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Walkthrough - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Walkthrough and Guide - Leviathan

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**This page, along with all pages at, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
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Star Wars: KOTOR Walkthrough Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction and the Endar Spire
  • 2. Taris
  • 3. Dantooine
  • 4. Tatooine
  • 5. Kashyyk
  • 6. Manaan
  • 7. Leviathan
  • 8. Korriban
  • 9. The Unknown Planet
  • 10. Star Forge
  • 11. Star Wars: KOTOR Review and Resources
  • 12. ***Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Guide***

  • Aboard the Leviathan

    On our way to Korriban you'll be sucked into a tractor beam. It's Admiral Karath's ship...the guy who betrayed Carth. You have to choose someone who will be able to save your main party (you, Bastilla, and Carth). We chose the HK-47.

    Now, you'll be asked questions by Admiral Karath. You are kinda Bastila now. Stay faithful to the jedi in your answers. Karath will leave you alone. You are told that Malak is soon to arrive.

    Back to HK-47. Kill the technician. Open the footlocker to stock up. You are in the prison block. You have to rescue Bastila and the gang. Exit the room you started in and go across the hall to the room (southern door). There are some lockers in here. Exit out and go down the West path. Go into the "detention area". Damn. It's locked. Backtrack and go to the East path. Fight the bad guy and pick up his remains. You should find the Starboard Cell Block Key. Pass through the door on your right and kill the technicians. You can go into the Brig Terminal here (gather the Computer Spikes from the storage container). Even with the collected Spikes, we didn't have enough to really do anything with, so we ignored it all together. Continue south then head right. Through the door at the end of the hall are many Sith Troopers. Pick up their remains plus the many Computer Spikes you can find in the room...along with the Sith Passcard in the Footlocker. Head back east down the hall and take down the Force Field doors. In the last force field door on the left is someone who asks for help. Help him and you'll recieve a computer slicer that gives you one use to hack into the computers on the ship. Head back to the Brig terminal. Hook up the Ice Breaker to the terminal. Access the system commands. Open the "detention area" and "upload area schematics". Log out.

    Head North and then West to the Detention Area on your map. This door was previously locked. Log into the computer and unlock the holding cells. This will free your party. You have to go to the bridge and unlock the hangar doors so that the Ebon Hawk can take off. You'll start out in an equipment room. Grab your equipment (it's in a locker) and head out. There is a Security Spike Tunneler and various other stuff in this room. Look at your map. You need to get to the Elevator in the far East of the map.

    Enter the elevator and choose to go to the Bridge. You are now on the Command Deck. Go to the hallway and fight the Sith Guards and troopers in the barracks (north and then your first right). Once you've disposed of them, go back to the main hallway you started in and go all the way north and around. Basically, we're just clearing the area out and revealing the map. In the bottom left area of the map you'll find the Droid Bay. The room to the north of it has a Computer panel. Spike in. You can open security doors and upload the area schmematics. Go ahead and at least open the security doors. Head to the Armory. Enter and stock up. There are so many goodies in here it's ridiculous. Be sure to grab the Space Suit, too. Continue East through the armory and head to the bridge corridor. You will have to face 3 Dark Jedi Masters. Just whack at them. Now keep head to the NE of the map and go into bridge storage. This will actually take you to the Bridge so go ahead and go there.

    You are now on the Bridge. Head North and you will automatically be in space suits. You are now outside. Work your way to the East and go through the outer airlock door and back inside. Go south and through the door and face the Sith troopers. Head east and up the ramp/walkway and enter the Bridge. Be sure to equip your weapons. Get ready for a battle. You have to take out Admiral Karath and the rest of the guards in there. I don't suggest running in and attacking those surrounding Karath right away. Karath won't damage you while you are fighting the others, but others will harm you when you go after Karath. Carth's guns do some decent damage now, as do your and Bastila's lightsabers. The Whirlwind move will give you some time, in damaging some of the baddies. I don't suggest using grenades in this room, as if you're far enough away to throw them, you're far enough away to have them thrown back at you. Keep Medpacks flowing and fight, fight, fight. When all surrounding men are toast, do some mega lightsaber action on Karath. When he goes down, he'll tell Carth something...but we don't know what it is yet. Approach the computer terminal and choose to open the docking bay doors so that the Ebon Hawk can depart.

    Exit out and take out the Sith. You are now heading back to the Ebon Hawk as fast as possible. Go down the hallway and exit out back to the Command Deck. Now, make your way back to the elevator all the way to the west. Along the way you may encounter some Dark Jedi and Sith, etc. In the elevator, choose to go to the hangar.

    Exit out and head East. Go through the blast door. There are more Sith. Take them down. Continue East. You'll get a cut scene of Darth Malak. Some info about Bastila and the Star Forge is revealed. You're Revan! Holy crap! OMG! We forgave Bastila and said that we understood. Now, you have to fight Malak. When you get him to about half way he'll put you in a whirlwind and run away. Go North and then continue around to east side of the square and enter the middle of the square area on your map. Use some adrenal strength and use some critical strikes against him. Once you get him down to about 1/6 Bastila will come in. She will trap herself with Darth to allow you to get away. Do so and head east to the hangar.

    The Ebon Hawk has escaped. You have to fight some incoming fighters. Once they're gone. You have to get to the Star Forge. Tell them you are Darth Revan. Ask them all about it. Everyone will be okay with it...blah blah. Carth has trust issues. Get on with finding the Star Forge and on to Korriban.

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