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Walkthrough - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Walkthrough and Guide - The Unknown Planet

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic >
Star Wars: KoTOR Walkthrough and Guide >
The Unknown Planet

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**This page, along with all pages at, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.

Star Wars: KOTOR Walkthrough Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction and the Endar Spire
  • 2. Taris
  • 3. Dantooine
  • 4. Tatooine
  • 5. Kashyyk
  • 6. Manaan
  • 7. Leviathan
  • 8. Korriban
  • 9. The Unknown Planet
  • 10. Star Forge
  • 11. Star Wars: KOTOR Review and Resources
  • 12. ***Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Guide***

  • Unknown Planet

    On the Ebon Hawk after Korriban, select Star Forge System. You'll get a cut scene of Bastila being tortured by Malak. When you get to the Star Forge you'll have some fighters to deal with. Man the turrets and take out some Sith fighters. You're ship will be hurt and you'll crash on an unknown planet.

    Trapped on a Nameless World
    You have crashed on an unknown world. We have to find some ship stabilizers and disable the disrupter shield that made us crash. Exit your ship and you'll be on Central Beach. Some Rakatan Warriors will attack you. Once all of the warriors are dead a Duros dude will come out and thank you. His ship also crash landed. He tells you there are Mandalorians here too. Rats. Take the East Path. More Rakatans. You'll have a choice of N or S at this point. Go South first. Go to the "Temple Exterior."

    Now in the Temple Exterior, you'll have to fight some Rancors and some Rakatans. Kinda a hard battle. Be careful. Continue on. Time for some Wild Rancors. Chop 'em up but good. Once you have this area cleared, approach the temple and notice the energy field blocking you from going in. Head to the East side of the map and approach some of the pillars. The sneaky Invisible Mandalorians will come out. If you are looking Save before you get to this area. They are nasty as they'll freeze ya then bomb ya. Not very nice. Collect the remains. Head South to the path to, "South Beach." The gay mandalorians are here...hehe.

    Now in South Beach, you'll see a bunch of mines. Disable them if you have Mission or someone who can. This is an area with a lot of ship parts. You'll see one set of Ship Parts. Pick them up. Continue on the path. Wild Rancor time. Continue on and you'll see a red roof building on the left and a beach. The building is protected by electricity. Go up to the blue electricity and a hologram will talk to you. Tell it you come seeking the Star Forge and you'll be let into the "Settlement Entrance."

    In the Elder Settlement, tell dude that you are now yourself (Luna Quai for us) and that Revan is gone. Just keep saying that you don't remember anything about being here or meeting him. Tell him to judge you on your actions not by your past and you'll be told to find a prisoner of The One. That will prove that you're still cool with the Elders.

    Explore the settlement. Find Orsaa. He has some history to tell you. Then, go into the computer room near him. Check out all the wicker baskets and stuff to stock up on some spikes then go up to the computer. Persuade the computer that you speak Rakata. Find out various stuff from it. Most importantly, that you need a Rakata chant to get into the Temple. This chant has to be said by a Rakata. We need to save the prisoner from "The One" so that we can be rewarded.

    Exit the Elder Settlement and backtrack all the way past the Temple and to the area where we had to choose South or North in Central Beach. Go North to "North Beach." Fight the Rakatans and the Rancors. Approach the building. Enter the Rakatan Settlement. Inside, kill, kill, kill. Explore, kill, explore, kill. Eventually, make it to the NE side of the settlement and go into the northernmost door and then north. Kill the Rakata as you get to them. Continue along the path until you get to an arena. Save and use some shields and adrenal things before you go in. Then, attack all the nasty dudes. The guy in the yellow is "The One." The strategy here was to stasis as many people as possible while going after the Rancors and the One first. Then, take out the warriors. You had no choice, you had to kill him.

    Once you have defeated The One, explore the area. You will find an Elder. He is going back to the Elder Settlement on his own. You should head back there now, too after exploring the area for more goodies, including more Ship Parts.

    At the Elder Settlement speak to the Elder Leader and he will now agree to help you get into the Temple. You will have to enter the Temple alone. Tell him you are ready to enter the Temple now. He explains Dark Jedi will be inside, but to meet him at the Temple. Go there. Before you approach the campfire, send your teammates back to the ship. Then, speak the the Elder Guide. Jolee will approach and say he won't let you enter alone. Demand that Jolee comes with you, then persuade. The persuade should be a success. The ritual will continue and the shield will be lowered. You are automatically sent into the Temple.

    You will get another Malak cutscene, then you will be in the Temple. Head north. You will come across a Temple Door. Open it and kill the Sith inside. Collect the goodies and continue north. When you turn to the East, you'll find a droid you need to toast. Do so. Go into the Temple Door to your right. Kill the nasties inside. Go into the next door on your right. Kill the dudes in there and then continue to the south through the room. Inside are 2 dark jedi that you can talk to. Tell them that you are a light jedi now. Hah! Fight them. You'll get some light side points. After they're dead go through the west door to fight a Sith Master. After you fight him using lots of advanced med packs and lots of defenses you'll see that the door to the West, the Armory, is locked. We don't have the skills to open it. Without actually going back to the North hallway, head East and you'll get to a Rune Covered Pillar. There is a crystal inside but watch out for the two bombs. Now, go back out to the main hallway and continue along the east side. Go through the Temple Door to your right and you'll have some Prototype Droids to fight. Once you kill them, pass through the opposite door and down the ramp.

    You are now in the Temple Catacombs. Toast the droids in front of you and pick up the Datapad. Something about walking the tiles in the pattern of an "H". OK then. There's also a rune pillar here with a Crystal inside. Head north, collecting items as you go, and go through the Temple Door. Ooo...look, it's the tiles. Pattern of the "H"...remember? Forget the tile right in front of you. Don't touch it. Scoot against the wall and start your "H" pattern at the second tile in front of you. At this point you are facing south at the s econd tile. Start creating the "H" shape in this row by moving south to the far tile. You will be restepping on tiles to make the "H", but that's what you're supposed to do. Hitting the tiles in the right order will open the door into the next room. Approach the Rakata Computer. Tell it you're no longer Revan. Ask questions starting from the top of the list. When you ask about the disputor sheild you will be told the upper levels of the Temple. Ask how to get into the Upper Levels and the computer will release the doors for you. Exit back out and up to the main level.

    Back up the ramp and in the Temple Interior, head back out the the east hall and move south. Pass through the Temple Door on your right. Inside is a Sith Acolyte. Kill him and head through the north door. There are a couple of sheavy defense turrets you need to toast with your super Jedi droid powers. Go west and note the west door to the Prototype Droid Command Room is locked. Exit out and head west through the Temple Door. Surprise. More bad guys. Collect the items in the room and check the door. Locked again. Our unlocking skill were hurting here. SO, exit back out to the east hall and work your way around to the south side. Fry the droids and go through the Temple Door on your right. Kill the Sith, and clean up. Continue down the south hall. Look out for the bad guys in the open room on your right. Again, move down the south hall. Around the corner there's another locked door. Complete your loop and you will finally have found the Massive Door the computer unlocked for you (across from your initial entrance). There are droids inside. Destroy them. Pass through the Temple Door and move up the ramp to the Temple Summit.

    In the Temple Summit, check out the containers around you and collect the items inside. Go out the exit and you are outside. Run forward and you'll see your friend Bastila. She claims to have sworn allegiance to the Dark Side. Tell her no, don't. Then tell her it's not too late! Warn her of the Sith lies. And, with that, you are fighting your friend, Bastila. Get you and Jolee on either side of her and take terms whacking her when her back is turned. Just before you've damaged her halfway you'll get a cutscene. Say you draw your power from the light. Say your connection is how you know Bastila will come back. Tell her to learn from your mistakes. Remind her you are not Revan. Tell her to turn away. Jolee will join in. Again, say you're a servant of the light...yadda, yadda, yadda. Revan will run off to the Star Forge.

    When Bastila leaves, approach the computer and shut down both the disruptor field and the Temple energy sheild. The Quest for the Star Forge is complete. Exit down and out of the Temple. Head back to the Ebon Hawk. You'll get a cutscene when you get back. Tell the crew that Bastila had fallen to the Dark Side. Ask if she can still be saved. Say that we can try...and we will.

    Back on the Ebon Hawk, do a little workbench action. At this point you won't be able to take off as the stabilizers are still broken. We did find two "ship parts" so go to the "Engine Room" on your Ebon Hawk map. Go up to the Hyperdrive and hit "A". Now, go to the cockpit and take off for Star Forge.

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