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Walkthrough - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Walkthrough and Guide - GFO Oil Rig

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Splinter Cell Walkthrough and Guide

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Level 3 - GFO Oil Rig - Georgian Waters, Caspian Sea
Infiltrate the Oil Refinery by the Main Pipeline
  • Go up the ladder and head right. Jump up on the pole and use your "crouch" button to bring your legs up. Fall down and "fall off" the pipeline, but catch it with your hands. Use your hand over hand technique to get past the crate.
  • Use the zipline to your right. Climp up the vertical pole. Fall into the pipe and go through it...against the oil shooting out at you.
  • The game will load.
    Trail the Mercenary Technician
  • Take the ladder and open the trap.
  • Take the next ladder up to the catwalk. Jump up on the bluish box (by sparking thing) and jump up to the vertical pole. Work your way across.
  • Take out the patrolling guard below you and go up the stairs.
  • You see some movement in front of you. Follow the guards and the technician, but, don't get too close. One of the guards will sneak back. Take him out.
  • Turn the corner and you'll see the guards and the tech go into the door on the left. 2 guards will stay behind and guard the door. Wait for 1 of them to leave and shoot the guard at the door. Then, shoot the guard who just left.
  • Peek into the door and wait for the tech and guards to go by. Enter the room (it's a kitchen) and go to the back of the kitchen and grab the MED KIT.
  • You'll get a message that plans have changed and you can use force now to get the briefcase.
    Get the Briefcase By Any Means
  • Exit the kitchen and go towards the flames blocking your way. Jump through them, then jump up onto the equipment and jump up to the pipe. Move along the pipe and take out the guard who is shooting the computer equipment.
  • Go up the stairs. There are 3 guards at the top of the stairs. Poke out and draw their attention, then, make them come to you. Take them out while taking cover on the stairway.
  • Run forward and go down the stairs. Shoot the guard at the bottom.
  • Open the door with the "No Smoking" sign on it. There's a MED KIT.
  • There will be an explosion. Go out the door on the left. You're on the outside again. Head left you'll come to the stairs your just came down. There are more stairs leading down. Take them. You've been here before. Work your way down to the bottom of the stairs and catwalk system. Here is your man. Interrogate him and knock him out. Grab the BRIEFCASE.
    That was easy enough. Now you're in for some tough times at the CIA Headquarters.
  • Walkthrough Navigation
    General info, hints and Training 4. CIA Headquarters 8. Chinese Embassy - Revisited
    1. T'Bilisi Old Town 5. Kalinatek Building 9. Georgian Presidential Palace
    2. Georgian Defense Ministry 6. Chinese Embassy 10. KolaCell (Xbox)
    3. GFO Oil Rig 7. Mouke Tsoe No Meats 11. Power Plant (PS2)
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