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Walkthrough - Tony Hawk's Underground
Walkthrough and Guide - THUG - San Diego
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
THUG Walkthrough and Guide

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Ad-free and printer-friendly "Tony Hawk's Underground" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

**This page, along with all pages at, is copyrighted. You may not reproduce any portion of this page anywhere without the express written consent of Lunabean, LLC.
***Purchase required to print any portion of this guide.

"Tony Hawk's Underground" Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction and Controls
  • 2. New Jersey
  • 3. Manhattan
  • 4. Tampa
  • 5. San Diego
  • 6. Hawaii
  • 7. Vancouver
  • 8. Moscow
  • 9. The Final Chapters
  • 10. THUG Review and Resources
  • 11. Tony Hawk's Underground Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
  • San Diego
    Chapter 11: San Diego
    Prove Yourself Worthy
    Flip the Big Stairs

    "Heelflip" over the large staircase to your left. A "Heelflip" is Right Arrow + Flip. Make sure you clear all of the stairs. It's easiest to just face the stairs head on than come at them from an angle. Next is a "Double Kickflip". Hold the Left Arrow while double tapping the "Flip" button. Next is a "Double Impossible". Hold the Up Arrow while double tapping the "Flip" button. Finally do a "360 Flip". Do this by holding diagonal Down and Left while double tapping the "Flip" button.

    Daredevil High Line

    This is a grind around the ledge. You have to destroy 10 flower boxes. Make sure to slow down before the balcony areas or you'll go flying off. Skate around each balcony to the next ledge and continue destroying boxes. You don't even have to land it to complete it.

    Air Out the Atrium

    Jump the atrium gap (the wooden plank gap) while doing a "Melon". Next, do a "Stiffy" over the same gap. A "Stiffy" is Right Arrow + Grab + Grab. Again, that means hit the Right Arrow and the "Grab" button at the same time then while still holding the arrow, hit the "Grab" button again. Continue following his directions for the next two tricks. If you're having problems with speed use the ramps on either side to gain momentum.

    Rooftop Technician

    You have to Manual through both big arches and in the middle of it do a Flip Trick over the traffic barrier. Skate forward, do a Manual, then do the Flip Trick over the barrier as indicated: "Pop Shove-It", Down Arrow + Flip button. Land back in a manual and make it to the other arch.

    See a Man About a Horse

    This is another one where you have to do the tricks called out. The difference is that you have to do the tricks while Spine Transfering (both triggers at the same time) over the horse. Use the quarter pipes on either side to get speed and just go back and forth, back and forth, over the horse statue doing the tricks.

    Chapter 12: San Diego
    Party! Party! Party!
    Let's Get this Party Started

    Your goal here is to put up party fliers by "Wallplanting" the big green rectangles. Remember, as soon as you jump hit Down Arrow + "Jump" as you fly toward the wall. The first green rectangle is in front of you and slightly left. Continue skating forward into this Museum courtyard area, toward the fountain. The second green rectangle will be on your right. Turn around and go down the main street and you'll find one immediately on the left. Continue down the street and you'll find another green rectangle under the archway, along the right wall. Continue through the archway tunnel and turn left, then skate right and you'll find green rectangle number five along the outside wall.

    No Band...No Party, Bummer

    You are to collect the band's instruments. Skate forward and you'll find the guitar on your right (at the base of the stairs). Skate down the street to the left if you're facing the horse statue. At the corner of the next street you'll see the Microphone up high. Use the quarter pipe below to jump up to it. Head to the Museum courtyard area. The Drum Sticks are along the right, and easy to aquire. The Bass Guitar is up on a Museum balcony. Simply dismount from your board and jump up to the ledge to collect the Bass Guitar.

    No One Likes a Dude Festival

    Your goal here is to collect girls for the party. Follow the red arrow atop your screen and drive the cart to the first girl in the museum courtyard area. You have to show her a 10,000 point combo (Normal). Grind, Manual, what you have to do to get the score.

    Hop back in your cart and follow the arrow to the next girl at the entrance to the skate park. She wants you to show her some "Manual" tricks. Get into a "Manual" (Up then Down on your Control Stick) then pull off the tricks that appear on your screen. Again, you don't have to do it in any particular order and you can pull off more than one trick at a time. You may want to jump into your Manual for more speed and balance.

    Once this is complete get back in the cart and follow the arrow around to the back side of the skate park and you'll be told to score 40,000 in 2 minutes (Normal). You have a whole skate park in front of you, so do what you do best to rack up those points.

    Once you're done here drive the girls back to the party, following the arrow at the top of your screen.

    Acid Drop the Two Towers

    The Acid Drop is easy. It's running (not skating) off a ledge then pulling both triggers. So, climb up the ladder directly in front of you. You'll see a guy on the first "tower". Run and acid drop off it. Now, get back up there by using the ramp below, then dismounting at your peak. This will put you on the ledge with the ladder. Go up it then run past the guy and jump onto the second "tower". Acid Drop off it and you're done.

    All We Need is a System and some Rims

    Here you'll be given an objective of driving the cart through a course. Just drive through the orange barrels in the time given and you'll be good to go!

    Chapter 13: San Diego
    Demo Time
    Get Your Gear Back from the Fuzz

    Skitch the security cart for one minute total, not necessarily consecutively (normal difficulty). You have two minutes to do it in. While Skitching, use your left and right trigger buttons to switch sides back and forth to avoid the security guards. Don't forget to balance. If you fall or release from the cart try to get in front of it to stop it and then get back on.

    Round Up the Posse for the Demo

    You have to find the rest of the team. There are 5 members. The first one is on one of the two towers that you had to Acid Drop off of in a previous goal. This is immediately to your right. Simply use the ramp to get up to the ledge (dismount) and then take the ladder up. The second guy is to the left from your start point. It's easiest to get up to the ledge of the yellow building (Souvenir Shop) using the Dismount then going along the ledge by grinding or running until you get to him. Next, head to the skate park. Face the skate park head on and go left down the street. The third team member is hidden in the along the right side of the circular road surrounding the skate park. Next head to the Museum Courtyard area. Right before you enter this area, there will be a little inside area through an arch. This is where the fourth team member is located. Now, go into the Museum Courtyard itself and you'll find the final guy along the right wall.

    3 is No Crowd. Find More Kids

    Do a 15,000 point combo (normal difficulty). Do this however you feel most comfortable. This can be done with Manuals to Caveman etc. Once you do that, do the Grind tricks on the high bar (in front of you) that the kids call out. Just go back and forth, grinding in the middle. Once that is done, you have to get the high score that they ask you to get. Again, you have a whole skate park so do what you are comfortable with. Next you have to do a "Russian Boneless" lip trick on the stage lights. First, get "Special", then land in the Russian Boneless: Left Arrow then Right Arrow + "Grind". If you're having trouble, make sure to approach the lights at a 90 degree angle or else you'll grind it. Perform the trick right after you jump from the quarter pipe.

    The Kids Love Those Free Stickers

    Collect all of the Stickers. They are in a line in front of you. Nothing very tricky. Do some grinding to get them faster if time is an issue.

    Special Trick: 540 Flip Over the Horse into an Acid Drop

    Find the guy with the "Special" icon by the horse statue outside of the skate park. He'll tell you about the "540 Flip Over the Horse into an Acid Drop". First, get special however you want. Then, line up with the Horse Statue. Skate forward, jump, do the 540 Flip as indicated and then to do the Acid Drop, pull both triggers just as if you were doing a Spine Transfer.

    Secret Tape

    The Secret Tape is located in the Skate Park. It's along the upper level along the back left side. Simply get up to this upper level and skate around to the back and jump up via the quarter pipe ramp to collect it.

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