X", so you pass through the tires. Once you do this, follow the green arrows over to the gears and jump to the last one. Here is an activation circle. Activate it and a hammer will come down, harming you and the Kosmobot.

From the gear, use the orb connectors and head up. You'll get to a platform with a heart. Grab it. The next set of orbs is kind of hard to see, but they do continue on to the right, past the swinging items. Continue up to the next heart and beyond. Be sure to avoid the swinging obstacles or your thread will break.

When there are no more orbs to connect to, look around for the cymbal monkey. Jump over and float down to the gear between the cymbals. Activate the switch for more damage. From this platform, fall down and walk to the right. Jump over to the green gears and work your way up and around. You'll eventually get to two gears on a platform. Standing on one makes the other one rise up. So, you have to keep jumping between the two. When one is up, jump to it, then wait until the other rises up and jump to it...and so on. Keep doing this until you reach the platform. On the next platform, you have the same situation. Take these two gears up so you can reach the gear up high. Then you'll have some moving gears to contend with. There are three sets of gears with three gears in each set. Ride the ones on the far right. When you're on the third set, watch the pattern, you now need to make it to the far left so you can work your way up the beams. The key here is not to hover. Jump quickly when there's a platform next to you, and, again, look at the pattern.

Once you get to the beams, work your way up to the next platform. Activate the circle and cause more damage to the brain. Stairs will be lowered. Move down them and over to the platform surround the brain. Run to the top and jump on top of the generator things. From here, run and spin at the brain. This will provide you with some big time beads. Collect them, then, at the base of the brain, use your Voodoo Power. With this action, the brain will blow up and you will have defeated the game! YAY! Nice work.

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